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Okay, so the new artist on Hulk actually draws her with a lot of muscle, so this is great.

Is it worth the price of admission? Ehh... hard to say.

The story so far, is not for me. The main issue I have with it is that Jen and Hulk are not at odds. They imply that Jen feels different, that she might feel like she'll go berserk like Bruce, but I am not going to sit around for another 6-12 months hoping that this Jekyll and Hyde relationship will take place.

Also, it's once again going into corny comic territory where a bunch of losers are trying to force another character to turn into a monster so they could make a viral video and profit off of it. It's just so unbelievable that someone would ever force someone else to turn into a monster to record it, but this is the comic shtick.

Still, Hulk Jen is very nicely muscled but she's only in a few pages before she reverts back. Soo... better to wait for an issue where she's Hulk most of the time.


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If Smitty is recommending pages 10-11, then there must be something good. *Sigh* Guess I'll have to buy it after all.


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Batboyjw wrote: Can I ask why She-hulk is gray here?

This is not revealed in the 6 issue story arc. I believe it's implied that the trauma she received from Civil War changed her and made her Hulk more savage buuuuut, that definitely did not come across in the comic.



I'm very disappointed neither of you have posted this.

Kale transforms into a female version of a hulking Broly. The growth is about as rapid as Jen into She-Hulk in the new comic, but her muscles are definitely enormous. The voice is a little annoying but that can easily be resolved with the mute button.

1:42 if you want to cut right to it. Remember it's fast, so it's better for you to wait it out a bit.


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Ha, ha, ha, sorry boys. It's just that the comic felt like it was going to have a lot of potential. The artwork is beautiful and the premise was really intriguing, but it sadly failed to deliver.


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Well, well, well, it is time. The moment we have all been waiting for. Issue # 6 is going to be it right? We're finally going to get to see She-Hulk Right?




And my reaction to seeing She-Hulk for the first time is UNSUBSCRIBED!

Wow, fuck this comic series!

I waited 6 months. 6 months to see if Jen's transformation into She-Hulk would be worth it. Six months of incredible comic covers teasing of this massive, grey goliath who is struggling to control her inner demons. Six months of the writer teasing, alluding, implying that Jen's transformation would be a chaotic one.

Was it chaotic? NOT ONE FUCKING BIT! You ready to find out what happens? Here we go.

Panel 1, side shot of Jen's glowing green.
Panel 2, front shot of her face turning grey with the scar across the nose.
Panel 3, Jen is out of view as the beast surrounds her.
Panel 4, Jen bursts out in Hulk form and the Hulk is MOST UNIMPRESSIVE.

The Hulk is scrawny and scrambles around on all fours like a gorilla or a wolf. It is the embodiment of a female version of the Hulk and to be honest, the artwork and mannerisms the artist gave her are really good. She looks like a monster, acts like a monster, and moves like a monster. However, there was a distinct lack of MUSCLE and a distinct lack of HULK in her body. She looks nothing like the covers and the transformation was not worth the price of admission.

What kills me about this comic is that it does things really well. The artwork is stellar, Jen looks great and sexy, the Hulk looks like a monster. But the story is pure, utter garbage. Throughout these 6 months the writer implies that Jen is afraid of transforming into the Hulk because she's savage and crazy and out of control. But in Issue 6, Jen is mostly in control of her Hulk form and maintains enough intellect to rescue the person who was trying to hurt her in the first place.

There was no conflict between her and her Hulk form. There was no struggle, no attempt to resist, no strained transformation. She appeared and disappeared in a whimper. The weakest part of this series is the story. The writer is trying to tell a story she clearly has no idea what to do with. Yeah, PTSD, great, I got it. You don't need to fucking repeat in every comic issue how Jen misses Bruce. WE GOT IT!

I expected more conflict, I expected more stakes. I expected the Hulk to want to KILL the person who wanted to hurt her, not save her life. I wanted Jen to be at odds with Hulk, I wanted there to be a reason to care. Instead, this comic series has become a typical comic series. Repeat character's backstory, inch the plot forward, end the issue on a cliffhanger. Repeat the backstory, hit the climax which is a fight with a villain, inch the plot forward or resolve the story.

I can forgive this Hulk series not having a detailed transformation. It is, after all, not catering to us. But I can't forgive how utterly boring this series is and how contrived and corny it feels. I was so disappointed that I've now canceled my subscription. I will wait for someone else to spend their money and post screen caps of the transformation, but I'm not longer giving a single fucking cent to this comic. If it dies, oh well, should have brought on a better writer and editor because this series FUCKING SUCKS.


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Yes, it is a job well done. I saw it before and glad someone decided to post it here. Really awesome job by him.


Keep dreaming, pal. Highly doubt we'll ever see She-Hulk or at least a version of She-Hulk we would want to see anyway.


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I have nothing nice to say about this video.


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I don't agree with that.

A majority of the films will feature cute anorexic actresses, yes that's true. But once a director knows that a studio will fund a female led heroine film, they will be willing to take more risks to cast buff actresses.

Let's not forget that in Kick Ass 2 we got a bodybuilder to play Mother Russia. Either way, I'd rather see more films appear with a diverse cast than the same, white male hero that we see in everything. WW bombing means I'll get more white male hero instead of potential strong female protagonist.


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If the movie flops that will only encourage movie studios to never take a chance on a heroine led film. I hate Wonder Woman, absolutely loathe her. But if we want to see BETTER action heroines in films, then this movie needs to succeed not fail.


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smitty wrote: Thanks for ruining it for me. I was going to give it a look when I got home from work. ;-)

Heh heh, sorry man. Issue 6 will definitely bring the hulkster out, I just hope the transformation will be worth it.


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It's that time again!

So in Issue 5, did She-Hulk finally make an appearance as I predicted?


In fact, as soon as I saw that the first page was a flashback to Jen waking up in the hospital, I knew these mother fuckers were going to draw it out for one more issue.

I guess what annoys and frustrates me the most about this comic and maybe the comic book industry in general, is that the end of comic is always left as a cliff hanger. You're always forced to pick up the next issue to find out where it's going and that bothers me, a lot.

When a book ends a chapter in a cliff hanger, that's acceptable. You know why? Because when I pick up the book again I can continue reading until I get resolution to said cliff hanger. When a comic leaves me in a cliff hanger, I have to wait A FUCKING MONTH before I get to the part that I want to see!

So Issue 5 of Hulk is just one giant lead up to the Hulk. And granted, the first time we get a preview of Jen's transformation is super tantalizing and the panel of her throwing heavy equipment against a hospital wall while everyone is yelling code green in the flashback is awesome. It makes her seem like a threat, it makes her seem powerful, it makes her seem like a Hulk.

So Issue 5 is the build up to 6 where we definitely will see Hulk because the last page is of Jen's eyes turning green. I'm disappointed they didn't get to this sooner, but they have me for one more issue. If they fuck this up, my subscription to this nonsense will be over.


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I know it sounds blasphemous, and though I love my hugely muscled amazons, the physique and figure girls are still quite sexy. Yes, I know. I loved Shannon too when she had huge quads and thick bulging veins pumping out of her swollen biceps. Same thing with Cindy Phillips who had an ass that was to die for and a back that spanned a mountain range.

But at the same time, the slimmed down versions are still pretty sexy too.

I feel confident that women's bodybuilding will never die. There will always be one girl who dreams of being huge and if she's not in the contest circuit she will most certainly be on social media. It could be that right now Ms. Olympia is dying out, but it may be replaced by something bigger and better. Ya never know, but I certainly don't think this is something that will die completely.


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Ha! Seems a few girls dated Mimi Jabalee.


A different medium? They've already got TV shows, movies, animated cartoons, and video games. The medium isn't the problem, it's how they're reaching their audience and what stories they're telling. Besides something animated is infinitely more expensive than something illustrated for print.


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Agreed. She is definitely an incredibly sexy woman.


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tnarrud wrote: As some of you are no doubt aware by niw, I was Glammazon, a member of this site of long standting who had to open a new account here at Amazons after my original one was mysteriously blocked. I would like to know why my original account was blocked, because as far as I know,, I have not broken any rules here at this site.

Like Flakbait said. Your random rambling threads in the free-for-all forum were really weird, like you were talking to yourself and you weren't posing questions in a way that would compel anyone to reply to you. Personally, I think you should start up your own blog rather than rambling about the most random things on this forum.

I know it says "free-for-all" but usually that means we're talking about pop culture or maybe suggestions on weight training, or random funny videos on youtube, not the stuff you were posting.


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