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  • crushwrestling created a new topic ' Britney Squeeze vs Ferocious Falon The Rematch!!!' in the forum.

    EPIC MUSCLE RE-MATCH! This one may even be hotter than their last encounter, folks! Ferocious Falon vs. Britney Squeeze 1 has become one of our most popular muscle girl battles in recent memory, and with good reason.... filled with action, gorgeous muscle bodies sweating with effort, and serious attitude between the two combatants. However, this rematch may even be better. Both girls go at it with even MORE intensity now that they are familiar with each other, and their outfit choices are second to none....revealing all of their exquisitely powerful muscular bodies for your visual pleasure. Rarely will you see 2 women go at it on the mats with this kind of intensity and power. With their strength they can do permanent damage. The power in their thighs is scary beyond words! What's even better is that they really don't like each other now, and you can tell how they both like to keep squeezing after the other submits! Yep, they LOVE to dish out the torture! Get this hot video today!

    Where You Can Purchase This Smoking New Video!

    Match Page Where You Can find Members Videos and Photos

    Sample Photos



    And Don't Forget to Sign Up and Join Crushwrestling Member's Section for some of the hottest fem vs fem and mixed wrestling action on the web!

  • unkn0wnx replied to the topic 'Rin Nakai' in the forum.

    Any of you think that she can beat Miesha?

  • cactusjoe replied to the topic 'Spartan Women With Armor And Muscles' in the forum.

    Indeed molded armors do not count :D

  • luvemhuge5699 replied to the topic 'Re: Julie Bourassa' in the forum.

    if anybody wants to date her. she is on fitness singles website.

    in case it does not work, here is what she has to say: plus there are 14 pics on there as well. good luck.

    View all 14 photos >

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    “Searching for my Special one !”
    Email Show Interest

    Last login: 24 hours ago

    39-year-old Woman
    Seeking Men 34-45
    Montreal, QC, Canada

    Primary Fitness Activites:




    Other Activities:
    Aerobics | Cycling | Spinning | Walking/Fitness | Weight Training

    more about me…
    Body Type: Pumped up!
    Height: 5' 5" (165cms)
    Weight: 181 lb / 82 kg
    Smoking: Don't smoke; don't like to be around smokers
    Drink: Social drinker
    Diet: Body building diet
    Activity Level: I engage in fitness activities every day
    Hair Color: Dark Blonde
    Eye Color: Blue
    Sign: Aries
    Best Feature: You Decide
    Languages: English, French
    Ethnicity: White/Caucasian
    Appearance: Very Good Looking
    Religion: Atheist
    Attend Services: Rarely
    Education: Bachelors Degree
    Occupation: Teacher
    Employment: Other
    Income: Rather not say
    Marital Status: Single (never married)
    Kids: No kids
    Wants kids? Unsure

    in my own words…


    I've been here in the past and met great persons. I hope this time I'll find my special one.

    I'm very easy going person, caring, generous, loving, affectionate and funny. I don't like drama. I'm a passionate woman in love and in my life.

    I'm living in Montreal (Canada) but I'll spend few months in Florida, far away from the snow. I'm searching to build a friendship that will lead to long term commitment relationship. I'm open to long distance relationship if that person have a flexible schedule and can come on regular basis in Montreal. I'm not interested to be in relation with someone that I'll see once per 2-3 months. Also, I wanna meet a guy that isn't worry to commit and have finished his bachelor life and is ready to have a relation that will lead to marriage if we feel that we are made for each other. ;)

    I'm searching for an honest, affectionate, easy going, funny, generous, understanding, communicative, professional and athletic/muscular guy. I'm very picky ! I know what I want and what I don't want. I don't want a meathead but a guy with substance and values.

    I'm not interested by a man who spend more time playing video games than working out at the gym.

    My partner need to understand my competitive bodybuilding lifestyle and all the sacrifices that I need to do on regular basis.

    Even if I'm very muscular, I wanna be treated as a woman ! I like to be feminine and appreciate that my man enjoy my feminine side and treat me like his queen and I'll do the same , treat him like my King !

    I have a very healthy lifestyle, very strict diet and lift 6X/per week. I ask the same in return from my partner.

    I flex for cameras but not in my personal life or bedroom! Guys who ask to flex in the bedroom is kinda of creepy ! I'm NOT interested dating a Schmoe !

    don't lose your time and make lose mine....NO PICTURE...NO RESPONSE !!!!

  • Ashlee replied to the topic 'Spartan Women With Armor And Muscles' in the forum.

    hate to be a nudge
    where's the muscle??

  • Ashlee created a new topic ' Muscular ASIAN women web site' in the forum.

    this will bring you to the resent post of pics, scroll down to click on view older entries :) enjoy

  • Uzi4You created a new topic ' Spartan Women With Armor And Muscles' in the forum.

    Spartan Women With Armor And Muscles

    [File Attachment: bg.jpg]

  • jstilton created a new topic ' Amazona, part 3' in the forum.

    Hi guys,

    I just finished a third part of my Amazona story. It's for the fans of the more cruel female types, and it's more explicitly sexual than most of my stories.

    You can get it at

    And I also made a bundle of the three Amazona chapters, at a big discount:

    hope you enjoy

    ad84b7351436654.jpg 7c41a6351436656.jpg 465ae9351436657.jpg
    [File Attachment: zb_Amazona257.jpg]

  • AlexG replied to the topic 'Amanda Aivaliotis' in the forum.

    An RX Muscle Interview w/ Amanda, thought I'd pass it along . . . B)

    Link: RX Muscle Spotlight on IFBB FBBr: Amanda Aivaliotis

  • luvemhuge5699 replied to the topic 'What movie is this BE from?' in the forum.

    my super ex girlfriend

  • Uzi4You replied to the topic 'Jessica Biel Talks About Getting Buff & More Buff' in the forum.

    2006 article

    Walking into Jessica Biel's hotel suite, you immediately notice the bits of tire, which lead you around the corner to a floor full of chewy toys, which lead you around the other corner to the owner of all these objects -- Biel's 7-month-old American Staffordshire terrier-Lab mix, Tina -- and to Biel herself, who is trying her best to keep Tina from chewing the edges off the suite's French doors.

    "Teeeeee-na! No! Nooooooooo!" Biel commands in deep voice. And Tina listens -- for the moment.

    These are the dog days of summer. Biel, 24, has a new movie to promote -- a period romantic drama called "The Illusionist," which opened the Seattle International Film Festival last May and began its regular Seattle run Friday. Otherwise, she has some time on her hands, having just finished up a couple of movies -- "Next" and "Home of the Brave," and no longer being part of the grind of "7th Heaven," which she was on for six years.

    So we asked the Boulder, Colo.-raised Biel about summertime, when the livin' is easy -- and if she had her druthers, she'd be at the beach with Tina, swimming, staying cool and sipping a tall mojito upon returning to her Santa Monica home.

    Q: "The Illusionist" is your first period piece. It seems you have a hard time persuading people you can play a woman not rooted in the 21st century.

    Biel: I've heard so many times, "You're too modern. Your face is too modern." So when I auditioned for this movie, I did my hair and makeup and wore a blouse and long skirt with a sash around my waist.

    It kind of resembled a corset thing. And it worked.

    Some people might think you're too toned. Neil Burger tells me he had to ban you from the gym once you landed in Prague.

    He definitely cut my gym privileges. It was my arms. It has taken me a year or more to shave off the muscle mass I got from doing "Blade" and "Stealth" back to back. I get in the gym, do a little arm, a little shoulder, even with 5-pound weights, and I'm puffed up again.

    Do you miss those arms?

    I do. Who I idolized as a kid was Mia Hamm. That was the person I wanted to be, not a supermodel. I wanted ripped abs, muscular thighs and beautiful arms. So for me to look sort of bodybuilder-esque, I loved it. I got a total kick out of it.

    What's your ideal summer day?

    I have so many summer days that I would like to spend. But I love the water, and I love the beach, so I'd be at the beach playing volleyball, swimming, the dogs. ... That would be a great day. Or having a wine tour in Napa, staying at the Auberge du Soleil with my girlfriends, drinking wine all day in the heat and enjoying a fabulous girl weekend.

    Favorite way to cool off?

    A: Definitely a dive in the sea. Or ... I don't know ... I ran through my neighbor's sprinklers the other day. I hadn't done that in ages, and it was a blast.

    Favorite cold drink?


    Ice cream flavor?

    Ben & Jerry's Phish Food.

    Favorite summer movie?

    "Dirty Dancing." I watched it every day after school for a straight year. I think I was in love with Patrick Swayze. (Laughs)

    Favorite summer reading?

    The best book I've read in years is "Way of the Peaceful Warrior." It's life-changing, for sure. And I love the book "Perfume: The Story of a Murderer." It's an incredible story about this young man who doesn't have an actual smell. It freaks everybody out. But he has the strongest ability to smell, so he goes to work in this perfumery. And he starts to seek out smells by doing these crazy, hellacious acts. It's quite a read.

    Are you a smeller?

    (Laughs) I am a major smeller. I smell everything.

    OK. Favorite summer smell?

    Barbecue is a good smell. Or after a summer rain. That fresh smell when you walk outside and the dew is still on the leaves. (She inhales deeply.) That smell is amazing.

    Some guy just spent $30,000 at a charity auction to win a date with you. What should a guy who ponies up $30,000 expect for a night with Jessica Biel?

    He should expect some great food and some great conversation. (Laughs) I think it's going to be fun. I do know he's very handsome.

    You've seen his picture?

    My mom's checking him out. (Laughs)

    What do you miss most about Boulder, Colo.?

    I miss the Rocky Mountains being at my back door. They were literally in my backyard. I miss the sort of innocence and naivete there. My parents just said, "Go," and we'd run into the fields, the mountains and come back dirty and covered in bug bites and mosquito bites and scratches, and they'd be, "Good for you." I just grew up so free, and I miss that about Boulder. People aren't stressed out there about safeties and worries.

    Are you a low-stress person?

    Yeah. You sweat the small stuff in this business and you're done for. There's a lot of rejection. "They don't want you." "Why?" "Well, you're not blond." Something as simple as that. Trivial things. You're just not good enough. You just have to look at it like, "Well, it's their loss."

    Hey, a man's spending $30,000 for a date with you ...

    (Laughs) Yeah! But that's the way you have to look at things. It's the way I've looked at it since I was 13 years old. "It's your loss." It's really kind of arrogant, but it's the only way to get through this business.

    GWHH wrote:


  • Uzi4You replied to the topic 'Re: Animated Female Muscle Growth' in the forum.

    Can someone reload this?

    The Frankster wrote:

    thorb21 wrote:
    I found the episode of glenn martin dds when his wife become very muscular.

    Great found. I have been waiting this. She needs to be in Fan art. That's why I'm step it in.


  • Uzi4You replied to the topic 'Re: Animated Female Muscle Growth' in the forum.

    your right she become muscle beast. I hope this trend continues to go up on her by each season
    nationalist19 wrote:

    Avatar Legend of korra season 3 episode 13


    Her muscles have grown bigger since season 1.


  • Uzi4You thanks user 'Ashlee' in the forum message ' Animated Female Muscle Growth'.
  • Uzi4You replied to the topic 'Powergirl, again... :P' in the forum.

    [File Attachment: wake_up_call_by_majoro-d7x6yhs_2014-09-14.jpg]

    [File Attachment: powergirl_won__by_majoro-d7hv3ud_2014-09-14.jpg]

    [File Attachment: powergirl_arm_wrestling_superman_by_majoro-d7xl1dw_2014-09-14.jpg]

    [File Attachment: dc_booties____i_mean_beauties____color_by_eso2001-d5i6hle_2014-09-14.jpg]

    [File Attachment: dc_girls_by_crazykong-d5j5rmj_2014-09-14.jpg]

    [File Attachment: lara_and_friends_beach_color_by_eso2001-d4d6bdg_2014-09-14.jpg]

    [File Attachment: Powergirl_as_an_executive_by_CrazyKong_2014-09-14.jpg]

    [File Attachment: she_wins_again_by_majoro-d7tqpl3_2014-09-14.jpg]

  • gokuman7 replied to the topic 'Suicide Squad & Batgirl Futures End one shots' in the forum.

    I wish there was more of Batgirl-bane, however i hope that we get some fanart of those two.

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