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unkn0wnx thanked Uzi4You in topic Robin Micheli Powerlifter 2 hours 38 minutes ago
unkn0wnx replied to the topic 'Robin Micheli Powerlifter' in the forum. 2 hours 38 minutes ago

Very nice. She seems older than 21.


Uzi4You created a new topic ' Robin Micheli Powerlifter' in the forum. 5 hours 59 minutes ago
Uzi4You created a new topic ' Archie Mara FBB' in the forum. 6 hours 3 minutes ago
Uzi4You replied to the topic 'Bettina Nagy' in the forum. 6 hours 6 minutes ago

I hope she keep growing.


Uzi4You thanked unkn0wnx in topic Bettina Nagy 6 hours 6 minutes ago
cactusjoe replied to the topic '12/312016 neoqueendom new book released' in the forum. 7 hours 9 minutes ago

I'm always impressed by the quality of the picture on their cover. Some stories inside are pretty good too.


cactusjoe thanked musclelover2002 in topic More You tube maddness 8 hours 2 minutes ago
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AlexG replied to the topic 'New Hulk Series' in the forum. 8 hours 47 minutes ago

This is what we're all waiting for . . . B)


zimbra1 replied to the topic 'New Hulk Series' in the forum. 10 hours 54 minutes ago

This all seems like Marvel MO these days. They seem to be designing stories more for their periodic graphic novels than to be enjoyed as standalone issues. As such I intend to wait for Hulk's inevitable collected volume.


Kathleen Beller (Princess Alana / The Sword and the Sorcerer (1982))


rsmith666a replied to the topic 'Re: Christina Hendricks Braless in a Tank Top' in the forum. 15 hours 22 minutes ago

Has she ever had a kid? My wife went from a 36C to a 36H and never shrank back down, so big natural growth is possible.


unkn0wnx replied to the topic 'Bettina Nagy' in the forum. 18 hours 46 minutes ago

That second picture look like Wonder woman pose!
Come to think of it she be perfect.


somi813 replied to the topic 'Bettina Nagy' in the forum. yesterday



jyubari replied to the topic 'Muscle Fan Comics [Official Thread]' in the forum. yesterday

Leveling The Field is ready to download!


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Tags: Female muscle growth, breast expansion, breast reduction, size transfer, muscle transfer, female shrink, male shrink, magic, muscle worship
Issue release date: February 24th, 2017
Written by: Rolling Thunder
Artwork by: Gabriel Rearte (AlterComics)

Issue Link: Leveling The Field

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the_collector_2 replied to the topic 'New Hulk Series' in the forum. yesterday

Normally I agree, but my fear is that big publisher comics. Marvel/DC are quick to pull the plug on comics. If sales aren't doing well then they'll just yoink the project and most times get a new writer and artist on board or pull the plug completely.

So most likely Jen's hulk form is not going to show up until Issue 5.

This is concerning for me. What's also concerning for me is that the comic feels insanely repetitive. I have zero empathy for the girl who is about evicted and I'm less curious about this dark being present in her apartment and more annoyed by the fact that it seems so corny.

Again, I'm probably not the target demo. I stopped reading comics a long time ago because they felt like super powered soap operas. "No, that's not the real Peter Parker. He's a clone!"

Also, gamma tipped arrow to kill Bruce Banner Hulk? Come the f--- on. My suspension of disbelief only goes so far and the slow burn of this Hulk comic with little depth is frustrating for me to read. I'm the type of guy who waits until all the issues are released and buys the omnibus because I HATE waiting one month for what is essentially, 20 pages, sometimes less, of fluff.

Some people have the patience for that. I do not. Now if it was 3.99 for say, 40 pages. Then I'd be willing to be more patient, but right now this comic does not feel worth the investment. Nothing is actually challenging Jen in this comic, nothing is actually forcing her to keep the monster at bay.

the only thing that triggers Jen to get slightly pissed off is when someone mentions Bruce, that's it. And the woman who wants to write about her. But other than that it's just the same sh**. Go to the office, meet clients, pretend there's going to be a Hulk out. Follow the girl from the apartment, see her powers do something bad. Then end of the comic.

Next issue. Jen goes to work, meets clients, we get a POV from the girl from the apartment, fake hulk out tease, end of comic.

In my opinion the writing needs to step up its game. If they don't want to reveal Hulk until the very end, that's fine. But at least give me something to give a crap about. As a brand new reader who hasn't touched comics in several years. Jumping into these issues make it feel like this comic was not written for me, but written for people who have already read Civil War II and that's a bit of a bummer.


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