ch 1 continued


As Jack finished this up he looked at the computers block. “ A few more hours before Kate will be home.” Turning his gaze towards the living room his first desire was to see what channels Kate had when he changed his mind. Standing up and proceeding into the kitchen he soon found himself rummaging around through the fridge and drawers laying out various pots pans and food items. Kate had been nice enough to prepare breakfast for him the previous day so he would be nice enough to prepare her dinner while she was away getting herself checked out. Having lived by himself for a while now Jack had developed at least a bit of cooking skills still as he began to prepare dinner he hoped Kate didn’t have anything planned for the stakes in the fridge.

Kate for her part was experiencing just what she had expected to upon her arrival at the doctor’s office. She had to wait a rather extensive amount of time to get let in and now that she actually was the doctor was being a pain and wouldn’t give her a simple physical like she requested but rather kept questioning her about her medical records and why they say she was dying of cancer. Finally getting fed up with him her temper showed “ Listen are you going to give me a damn physical or not. I don’t have any cancer and if you would just check me you would find that I am in perfect health.”

The doctor finally relented at having the six foot tall amazon shout at him and began to give Kate the physical that she had been requesting. Still as he checked her over he could hardly imagine that she had been dying of cancer and couldn’t help but wonder if the previous hospital had been up to something. Kate for her part couldn’t help but hope she wouldn’t have to put up with to many questions for to long. As she began to consider the situation she thought of her available options. 1. She could say she didn’t know anything and get pestered for who knows how long. 2. She could tell the truth but at least for now that was out of the question. 3 She could say aliens abducted her and Jack while he was visiting at. Then proceeded to have wild alien sex with them and heal Kate of her cancer not an entirely bad story so she considered it. Fourth and last she could say that she saw a angel come into her window and perform a miracle.

As she considered the options of what she would start telling people she finally opted on asking Jack if he would rather be an alien or an angel. Jack looked up from the stove seeing Kate enter and hold up the paper proudly she only did this for a moment as she noticed Jack in the kitchen. “ Welcome home I hope you don’t mind I decided to go ahead and prepared dinner.” Giving Jack a curious look Kate made her way into the kitchen and began to look over what he had prepared taking her time she was glad to see the food he prepared was simple items.

A moment later Jack felt Kate’s arms wrap around him from behind. “ It looks good but which stake is mine.” Jack grinned as a moment later he felt Kate’s lips press against his cheek. Using a fork he pointed towards the larger of the two stakes indicating that it was the one meant for her.

Taking her seat while Jack put on the finishing touches Kate grinned, “ So Jack are you a angel or a alien?” Jack quickly turned around a moment later giving Kate the ultimate what the fuck look which got a giggle from her.

“ Well I was thinking what I am going to start telling people as far as my recovery and I figure it has to be one or the other saved me. So which one are you going to be a angel or a alien?” Jack couldn’t help but grin as Kate asked him the question and he considered his options.

“ Well I am not going to risk you turning me into some tentacle creature so if anyone ask say you got a message from god and a angel saved you.” Kate giggled at this as Jack carried over the stakes and a few other items serving Kate and then himself.

“ Alright then Mr. Angel.” Jack just rolled his eyes as he had no idea what religious group Kate was going to give most of the credit to. It didn’t really matter much to him as even though he considered himself a Christian he was not of any particularly strong conviction and tended to only make his appearance in church when it was convenient to do so.

“ So did you send in any job applications?”

“ Yup I sent in a few of them not sure the odd of getting them but I figured I might as well try. Heck I even sent in one to Lex Corp despite their recent choice to remove me from my position.” Kate just nodded her head at this as the two’s conversation broke down into small talk and later setting on the couch where much to Jack’s surprise he found Kate’s powerful legs wrapped around him from behind. Pulling him back to rest on her he could feel the strength in the legs around him and the arms that hugged him to her body.

“ Hey Jack I was wondering if you would like to get into shape.” Jack looked at Kate out of the corner of his eyes.

“ Yeah I suppose I would after all how am I ever suppose to get the girl if I don’t.” Kate grinned and messed up Jack’s hair a bit.

“ Alright then starting tomorrow you are going to be my work out partner. You don’t have to join me for my morning warm ups but you have to join me for my 6 to 7 work out.” Jack gave Kate a concerned look as he didn’t particularly like the idea of having to work out for a entire hour.

“ Don’t worry sweety I am going to go easy on you I just want you to lose that spare tire of yours. You only have to work out from 6 to 6:30 and the rest of the time you can just admire me. After all I don’t want to risk you catching up to me other wise I would worry you might try to take advantage of me.”

“ Oh so you prefer to be able to rape me.” Jack laughed slightly as Kate nodded in the affirmative.

“ Well I hate to tell you but you can’t rape the willing.” Now it was Kate’s turn to laugh as she continued to pet on Jack. While she did this Jack found his hands exploring Kate’s arms and even some of her leg feeling the muscles underneath her skin he had no doubt that she could over power him if she chose to. Looking down at his stomach he gave it a few good taps watching the flab shake just a little and decided that so long as Kate wanted him to he would be her work out partner.

Howard couldn’t help but be a bit shocked the next day as Kate stopped by and simply handed him her physical examination results. Looking up at the now beaming Kate he just chuckled. “ Well alright I guess I will show you to your desk.” Kate’s face immediately showed her opinion on Howard’s statement as he stood up.

“ Wait you mean I am going to be stuck doing a desk job.”

“ Sorry Kate but it is the only position we could really find for you. A lot of people find it hard to believe that you are alright especially after what the doctors had been saying. So I can’t risk giving you something physically demanding.” Kate grumbled as Howard showed her to the receptionist desk and pulled out a seat for her. Now this was truly a shocker for Kate as she set down. She had been expected to be put back on patrol not given a desk job finally she simply shrugged her shoulders and resolved that she was back on the force and that would be good enough after all once they saw that she was healthy she felt sure they would put her back on patrol.

Jack felt useless as he lay on the floor watching Kate exercising. It had been a week since she had gotten her old job back and yet he hadn’t even called in for a interview. He had thought about getting a job for a department store or the likes but each time he would even mention it Kate would scold him and tell him it wasn’t happening. He hated how not working was making him feel like he was taking advantage of her thought. Kate on the other hand was actually getting kind of use to having Jack around the house and having dinner prepared when she got him. She would prepared their breakfast each morning while Jack would take care of the dinner. It had worked out quite well as far as she was concerned and she loved having someone to exercise with her.

The fact that Jack was there seemed to make her push herself even harder. This tended to stem from the fact that Kate did enjoy showing off her body and what she could do and even more so if she happened to like the person. Jack’s admiring gaze always seeming to push her even further. It was a enjoyable routine for her every other day she and Jack would work out and every time he would end up giving out long before her. It only made it more fun as Kate strived to see if she could double or even triple the amount of time he had spent working out. On this particular day though the 180-pound bar bell felt wrong. Each time she lifted it she couldn’t help but notice it seemed to be lacking in weight she had been having the problem all day though with every weight she did.

“ You know Jack I think it has been good for my exercise routine having you around.” Jack gave a slight hum as he looked towards Kate and watched as she set the barbell down. As he admired her form Kate walked over to each side of the barbell and removed the bolt that held the weights in place before slipping on another five pound weight on each side and placing the bolt back in.

“ Hey now isn’t that a little dangerous I mean I am a bit drained right now to spot you and isn’t your max 180?”

Kate just shook her head as she laid back down. “ Don’t worry it isn’t that much more then what I was lifting before and besides the 180 just feels lighter then it should for some reason.” Lifting the bar from its stand Kate lowered it slowly to her chest feeling the weight before slowly lifting it up trying to gage how it felt. As she did this she resolved that it still didn’t feel quite as heavy as it should but required enough effort on her part to be worth her time. Jack for his part watched as Kate’s muscles swelled as she lifted and lowered the weight watching as her muscles came out in greater relief. While Kate worked out it was the one time that he could really admire her muscles for all they were worth.

Jack was actually surprised when he got to admire this view for longer then he had expected as the weight remained a bit lighter then Kate would have liked also her stamina seemed to have improved since he last saw her work out. Jack didn’t really know what to think as he watched Kate completely multiple sets of twelve except that she wasn’t kidding that she had improved since he was here. “ Dang I didn’t know exercising just a week could pay off that well.”

Kate gave Jack an odd look before speaking, “ It doesn’t at least not normally I mean I could bench 180 when I went into the hospital and I was laid up pretty bad for a while so it should have went down. Now here a week later I am benching 190 and I can do more sets then I use to be able to.” Jack nodded his head as he wondered if it had something to do with the drug helping Kate to recover he didn’t exactly see how. The drug had been meant to help the cells adapt to illness as well as to handle things like radiation, cancer and viruses not to increase strength. Still perhaps the fact that the cells had been slightly altered and made healthier were having something to do with it.

“ All well guess you should just be grateful maybe just being healthier in general is helping out.” Kate nodded as she went to the free weights and picked up the 35’s stopping for a moment she set them down and lifted the 40’s before taking a seat. Having worked with the free weights earlier Kate couldn’t help but want to start over finding that she wasn’t nearly to the point she liked to be after working out. She still felt a lot of her stamina and in truth unless she burned up the energy exercising it would take her forever to get to sleep. As Kate moved from exercise to exercise she found herself adjusting the weight on every weight she used in order to get the same feeling she had before hand.

“ Yup something is different alright I wish I could get these kind of results all the time.” Jack only nodded as he finally recovered enough to set up though he didn’t leave the room. Instead he continue to watch Kate particularly on legs curls and extensions the extensions allowing him to watch the muscles in her legs and as she was setting up he felt that it gave a better view of her breast then just about anything else except of course when she warmed up by doing push ups. The leg curls on the other hand afforded him a wonderful view of her rear. As Kate worked with her leg curls Jack could get a idea of what kind panties she wore as the material hugged her but so firmly he could make out the impression of her panties the material just about small enough to be considered a thong though not quite there.

Each time Jack saw this he would remember the first time he had exercised with Kate in her home and having her firm rear pressed against his chest. Despite Kate being some what heavy he had rather enjoyed the experience and wondered if he would ever get to feel her well toned rear again. This only encouraged him to work out harder though as well as increased his desire to get a decent job as he hoped to show Kate that he was willing to work for her. It was a odd notion but now that Kate was no longer holding him as a friend he felt a incredibly strong desire to prove himself to her. Kate had realized this long ago and was glad to see Jack working out even though it had only been for such a short while. The fact that he was trying to better himself for her enjoyment was something Kate found immensely appealing.

This what not a one way street of course as Kate was very much willing to improve herself for his sake as well. The fact that Jack liked how strong she was and how weak she made him feel was something Kate delighted in and it only pushed her improve herself more. Of course they did differ on some things as Kate had already learned to hate how often Jack watched the discovery and history channel while Jack didn’t exactly care for Kate’s interest in police and court shows these were minor differences that they felt they could each adapt too at least in Jack’s case. Kate simply planned on getting another tv and having one in her room while she allowed Jack to have the living room television that way they could both watch what they wanted.

Finishing with the weights Kate let the bar return to his resting position and looked at Jack who now seemed lost in thought. Chuckling she took a rather large swig of her water bottle before walking over to the punching bag. A moment later her fist struck the cloth the impact actually loud enough to get Jack out of his musing and turn his attention back towards her. As each punch slammed into the cloth Jack soon found himself focusing on Kate’s arms and fist as he wondered what it must feel like to be hit by them. Kate finally finishing her routine with a light jog on the treadmill to completely burn herself out. Jack grinned as she climbed off the machine very muscle in her body fully pumped up.

Grinning Kate flexed her right arm “ Lets get cleaned up and you can fill of them later.” Jack nodded as he watched Kate leave the room her words taking a moment to sink in. Quickly dashing into his room Jack retrieved a few set of clothes before making his way to the smaller guest bathroom. As he climbed into the small shower he would have normally liked to wait for Kate to finish and just used the main one but in this situation he figured he would make an exception.

In his hurried state though Jack found that he had actually managed to beat Kate as far as taking a bath despite her having started sooner. Of course considering how long it took Kate to wash and condition all of her hair he didn’t exactly blame her for taking a long time. It was one of the few features about Kate that wouldn’t serve her well if she got into a fight. Still she remained very adamant about cutting her hair.

This at least did give him time to wonder just what Kate would be wearing when she came out. As Jack waited he couldn’t help but hope she had chosen to wore a tight t-shirt and low cut shorts what he got a few moments later was even better though. Kate proceeding into the living room her body still dripping with some water from the shower. Jack was surprised to find that instead of wearing low cut shorts she had decided not to wear anything at least none that he could see. Kate wearing a rather large t-shirt that reached almost down to her mid thigh. The shirt didn’t show off her breast as much as he would have liked but that was easy to ignore as it allowed a wonderful view of her legs.

Kate grinned at Jack as his eyes locked onto her walking over to him he was a bit surprised when he felt Kate’s arms go under him then she lifted him from his siting position in a cradle hold. Laying herself down Kate settled Jack down on top of her and wrapped her legs around him from behind. With his back resting against Kate’s chest Jack remembered the position from a few days earlier. A moment later Kate’s right arm draped around his chest allowing his hands to explore it. At the same time Kate’s left arm began to feel of Jack’s arm playing with the weaker muscle. This did make Jack a bit self conscious and made him eager for the day that instead of playing with a weak little muscle and flab she would fine a nicely toned arm where her hand currently rested.

As Jack laid there it might not have been as good as sex but being cuddled by Kate was nice enough and he had no desire to leave the embrace of this powerful lady. The two actually ended up falling asleep like that both of them rather exhausted from their work out, relaxed by the bath water and enjoying each others company the two soon nodded off wrapped up in one another’s arms.

Jack woke up a few hours later still entangled by Kate’s arms and legs. Realizing how late it was he looked towards Kate and once again started to steal a kiss before he stopped himself resolving that he would quit that and just hope Kate would give him a kiss. Moving to get up so that he could go to his own bed though Jack found a problem. Kate had always been a heavy sleeper ever since she was a little girl and on top of that she had often had stuffed animals to cuddle when she was a little girl a few of them larger then herself. In this comfortable state it seemed Kate’s body was back to its child hood and Jack found that her arms and legs had quite a firm grip upon him. So that as he tried to remove himself from Kate’s grasp he found that he couldn’t get her arms to release him and he didn’t want to try to hard for fear of waking her.

Finally an idea came to him as he reached up and began to tickle Kate along her collar bone she let out a slight giggle and squirmed a bit at first her legs tightening up around Jack causing a bit of pain but a moment later releasing as she squirmed about. Seeing his chance, Jack quickly moved from Kate’s grasp by rolling into the floor. Slowly setting up he noted an odd feature as Kate’s arms seemed to still reach out to him as if looking for something to cuddle. The action even though she was asleep made Jack feel a bit guilty about slipping away from her like that.

Having intended to return to his room instead Jack opted for a quick trip to the rest room before returning to Kate’s arm. After all he didn’t know how often he would get a chance to sleep while held to her form so he felt that he should make the most of it. Once again back in Kate’s arms the two of them slept for another four hours until Kate’s natural habit of only getting eight hours of sleep kicked in and she found herself waking up at four in the morning. Looking around for a moment and realizing she wasn’t in bed she didn’t take long to notice Jack either. Looking at him she chuckled lightly to herself as she realized what must have happened.

Standing up Kate lifted Jack with her being careful not to wake him as she packed him into his room and placed him in the bed. Looking at the equipment he had brought with him she couldn’t help but imagine Jack as the mad scientist type. Curiously she began to search through a few of the items before looking at Jack. “ Oh you naughty boy well I guess it is natural to take a few souvenirs from your job when they can you for no reason.” Kate gave Jack’s sleeping form a kiss on the cheek as she noticed a few of them items had the Lex corp logo and considering the complexity of the items she doubted that they were all purchased.

It helped to explain why he was able to develop such a advanced drug as what he had used on her after he was fired. Curiosity got the better of her as she began to look through Jack’s stuff wondering if she could find some notes on just what was in the chemical. It didn’t take her very long to find Jack’s notes but she ran into a problem the moment she saw them. While Jack did take notes often these were mostly rough notes only meant to jog his memory so that anyone else who looked at them could hardly make since of them. Further more he had the horrible habit of making personal notes for other events which were nearly impossible to tell apart from the scientific ones.

Shaking her head Kate was a little disappointed but even if she had found rather clear notes she doubted she could understand it. She didn’t have nearly the level of medical training as Jack she would just have to ask him later on if she felt like it. Kate snuck out of Jack’s room a few moments later and proceeded into her own. Stretching her arms above her head Kate began to move around to get her blood flowing and loosen up her muscles. She and Jack had a fairly good work out session the previous day so her body was still fairly sore still she liked to start each day with some light exercise to help her wake up. These days were mostly meant for building up her agility so they mostly centered around exercises that would help her remain limber.

The next week would follow roughly the same pattern Kate spending her mornings working out and cooking breakfast and leaving for work. While Jack would prepare dinner and spend his mourning looking for job opportunities and checking on the ones he had already applied for. Jack began to get more into the work out routines as well as he noticed that on the ways he happened to join Kate they would often end up snuggling on the couch which often ended with him getting to sleep trapped in her embrace. One thing he did notice though with each day it seemed Kate’s grasp on him grew a little more solid not painful of course but he could budge her arms less and less he would find out why only a short while later.

“ This can’t be right.” Jack looked over at Kate as he set doing leg extensions while she was working on the bench press. Kate didn’t respond right away but instead seemed to start testing the barbells weight as if something was wrong with it. A few moments later she set the barbell back down and proceeded to stand up. Walking over to the weights she retrieved two fifteen pound weights and removed the bolts that held the weights in place. Removing a 5 pound weight on each side she replaced them with the fifteen bringing the total weight to 210. Setting down Kate then proceeded to heft the bar much like she had done the previous week except this time she only went a few reps before setting the bar down.