All she needs is a story.


kiss, pillow, kick, sleep, jiggle, naked, tattoo, topless, jump, pour beer, drink beer, sing, stretch, dance, lick, hummer, wave, tickle, hat, strip, breast, dance on bar, be a pimp, magic, karate, robot, shoes, show me something, spin, read, write, hair, belly, gymnastics, fire, spread, pitcher, kiss me, hand stand, arms, phone number, I love you and laugh fake, fight, playboy, sing, jump, ass,wet,, cowgirl, banana, feel good, give me head, love, party,

rap, kung fu, shoot, aerobics, yoga, show me, Cartwheels, Handstands,

Shake, magic, Think, tongue is funny, belly, spread, kiss me, tits, rock , bottle, tap, cap, model, bow, guitar, talk, push up, angry, mad,