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Tech stuff

OK, two important things:
  1. If you're running Windows - any version - you really, really need to pay attention to this:

    Microsoft is investigating new public reports of a vulnerability in Windows. Microsoft is also aware of the public release of detailed exploit code that could be used to exploit this vulnerability. Based on our investigation, this exploit code could allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code on the user's system by hosting a specially crafted Windows Metafile (WMF) image on a malicious Web site. Microsoft is aware that this vulnerability is being actively exploited.

    Your exposure may be lessened under certain circumstances if you're running Firefox, but it may not be. So it is critical that until Microsoft releases a bug fix - which could be tonight, for all I know - you should not visit any sites that you're not familiar with, nor should you download any images. You should set your mail client to view plaintext only, not HTML or images.

    You can follow this news at Weblogsinc's unofficial Microsoft blog.

    If you are running Windows 98 or Windows ME, or an older version of Windows like 95 or 3.1, you're basically screwed - you may need to upgrade, buy a new computer or switch to Linux.

  2. I have decided not to change over to Joomla! from Mambo, at least for now. The Joomla! development team has forked off from the Mambo team, and people with Mambo sites (like me) are a little lost about what to do. I did a test re-install of Amaz0ns on Joomla! last month, but there wasn't any real upside to it that I could see. So I'm sticking with Mambo for now.

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