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Pretty Lady Links

Martine Thebeau
Martine Thebeau
Yesterday afternoon I noticed that the sun was still well up in the sky when I left work, and it has me thinking of spring. Spring, in turn, makes me think of pretty ladies. [Cue Verdi's "The Four Seasons" and pop the cork on a bottle of Beaujolais.]
  • Jamie Reed has launched a new website.
  • Swedish superjock supermodel Carolina Kluft is all that and a bag of herring.
  • Andy finally stopped using his nuptials as an excuse to slack off, and posted some new stuff, including a Nikki Fuller profile.
    [Andy's Muscle Goddesses]
  • The Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders, circa 1982.
    [The Professional Cheerleader Blog]
  • Canadian figure hottie Martine Thebeau has her own site.
  • The NBA All-Star Dance Team is loose in Vegas.
  • Foxy fitness fascist Pauline Nordin got her U.S. permanent residency visa, which means she'll be staying. Yay!
    [Pauline Nordin]
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