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Girls Got Legs

Girls Got Legs
Photographer and 80s gym culture icon Brian Moss has launched a new adult (NSFW) pay site called {mosbookmarks:bm=399}, which nicely complements his first site, {mosbookmarks:bm=153}. To quote {mosbookmarks:bm=37}'s review of the new site:

If you prefer your legs attached to willowy supermodel types you might want to look elsewhere, but if you like your women to look like they'd sooner kick your ass than lift their stocking-clad heels in the air for you without a serious fight, you've come to the right place.

Moss' work is a lot more sensual than most of the photographers who specialize in female physique models, and he aims for a kind of gritty pseudo-realism that really sets his portfolio apart.

Icebreaker Tees

Check out Icebreaker Tees, a company that has been advertising with great regularity at, for the last month or two. Buy one for the girl jock in your life.

More Busty Ads

Advertising blogger Copyranter has another post on's drive to populate its advertising primarily - if not solely - with big-breasted girls. He writes:

...a commenter who used to work at the Texas offices of the questionable dating site wrote that CEO Herb Vest (rhymes with breast) is in fact obsessed with bOObs. Judging by the latest round of Women You Won't Find Among True's Membership to pop up on my hotmail page, I'd say it's case closed on Herbie's obsession with fully loaded ladies.

Copyranter is also generous with examples of's busty ad models.

New Sites

Monica Mollica
Monica: 2002 vs 2006
Check out {mosbookmarks:bm=397} for a lot of really nice fit girl photos, plus an events calendar and other topical items. Other great sites added to the Amaz0ns Links section are {mosbookmarks:bm=396} and {mosbookmarks:bm=398}.

A lot of you will remember Monica Mollica as Monica Wieckowski. She used to be noteworthy for having a fairly skinny upper body but gigantically muscular quads. These days her quads are even more gigantically muscular, and the condition seems to have spread to the rest of her body, as well.

{mosbookmarks:bm=137} has a bunch of video of the lady.

Jun Tsukasa Part 15


I managed to score a copy of Tsukasa Bullet 2006 which was sold at Comiket this summer. The quality of the paper and binding is very good, and the artwork is superb. There's not much in the way of muscle in the doujinshi, but I've attached some sketches that appear within that feature Homura and Tsutikure. These images also appeared in an anthology published under Jun Tsukasa's circle, Kacchu Musume in 2005.

image image

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Jun Tsukasa Part 14


Kacchuu Musume (甲冑娘), the website for Jun Tsukasa's doujinshi circle, has been updated today with some information which might interest visitors. The last few posts in elee0228's Jun Tsukasa series have been about resin figures, and I was surprised to see that Jun Tsukasa's site listed 2 new figures for sale. Kits for Tsukasa Bullet characters Mizuki and Mariko Imai are available for a reasonable price at Amazon JP. There are lots of pictures available from different worksafe angles at the Amazon product pages, and there are NSFW pictures at Kacchuu Musume, and more images available at Jun Tsukasa's diary. The background from the aforementioned page is worth noting too.

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Volleyball Girls

Check out this photo, the women's volleyball team at the University of Tennessee - Martin. Has Moved

{mosbookmarks:bm=86} has also been moved to our new webhost, as of about an hour ago. Depending on where you are in the world, the new host info may not have propagated out to your DNS server. But probably by the end of the day, you'll be able to get to the new host.

Jun Tsukasa Part 13


I've also discovered the name of the character depicted in Jun Tsukasa Part 1. Her name is Homura (火炎), and yes, a gallery is available of a resin-kit based on her at the Cerberus Project. And yes, you can find the kit available from sellers on eBay. I also found a gallery by another figure fan featuring the curvy Homura. There's a cool flash video at another site. I have problems sometimes distinguishing between Homura and another Jun Tsukasa character, Kaen, but that's a good problem to have.

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Move Status

OK, Amaz0ns has been moved to a new webhost. The new DNS settings should be mostly propagated around the world by now. Forums will be back online by 1am EST or so.

Update 1:30 am EST: Or not. Having trouble and I need to get some sleep. So I'm leaving the forum to upload overnight and I'll try to turn it back on when I wake up.

Update 7:10 am EST: Almost there but I've got to get to work. Noon seems doable.

Update 9:36 am EST: Still working on it. (Pain in the ass.)

Update 2:20 pm EST: OK, the forum is up and running. It's probably a little glitchy but I should be able to fix all that over the weekend. Have a party.

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