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  • Holiday thanks user 'Mimi' in the forum message ' Sabbatical'.
  • ZZZ replied to the topic 'ZZZ Comics FMG, GTS, BE, Clothes ripping and more' in the forum.


    Now available at ZZZ Comics:

    The Leaves of Change continue to live up to their name! Bartender Dean has his hands full with the shrinking Lorna, while Jade has grown too big to fit in her bed and to fit in any of her clothes! Sam decides to check in on Dean and she finds shrunken Lorna and insists on seeing the new big size Jade! More size changing sexual fun ensues when they try to reverse things and Sam gets herself mixed into the size altering sex! Who will end up what size and what will happen when Sam eats a leaf? Find out in Leaves of Change 2! This comic contains Giantess, clothes ripping, height growth, breast growth, ass growth, female shrinking, shrinking out of towel, shrinking from giantess to doll size, shrunken woman being handled by normal size very well endowed man, shrunken woman grinding on fingers of normal size man, shrunken woman on very large cock sexual activities, full body cum shot on shrunken woman, 2 shrunken women on very busty woman breasts and nipples sexual activity, giantess growing too big for her bed, oral sex to normal size man from giantess, normal size man sex with giantess while she gives oral to normal size woman, giantess shrinking during 3 way sex, normal size man sex with normal size woman while two shrunken women are on her nipples grinding, female lactation and more!

    Growth and shrinking is caused by cum. All characters are 18 or older. All images are 2550x3781. Written by ZZZ, line art by Leonardo, colors by Eleonora. Cover by Cris Delera.

    Collectors Edition is 54 pages and includes all text and no text pages, for the first time a full color 3D rendered version of the cover rendered by ZZZ, alternate colored page, sketch pages, pencil and ink pages featuring giantess outgrowing clothes and sexual interaction with shrunken woman and normal size man, alternate layout cover, advanced full color preview of Zenith Scepter 2 featuring some gymnast girls grown to basketball player size and some basketball player girls shrunken to gymnast size, advanced full color preview of Island Grown 3 featuring giantess Michelle giving oral sex to a very large and growing Derek, only to grow even bigger than him, and more!

    ZZZ Comics:

  • BlackKusanagi thanks user 'Ashlee' in the forum message ' More You tube maddness'.
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  • jaja created a new topic ' Big Muscular movie content' in the forum.

    Hi. Well it's been a while since I was here I see.

    If you haven't checked out the site in a long while there's some great new movie content with more coming, including new work with a more heavily muscled alter-ego of Karola, Princess Hell. Lots of dark themes of conflict with big muscles is the best way to describe this new stuff.

    So if you're into big muscle girls crushing robots please check out

    Some of the pics attached are from a forthcoming movie that will up soon: "Torture Chamber the Revenge"

    Also check out DA's facebook page for updates and forthcoming work:

    [File Attachment: mshfb2.jpg]

    [File Attachment: torturechamberbigpromo.jpg]

    [File Attachment: fbpromfeb.jpg]

    [File Attachment: fbpromfeb23.jpg]

    [File Attachment: fbpromfeb234.jpg]

    [File Attachment: fbpromfeb8374873874.jpg]

    [File Attachment: fbpromfebchz.jpg]

  • cpbell0033944 replied to the topic 'Shanique Grant' in the forum.

    Wow, she's really hot!

  • up2nogd1 thanks user 'AlexG' in the forum message ' Mandy Blank'.
  • Ashlee replied to the topic 'More You tube maddness' in the forum.

    Cupid's Chocolate a Chinese made anime
    a story about :
    Jiang Hao, a normal, high school student who is extremely scared of getting into trouble suddenly becomes the Harem King of his school and gets confessed to by a bunch of beautiful girls! The worst thing is, Jiang hao doesn’t know any of the girls who confessed to him
    one of the girls is star athlete , and has looks like bodybuilder bodyguards .7:11 but watch the whole thing its pretty good

  • AlexG replied to the topic 'Mandy Blank' in the forum.

    Mandy Blank

    [File Attachment: MandyBlank-RV203Photos3MB03_002b.jpg]

    [File Attachment: MandyBlank143345017.jpg]

    [File Attachment: MandyBlank263415700.jpg]

    [File Attachment: MandyBlank658063204.jpg]

    [File Attachment: MandyBlank985766884.jpg]

    [File Attachment: MandyBlankRV212Photos1RMdk_010b.jpg]

  • AlexG replied to the topic 'Karen Konyha' in the forum.

    Karen Konyha

    [File Attachment: KarenKonyha304013.jpg]

    [File Attachment: KarenKonyhaRV222Photos2KK02_010b.jpg]

    [File Attachment: KarenKonyhaRV222Photos3KK03_002b.jpg]

    [File Attachment: KarenKonyhaV507Photos2kk2_010b.jpg]

    [File Attachment: KarenKonyha-bloggym.jpg]

    [File Attachment: karen_k10.jpg]

    [File Attachment: karen_k42.jpg]

    [File Attachment: karenkonyha.jpg]

  • corcarne replied to the topic 'Plinius' Muscle Heaven (NSFW/NSFM)' in the forum.

    As it seems, the temptations for well built heroines in the Intergalactic Republic are not much different from those in our galaxy. ;-)

  • unkn0wnx replied to the topic 'USMC woman told to bulk up!!' in the forum.

    Make sense. Most male marines are very muscular.

  • gracilis thanks user 'Lingster' in the forum message ' status'.
  • sacul replied to the topic 'USMC woman told to bulk up!!' in the forum.

    A step in the right direction!

  • sacul replied to the topic 'Animated Female Muscle Growth' in the forum.

    not that i don't mind, but wasn't this posted sometime years ago? i could be wrong.

  • unkn0wnx replied to the topic 'Obese women turn FBB (fitness?)' in the forum.

    This one ends in divorce. She looks great but she lost some of that boobs, LOL.

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