ch 1 continued


“ Well of course not I have the internet after all.” Jack grinned deciding to play along with Kate who just laughed at his comment. As Kate packed his clothing out Jack wondered over to his computer and began to disconnect it having spent the last few days in the guest room he already had a few ideas of where he was going to put his stuff. It was kind of amusing as he considered that the guest room he was going to be moving into was bigger then his old one.

Jack couldn’t help but feel lacking as Kate helped him move out of his room not only could she pack more then he did but she was still able to move significantly faster. Of course she continued to use the stairs while he made use of the elevator but that didn’t really help things as he didn’t live far from ground level and to make matters worse Kate could more then make up for lost time in the parking lot. As the final items were being brought down Jack was surprised when Kate dove into the elevator with him having expected her to continue taking the stairs she smiled at the look of shock on his face. “ See didn’t take long at all to get your stuff with me helping out. I was thinking that you could start putting in job applications to a few businesses tomorrow. How many have you already put in though.”

“ Just a few I mostly put them into small businesses you know just little computer repair shops.” Kate looked at Jack for a moment as he mentioned this.

“ Now that is just silly why would you put in a job application when you know you would rather be in a lab working for a larger company.”

“ I don’t have that many job references though Lex Corp is a really good one I don’t know how much that will help me in getting other jobs though.” Kate rolled her eyes at Jack it was true that he probably wouldn’t be picked up right a way with his lack of experience but still.

“ Well you can forget that you are moving in with me now so unless you are getting a decent job you are just going to stay back and keep putting in applications.”

“ Lex Corp owns most of the good research jobs in this city and you know it so what else am I suppose to do?” Kate exited the elevator with Jack as it finally put down and they began making their way across the parking lot.

“ They are other companies to work for and really you put to much effort in college to just settle for something that wouldn’t require half as much education. Don’t worry if you feel bad about living with me then I will just start drawing up a tab.” Kate giggled as Jack smiled at her as Jack considered her option he felt a little bit of greed poking into the back of his mind. He could just leech of Kate for a little while and not feel to bad after all he would be looking for a job but still he didn’t want to take from a friend and he really hated feeling like he owed someone a debt so it was with a bit of reluctance that he responded.

“ That sounds fair so what utilities will I be covering?” Kate looked at Jack for a second as she had only been joking she didn’t plan on making him pay for anything though the offer was nice.

“ Jack I was only joking with you after all my parents have the utilities and rent covered all I have to buy is grocery clothes and a few other misc items there is no way I am going to let you start paying now. It is nice that you want to help out but it isn’t really a big deal now if I was some little poor girl then I would have to take you up on that offer.” Kate heaved the last of the items into her vehicle and helped Jack get a few of his into the trunk as well before she climbed into the drivers seat and he the passenger.

“ But I don’t want to be a burden and besides I hate feeling like I owe a debt.”

Kate giggled at the thought of Jack owing her a debt especially considering what had happened only a few days ago. “ Jack you know the only surgery that would have saved my life just a short while ago was beyond even my parents ability to pay for. Heck what we thought was needed was not only highly controversial but would have required one to have money along the lines of Luther to pay for it. So if you look at it that way then I am very much in your debt.”

“ That was to save your life though it is different…” Jack didn’t get to finish talking before Kate’s hand clamped down upon his mouth.

“ Still it isn’t a burden on me and it doesn’t change the fact that you saved my life though threw a method that is a little illegal I think we can over look that. Now if you still want to help out then I guess you can pay for some of the groceries and maybe take me out for dinner a few times but other then that I expect you to just accept my offer.” Jack grinned as he finally gave into Kate’s offer after all no matter how nice of a fellow he was there were only so many times he was willing to try and convince her to let him pay.

The rest of the day went smoothly as Kate helped Jack to bring his stuff inside and get him set up he actually found that he had room to lay out quite a bit of his equipment that had to keep in storage. Having taken care of everything that he could think of Jack figured he would spend tomorrow checking around to see how things were going while Kate returned to the police station to resume work. At least that was the plan though considering that she had been expected to die only a few short days ago Jack doubted things would be that simple especially with Kate having signed her out. Officially she was still dying of cancer a rather amusing thought since as far as Jack knew she might now be the healthiest human on the planet.

Kate glared at Jack’s sleeping form the next morning having once again woken up before him. At first she thought of cooking breakfast again but quickly changed her mind it was clear to her that if she wanted Jack to develop good sleeping habits on her then he would have to be trained to wake up at a certain hour much like she had trained her own body. So turning around she proceeded into her room and removed her alarm clock. Setting it down on the table next to Jack’s bed she set the volume for full and set the alarm to go off in thirty minutes.

She would have to pick herself up a new alarm clock on the way home but at least she now knew Jack would be woken up. Returning to her room Kate removed a pair of thong panties, a white bra and her police uniform before proceeding to the bathroom. Locking the door she placed the items on top of the sink and began to strip. As Kate stripped she examined her body wondering just how badly her time spent in the hospital had damaged it. It had surprised her the previous day when she found that the 150 pounds she had been bench pressing felt a little light now as she looked herself over she couldn’t find anything wrong with her.

Kate admired her form in a mirror as she sought to think of a way to define herself. Her arms and legs were both extremely well toned that was obvious even when she stood relaxed however become apparent even to the least observant of them all when she flexed. The muscles expanding if she so much as bent her arm while her stomach sported a four back she couldn’t help but admire her figure. Having spent so much time and energy on herself she couldn’t help but feel she had the right to be a little vane about her appearance. Despite this however her figure remained slim in her over all appearance as she had focused more on tone them on actually building muscle mass in an effort to maintain her agility.

The most difficult thing for her to maintain had been her measurements even though she wasn’t the best endowed of females Kate was quite happy with her measurements of 38C-27-36. The only thing she didn’t care for was the fact that she had went down a cup size from before she had started exercising. As her thoughts turned to her chest Kate’s hands came up to cup her breast her fingers gently messaging them she let out a slight moan as her fingers moved over her nipples. While she couldn’t boast a large cup size, any more Kate could boast that her breast remained standing even without a bra to support them.

It made Kate extremely happy that she could boast that there was no sag anywhere in her body as even her breast stood proud and firm on her chest. This had allowed her to pick and choose almost anyone male she wanted so long as they weren’t scared of a physical capable woman. The fact that she came from a well to do family helped things quite a bit as well but had also caused problems. As Kate had learned early on she really didn’t have any desire for a man that was stronger then her actually she preferred to be the stronger of the two to be able to rap her arms around a fellow and know she was in control of the situation. She had stayed away from most athletes for this reason as it seemed the stronger a man was the more of a turn off it was for her.

Of course she liked the guy to be in shape just not to be stronger then herself. This was one of Jack’s short comings of course as years in front of a computer screen and his own refusal to exercise had left him a bit on the unfit side but Kate planned on taking care of that. She would just have to encourage him to start working out with her on a regular bases and before long she was sure she could mold him into what she wanted him to be. Of course she couldn’t force him to exercise but that wouldn’t stop her from giving it a try. Climbing completely in the bath Kate shut the door and flipped on the water stepping back for a moment and allowing it to strike her breast first she let out a slight yelp as the water started cold and then warmed up.

Turning her thoughts to Jack Kate finds that being laid up in the hospital for so long had left her a little more hormonal charged then normal as she began to imagine what he would be like if she could just get him to trim away the slight bit of fat he was packing and put on some muscle tone. He would still be small compared to her and she had no doubt that unless he began to push himself as hard as her that she would remain the stronger. The thought of wrapping her arms around him and holding his weaker body to her own excited her as she played with her nipples.

Her left hand drifted from her nipple to take a firm hold of her breast and slowly began to message it her right hand soon working on her right breast as well. Moving the globes of flesh in slight circles Kate leaned up against the shower wall letting the warm water hit her red main and run down her back. Her right hand finally abandoning her breast to move down to her stomach. Kate fingers pressed firmly into her abs feeling the strength of her abdominal muscles while her left hand now gripped her right arm feeling of her biceps. It was odd but feeling the strength in her own body compared to others always seemed to excite Kate. Her right hand finally left her abs and traveled down to her lips.

Lightly moving her finger against her pussy lips Kate’s left hand once again returned to her breast as soft moans began to escape her mouth. Kate index finger began to press inside her vagina. Her internal muscles were still quite tight from having never known a man it didn’t take much at all to stimulate herself as she moved her finger around. Her hand began to play with her nipples once again moving some what quicker then they had before as Kate began to take in sharper gasp of air as Kate did this though the years of living alone caught up with her as she forgot that she had company.

Jack was never woke up by the alarm clock as instead he was awoke by a much more pleasant sound. The sound of Kate’s pleasure waking him from his sleep it took him a moment to realize what was going on until he realized he could hear running water and that the moans of pleasure he was listening to were Kate’s. Not knowing exactly what to do Jack first thoughts were to go to the bathroom and ask if Kate wanted someone to join her. The image of her fist propelled by her powerful arms sinking into his soft stomach quickly took those thoughts away. The thought of Kate’s strength though and how much power she could pack into a single punch only excited him even more though.

In truth Jack had a thing for a strong woman and had spent many nights lusting after wonder woman. It was odd though as he much preferred Kate’s build as unlike Wonder Woman Kate wasn’t only strong but she also looked it. The thought of Kate having the same pound for pound strength as Wonder Woman was an immensely exciting thought as he pictured just how much stronger that would make her. Having never seen Wonder Woman pop a biceps nearly as large as Kate’s he imagined that if they were of the same group Kate could take her apart. These thoughts plus the sound of Kate’s moan got a rather strong reaction from Jack as a pop tent appeared in his trousers and he found himself taking care of his own needs.

A long moan finally came from Kate as she felt her body go weak and found herself leaning quite heavily against the shower wall a wide grin across her lips. It took a few minutes before Kate finally pushed herself up from her resting position and began to the task of getting herself cleaned up. Kate humid to herself as she stepped out of the shower at last and began to dry herself off first drying her body before placing the tow over a stool in front of the sink mirror. She began the process of coming out her hair before it could dry having made the mistake in the past she did not like having to get nots out of her hair especially since it came down well past her mid back.

Finally brushing her teeth and slipping into her uniform Kate checked herself in the mirror one last time before stepping out. Making a quick stop in the kitchen she grabbed a apple before stepping out calling out to Jack before she left. “ I am going to head on into work now I imagine they will want to see me to make sure I am still alive. Don’t burn down my home while you are gone.” Kate giggled as she stepped out and locked the door behind herself. Jack for his part still remained in bed having noticed the alarm clock and turned it off not wanting to get Kate’s attention. Having no idea if she had meant to get his attention like that or not the exact method one should deal with such a situation escaped him so he simply kept quiet.

Howard was stunned as he looked at Kate who had bounced into work a good ten minutes early. Having went to see her a few times while she was in the hospital he had learned that she was dying there and the best they could do was ease her suffering. Now she stood before him looking to be as in good of condition as she had ever been. He of course had talked to her over the phone but it wasn’t quite the same as seeing her now in perfect condition. “ Well um I don’t know what to say.”

“ How about you are glad to see me?” Kate grinned having actually liked the looks all the police officers had given her upon her return to work. It was nice to see that they had been worried about her of course everyone had developed a good deal of camaraderie it was sort of a requirement for people trying to enforce the law in a city were villains like the shade liked to make their appearance.

“ Oh I am but well to be honest we thought you were as good as dead so we sort of already filled your position.” Kate face sunk as soon as she heard this news she had expected as much though after all one doesn’t hold a spot for someone whose death is about assured. “ Don’t worry though your job is still here we just don’t need anymore cops on the beat and besides after that little brush with death you had are you sure you are fine?”

“ I am feeling just fine Chief.” Howard nodded before he began typing on the computer bringing up Kate’s file he began to make some changes on it before printing out a document.

“I am going to send you to have a physical to make sure you are alright. I hope you don’t mind but the last time I saw you. You were holding onto life by a thread.” Kate nodded as she took the paper in her hand the document requiring the signature of a doctor.

“ Now you just go ahead and get that taken care of and then once we know that you are fine you can come back. Still I don’t understand how you recovered do the Doctors.” Kate shook her head no a wide grin on her face.

“ Must have been some people preying for me.” Howard could only nod as he watched Kate head out the door. As Kate left she looked down at the document in her hand. Until she had it filled out there would be no way for her to return to work which of course meant she might as well head over to a hospital and get to waiting around. Normally she would have gotten a appointment but she didn’t want to return home just yet and since she had went planning on working she figured she might as well head on to the doctor’s officer. Taking a look at herself she grinned as she decided she would head to the doctor’s office as soon as she went home and changed clothes.

Jack looked up from the computer screen as he heard the front door opening. Walking into the living room he was a bit surprised to see Kate back early. “ Hey how did things go?” Kate was smiling as she walked past Jack showing him the paper before vanishing into her room and calling out from behind the closed door.

“ I have to go to the doctor and get them to sign this little form saying that I am as healthy as can be. I would normally prefer to have an appointment but since I don’t have anything else to do I figure I might as well. So just how is the job search going?” Jack leaned up against the door so that he could here Kate better and so he wouldn’t have to yell so loud.

“ It is going pretty good it turns out that there is a branch of InCon Ltd in the city. I was reading through some more information on them and I think I might actually send in an application.” Slipping out of her uniform Kate stopped for a moment to try and recall the name she couldn’t help but feel that she had heard it before but wasn’t sure.

“ I can’t seem to place the name but I know I have heard it about how big are they?”

“ Well they aren’t nearly as huge as Lex Corp but then again it is pretty hard for a company to really grow in size with some of the giants hanging around. I mean even Skunk works has been having trouble with places like Star labs opening up and taking up so much of the market. Still they do well enough to survive and make a decent profit so I figure I might as well go with them. Maybe they won’t might picking up a Lex reject.” Kate chuckled as she listened to Jack it didn’t sound like the exact spot she was hoping he would get but it sounded well enough.

“ Well so long as you can get a decent pay check I guess everything is alright and don’t sell yourself short. I am sure those pencil pushers will regret dumping you eventually.” Jack couldn’t help but laugh at this as Kate recited one of many employees dreams the desire to get back at their employers.

“ Yeah well at least there is one thing I can say for sure I doubt they have as many rumors going around about them then Lex corp and since they are smaller I imagine they have less brake ins at least I hope.”

“ That is always a good thing in this city kind of frustrating I imagine for the companies though. As soon as they develop some real top of the line technology some over powered nut job like Copperhead or The Shade brakes into your lab. Well let me know if you decide to put in a application or not when I get back.” Jack stepped away from the door as Kate stepped out were a baggy t-shirt and some jeans’ Jack couldn’t decide if he liked Kate better dressed up or in her casual clothing. Once again watching her leave he returned to his computer a few moments later and located the looking for employment link. Clicking on it a moment later he found himself feeling out a job application even if he wasn’t completely sure if he wanted to work for the company he figured that an interview couldn’t help and planned on even feeling out applications for jobs that he wasn’t likely to get such as those at Star labs.