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Misc Muscle

Link List: Muscular Women Rock

We've got a handful of stories picked from newspapers around the world this weekend:  

Muscle Milf

Here's a great little Flickr photostream of some vintage muscular women: 80's Workout Women. I recognize Cammie Lusko but not the other two.


Amanda Cicchini

Barstool Sports is trying to replicate the Allison Stokke meme with West Virginia University soccer player Amanda Cicchini. It's a bit forced. While I can't speak for everyone, my reaction to seeing photos of Stokke was something approaching awe - she's a uniquely beautiful young woman, and the photos capture a rare sense of determination and focus. My reaction to Cicchini's photos is that she's a cute girl who's trying too hard to be naughty. Also, several of Cicchini's photos are sexually suggestive; nothing like that surfaced with Stokke.

I didn't post about Stokke when the meme was hot because she was in high school at the time, but Cicchini is college-aged, so she's fair game.

[Breaking News: The Stokke Show Has Competion - Ladies and Gentleman Introducing Amanda Cicchini - Barstool Sports]

Ottawa Physique Spectacular

Ottawa Physique Championships 2007
2007 Ottawa & Eastern Ontario Physique Championships
If you are anywhere in North American right now, cancel your plans for the weekend. To see some amazingly beautiful fit women, you need to get yourself to Ogdensburg, New York and then drive 60 miles north to an outer suburb called "Ottawa" (which is also the capital of Canada).

Those wily Canucks are holding two fantastic events at the same time and in the same place - the Ottawa & Eastern Ontario Physique Championships and the Serious About Fitness (SAF) Model Search, all in the Rideau High School Auditorium in Ottawa. Mindi O'Brien will be guest posing at the former and emceeing the latter.

Check the Amaz0ns calendar thread for more details, also the Ottawa Bodybuilding site and the Serious About Fitness Model Search page.

I'd go myself if I wasn't banned from entering Canada.

Links List: Glamour and Illustration

Catherine Boshuizen
Catherine Boshuizen
Just count me confused.
  • There are new photos of Catherine Holland at Land of Venus - sample at right. (NSFW)
  • Swedish licensed personal trainer {mosbookmarks:bm=525} has many commendable qualities.
  • Check out {mosbookmarks:bm=524} for illustrated stories about hypermuscular young women. (NSFW)
  • {mosbookmarks:bm=526} seems to get better looking every time somebody photographs her.
  • New galleries and videos featuring Jodi Miller, April Michelle and Melissa Dettwiller are available at {mosbookmarks:bm=153}, with a nice free preview video of April Michelle. (NSFW)
  • There's a newish MySpace video of {mosbookmarks:bm=506}. Katka Kyptova is deliriously gorgeous and buff.

Fit Woman Sampler

Melissa Deal
Melissa Deal looks very fit
A sampling of recently added fit and muscular woman sites from the Amaz0ns Links directory (login required for access):
  • {mosbookmarks:bm=523}
  • {mosbookmarks:bm=521}
  • {mosbookmarks:bm=518}
  • {mosbookmarks:bm=517}
  • {mosbookmarks:bm=516}
  • {mosbookmarks:bm=511}
  • {mosbookmarks:bm=509}
That ought to keep you busy for a little while.

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