A young giantess growing up and up Ch 1


Dear Happiest_in_Shadows,

Keep the story coming!!!!

Is brian going to have chidren by his somewhat large girlfriend?Are they going to be as big as very large babies would be to regular sized women at the size our giantess at the time of there delivery.

Will she sucessfully make off the island from prement living on the mainland?will the population of big people like her get to be equal to the food eaten by 100-1000 million regualar people?Given the fact that she eat mush less in relation size than regualr people?What in stage expose he to + of verious levels of h-bomb explsion on a small p[art oif her body say 3 in diamater on regular women hip.They would work up to the = of 25 mi irom mertor in explovie power.