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Amy's Conquest turns two


{mosbookmarks:bm=524} has been around for two years! Go check it out.


Patrick Arnold Profiled

Patrick Arnold, who has been described somewhat unfairly as the chemist behind the BALCO scandal, was profiled earlier this week in the Hartford Courant. Arnold attempts to minimize his role in the scandal, but does admit wrongdoing.

Arnold says he was never interested in marketing to big-name professional athletes - that it was Victor Conte who pursued that angle - and I believe him. Arnold always struck me as a guy who was trying to figure out how to do steroids right, and was primarily interested in integrating his chemical discoveries into mainstream bodybuilding culture.

Full disclosure: I was once active on some of the same message boards where Arnold posted his missives, and I did a cycle of the prohormone 1-AD back in 2000 (before it was illegal) after reading a summary of the compound written up by Arnold, who had developed and marketed it. I didn't make any muscle gains while taking 1-AD, but my energy levels went up. Surprisingly, the discomfort from a nagging, 15-year-old sports injury was reduced significantly and remains that way today.

[Man Behind The Muscles - Hartford Courant]

Instapundit vs Jessica Biel

Oh no he didn't! Tennessee law professor and libertarian blogger/troublemaker Glenn Reynolds took a shot at Justin Timberlake's taste in women (and thus Jessica Biel). Reynolds' site - Instapundit - gets more pageviews but only about half as many visitors as Amaz0ns. Which means that if Amazons and Instapundit went to war, Instapundit would lose.

Do NOT diss the Biel, law boy, or we will mess you up.

Sweaters, Brains, Canadians, etc.

I have to admit, I'm growing to like these bullet-list posts. They're quicker to write and contain more bang for the buck. So without further ado:
  • I love {mosbookmarks:bm=70}, but she's awfully stingy about showing off her beautiful and glorious physique. If I wanted to see phonecam photos of girls in sweaters, I'd move to Ann Arbor and stalk feminist lit crit majors.
  • I can't tell if this is a joke or not, but someone has fused the magazine concepts of Maxim and The Economist, and called the resulting train wreck Sylk. As train wrecks go, though, it ain't bad.
    [h/t: Fleshbot]
  • Chellss - that's her in the picture. I'd write more but I'm speechless.
  • There are music and graphics downloads available at The Official Venture Brothers Website. Will such meager coals keep the fans warm until season three premiers in nine to twelve months? Or will the slavering masses need to purchase The Venture Bros. - Season Two DVD, now available for pre-order?
    [The Official Venture Brothers Website]
  • The February free gallery for Canadian musclegirl site {mosbookmarks:bm=275} is a virtual panoply of women who could be my next baby mama.
    [Free Gallery for February 2007 -]
  • During a taping of her daytime talk show last week, Tyra Banks groped rumored Wonder Woman actress Kat McPhee. You can tape the episode Tuesday. (I know I will.)
    [Tyra Banks Grabs Katharine McPhee's Breasts - Popoholic]
  • Cory Doctorow has posted a retrospective of stewardess photos from the jet age.
    [The Glamour of Flight]
  • Formerly svelte figure competitor {mosbookmarks:bm=455} decided to bulk up to compete in bodybuilding, and didn't do it halfway.
    [h/t: Unreal Muscle]

Digital Dreamgirls - NSFW

Occasionally I peruse the free galleries of mainstream subscriber sites. Yesterday I took the time to check out {mosbookmarks:bm=291} (NSFW), to see what was available in the way of strong-looking models. I found only a handful:None of them are bodybuilders, but they're not scrawny little waifs, either.

Pretty Lady Links

Martine Thebeau
Martine Thebeau
Yesterday afternoon I noticed that the sun was still well up in the sky when I left work, and it has me thinking of spring. Spring, in turn, makes me think of pretty ladies. [Cue Verdi's "The Four Seasons" and pop the cork on a bottle of Beaujolais.]
  • Jamie Reed has launched a new website.
  • Swedish superjock supermodel Carolina Kluft is all that and a bag of herring.
  • Andy finally stopped using his nuptials as an excuse to slack off, and posted some new stuff, including a Nikki Fuller profile.
    [Andy's Muscle Goddesses]
  • The Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders, circa 1982.
    [The Professional Cheerleader Blog]
  • Canadian figure hottie Martine Thebeau has her own site.
  • The NBA All-Star Dance Team is loose in Vegas.
  • Foxy fitness fascist Pauline Nordin got her U.S. permanent residency visa, which means she'll be staying. Yay!
    [Pauline Nordin]

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