ch 1 continued


“ That is nice and I am grateful but you do realize that I can’t return to work without a physical especially since just a few days ago it seemed like I was going to be dead for sure. Thank goodness my parents aren’t a bunch of religious nut jobs or things would get really complicated I am just glad I was able to keep them away really. Still as I don’t want to be used as a lab rat when it comes time for blood work to be done on me I am going to need some help. Now I can take the physical without getting blood work done of course but you know I still need someone who can check me out and make sure I am alright and since we are keeping this a secret that someone has got to be you.”

Jack blinked for a moment as the words sunk in “ Woe woe I don’t have the degree needed to be a doctor I mean I got a pretty good deal in but nothing that advanced.”

“ Jack you were just telling me a few days ago how I have been changed all around so I doubt a normal doctor’s degree would do you any good in working with me. Though I really can’t force you after all I oh you my life but.” Check gasp as Kate’s legs moved back as she let her form fall down upon his wrapping her arms around him she pulled his face closer to her own. “ Please won’t you continue taking care of me.” As Jack laid there he quickly considered his option here a lovely woman who he at one time considered totally out of his league had her legs and arms wrapped around him, he had just found out she had a wealthy family and to top everything off she was already a very close friend it didn’t take him long to decide.

“ Alright but it still doesn’t need me to move in I mean you could just stop by for regular check ups.” Kate grinned as she rolled off Jack and then stood up.

“ Oh I know that but I get lonely living alone and besides I am going to help you get into shape.” Kate grinned as Jack’s face seemed to sink a little at the thought of exercise.

“ Now don’t give me that look the only reason why I lasted long enough for you to save me is I was in such good shape after all. Don’t worry I am not going to push you too hard but you really need to put on a little muscle tone.” All Jack could do was grumble as he couldn’t exactly disagree with her. Over all the deal was quite good though he knew he wouldn’t be getting in the sack with Kate any time soon. Actually as far as he knew Kate had never slept with anyone despite her charms and her teasing nature she had never let anything go that far. He was never sure why after all she could have had her pick of a good deal of men but she had always held back Jack had eventually learned that her religious beliefs which held her back as well as her own personal feelings.

“ We will get everything set up later but until then how about we just go relax.” Kate offered her hand to Jack who promptly took it allowing her to help him to his feat as they walked into the main room Jack was some what wobbly still getting a laugh from Kate who gave him a playful poke in the stomach. Jack soon took his seat next to Kate and couldn’t help but feel a little bit of excitement as he considered what had just happened. While at first he couldn’t help but think how strange it was for him to be moving in with her she had made a pretty good argument at least in his opinion and it did at least mean he had a chance with her. At least if he proved that they were capable of living together Kate might be willing to move things a step further.

Kate for her part had chosen to go ahead and skip to living together as in truth dating wasn’t really required between the two of them. Having spent so much time together simply hanging out she had a pretty good idea of Jack’s behavioral pattern and didn’t find anything particularly annoying.

Kate was up early the next morning while Jack was still asleep in the spare bedroom as she set on the phone she had a big grin on her face. Howard Low set at his desk when the phone began to ring as he picked it up he was surprised by the voice that he heard on the other end. “ Hi there chief I was just calling to let you know that I am out of the hospital.” Howard’s jaw nearly hit the floor as he heard Kate on the phone some of the department had sent her get well cards when they had heard the news but none of them had really expected her to recover.

“ Kate how are you doing I mean are you alright.”

“ I am doing just fine Chief well I was actually calling to see when I could start coming back into work.” Howard couldn’t believe what he was hearing not only was Kate on the phone and sounding just fine but she was also talking like she was fully recovered.

“ Umm Kate I mean how are you even at home I mean last time I heard anything about you well you weren’t in very good shape.” Howard could hear Kate giggling on the other end of the phone as she couldn’t help but find everyone’s shock as of late rather amusing.

“ I got better of course and I am wanting to know when I should start coming into work again.” Howard could hardly here his ears but resolved he wouldn’t push the issue any further but would rather to see if Kate was really alright.

“ Well why don’t you come in tomorrow if you feel able to and we can see just how you are doing.” Kate grinned as she flexed a bicep even though she wasn’t fully recovered yet she did feel more then able to return to work and she didn’t want to just leach any longer then she needed to.

“ Sure thing I will be in tomorrow.” As Kate hung up the phone a few moments later she mused over what she needed to do in order to get ready. She had already offered to Jack to have him move in so she figured that would be the first order of business for today. He would need to get hold of his land lord first of course and start closing his accounts while they would move his stuff to Kate’s. Jack probably would go ahead and finish paying up his contract rather then risk leaving anyone in a sour mood and if he didn’t do it on his own Kate figured she would just have to give him a push to do so. Leaning her head to the side Kate began to consider waking Jack up before changing her mind opting for a more pleasant way of getting him out of bed then just dragging him out.

Jack awoke quickly as the sent of eggs and bacon hit his nose he slowly rose from the bed. Taking in a deep breath of air he made his way to the kitchen finding Kate at the stove making a rather large breakfast as he started to ask her why so much though he recalled the changes her body was undergoing and opted to keep his mouth shut. “ Well good morning sleepy head I figured we should start the day with a good breakfast after all we have some moving to do.” Jack nodded as he joined Kate in the kitchen area and began to rummage around the cobnuts until he found a few glasses.

“ What do you want to drink?” Kate grinned as Jack went about helping her to prepare breakfast though she was nearly done already she was glad to see he was willing to help. Kate taking orange juice Jack found he didn’t have very many options as the health conscious Kate limited her beverages to milk, juice and water he finally settled for orange juice as well and took his seat opposite of Kate.

“ So you sure want me to move in with you?” Kate grinned as she took a few moments to finish chewing a mouth full of eggs.

“ Yes I am after all after what all you told me you’re my doctor now.” Jack grinned as he only hoped he wouldn’t have to do to much with Kate.

“ Hmm well then I guess the only thing I have to regret is that all the job applications I put out earlier have the wrong address.” Kate chuckled as she began to wonder just what she was going to do about Jack’s job a grin formed on her face.

“ Well if you live with me you could just be my 24/7 doctor.” As Jack looked at Kate she noted that he seemed completely shocked by what she just said.

“ No way I couldn’t ever do that I mean I am grateful that you invited me to move in after all this places is a lot better then my old one but there is no way I am could just stay and not help out. I am not a leech after all.” Kate couldn’t help but grin as she noted Jack still held onto the notion that a man was meant to provide and even faced with a chance to just lay around he had put it down so quickly. What was more is the shock he showed in his voice at least hinted at the fact that he was being honest of course his choice wasn’t purely based on old ideas. Having gone to college for 7 years and worked his fingers to the bone Jack had put a lot of effort into getting his degrees and he was going to use them.

“ Hehe alright well then I guess we will just have to find you some other work then. Who knows perhaps I can help you out.” Jack only nodded as he resumed eating noticing the wide grin on Kate’s face as if he had just done something that she approved rather strongly off. It was strange a few days ago Kate had been laying in bed near death and he had been the one taken control making the effort to help her. Now just a few days later with her health rapidly recovering Kate seemed to be making all the decisions for him. He couldn’t help but think it had something too do with her job though after all as a police officer she was probably use to taking charge of a situation.

“ Hello yeah this is Jack Hunter I am calling in regards to my apartment… yeah I would like to close my account…. no I will finish paying up this months rent… yeah I will be stopping by later today.” Jack felt a little nervous about what he was doing he had the money in his bank account to pay of the months rent and then some in all truth that being one of the reasons he didn’t feel worried about losing his job at least not as badly as some. Since he would be moving in with Kate he didn’t have to worry about that anymore though one part of him still worried about the trouble it would cause him should she just decide to kick him out. He felt he could trust Kate more then that considering how hard she had always tried to keep her word. Kate for her part was going over a checkless in her head to see how Jack matched up with what she liked and what she didn’t like.

He had so far done quite well except she didn’t care for the fact that he liked to sleep in late really sleeping more then 8 hours always left Kate feeling that she had wasted part of the day. Other then that he was doing well but the real test would begin in a few days now that she was entirely healthy. She knew that Jack would help around the house and take care of her while she was ill thanks to him baby sitting her while she was recovering but now she needed to see how he would behave other wise. “ Well then shall we get going?”

“ Sure thing whose vehicle are we taking.”

“ Mine I haven’t gotten to drive around in a little while.” Jack nodded as he figured Kate’s vehicle would do better then his anyway considering that she chose to drive a Humvee. Kate slipped on a clean pair of clothes deciding to bath when she got back while Jack put on a few items he didn’t mind getting messed up. As the two made their way down the hall Jack got another surprise when Kate didn’t go to the elevator by stopped at the stairs and took hold the back of his shirt.

“ Now don’t be lazy we are going to take the stairs.” Jack groaned visibly as Kate opened the door and they began to make their way down the steps. The whole time wondering if he would be stuck walking up them upon their return. This was Kate’s intention of course as she preferred to get a little exercise in on the side and really walking down the steps wasn’t all that good of exercise. Jack remembered to buckle up this time as they finally made it to Kate’s vehicle knowing that she wouldn’t leave until he was firmly strapped in.

Jack had at least been inside Kate’s vehicle before hand but he couldn’t help but take note of the interior and how particular Kate was about keeping it clean. It brought back other thoughts as well such as when even before she joined the police force he had went to throw a pop can out the window only to have Kate stop him. Kate had never been the type to pick up a sign and strap herself to a tree or anything but she at least tried not to make things worse he had found. So while she didn’t join with a large group and go pick up cans she made sure all hers ended up in a recycle bin it seemed to be the way she treated most things in life.

“ Aha I think I know another reason why you like to be a cop I just remembered every time I tried to throw something out the window you wouldn’t let me. Heck you even started insisting that I ride with you so that you could prevent such activities. I bet you like being a cop since you can help force people to clean up the roads.” Kate gave a rather large grin as she came to a red light she looked over at Jack.

“ Yup and I can also force them to donate to the city by writing them a ticket.” Jack grinned as he wondered if Kate was really as bad as she made herself out to be.

“ So do you always write people a ticket.”

Kate’s first temptation was to say yes but she knew that wasn’t anywhere near the truth. “ Naa actually I tend to let people off more often then write them a ticket so long as I don’t catch them going more then ten miles over the speed limit well and I like to write tickets on Wednesdays for some reason.”

“ What do you have against Wednesday?”

“ I think it is probably because it is the day when you are neither almost done with the work week or just starting out but you are write in between. Which means I don’t know if I should be happy or angry so I just opt for angry and become a real pain in the but.” Jack rolled his eyes at Kate’s answer as the two of them made small talk for the rest of the ride Jack deciding to try and find out just how strict Kate was at enforcing them law. When they finally arrived at the apartment complex Jack had resolved that she wasn’t nearly as strict as she made herself out to be rather they were just a few things that got her after someone quicker then others.

“ Alright I want you to go ahead to your land lord’s office and get things dealt with there I am going to go on to your room and get to packing your stuff.” Jack cringed as he wondered if he really wanted Kate going through his apartment and seeing some of the items he had. Though finally he resolved he didn’t have too much to worry about as despite being a cop Kate was a friend and she wasn’t on duty at the moment so he finally handed over his room key and they went their separate ways. No longer having Kate with him Jack took the elevator while Kate opted for the stairs once again.

As Kate entered into Jack’s rooms he looked around for a moment and let out a slight huff wondering why he chose to live in such a small apartment when she knew he made better then that. A worried look appeared on her face as she hoped she wouldn’t have to count Jack as cheep it might have seemed shallow but simply put little annoyances could become big problems if you were stuck living with someone. Then again as she recalled Jack had never went cheap on her when he took her out to dinner even though they weren’t dating and he had shown a strong incentive to provide earlier on. So she held back on this as she began to roam around his apartment searching his closet she found a carrying case for his clothes and began to load them up as well as a few other items.

“ You didn’t have as much porn as I thought you would.” Jack blushed bright red as these were the first words that hit his ears the moment he stepped into his apartment. The land lord having decide to stop by later on and make sure it was in the same state as when Jack had first began renting it.