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Mavi Gioia in abundance

mavi gioia

Italian bodyfitness competitor Mavi Gioia has a ton of new pics and video up at {mosbookmarks:bm=339}. Make sure to check it out.

The Sims 3

The Sims 3 for Windows is available for pre-order already, with a release date set for 20 February 2009. The game has generated buzz among fans of muscular women because some of the marketing copy indicates that the "Create-a-Sim" application will allow quite a bit more leeway in terms of physical appearance and body type extremes. From the Wikipedia entry:

Individual fitness bars have been added to adjust the Sims' obesity and muscularity between extreme levels. Arm and legs are separate so players can create Sims with fat bodies and thin arms. In The Sims 2, there were only three body types - fat, normal and fit. As in The Sims 2, body shape varies with diet and exercise, so that Sims created as overweight can become slim by exercising and Sims created thin may become fat by eating too much and not exercising.

There's also a lot of personality settings, so conceivably a player should be able to create a muscular female who has traits that match her physique - athleticism, aggressiveness, dominance, etc, or traits that are at odds with her build. We'll have to see.

[The Sims 3 -]

Emmanuela Pintus Sexy Routine

Here's a long, professionally produced video featuring every lush, thick, powerful inch of Emmanuela Pintus. She's a natural wonder. I don't know where the video comes from or when it was made.

Update: You can purchase the whole video here.

Shelley Paolinetti

Shelley Paolinetti performs barbell curls in this video, which lasts for quite some time and is definitely delicious.


The Firm Balls

So I was wandering through the aisles of my local big box electronics store tonight when something caught my eye: the winsome Rebekah Sturkie flexing her pipes while hoisting a set of The Firm: Cardio Sculpting Balls.

Several thoughts passed through my head almost at once. In order:

  1. "Firm Balls!? The 'special' kids are driving the short bus!"
  2. "Seriously, FIRM BALLS?! WTF!?"
  3. "Damn, Rebekah Sturkie is hawt."
There's a big version of the photo at right if you click the link. (And buy something, fer chrissake. This site's hosting ain't cheap and I don't make anybody squirm for "karma".)

Strongwoman Video Montage

This video is a montage of classic promotional materials for circus and vaudeville strongwomen. A lot of my favorites are in there, including Kate Roberts, aka "Vulcana".

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