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BodyByBane replied to the topic 'Meg Valenti' in the forum. 56 minutes ago

Damnit,..I knew that I should have joined the Marines right outta high school
Every Semper Fi member {female OR male} has no problem getting a hot bodybuilder for a wife


BodyByBane replied to the topic 'That's All Folks: No more Ms. Olympia' in the forum. 1 hour 9 minutes ago

Gonna need a little bit more backstory here,sweetie.
For some reason,..You chose 3 women that never made very long careers outta bodybuilding to begin with
T-Nation article is from 2015 in a thread you just made in 2017
I'll do something most ppl wont do& that's help out a fellow fan
Here on the Amaz0ns forum is a search function where you can find topics like :


BodyByBane replied to the topic '2017 Ms. Olympia CONFIRMED by Wings of Strength' in the forum. 1 hour 11 minutes ago

Some random guy just said that Ms.Olympia is dead


the_collector_2 replied to the topic 'That's All Folks: No more Ms. Olympia' in the forum. 3 hours 18 minutes ago

I know it sounds blasphemous, and though I love my hugely muscled amazons, the physique and figure girls are still quite sexy. Yes, I know. I loved Shannon too when she had huge quads and thick bulging veins pumping out of her swollen biceps. Same thing with Cindy Phillips who had an ass that was to die for and a back that spanned a mountain range.

But at the same time, the slimmed down versions are still pretty sexy too.

I feel confident that women's bodybuilding will never die. There will always be one girl who dreams of being huge and if she's not in the contest circuit she will most certainly be on social media. It could be that right now Ms. Olympia is dying out, but it may be replaced by something bigger and better. Ya never know, but I certainly don't think this is something that will die completely.


Uzi4You created a new topic ' FMG & Morps Fan Art On Deviantart' in the forum. 8 hours 59 minutes ago
Uzi4You replied to the topic 'Wonder Woman pics' in the forum. 12 hours 11 minutes ago
P.E. Sherman created a new topic ' That's All Folks: No more Ms. Olympia' in the forum. 21 hours 24 minutes ago

Women athletes are leaving the world of female bodybuilding and my heart is still in mourning.

For those of you who may not know (and who doesn't know by now?) Shannon Courtney--a, it pains me to say, *former* female bodybuilder--officially left the sport back in mid-to-late 2015--and after having waited 2 years for a retraction it looks like unfortunately she won't be back.

If you look at her instagram shacourtneyx ( ) you can see she's now only a shell of her former self since going cold turkey on the necessary training. In an August 2016 post she wrote "Weight 142.5 from 170lbs last June, when I stopped competing in bodybuilding. Feeling so good to get my 'athletic' body back."

What a bummer for all of us who were rooting for her as a rising talent on-stage. She apparently quit in favor of her old distance running hobby, subsequently competing in a lot of fun runs, changing her training and burning off most of her glorious, hard-fought-for size.

The worst part is: she isn't alone. A lot of big-name girls are quitting on us, losing their beautiful size, and moving on to other ventures. You can see from her instagram that Dayana Cadeau, a long-time Olympia mainstay, ( ) stopped her training, apparently for health issues, and is practically a twig now. That's a little unfair. She does admittedly look good and is obviously working her new, slimmer body. It's our same Dayana and always will be, but to me an incredibly less sexy, less abled version.

Kristie Hawkins ( ) is another one, if you haven't seen. She's no longer bodybuilding. But don't worry, she hasn't lost her size. She's power-lifting now so she's managed to stay bulky. And interestingly at the time of this writing her profile picture is still her competing on-stage which shows that her heart is still in bodybuilding.

So why the change?

Some argue that these girls can't keep the training up forever, that the sport, like football or basketball or any other professional sport, has a time limit and is never meant to be sustained forever. But if these girls are retiring, they're retiring incredibly young with many more years ahead of them in the sport to improve and grow and that's hinting at something a bit more sinister.

One reason I now believe our girls are shrinking (the whole coming-to-terms thing) is the changing times. In 2015 the IFBB officially announced that they cancelled Ms. Olympia. I'll link an article here if you haven't heard ->

The article explains how the sport has been losing popularity as the women have been getting larger (I know, crazy right?). Because of multiple factors, not the least of which being the rampant illegal steroid use and women funding their training through religious-taboo sexual fetish pay sites. Women's bodybuilding has developed a negative stigma and that has ruined it's reputation with the general public.

It should be noted here that there are trends these days for women to hit the gym more. The feminist movement/"Girls can do anything guys can do" is one. And internet memes i pop culture like "She Squats" and "Strong is the new Sexy" are helping girls see the value of integrating exercise and weight training into their lives. But that just feels like apples and oranges.

Let me explain: the type of training that these movements tote are to give girls that lean, toned look (think Jillian Michaels or... say... the new Dayana Cadeau) which... isn't a bad thing but to me that's just not enough. Ms. Olympia in all it's admittedly imperfect glory still stood as an attainable standard of strength for girls. While the average girl may not be able to relate to the "manliness" of it she would jump at the chance to relate to the "girl power" aspect of it.

I saw the growing size of the Ms. Olympia's contestants as a normal expression of human nature in that in every aspect of human life we seek to progress and push the boundaries of what's possible, whether its going to the moon or having a complete computer the size of a phone in the palm of your hand. The loss of Ms. Olympia and what it was created to mean feels like a step backwards for us all.

The worrying question remains: because of this lack of incentive and goal, will good women who would otherwise compete and serve to push the sport forward now refuse to have 20" biceps? Will the Natalya Kovalyovas go the way of the dinosaurs? Is this a societal message that women are and should be the weaker sex? Or will there be a push once again?

I would love a time machine so I can see the answers. In many ways the loss of Ms. Olympia is another move in the answer to that age-old question: Who is better/stronger/faster, etc.: men or women...? Why should the bar be set lower for women? I'll leave you with that conflict expressed on the theatrical stage.


jyubari replied to the topic 'Muscle Fan Comics [Official Thread]' in the forum. 23 hours 26 minutes ago

Strong Flavor 3 is ready to download!


A fan favourite makes its triumphant return with a third chapter packed full of sex, muscle growth, and feats of strength, now brought to you by the artist responsible for the smash hit series La Fuerza Del Amor!

ZzaAPWj.jpg vshJoDu.jpg

Synopsis: Alice is a busy law student that vowed she would get in shape this semester. The personal trainer Alice hires is annoyed with her and puts her through a difficult workout showcasing Alice’s weakness. However, when Alice shows up for her next session, she is chewing the mysterious growth gum. How strong will Alice get... and what happens when the trainer gets her hands on some of the gum?

Tags: Female muscle growth, height increase, clothes ripping, mini-giantess, blowjob, hand job, threesome, science

Issue release date: April 24th, 2017
Written by: Urza
Artwork by: Kaka (Sedna Studio)

Series Link: Strong Flavor

Download this comic and all of our other Female Muscle comics at !

ALSO: What did you think about the first issue of Strong Flavor 3? Let us know your feedback to help us improve!


Uzi4You replied to the topic 'Nicole Berg' in the forum. yesterday

I prefer bisexual GOP muscle babes that play in there own rock band in the Deep South.

unkn0wnx wrote:

BodyByBane wrote: Shockingly Nicole is a lesbian Republican who NOT surprisingly founded a country band & dated Mimi Jabalee after moving to ATL
Check out her ex-band :

LOL that is the kind of diversity I wish to see more in comic books. They should have a Republican lesbian muscle heroine.


Uzi4You replied to the topic 'More You tube maddness' in the forum. yesterday
unkn0wnx replied to the topic 'Gracyanne Barbosa' in the forum. yesterday

Currently using this as my wall paper. LOL


AlexG replied to the topic 'Gracyanne Barbosa' in the forum. yesterday

unkn0wnx wrote: Wow how you attach 8 pictures?

First time I posted, none of them (eight @ at one time) posted at all..

Second time, I tried w/ only the 1st three, which did post.
Then, I used the Edit feature, w/ five more and managed to get them to post..

unkn0wnx wrote: Really like that trade marked butt!

Yeah, sayz: Made in Brazil.


BodyByBane replied to the topic 'Nicole Berg' in the forum. yesterday

Yeah,..I'm actually more intrigued who dated Mimi Jabalee

the_collector_2 wrote: Ha! Seems a few girls dated Mimi Jabalee.


P.E. Sherman thanked stmercy in topic Sylph stories 2 days ago
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