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She-Hulk Signing

If you're in the City of New York today, make sure to stop by Jim Hanley's Comic Universe this evening between 6pm and 8pm - Dan Slott and Peter David are signing copies of She-Hulk publications. The event is at Hanley's Manhattan location, across the street from the Empire State Building.

Check for details.

Wonder Woman Gets Tied Up Again


In case you missed the two-page amazons-in-bondage spread in this month's Justice League of America #14, here you go. (Full versions here.)

There is nothing like a little exploitation for selling comic books, and I say thank God for that. In this issue, the Injustice League led by Lex Luthor manages to kidnap almost the whole Justice League, but leaves them masked and ties them up real nasty.

Also let me borrow from Ragnell and point out that Black Canary has a really nice butt.

[Justice League of America #14 - DC Comics]


She-Hulk Fan Site

Check out all the new stuff on the She-Hulk fan site, A fair amount of new She-Hulk art has been posted to the site, as well as news about Marvel Comics merchandise, cartoons and publications.

Femforce #142

Femforce #142
Femforce #142
There's a nice cover on Femforce #142, featuring a buff "Rad" throwing a punch and knocking Captain Paragon onto his keister. The comic is set for November release. From the description:

A Femforce member is gone, but NIGHTVEIL may not be willing to accept that. What happens when a cloned offspring is created without your consent-or knowledge- and comes home to join the family? Ask PARAGON and MS. VICTORY- it just happened to them!! And what's up with SHE-CAT?!?

Don't forget that you'll either need to special order this comic through your local comics retailer or online at AC Comics' site when it's available. Fans of really big women might also want to check this AC Comics one-shot - Femforce Feaures: Giantess!

[First Look Comics - AC Comics]

Power Girl First Appearance

Power Girl First Appearance
Power Girl First Appearance
I was surprised to find the original art from the first appearance of Power Girl on eBay. The pencil work is by Ric Estrada for All-Star Comics #58, with inks by Wally Wood. People often forget that Estrada did the underlying work, both because Wood's style is so distinctive and because most everyone has heard the story of how Wood kept increasing Power Girl's bust line with each issue, waiting for an editor to tell him to cut it out. No editor ever did, and by the time Wood left the book the character was noticeably more pneumatic than any other in the DC Comics stable. Later artists honored Wood's chutzpah and continued to draw the character's breasts with unusual heft.

The page is selling for about $3000, which seems a bit low to me given the prominence of the character. For example, a printed copy of Superman #1 is seling for four times as much. (But I'm not an appraiser, so take my opinion with more than a few grains of salt.)

Alter Ego ran a good interview with Ric Estrada a few years back, and the original character sketch for Power Girl is included.

Jungle Girl #1

Jungle Girl by Frank Cho
Jungle Girl #1, cover by Frank Cho

Here's something really novel: Frank Cho helped write and is doing the cover art for a jungle girl comic! In this unique story, a group of people have crashed their transportation and become trapped on an island where dinosaurs survive. The fate of these lost travelers hinges on a stupendously gorgeous, blonde, busty and muscular girl of mysterious origins who has managed to survive on her own in this dangerous land!

Wow! This kind of innovation doesn't happen every day, folks. And if the fascinating storyline doesn't grab you, at least buy it for Cho's covers and Adriano Batista's stellar interior art.

[Jungle Girl #1 - Dynamite Entertainment]


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