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Icebreaker Tees

Check out Icebreaker Tees, a company that has been advertising with great regularity at, for the last month or two. Buy one for the girl jock in your life.

More Busty Ads

Advertising blogger Copyranter has another post on's drive to populate its advertising primarily - if not solely - with big-breasted girls. He writes:

...a commenter who used to work at the Texas offices of the questionable dating site wrote that CEO Herb Vest (rhymes with breast) is in fact obsessed with bOObs. Judging by the latest round of Women You Won't Find Among True's Membership to pop up on my hotmail page, I'd say it's case closed on Herbie's obsession with fully loaded ladies.

Copyranter is also generous with examples of's busty ad models.

New Sites

Monica Mollica
Monica: 2002 vs 2006
Check out {mosbookmarks:bm=397} for a lot of really nice fit girl photos, plus an events calendar and other topical items. Other great sites added to the Amaz0ns Links section are {mosbookmarks:bm=396} and {mosbookmarks:bm=398}.

A lot of you will remember Monica Mollica as Monica Wieckowski. She used to be noteworthy for having a fairly skinny upper body but gigantically muscular quads. These days her quads are even more gigantically muscular, and the condition seems to have spread to the rest of her body, as well.

{mosbookmarks:bm=137} has a bunch of video of the lady.

Volleyball Girls

Check out this photo, the women's volleyball team at the University of Tennessee - Martin.

New Models and Sites

{mosbookmarks:bm=141} and {mosbookmarks:bm=137} have both added some stunning new models lately. At Femflex there's Andrea Ternes and the mysterious "MJ". (I like MJ a lot.) HerBiceps has posted images of bombshell Tracey Elliot.

Also, if you've got some time to kill, check out {mosbookmarks:bm=393}. It looks like it might be a lot of fun.

Weekend NSFW Crap

Melisa from
Here are some fun NSFW weekend links:
  • Fleshbot used some famous frames of Erika Eleniak for a post yesterday, for no particular reason I could determine.
  • (I am not complaining about that.)
  • Here's a gallery from of muscular hottie Melisa.
  • And just because I'm such a great guy, here's another gallery of Melisa.
  • There are a lot of free photos at Bodybuilders in Heat.

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