Keep dreaming, pal. Highly doubt we'll ever see She-Hulk or at least a version of She-Hulk we would want to see anyway.


the_collector_2 replied to the topic 'More You tube maddness' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

I have nothing nice to say about this video.


the_collector_2 replied to the topic 'Diana Cast in Man of Steel 2' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

I don't agree with that.

A majority of the films will feature cute anorexic actresses, yes that's true. But once a director knows that a studio will fund a female led heroine film, they will be willing to take more risks to cast buff actresses.

Let's not forget that in Kick Ass 2 we got a bodybuilder to play Mother Russia. Either way, I'd rather see more films appear with a diverse cast than the same, white male hero that we see in everything. WW bombing means I'll get more white male hero instead of potential strong female protagonist.


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If the movie flops that will only encourage movie studios to never take a chance on a heroine led film. I hate Wonder Woman, absolutely loathe her. But if we want to see BETTER action heroines in films, then this movie needs to succeed not fail.


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smitty wrote: Thanks for ruining it for me. I was going to give it a look when I got home from work. ;-)

Heh heh, sorry man. Issue 6 will definitely bring the hulkster out, I just hope the transformation will be worth it.


the_collector_2 replied to the topic 'New Hulk Series' in the forum. 1 month ago

It's that time again!

So in Issue 5, did She-Hulk finally make an appearance as I predicted?


In fact, as soon as I saw that the first page was a flashback to Jen waking up in the hospital, I knew these mother fuckers were going to draw it out for one more issue.

I guess what annoys and frustrates me the most about this comic and maybe the comic book industry in general, is that the end of comic is always left as a cliff hanger. You're always forced to pick up the next issue to find out where it's going and that bothers me, a lot.

When a book ends a chapter in a cliff hanger, that's acceptable. You know why? Because when I pick up the book again I can continue reading until I get resolution to said cliff hanger. When a comic leaves me in a cliff hanger, I have to wait A FUCKING MONTH before I get to the part that I want to see!

So Issue 5 of Hulk is just one giant lead up to the Hulk. And granted, the first time we get a preview of Jen's transformation is super tantalizing and the panel of her throwing heavy equipment against a hospital wall while everyone is yelling code green in the flashback is awesome. It makes her seem like a threat, it makes her seem powerful, it makes her seem like a Hulk.

So Issue 5 is the build up to 6 where we definitely will see Hulk because the last page is of Jen's eyes turning green. I'm disappointed they didn't get to this sooner, but they have me for one more issue. If they fuck this up, my subscription to this nonsense will be over.


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I know it sounds blasphemous, and though I love my hugely muscled amazons, the physique and figure girls are still quite sexy. Yes, I know. I loved Shannon too when she had huge quads and thick bulging veins pumping out of her swollen biceps. Same thing with Cindy Phillips who had an ass that was to die for and a back that spanned a mountain range.

But at the same time, the slimmed down versions are still pretty sexy too.

I feel confident that women's bodybuilding will never die. There will always be one girl who dreams of being huge and if she's not in the contest circuit she will most certainly be on social media. It could be that right now Ms. Olympia is dying out, but it may be replaced by something bigger and better. Ya never know, but I certainly don't think this is something that will die completely.


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Ha! Seems a few girls dated Mimi Jabalee.


A different medium? They've already got TV shows, movies, animated cartoons, and video games. The medium isn't the problem, it's how they're reaching their audience and what stories they're telling. Besides something animated is infinitely more expensive than something illustrated for print.


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Agreed. She is definitely an incredibly sexy woman.


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tnarrud wrote: As some of you are no doubt aware by niw, I was Glammazon, a member of this site of long standting who had to open a new account here at Amazons after my original one was mysteriously blocked. I would like to know why my original account was blocked, because as far as I know,, I have not broken any rules here at this site.

Like Flakbait said. Your random rambling threads in the free-for-all forum were really weird, like you were talking to yourself and you weren't posing questions in a way that would compel anyone to reply to you. Personally, I think you should start up your own blog rather than rambling about the most random things on this forum.

I know it says "free-for-all" but usually that means we're talking about pop culture or maybe suggestions on weight training, or random funny videos on youtube, not the stuff you were posting.


the_collector_2 replied to the topic 'Custom Female Intruders Figure For Classic G.I.Joe' in the forum. 2 months ago

Interesting. That box art is clearly a Jebroido illustration. I'm wondering if they actually commissioned him to do the box art or if it was stolen.

Also, that figure is hideous. Looks like a gorilla.


This whole SJW term really irks me to no end.

First off, diversity in comic book heroes is not a bad thing. Having more women heroes and more female fans can ultimately bring us more interesting stories than, Wolverine vs. Everyone.

Now granted, it's the WAY they introduced new characters that was really sloppy. Replacing Spider-man, Ms. Marvel, and Thor with female counter parts was lazy.

As I'm currently reading HULK who is now She-Hulk, I find myself bored to tears with the story they're trying to tell. All I want to do is get straight to the FMG action because I quite honestly don't give a shit about what's happening in the story. It's not because I don't want to care, it's because they haven't given me a reason to care.

But then you've got a new character named America Chavez who is lesbian and has been drawn with some sexy abs. This character would not have come about had Marvel not pushed for diversity.

Rather than blaming their lackluster sales on diversity, they should blame it on the fact that they're not telling interesting stories and they never should have replaced the mainstream heroes. Like rolsho1 said, they have created new heroes to stand alongside of them.


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To that I say, "Make your book fucking better!"


the_collector_2 replied to the topic 'New Hulk Series' in the forum. 2 months ago

Well it's that time of the month again boys and girls. I know you've been waiting for this.

Hulk #4, does Jen finally burst out of her clothes smash shit?

NO! But then again, I called it in a previous post that She-Hulk wouldn't show up until Issue #5, looks like I was unfortunately correct.

So there's something very important I failed to mention. The artwork. The artwork is actually very lovely. Nico Leon as I'm told and read is a relative newcomer to the scene. To best describe his artwork is to say that it is a blend of western and anime sensibilities. Not Manga, but anime. Manga tends to have very sharp lines and harsh contrasts but Nico's lines definitely fit more with a Miyazaki film.

He brings an incredible softness to Jen that makes her feel very believable and human. She passes for an ordinary mortal, a woman you would randomly see on the subway. Kind of like Belle from beauty and the beast, except you would never know that Belle was also the beast. Sadly, his lovely artwork is not worth the price of admission, then again, you don't buy the comic, that reduces our chances of seeing Jen rampaging as She-Hulk.

So Issue #4 is the mightiest of teases because it cements, without a shadow of a doubt, that Jen is going to have to Hulk out in Issue #5 or else she be destroyed by a gigantic monster. The lead up to this moment works, but I gotta be honest, I would have gladly sacrificed Issues 2 and 3 so the order would be 1, 4, and 5. The story is just not that interesting nor is the writing. In fact, it is safe to say that the writing is the weakest part of the book.

Not the dialogue, the dialogue is enjoyable and moves along, but the pacing and story itself is lackluster. If I could have been the editor on this book, I would have kept issue 1 of this book, but two and three would have been changed into a story about Jen actively resisting the urge to transform and her pushing people away by hurting their feelings.

What this book lacks is HIGH STAKES. The only reason you like Jen in this book is because she's drawn in a cute way by the artist, but it has nothing to do with the repetitive dialogue. Instead of Jen safely running away every time she was about to Hulk out, she should have been in the middle of a crowded place with no chance of escape and THEN tease a hulk out. The point of the Hulk is that he is an uncontrollable monster and this comic would do well to touch upon that.

Hopefully it will attempt to go in this direction on Issue 5. My advice? Grab issues 1 and 4, skip 2 and 3, and then get ready to meet She-Hulk in Issue 5.


the_collector_2 replied to the topic 'New Hulk Series' in the forum. 3 months ago

Normally I agree, but my fear is that big publisher comics. Marvel/DC are quick to pull the plug on comics. If sales aren't doing well then they'll just yoink the project and most times get a new writer and artist on board or pull the plug completely.

So most likely Jen's hulk form is not going to show up until Issue 5.

This is concerning for me. What's also concerning for me is that the comic feels insanely repetitive. I have zero empathy for the girl who is about evicted and I'm less curious about this dark being present in her apartment and more annoyed by the fact that it seems so corny.

Again, I'm probably not the target demo. I stopped reading comics a long time ago because they felt like super powered soap operas. "No, that's not the real Peter Parker. He's a clone!"

Also, gamma tipped arrow to kill Bruce Banner Hulk? Come the f--- on. My suspension of disbelief only goes so far and the slow burn of this Hulk comic with little depth is frustrating for me to read. I'm the type of guy who waits until all the issues are released and buys the omnibus because I HATE waiting one month for what is essentially, 20 pages, sometimes less, of fluff.

Some people have the patience for that. I do not. Now if it was 3.99 for say, 40 pages. Then I'd be willing to be more patient, but right now this comic does not feel worth the investment. Nothing is actually challenging Jen in this comic, nothing is actually forcing her to keep the monster at bay.

the only thing that triggers Jen to get slightly pissed off is when someone mentions Bruce, that's it. And the woman who wants to write about her. But other than that it's just the same sh**. Go to the office, meet clients, pretend there's going to be a Hulk out. Follow the girl from the apartment, see her powers do something bad. Then end of the comic.

Next issue. Jen goes to work, meets clients, we get a POV from the girl from the apartment, fake hulk out tease, end of comic.

In my opinion the writing needs to step up its game. If they don't want to reveal Hulk until the very end, that's fine. But at least give me something to give a crap about. As a brand new reader who hasn't touched comics in several years. Jumping into these issues make it feel like this comic was not written for me, but written for people who have already read Civil War II and that's a bit of a bummer.


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