Again about story:AYoung Giantess Growing Up and Up.


Dear Happiest_in_Shadows,

ALso What about making up for the gaps in her education ?Reallyt push her forward in that without a mental burnout.

What AQbout much intensifing her training in very fine control of her body?Of coure we need to make all this very fun for her or she willn’t go along with it.

What her helping build her next living quarters out of very thick soild layer of armor ally 670.Build seaval size to big for her. with windows and huge pair of swing doors.

She need to learn better ways to deal with the bad guys/Hwer way of think sofar on that is off.Maybe You can get Brian to helop her find much better w2ays to deal with bad people.Aside from the bull in the china shop way.

What do you think of everything in all three of my posting?I would reall;y like to hear from you in detail on them."Thanks"

Best Wishes,