ch 1 continued


“ Yup that is quite true however we are not rich remember I said financially well off there is a difference.” Jack only chuckled as he pushed Kate’s chair over to a sofa and helped her out into it. Laying back a long sigh came from Kate as she smiled up at Jack who actually gave a slight yelp of surprise when her hand landed on the back of his neck. Kate didn’t yet have the strength to force Jack to bend down but he didn’t exactly resist as she pulled him down and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“ You have a real bad habit of stealing those you know.” Jack blushed as he realized that Kate hadn’t been fully asleep when he had taken the time too still a few kisses from her. Going by her body language though he really doubted she minded. “ My mom and dad take care of the rent for the place as well as the utilities.” Jack could only sigh as he wished he had parents like her still as he considered the past he realized Kate never seemed to complain about having a lack of money even as a college student. Kate grinned as she watched Jack wonder around for a few moments before speaking up.

“ There is a spare bed room that you can make use of since you are going to be my nurse for the next few days. Lucky thing for you I am strong enough to get around now. You will need to go grocery shopping though after all I have been a bit laid up.” Jack just nodded as he looked at his patient musing over how he thought the doctor was suppose to be telling the patient what to do.

“ Oh and Jack don’t worry I am not asking you to use your money to pick up the groceries just go into my room and check in the third dresser drawer down.” Jack started to ask which room that was when he noticed the direction Kate was pointing. Heading on in and checking the dress what he found truly surprised him as instead of a few pairs of socks and maybe a purse he found various lingerie items inside the drawer. “ Woops did I say third one down I meant on trop of the dresser in the little drawer.” Jack walked into the room a few moments later packing two hundred dollars bill blushing a bright red as Kate seemed strong enough to tease him at least.

“Alright young lady just how rich are your parents so I can decide if I need to ransom you or not.” Kate puffed up her cheeks for a moment as once again Jack accused her of having rich parents.

“ As I said my parents are not rich we are just very financially well off.” Jack grinned realizing that he had probably found something that Kate had probably been accused off before and never really gotten use to it.

“ Alright but still how does a financially well off girl like yourself decide to become a police officer.” Kate seemed to muse on the question for a moment as she tried to decide the best possible response finally she settled on a option.

“ I like being able to write tickets and give other people a hard time.” Jack couldn’t help but laugh at his friends comment which of course got a grin from Kate. “ Other then that I do it because I like the thought of helping out others and besides it was my pretty much what I wanted to do even when I was growing up heck it even lets me rebel against my parents a little bit as they wanted me to have a nice desk job.” Jack just shook his head as he walked into the kitchen and found a pin and paper on the fridge removing the pad from the fridge he began to search through the kitchen taking note of things that Kate seemed to have a lot of but had been eaten. As he did this he quickly began to notice that there was a nearly complete lack of any candy while an abundance of fruits vegetables and the remains of such as the stems of apples.

“ Alright I think I have a few things but you need to feel out the rest of the list.” Kate took the list from Jack’s hands as he returned to the living room. Looking it over for a moment she then took the pin and added in a few more items before handing it back to him. As he started to leave though a slight ringing got his attention turning around he noticed Kate holding a key out to him realizing that he had been so caught up that he had forgotten this simple but crucial item he took the key and proceeded to head on out the door. Taking a moment to insure that he could find his way back by writing down the room number as well as the address of the apartment complex just to be doubly sure.

As Jack left Kate simply stretched herself out on the cough and let herself fall asleep once again. All the moving around having tired her out a bit as her eyes drifted shut she wondered just how good of a nurse Jack would make over the next few days. Really she wanted to keep Jack around for more then a few reasons as she wondered just how far the drug he had given her would take her there was also the little matter of just how she was going to thank him for what he had done for her.

Jack was in pain to say the least it had been five days since he had arrived at Kate’s apartment and started taking care of her. During which time Kate had recovered far more quickly then he would have imagined it possible even under the influence of the drugs. While this was a good thing as far as he was concerned he found he didn’t like what the now nearly fully recovered Kate insisted on him doing. Kate being a avid fitness nut whom had no trouble passing the police physical exams had decided that he would be joining her as far as physical exercises went. It being the first day of such activities Jack felt like he was going to die. Still as he lay out on the floor he couldn’t help but admire the view as he turned his attention towards Kate.

Watching as she pressed the 150 pound bar he shuddered a bit as he watched the muscles in her arms work and realized that the only reason Kate was pressing a 150 pounds is that she was still some what drained from the whole experience and couldn’t go with her normal of 180 pounds. The thought that Kate was capable of bench pressing her own weight was actually a immense turn on for Jack as he admired her athletic figure. Having seen her in uniform most of the time he found he didn’t want to take his eyes off the red and black clad amazon that currently busied herself.

Kate’s arms and legs had always looked fit but now as he watched her he got a new appreciation for just how toned Kate truly was. The only odd thing he could really find with it though was the fact that despite Kate’s strength she didn’t appear bulky in the least rather she appeared to be built for swimming, long distance running or perhaps martial arts as he considered her job. Kate grinned as she felt Jack’s eyes on her as she rather enjoyed it when a guy appreciated a women with a little bit of strength. She regretted she wasn’t fully recovered though so that she could really show him up having noticed how Jack seemed to focus on her even more so after she topped him at every exercise.

While he could bench 100lbs she had benched 150lbs and could go higher once she had her full strength. He had managed to curl 20 lbs in one arm while she was able to do 36lbs and while he was laying out feeling entirely drained she still had plenty of energy to continue pushing herself. “ Hey Kate I was thinking shouldn’t of your parents have come to check up on you by now.” The sound of the bar being set down rang through out the room as Kate set up in her seat.

“ What you don’t like taking care of me.” Kate put on a pout that got quite a reaction from Jack’s loins as the mixture of the innocence in her face her powerful body and her emerald green eyes looking back at him seemed to over whelm his senses the only way he could define Kate would have been striking. As he attempted to stutter a response Kate giggled and feel backwards once again starting on the bar.

“ My parents called a few days ago when they learned that I had left the hospital you were just out then. I told them that I was fine and I had a friend taking care of them they offered to come down but I was able to talk them out of it. My mom and dad stay pretty busy with work so that it is hard for them to brake away without a plan. Which made it pretty easy to just stay home and relax.” Kate finally settled the bar down for the last time and climbed off the bench walking over to a counter she leaned against it so that her rear was shown nicely and used her right hand to pick up a bottle of water. As she drank she gave her rear a few shakes as she could see Jack’s admiring gaze through the reflection in the window. Some of the water sputtered out of her mouth as she noticed Jack quickly turn his head away from her as he realized what he had been doing.

“ Umm sorry about that.” Kate grinned as Jack apologized and pushed herself off the counter. Slowly she walked towards Jack’s still drained form and much to his surprised settle down on his stomach resting her firm tush against his chest.

“ Jack I take you into my personal exercise room and I put on a incredibly tight work out suit at which time I proceed to make you exercise when while you are laying on the floor I continue to prance around you and show off my body. Do you really think that I don’t mean for you to look at me.” Jack only blushed more as he felt the weight of this divine creature setting on top of him.

“ Well it still seems a bit rude of me.” Kate couldn’t help but laugh as she looked down at Jack and ran her fingers along his arms feeling of them. There wasn’t much tone there but she wasn’t testing for strength but rather potential and that is what she saw in him potential both physically and mentally. Jack gave a slight groan of pain as Kate bounced on his stomach lightly a moment later just enough to nock some of the wind out of him and keep him from talking for a while.

“ Oh come on Jack you know I like you and I want you to look at me I like the attention being a spoiled brat and all.” Jack went wide eyed and wished that his arms hadn’t been penned to his sides by Kate’s well developed thighs as nice as they felt he was feeling a little embarrassed having this woman come onto him so strongly. “ And besides I have other things I want to talk to you about.” Kate’s thighs relaxed as she blushed a little bit something that didn’t escape Jack as he looked up at her lovely face.

“ What do you need to talk to me about.” Kate gave Jack a large grin one that made him worry a little bit despite the fact that she seemed a bit shy about what she was about to ask.

“ Well we have been friends for a while now so it isn’t like we don’t know one another and to be honest I like you. So I was thinking that it would be nice if you moved out of that dinky little apartment of yours and moved into mine with me.” Jack could hardly believe that he had just heard it was true that he and Kate had been friends but he had never thought of going any further with that after all he had been dating at the time and also thought Kate was far out of his league. While she was a powerful built amazon he happened to be a computer addict with a complete lack of any tan or real muscle tone thanks to the amount of time he spent inside and now he had learned that Kate came from a financially well off family as she had put it.

“ I don’t know err I am not sure about that I mean we have been friends for a long time now.”

“ To true which is why I am asking you to go ahead and move in with me after all you have been with me for these last few days only going home to check on your answering machine. Besides I think it is time we got to know one another better and by moving in with each other we can get to know if are habits really match up besides.” Kate leaned in rather close allowing Jack to look into her green eyes “ Since you put that drug in my system will I ever return to normal?”. Jack swallowed a nervous look on his face as he realized that he had made the same mistake of several great minds and hadn’t considered what would happen to Kate if the drug did work on her. It wasn’t exactly something that would just be reversed after all weather he liked it or not Kate had been permanently changed right down to her very DNA.

“ No there is no way to reverse the treatment I mean you are the first success story and without being able to repeat the results there is no way we can reverse the effects.” Kate slowly nodded as jack state what she has expected the entire time. She wasn’t mad at him after all the treatment had saved her life and as far as she knew would have some other benefits but it meant they were going to have to be some changes in her life.

“ Just what kind of alterations did the drug make I mean will I get to be super strong, super fast umm maybe able to fly.”

“ Oh no nothing like that least as far as I know what the drug is meant to do is allow the body to better fight of illness and adapt to new environments more quickly. I really can’t say how effective it is but who knows perhaps you never need to worry about getting sick again.” Kate smiled as the thought did seem rather appealing to her but it still left a problem.