ch 1 continued


“ So what you do around here for fun?” The question took Kate aback a bit as she expected the drill to go on for a while longer. It had shocked her that Amy seemed to adapt so quickly. “ Well that is surprising normally it takes a while for that question to be asked, normally I like to hang out on the beach or serf the web, there are also some soldiers to play with and training activities I can download videos as well.” “ That is right you talked to me on the internet just how did you manage that.” Chuckling for a moment Kate decided to take the next step since Amy seemed to be doing so well, holding her hand up just in front of her. “ I think it would be more fun to show you, come on and climb on.” Amy hesitated for a moment but reasoned if Kate meant to harm her there wasn’t really anything she could do. As she began to climb over the guard real she stopped herself, noticing a hurt look in Kate’s eyes. “ One minute.” The look quickly faded as Amy proceeded to remove her shoes before climbing into Kate’s hand. While Kate didn’t enjoy people wearing there shoes while they stood in her palm she normally would give them some time before asking them to remove them.

The fact that Amy had done it out of her own consideration was quite surprising, making Kate like her all the more. As Amy climbed into Kate’s hand she looked around her, each one of Kate’s fingers were bigger then she was giving her no doubt that she could crush her in a moment. As the fingers closed around her this fear made her shudder for a second, the massive fingers only held her gently making sure she didn’t fall from the dizzying height as Kate turned back towards the wall. Lowering Amy down upon a massive structure she found herself standing on a few steel platforms that appeared to be keyboard keys. “ Dang this thing must have costed a fortune.” “ True but not as much as you think, why don’t you climb down the side and take a look.”

“ Wouldn’t it be easier for you to just pick me up?” “ Well yes it would be, but I don’t want you to think you have to do anything.” Amy grinned for a second, holding her arms up towards Kate, “ I like elevator rides.” This got a rather hearty chuckle from Kate as she lifted her friend once again, this time holding her near the edge of the keyboard. Amy slipped back on her shoes before walking under it, the sides of the thing being completely open. What she found under it was very few electronics as each key was supported by a massive spring and just below each spring wrested a little device. “ What do these things do.” Though Kate couldn’t see what Amy was pointing at she had a pretty good idea of just what it was.

“ Those little suckers detect the motions of the keys within a foot, in then relays the information to the actual computer which uses this projector to work on the screen. “ What projector?” Two fingers ceased Amy a moment later as Kate lifted her up, holding her next to a small device. “ That projector, the computers are in that room over there.” With her free hand Kate proceeded to touch upon the door that housed the computer itself. “ Hehe Sheila was even nice enough to have them take a bunch of the old lab computers and link them all together.” Can I take a look?” “ Sorry but if I was to show you them I.” “ Would have to kill me.” This got a laugh from Kate, “ No not quite, the door is locked though in order to show it to you I would have to rip it out of the wall.”

“ Umm why would they lock the door.” “ Every single door in this place is locked for safety reasons. Every worker must present there id, and sudmet their password at each door in order to better keep track of them. I figure it gets annoying every once in a while, but becomes a mechanical practice after a while.” “ Figure?” Kate got a rather embarrassed grin for a second, well I can’t exactly go into any of the other buildings about it. The main door here did have a lock on it for a long while, but after I forgot myself a few times and opened it with force well they eventually just left it unlocked. Besides anyone else would need to activate the door opener if they wanted to get it open.”

The whole time the conversation had been going on, Amy had been wondering around the massive keyboard and a few other areas of the room. Working her way over to Kate, she finally found herself standing right next to the Titaness’s leg. “ Kate I have a question.” “ Another one?” Amy seemed to have relaxed quite a bit in a very short time frame and actually laughed a bit, “ Well alright, but I was just wondering why was I brought here.” “ Oh is that all, it is simple really. General Steel and the others decided that it would be safe to bring you in and let you meet me in person. After all it isn’t like I could just get up and go meet you at your home. Well I could but they are quite a few people in high positions that wouldn’t appreciate that in the least.

“ You’re a prisoner here?” David smacked his face as he heard the words come over the intercom that was within the room. While they didn’t always ease drop on Kate’s conversations, they did always when it came to her meeting someone for the very first time. “ Oh no, this is my home. It is just, well I don’t think I would do very good in the outside world right now. You see I am still growing and it isn’t sure when I am going to stop. Plus you can’t imagine the destruction I caused when I was first getting use to my sudden size increase. If I had tried to pick you up a few years ago, well you would have found yourself pinched in two most likely.”

David breathed a sigh of relief upon Kate’s response to Amy’s comment. Picking up a note pad he made a note beside Amy’s name. While he had been recording mostly positive reactions from her, that last comment did get her a black mark. Sensing that Amy had her fill of questions for now, Kate took the moment to get some of her own answered. “ Hey Amy I know we talked online, but I was wondering have you ever done anything traveling?” Continuing to walk around Amy seemed quite content to just look around for now, though she had the since of mind to answer the question. “ Well I have been to the beach before, I didn’t particularly like the one we went to. There was littler all over the place and I was concerned with stepping on some broken glass.”

“ Well that is a disappointing way to spend your vacation.” Hehe Yeah it was pretty frustrating but that is what happens when you take the cheapest option there is.” Kate continued to watch Amy as the girl wondered about her room seeming to take everything in. It wasn’t necessary for them to keep a conversation going the entire time, Kate was just glad that she had some company that wasn’t a military personal. Though most of the scientist insisted that they weren’t part of the army, Kate couldn’t really agree with that. Amy for her part was fighting the erg to look at Kate herself or at least to stare at her. The room had enough interesting things in it, as she noted the remodeling job that had been done in it. As well as a few of the items that were set up threw out it, probably for Kate’s amusement.

Feeling her foot hit something Kate nearly feel over as she finds the object Kate had been playing with when she walked in. Trying to pick up one of the massive links of the chain, it had looked so small when Kate had held it in her hands. Now she realized that it was probably used to anchor a battle ship in the past. This helped to bring things home to her, as she began to compare Kate to some other things that she once considered large. Finally pulling herself out of her shocked state, “ So what do you do for fun when you have company?” Placing her hand down next to Amy, “ Come on and I will show you.” Removing her shoes Amy climbed into Kate’s hand a second later.

Despite setting in her hand and now having a better idea of just how big Kate was. Opening the door, Kate crawled out being careful to keep the hand that held Amy steady. Upon making her way outside, she began to stand up. Looking down at Amy she noticed as the girl made her way to the edge of her hand. “ Careful now it is a long way down.” Amy didn’t say anything as she made her way to the edge, looking strait down a slight eep came from her as she quickly moved back into the center of Kate’s hand, actually falling down once she reached it. Chuckling for a moment, “ Oh don’t worry Amy I have had to catch people before, and besides I wouldn’t let you fall. Well lets play it on the safe side and don’t do anything silly like jump but you can look around.

“ No that is okay, heights really aren’t my thing.” “ Oh then you best be steading yourself for what is coming next.” Amy gave Kate a rather strange look as she heard these words, “ Why what are you planning?” As Kate smiled at Amy, Amy noticed the smile had changed, while the others had been disarming this one was kind of like the cat that had ate the canary.

The two arrived just outside of a wear house structure a short while later. A few soldiers standing just outside the door looking around for nothing in particular. Though Kate was a very nice site to look at and quite a remarkable one they were a few soldiers who had gotten use to seeing her, having spent so much time on the island. “ Hey guys would you mind bringing me out the cord.” “ Sure sure.” Came the half asleep reply, guard duty on the island was something that no one seemed to worry to much about security provided you were within the confines of the island. After all ever since the installation had been set up there hadn’t been anyone sneak in, or in a few cases sneak out.

“ Just what is the cord?” Came from Amy as she set down in Kate’s hand, the worried expression on her face grew more so when Kate didn’t answer. “ Here you go.” Reached Amy’s ears a few moments later, as Kate bent down and retrieved the item. Amy tried to see just what it was but Kate had closed her hand apparently not wanting her to see just what it was. Amy found herself on top of the storage structure a second later as Kate freed upon her hands. Amy could see what the cord was now as Kate placed one end around her finger and tightened it, realizing what the idea was. “ Oh no you don’t, no way.” Chuckling Kate bent down instead of picking up her friend again, “ Come on it will be fun.” “ No.” “ Please.” “No.” “Please.” “ Just give it a try, how do you know if you will enjoy something if you don’t at least try it once.”

“ Alright but be careful.” Amy had after all talked to Kate online and convinced Kate to do a few things that she didn’t want to do. Now she figured this would balance things out as she climbed into Kate’s hand and was given the restraint meant for her leg. Placing the item on, she wondered how far it would go as Kate took a step back from the building. “ Read?” “ No but go ahead.” Amy had expected Kate to drop her but instead she found herself flying up into the air, as Kate gave her a light toss. Her instincts taken over she began to scream at the top of her lunges particularly when she began to fall instead of rise and Kate moved her hand.

A cord ran out of length before it got down to Kate’s waste though only being a forty foot cord. Sealing back up towards Kate’s palm Amy landed in the center as Kate moved her hand under the girl the moment the upward motion of the rope ended and she began to fall again. As Amy set in Kate’s hand she could feel her heart trying to escape from her chest. “ Now this time how about we try to do without the screaming?” Amy slowly nodded her head as she took in a few gasp of air, now that she was settled down she actually thought the trip had been a bit fun though extremely scary. This time she found herself simply dropped from Kate’s hand the moment the cord ran out and she expected to be caught again she was surprised when she wasn’t. Rather Kate gave her hand something of a jerk so that the rope had even more upward energy.

The game continued for some time long after most jumps would have ended Amy found herself still flying high. The fear had passed since she started since unlike most jumps this one had gone on for an exceptionally long time. Amy had figured Kate had done this before, especially when she found herself being put threw a few more extreme stunts. It was a good forty minutes before Kate halted the ride, Amy once again landing in her hand. As the girl stood up to untie the band from her leg she promptly fell over. Getting a chuckle from Kate who managed to remove the strap from the much smaller girls leg. “ Yeah you are going to be dizzy for a little bit.”

As Amy looked around at the moving world, she laid face down upon Kate’s hand and covered her head as she didn’t want to see everything move. Something warm, soft and huge got her attention a second later as Kate closed her hand around her. The change in environment was actually welcomed as it helped her stomach to settle down. As she laid there she could tell that Kate was moving once again. “ Here you go.” Amy found herself back in the light as Kate lowered her to the ground. Taking a moment to look around she noticed herself standing on a balcony. “ General Steel wanted to speak to you after we had a little while to talk.” Stretching for a moment, “ Besides it is getting late and I am tired.” As Amy looked up she noticed the sun as going down, she hadn’t noticed how late it was.

“ I guess between all the talking we did and the trip out here most of the day is gone.” Amy gave a slight nod, “ Yeah and I bet Sheila will want to spend the wrest of the day talking to you. I will see you later Amy.” As Kate gave her friend a slight wave Amy let out a long sigh, she had managed to go along with everything that happened today but as Kate walked away she had to wonder if everything was real or if she was just having a very strange dream. A strong presence got her attention as she turned around to see Sheila stepping out on the balcony. “ So General Steel what do you want to talk about.” Walking over next to her, Amy found a check wresting in her hand a second later.

“ Compensation pay for the time you spent here today, also we need to talk about a few things.” Holding the check out to Sheila, “ The talking is alright but I don’t need a check for visiting a friend.” “ Keep it trust me, you will see why soon.” Sheila found herself smiling at the girls gesture to return the check as they walked back into the building. Taking her seat behind a desk, Sheila leaned over as she considered how to start. “ We can’t be flying people in and out every day, well except for employees but even if we made you one I doubt you would enjoy it a great deal. However, Kate needs company from those that aren’t actually working for the government.”

Amy nodded her head though she didn’t really know how to respond to the statement. “ So I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind taken extended time periods here. It would give Kate some company and we are willing to compensate you for the time you would lose.” “ You mean I would get paid for just hanging around with a friend?” “ Yes that is right, though you must keep in mind that Kate isn’t a normal girl. We really liked that you were willing to say no to her when you didn’t want to do something, though she still got you to cave in. Quite a few people we have brought in have simply been to scared to argue with her. This isn’t good for Kate’s mental health so we would like you to come back and visit.”

As Amy took time to consider what she had just been told one question came to mind. “ Just how long are we talking about and I am not allowed to tell anyone about this am I?” Sheila chuckled for a second, “ Heaven no you aren’t allowed to tell anyone about Kate for even this installation. As for the amount of time well we will have to iron out the details, plus they are other factors such as how long it takes you to get tired of Kate’s games. Poor girl has so little company that she tends to be smothering when a guest arrives, keeping them up all night, until she finally noticed your eyes turning red from lack of sleep.”

Chuckling Amy leaned back, “ Well I am not really sure all this is actually happening yet so that would be great. I am off from college now and had planned on getting a summer job after all. “ Well then, let’s get you signed up and the details worked out.” “ I thought I wasn’t going to be an employee.” “ You’re not going to be one, but I still have a load of legal papers for you to sine and then I have to take you to talk to the bases counselor and get a cat scan.” The last one got a funny look from Amy, “ A cat scan are you serious?” Sheila just chuckled, “ Of course I am serious, we can’t have you going around with a unstable mental condition after all you have seen.” A loud thump went threw out the room as Sheila produced a large pile of papers from within a drawer of her desk.

“ Now you get to reading threw and feeling out those papers so that we can make sure everything is done properly.” As Amy looked at what must be sixty pages of legal documents she felt sick at her stomach. Normally she would have just signed them but considering were she was she felt a true need to read threw them and make sure they were not any hidden agenda. Two hours later Amy looked up at Sheila who for her part was reviewing the papers as they were finished and working on what appeared to be her own paper work, though in Sheila’s case it was less then a fourth of what Amy had to feel out. Finally finished she let out a long sigh which caused Sheila to look up. “ Oh good you are done, those papers gave you permission to feel out these papers.” As Sheila began to produce an even bigger stack of papers, the old woman burst out laughing at the look on Amy’s face.

“ Just kidding, though we do need to plan out your visiting hours or at least the planned hours everything is subject to change.” “ Would you mind if I got some sleep beforehand?” Thinking for a second, “ Tell you what I will have you taken home them tomorrow you should pack some things and plan for about a weeks stay. Don’t forget some swim wear Kate loves to spend time on the beach, plus when you get back you can be more carefully briefed on the dos and don’ts while you are here.” “ Do and don’ts?” “ Of course you are on an army base my dear they are plenty of places that you aren’t allowed to go and things you aren’t allowed to do.” “ What about Kate? “ ” Well Kate is the main project here, but they are several others. Kate is given pretty much free roam since most things are done under ground and well, keeping her caged up just isn’t practical. It wouldn’t do her mental condition any good and well there just isn’t any structure that could do it. Now lets get you home.” Amy set back in her seat as Sheila picked up a telephone and called a few soldiers up to take her home. A short while later Amy was on her way home, wondering if she would be able to believe any of this when she woke up in the morning.

Amy woke to the sound of someone knocking on her door, it was early morning and she wondered who it could be. When she opened the door she was greeted by a rather large man dressed in a military uniform. “ Good morning Miss Williams, so are you ready for your vacation?” Came from David’s mouth whom unknown to her had been watching over her house all night. It was one of the things they did after someone first met Kate to make sure they didn’t try to inform anyone right away. “ Wha hu… oh lord.” A look of recognition appeared in Amy’s eyes as she remembered the previous day and everything that happened. She still have trouble believing it had all happened, that was one reason David found himself standing outside her door.

He did check up on her as his primary task, the secondary task though was to make sure people realized that it wasn’t a dream. As Amy stepped back, he remained in his position at the front of the door waiting to be invited in. Amy realized this after about five minutes, it actually made her feel a bit more relaxed as it clearly showed he had no intention of forcing his way in or anything else. “ Please come in, I need a little while to get ready.” “ Of course.” Finally stepping into the house, David chose a seat closest to the door as Amy rushed back into her room. He could hear her opening up drawers and stuffing things into them. Trying to plan a weeks vacation normally took quite some time, so she was feeling a bit rushed. Then again this was a vacation that she was getting paid to go on.

There was also a side of her that wanted to go back to make sure she wasn’t going crazy. For his part David took the time too more carefully look around Amy’s apartment and make a more complete mental profile on her. So far he only saw a few things that he didn’t care for but nothing that was bad. She was a bit messy he noticed, as neatness was normally associated with females the various articles of clothing she had out where few but they did catch his eye. Then again this was a college student so he had to cut her a little slack thanks to that. “ Just were am I going to be staying do you people have some kind of apartment set up?” “ Yes, you will be staying either in the room we have built into Kate’s complex or near it. We will issue a security card giving you access to those areas.”

As Amy came out carrying her luggage, David was quick to help her with it. He could tell right away she had packed more then what she needed. “ I take it you remembered a swim suit?” Amy quickly nodded in the affirmative, letting out a bit of a sigh and a huff. He began to carry the heavy bags out to the hummer that set waiting for the two of them. Placing the luggage carefully in the back, it was pretty common that most people reacted this way. Over packing like their wouldn’t be a washing machine or anything on hand. In truth he knew everything they needed would be provided for. It kind of made him envious, get to have fun with Kate and get paid for doing it.

“ Do people normally get asked back so soon.” Reached David’s ears as he drove towards the air port. “ Well Yes they do, it might seem odd but the tendency for people to right things off with a dream actually requires us to rush and take them back. That is also why a week at least is normally spent, it gives people more time to accept everything, quit thinking it is a dream and do all their screaming.” “ Screaming?” David just grinned for a second, “ Oh I can about promise in a few days you are going to turn pale white, set down and scream at the top of your lunges. Right now your still in a state of shock though, once everything has time to hit you I am sure you will be surprised at your reaction.

Amy for her part wasn’t sure of this, but David spoke with such a air of assurance that she had no doubt he had seen it from most people. Grinning she figured she would just have to prove him wrong, though even while riding she was still debating if this was really happening or not. It was a helicopter that they took back to the island, once again she found herself bard from looking out the windows until they were far enough away from any land that she might be able to guess at the location. This time upon arrival though she saw that Kate and a small speck upon her shoulder was waiting for her. Kate for her part was glad that she could wait for Amy at the helicopter platform. Sheila was with her of course, standing on Kate’s shoulder, her hand grasping one strand of Kate’s hair.

The helicopter stopped its decent early as Amy felt that it had landed on something though it wasn’t near the ground. As the pilot shut of the engin Amy peeked her head at the door to find that Kate had simple placed her hand under it and taken hold. “ Saves time.” Kate’s free hand grasped the helicopter as she slowly bent down and placed it on the ground, Sheila was already walking across Kate’s arm towards Amy at this point though. It looked awkward to say the least for Kate as she was forced to maintain a nearly perfectly strait arm but she didn’t seem to find and she found Sheila didn’t seem to have the least bit of her of falling. Amy noticed something about Sheila though as she stepped into Kate’s hand. The woman was dressed in a more relaxed manor then the last time and was lacking any shoes.

Amy quickly realized why and proceeded to remove her own, “ Sorry Amy.” “ Alright.” Came from the massive girl as she began to walk away from the aircraft landing area and into some more open space. “ Now Amy just were would you like to spend your stay, we have a nice spot near the edge of the island but there is also an area set up within Kate bedding area.” Sheila would have liked to said Kate’s room but she knew the truth as well as anyone it wasn’t even high enough for Kate to stand up in thus was more like a really big tent. “ I think I will just stick with Kate, I might be to tempted to wonder around other wise… Do you snore?” Kate began to chuckle at Amy’s question only a moment later. “ If I snored then it wouldn’t matter where you were you wouldn’t be getting any sleep.

“ Oh peace we forgot your luggage.” Sheila proceeded to pull a phone from her pocket and make a call while Amy was left giving Kate and Sheila an odd look. “ Sheila doesn’t like to cuss so instead she uses peace in place of certain words.” “ Why peace.” “ Because every time peace last for too long the army gets its budget cut.” Came from the woman before Kate could answer as she phoned in just where to bring the items. A short while later and both woman were putting back on their shoes just outside of the structure that served as Kate’s living area. Guiding Amy inside, Sheila pulled a card from her pocket upon coming to a door and handed it to Amy. “ Place you finger on the clear panel then insert the card into the slot. It will do a quick finger print and dna read before opening up. Your things should be here before too long, and now if you would excuse me I am going to be off. I have to show some of the new comers who is queen of the diamond mound around here.” “ Diamond mound?” “ Baseball diamond, I am the best pitched around next to Kate and we quit letting her play once she topped twelve feet.” A blast of air hit the two of them as Kate snorted, “ Sore losers.”

Upon leaving Amy turned to Kate, “ Well I guess since they are around here so often they have to do something for fun.” “ You might be surprised with what they are willing to do. After all each person here might be very well trained but everyone of us is just human. So they have to be at least a few recreational activities to help keep every from going nuts. Speaking of which, what do you want to do today.” Amy nearly feel back as Kate leaned in closer to her, the action of such a massive form moving towards her shocking her so that she began to fall backwards. A finger caught her before she could even reach the guard rail though, as she noticed Kate’s hand under the walk way or at least a very small part of it. At first glance she had thought it was Kate’s ring finger upon noticing that it was her pinky she slowly began to turn around.

It was moments like these when people tended to realize just how massive Kate really was. Despite being held that was such as over whelming experience it had nearly not registered with the brain it was just simple too strange. Amy seemed to see the hand for the first time now and it was taking her a little while to adjust. “ You really are huge.” Kate didn’t say anything just grinned as her friend stated the obvious. She was use to people reacting like this, “ Oh if you think I am big now you just wait until you see me a year from now. After all I am still growing.” Amy was about to press the issue more when she changed her mind. She was having enough time accept everything as is there wasn’t any need to press things any further.

A loud beep interrupted the conversation as a com built into the door came on. “ Hey Kate this is David mind if I come in I have Amy’s stuff.” “ Sure come on in.” A moment later the door swung open and David picked up the suit case he had set down to free up his arm. Walking pass the girls it was clear that he had been with Kate for a exceptionally long time as he didn’t even seem to notice anything strange. No true look of aw or anything, only a friend smile to the both of them as he made his way to Amy’s room for the next week. Inserting his own security card he placed the items within the center of the room that Amy had yet to see before leaving.

“Hey Amy how about we go to the beach for a while, after all you said the last vacation you went on you had to worry about getting your feet cut up. Well despite them testing out to contraptions I can about guarantee the beach is clean, well maybe not clear but with me walking around it all the time everything is buried so deep that you don’t have to worry about it or has been cleaned up.”

“Alright, just let me put on a swim suit.” “ Err Amy I don’t exactly have a small room to slip into so wait until I tap the door a few times before you come out. It is probably going to take me a bit longer to get dressed then you are.” Looking around the area for a moment, Amy hadn’t stopped to consider that if Kate wanted to change her close in privacy it would indeed require her to remain within the area. “ Sure thing.” As Kate slipped her card into the small device at the side of the door she was a bit shocked by what she found inside. Walking in the room was huge by most respects. It made her wonder just what it had been before hand, walking over to her luggage, David had been nice enough to bring it into the room just not enough to un pack everything. She could take care of that later, as she began to search through her stuff she could hear movement outside the door as Kate fidgeted about. Finding the three bathing suits she had brought along with her. Kate brought, choosing a solid white one, the top lacking any shoulder support.

Rather it was a simple strap that went across the chest and around the back. Amy like this one as it tended to show of her figure, though tiny many found it to be quite pleasing to look upon. Kate for her part had been slipping on a similar outfit though hers seemed to be even smaller having been made for her at a smaller size. It was now getting some what tight and she was beginning to wonder how long it would be before a new one arrived. Kate’s was a mixture of blue and white while they were yellow letters on the side. The lettering was the range at which the clothing was meant to fit her. Kate had actually be kind of shock when she found out that all one had to do in order to get a rough estimate at her breast and hip size was only to look at her clothing.

She had gotten use to it though, finally managing to get herself clothed the top was never really a problem. The bottom peace was another story as she had to lay on her back and extend her legs above her. This was always an issue as she needs enough room to scoot her close up and other as well as down and under but she always had to be careful not to kick the roof out. She could remember the days when she could fit into the structure and walk around freely. Though it was a while back and she had learned to deal with her new size she found herself longing for those days every once in a while. Extending her hand she carefully gave the door a few taps with her massive finger. Amy was putting away her things when she heard the door being knocked on, retrieving her sun tan oil from one of her bags she made her way outside.

“ Ready to go?” Came from Kate as the girl exited the room, holding her hand out for her. Amy didn’t have to stop to remove her shoes this time as she climbed into her massive hand. “ So what is planned for today?” “ Well as far as beach activities, I was wondering if you would like to help me out with building a sand castle. After that I was hoping that we could grab something to eat and spend the wrest of the day being lazy and talking.” “ Sounds good, this time I won’t be used as a yo-yo.” Kate chuckled at this, pushing the door open and crawling outside. The sun was high in the sky despite David picking her up early in the morning. Looking up for a moment, Amy noticed something about Kate as she saw her take in a massive breath of air.

She didn’t see Kate really take in much air very often, and Kate had very little of what some might consider a tan despite everyone telling her that she spent a lot of time on the beach. Amy started to ask Kate about this but chose not to. She didn’t like to be thought of as nosey and Kate might view to many questions as intruding in on her personal space. As Kate began to walk Amy felt the win rushing by. Scooting her way to the edge of Kate’s fingers Amy looked over the edge towards the ground below. It still made her nervous but she noticed it didn’t seem as bad, Kate’s game the other day must had helped her adapt to heights more.

A shock went through out the area as Kate twitched her fingers. Bouncing Kate up into the air and back into the center of her palm. Amy let out a scream as she felt herself go air born. The landing wasn’t painful though and actually kind of fun as she heard Kate chuckling. “ Hey what was that for?” Kate grinned, “ Shouldn’t stand so close to the edge, it is pretty long fall.” “ I thought you could catch me if you dropped me.” “ Oh I could catch you very easily, I just needed an excuse is all.” Amy gave Kate’s hand a slight punch both the girls laughing a bit. Upon their arrival to the beach, Kate slowly eased herself down before setting Amy upon her massive thigh. “ Not going to put me on the ground?” Came from Amy as she noticed her new surroundings, “ You might want to put on your sun tan oil before that, besides a tinder foot like you will probably need some shade.”

Looking at her feet, Amy didn’t live near a beach so the hot sand would end up giving her trouble. Taking Kate’s advice she began to put on some sun tan lotion while remaining on Kate’s massive thigh. As she did this she noticed that she was standing in some shade, wondering just what was going on. Amy slowly looked up and blushed a bright crimson when she realized what was the source of the shade. Seemingly without realizing it Kate had placed Amy within the shadow of her massive chest. A loud crunch got her attention as she saw Kate’s hand dig into the earth. It was actually some what scary for Amy as she noticed Kate pick up a massive about of not only sand but the harder earth that remained under it. Seeming to think for a moment, Kate dumped the hand full on the ground before she began to dig.

A few moments later, Kate had exposed enough of the solid rock below the beach to begin her work. Amy slowly put on her lotion as she noticed Kate begin working on a sand castle in a way she hadn’t expected. Instead of requiring water to hold the sand together instead she simply squeezed the sand together. Compressing it to the point that it seemed to become stone, “ May I have a look?” Came from Amy as she pointed towards the wall Kate had began her work on. “ Sure, you are going to help me out after all.” Picking Amy up between her fingers, it was an odd feeling for Amy as Kate had carried her open palm nearly every time.

The restriction of being held between two fingers, had a rather negative affect. It made her feel restrained and helpless, thankfully it was a very short trip and she found herself once again on solid ground. Walking over to the wall as Kate continued her work. Amy gave it a few good taps to see just how solid it was. It felt as if she was hitting a very thick wall of concrete. “ Now just how am I supposed to help you with this?” “ I built you supervise once I begin work on the interior areas. I want you to move about, so I can compare the scale to you and make sure I am not making it too big or too small. Also if you have any ideas let me know. Oh and they are the finger details that I can’t really take care of.” “ Hmm well I doubt I can help with the details considering how solid you are making everything.”

Kate just chuckled, as Amy watched. Having done this before Kate had learned early on that most people were content to watch and wonder around. As she found Amy doing that right now, the girl was watching as Kate compressed the sand into the wall and used her finger nails to carve at the finger details. It became very clear to her that Kate had done this before, as the walls provided some shade Amy was able to walk around the castle relatively with consideration of the sun.

Kate lost site of Amy though once she began work on the interior of the sand castle. As she had to build each floor one at a time, Amy found herself exploring the lower floors extinguishing Kate’s hope of using her for a guide line for the scale of the castle. Amy was exploring the third floor when she heard Kate’s voice, “ Hey Amy I hope you don’t mind but I am getting kind of hungry, how about we go and see what the mess hall as cooked up.” Amy had found herself so interested in enjoying and watching such a massive structure form around her that she hadn’t been paying attention to her hunger. Now she realizing that it must have been a while since she last ate her stomach was quick to confirm this as she felt it rumble a bit. “ Sure thing.’ Came from her as she walked towards one of the windows.

She was surprised to find Kate’s hand was already waiting for her as if Kate could tell were she had been the whole time. Climbing into the hand, Amy felt a rush as Kate stood up and begin to walk towards the mess hall. “ Hey Kate, if you build things like that often why isn’t the beach covered with them?” “ I am only allowed to build so many, I will have to tear the one I am working on right now, down eventually. Though I figure I can at least finish building it before I have to. So do you like my work?” Amy grinned, “ Very much though you have a rather unique style of building. I doubt many people could get the sand to stay together simply by squeezing it.”

“ Oh are you saying that I use an unfair method.” Amy felt the ground tilt beneath her as Kate spoke. Noticing a slight chuckle from Kate, “ Oh no, not unfair it is just that you are the only person that can do it and your not playing by the same rules as everyone else.” Kate’s had tilted just a bit more, “ Oh yeah sure and just wear am I suppose to get the same amount of fine sand you use.” “ Well it is true that the laws of physics makes it quite hard for you to build with normal methods.” Amy felt Kate’s hand straiten out a bit a second later, chuckling to herself she wasn’t really concerned that Kate would drop her. They had talked to each other online for quite some time after all. Even though this was their first face to face meeting so far Amy still felt she could trust Kate.

Upon arriving at the mess hall, Kate took her usual spot at the back of the building so not to block any soldiers from coming it. Placing her hand next to a table, Amy climbed out and took her seat wondering just what she was suppose to do. A few moments later a soldier came out wearing a cook’s apron, “ Alright ladies, today we have pasta, chicken or cow so which will it be.” Amy looked confused at the generalization for a moment, “ You can order anything about it made from one of those animals, unlike me. I can only order one of the three and well it comes whole and in more then one serving.” Things seemed to clear up as Amy considered what it would take to feed Kate and how little bones would matter to her. It would be more practical for them to just cook a couple sides of beef for her or a whole bunch of chickens.

“ Can I get a hamburger.” “ Sure thing.” Came from the chef as he headed back inside without asking anymore questions. “ If you want anything to drink other then water you sort of have to go to the vending machines.” Looking around for a second, Amy noticed that Kate was pointing inside of the building. She was about to get up and go inside when she realized that she hadn’t brought any money with her. It was still in her room as she had worn her bathing suit, shrugging her shoulders water would just have to do for now she figured.

It was some time later when the food began to arrive, first Amy’s burger and fries and then a few large sides of beef began to brought out for Kate. Each slab of meat was as big as Amy and was actually being willed out. The girls had found themselves talking while they waited on the food even with that distraction though Amy could tell it had take quite some time. She had to figure it was probably Kate’s meal that took so long to cook. Tomorrow she wondered if she could just get Kate to order ahead so that neither of them would have to set around so long. From the look of Kate’s face though it seemed that she was use to waiting for things to get finished.

A hand reaching down and picking up one of the sides of beef took Amy by surprise as she compared it to the meet. Watching Kate eat for a moment she had to turn her head away from the site. It wasn’t that Kate had bad manners, Amy just had trouble coping with the fact that each side of beef was bigger then she was and it seemed complete insignificant to Kate. Choosing to focus on her own meal for the time being it surprised Amy when Kate announced that she was done before she had finished off her fries. “ Surely your not done already, I mean there wasn’t hardly any compared to you.” Kate grinned for a second, “ I eat far less then you might imagine, though I could easily handle more I don’t actually need it so why waste food?”

Amy looked on for a moment, considering how small the meal had been compared to Kate she had to wonder how the girl kept from starving. “ I get energy from other sources besides food anyway and my body is a lot more efficient then yours so comparatively I eat far less then you do. “ Hmm like what other sources?” “ That question is going to have to wait until later to answer, it might sound odd but they are quite a few things that I am not permitted to talk about.” Amy shrugged for a moment when she felt her stomach grumble a bit, the conversation had slowed down her eating which gave her stomach time to settle and let her know how much she had finished.

She had been so nervous while talking to Kate, that she didn’t stop to think. Having now thoroughly over stuffed herself she slowly set the food down. “ Sorry ladies I almost forgot.” Came from behind them as a large glass of water was set down in front of Amy, Kate’s drink was prepared some what differently as Amy noticed a large container having its top removed. It had been setting beside the building the entire time Amy had wondered what it was used for. She now knew as a few bags of ice were poured into it, and a valve was opened letting some water rush in. Picking the entire thing it, it looked like a kid’s cup compared to Kate as she drained the entire thing. Amy on the other had nearly lost her entire lunch when she looked at her water. She doubted she could fit anything else inside of herself in her current state. Kate noticing this let out a slight laugh as she refilled the container and down some more water.

A dozen fills ups later and Kate was finished, while Amy looked like she was about to throw up having to set around the food while her stomach was so full. “ Shall we go?” Came from above as she noticed Kate’s hand reaching down for her. “ I don’t think I can move.” “ Well how about you just let me pick you up?” Amy nodded ever so slowly, “ Just be careful I feel sick.” “ You little people can be such gluttons, over stuffing yourself like that.” Kate was careful to move Amy slowly as it seemed like a rapid movement of any type would unsettle her. Standing up she had planned on going back to the beach but now with Amy in the state she was it seemed that it would be best to head back to her room.

Amy felt a bit better the moment the cool air rushed over her, despite Kate’s living area being huge it actually had its climate control. Though it did take a while to circulate threw out it, the structure was so heavily insulated that once it got to a certain stage it pretty much stayed there on its own unless of course one of the doors were opened. Kate moved slowly inside avoiding shaking Amy who seemed grateful for the attention. As she slipped herself inside she shut the massive doors behind her. Laying down within the center of the room, she slowly lowered Amy onto the plain of her stomach. This shocked Amy for a moment, though just for a second as she felt the skin beneath her.

Kate tended to enjoy laying like this as it gave her reassurance that her friends were safe. As she didn’t have to worry about them wondering around and accidently getting themselves crushed. Amy for her part found Kate stomach to be surprisingly firm as she seemed to notice for the first time all of Kate looked like it was strong despite her size. They were clear signs of muscles when Kate moved her arms as her biceps often let themselves be known. Her abs were clearly noticeable and Kate lets looked like a swimmers or perhaps the legs of a female villain in a movie. The type that would wrap them around some man and squeeze the air from them. A thought got a laugh from Amy despite her feeling sick. “ You know normal sized or not, unless a guy favored strong girls I doubt they would like you.” This got a laugh from Kate as well much to Amy’s protest as she found herself getting motion sick.

Kate’s laughter bouncing her into the air, until her hand came up under Amy. Kate still chuckling held the girl for some time before setting her back down after her laughter had time to stop. Amy found herself once again laying down as the movement had brought back her sickness in full swing. “ Sorry about that Amy, but yeah I have been told that before. I am surprised you noticed so soon though, most people don’t tend to notice my body structure until later surprising enough. Well they don’t seem to notice all of it at least.” Kate took a moment to press her hands to her chest for a second, that being one of the areas people notice almost right away. “ Every gets to wrapped up in my size to notice to many details though.”

A slight laugh from Amy, “ Well I kind of wish I had your size as well.” Kate was able to keep her laughter to a giggle this time as she new right away Amy wasn’t referring to her height. As a very well endowed female Kate was quite pleased with the size of her bust. Though she had actually had to develop a good deal of pride in her entire body. As her clothing was limited and almost always short in comparison to herself, it was rather hard for her to keep her body concealed is not impossible. This was the reason she had developed the philosophy that since she has to show it off, then she might as well be proud of it. Nearly the entire male population of the base seemed to agree whole heartedly with this philosophy of hers, especially the ones that had to remain on extended stays and didn’t have a family.

“ I wouldn’t mind it if I could get a nice tan like you though.” Came from Kate as she brushed her finger against Amy for a second. Leaning forward a bit so to see around the massive hills of Kate’s breast. “ You mean you can’t tan?” “ Nope I can’t tan anymore then what I already have, even then this is more of something might body took upon itself to do rather then the sun as able to do. “ Why can’t you get a tan, I was actually wondering about that while we were on the beach.” Kate seemed to think a few moments before answering, “ I absorb radiation and my body converts it to energy. Well I don’t absorb every type or all of it but I absorb a great deal. That is the reason that I don’t have to each near as much as you might expect. I get my energy from other sources.” Amy grinned, “ Hey I thought that was one of the things you couldn’t tell me about.” “ Meah changed my mind, you already know about me after all. I doubt knowing the reason I don’t have to eat as much as normal is going to matter.”

An itch got Amy’s attention as she began to scratch her elbow she noticed the salt from the water on her skin. Sighing she stood up, “ Well I need to get washed up, mind setting me up in my room.” Kate didn’t bother to ask to pick up Amy this time as the girl seemed to have given her permission. Picking her up between her fingers, Kate often found herself thinking how delicate humans seemed during this time. Kate couldn’t help but take a moment to muse on this subject, Amy seemed like such a delicate little doll that was quickly becoming more precious to her then she had been. As they got to know each other Kate’s affection tended to grow, and since she and Amy got along it helped it even more.

Amy didn’t complain about the slow down in her trip, she just waited patiently until she found herself standing outside of her room. “ Hey Amy I am going to go and get cleaned up myself. I will be outside, don’t worry you will be able to find me.” Amy gave a nod and watched Kate make her way from the room. Outside a few of the soldiers who worked as the firemen were lazing around. Noticing Kate walking their way in her bikini each one of them grinned. “ Hi fellows, mine giving me a cleaning?” “ Sure thing pretty lady.” Came from below as they quickly rushed over to the tower that was used for that purpose. Making their way to the mid section, the tower was one of the few things around that was taller then Kate. This helped in getting her clear though.

The soldiers stopped before they began to make their way up it themselves. Each one braced themselves as they began a game of rock scissors paper to decide who would get watch station. When the decision was decided one of them stepped forward, “ Full bath of just a rinse?” “ Oh you should know that, just a rinse since when have I taken a full bath with everyone wondering around?” The group let out a long disappointed sigh, they tended to really like it when Kate went for the full bath, but it was true that would have to wait for a while. Still it was fun washing her off anyway, as each one took up their station upon the tower. Two of the favorite areas were just about level with Kate’s crotch region as well as with her breast. These were the ones that were often played for.

As each one manned their stations, several jets of water slammed into Kate that would have normally stripped bark from trees. It didn’t do anything to Kate other then clean her off though as she let them clean her off. She let out a slight giggle as some of them angled the anger in an attempt to scoot her clothing further down. The material was to tight for that thanks to it having been a while since she got new clothes, “ If you are going to do that, you should talk to the supply boys and ask them where my new clothes are.” Some of troops laughed, while a few of them blushed.

Steven who had actually won the right to get Kate’s crotch area was one that found himself blushing. A fact that didn’t escape from Kate as she slowly rotated letting them get her entire body, she slowly stepped back a bit, slightly bending at her knees she placed her rear end against the little work station. Steven nearly falling back as she got close enough to touch, Kate letting out a massive giggle as she moved her heinie from side to side. “ Oh what is the matter, I thought you wanted that station.” Steve just shook his head as he proceeded to wash off her rear, Kate letting out a giggle as he seemed to show some extra enthusiasm for his work after this little seen. Finally finished Kate, found herself holding back a blush at her behavior and what she decided to do next. “ I think I need some help drying off.” Steve found himself snatched from his tower only a second later.

Pressed against Kate’s firm rear end, the others let out a collective grunt of disapproval having not been the one chosen. Steve for his part found himself soaked as Kate moved him about each cheek. The bikini bottom being more like a thong on her massive form. He found the skin to be surprisingly soft and very pleasing to the touch though they were other areas that he wished he would get a guided tour off. Still chuckling Kate finally set him back on his station before walking off. Looking up he noticed the elevator coming down to his station. Thinking for a second he quickly began to make his way down the stair well. He would still have to deal with the ones that had gotten the task of cleaning Kate’s feet but maybe by using the stairs he could avoid a heckling from the entire group.

It seemed to be tradition that whenever one of them got that type of attention from Kate, the others just had to torment them. Despite this, every one of them that had received it so far considered it well worth it. Kate found Amy waiting outside of the structure for her, as she had no intention of walking as far as Kate did. The girl was now in a pair of baggy shorts and a t-shirt. Seeming to have decided to remain with the relaxed look. Amy didn’t say anything about the seen, rather she just made a scolding motion with her fingers which got a laugh from Kate. Amy wondered back in this time under her own power instead of being carried by Kate, while Kate crawled in and began to search threw the various containers for a outfit she felt like wearing.

As Amy changed her clothing, the selection was now more limited, as she took out what some would consider shorts and a rather lacking shirt. Amy just looked on as Kate changed her clothing, removing her massive bikini top Amy even noticed that Kate’s breast didn’t seem to sag even when they weren’t support by a bra. The skin of her breast was much the same color as the wrest of her body since it wasn’t actually the sun that had given her the very light tan that she did have. Slipping on a bra, Amy removed her bottom as well. Something got Amy’s attention for the first time at this moment, Kate didn’t seem to have any hair on her entire body except for her head and eye browse. Blinking for a few seconds, she didn’t see any razors around that would work for Kate so it made her wonder just how she did that.

Kate didn’t notice Amy’s gaze as she slipped on a pair of panty’s as well as her shorts and shirt. The shorts seemed to cling to her like a second skin, while the t-shirt she put on left her entire stomach exposed, as it actually folded under her breast. This had the effect of making sure that her breast were complete covered but it clung to her skin so firmly that it was easy to make out the outline of her nipples. At last Kate noticed, Amy’s look as a playful smile formed on her face, she would have to try something later on but not right now. She considered Amy a friend now, but despite that and having talked to her online for years she wasn’t quite sure if this next stunt she had planned would float. Rather she settled for just relaxing a while, “ Hey Amy want to watch a video?” Picking up the platform that served as her keyboard the project attached to it turned slightly to keep the screen on the same part of the wall as Kate began to search threw her video collection. The girls finally settled on a few movies, though they finally found a difference at this moment. Kate having been raised by the army was both pro military and into action and destruction as well. After all she had been taught how to cause it, Amy for her part wanted to watch movies with more story and not so much gory.

They were however able to settle on lord of the rings, while the other few movies seemed to be a trade of between the two girls. A soft sound got Kate’s attention during the fifth movie as she looked down at Amy. The girl had laid down a while back and it seemed that between the warmth of Kate’s stomach and the regular motion as well as her fatigue that she had fallen asleep. Grinning Kate placed her hand upon the girl, as she settled back herself. Pushing a few buttons on the massive keyboard all the lights within the room winked out a few seconds later. Kate’s massive hand move over Amy to settle gently over her body as Kate went into what some would consider sleep. Though truth was she was always aware, the closes Kate could achieve to sleep was her heart rate slowed and her body in general went into a relaxed state, she never fully lost consciousness though.

As Amy slumbered and Kate relaxed, the hand that covered Amy would occasionally move about gently petting the small figure upon Kate’s stomach. A few cameras continued their observation of the room for a short while longer before the attendants went on to other things. Without any sound to wake her, the gentle movements of Kate’s stomach and her soft breathing it was some time before Amy returned from the land of Nod. This gave Kate plenty of time to think though as she often found herself doing at night, it was extremely enjoyable to her to get to hold Amy threw the night.

Amy woke well into the morning, still finding herself laying comfortably upon Kate’s stomach. Slowly setting up it didn’t take her a second to remember where she was as she looked around the area. It was dark thanks to the lights being out but she could make some things out still. The least of all being Kate herself whom she assumed was still sleeping. Had she been able to get a better view of Kate’s face she might have noticed the rather playful smile that she now wore upon her face. Moving slowly over Kate’s stomach Amy made her way to the edge looking down to try and figure a good way to get off her massive new friend. Simply jumping didn’t seem like such a good idea, as even laying down it wouldn’t be a very pleasant fall. Noticing Kate’s hand at her side, Amy took a look towards Kate’s shoulder. It would take some doing but it seemed that she could get over to it.

Walking towards her, Kate’s breast would be the only problem with getting to her shoulder as she considered the various ways that she might be able to get pass them. She could just scoot around the size of course but that would put her some what close to falling thanks to the size of Kate’s endowments. There was also the option of climbing over them, she wasn’t sure how Kate would take that though should she wake up. The final option wasn’t even there as she considered going between her breast. Thanks to the t-shirt covering both the top of her breast and the bottom that wasn’t going to happen. She didn’t even bother trying to lift it considering how tight the material must be and how strong it would have to be in order to contain Kate’s massive chest. As she debated on which way to try for, Kate was be careful not to make any movement nothing that might tell Amy that she was awake and had been so the entire night. After a while Amy finally settled on a course of action, “HEY KATE I NEED TO GET DOWN.” Echoed off the walls as the girl yelled at the top of her lunges.

Even though it didn’t hurt her it did shock Kate, as her eyes now opened up completely. Looking down towards Amy she could hear and see that the girl was slightly chuckling at the look upon her face. Kate was use to people trying to climb down her body, Amy was one of the few that decided waking her up would make the most since. “ Oh good you are a light sleeper, how about some help. I need to get to my room.” Chuckling Kate offered her hand to Amy who instead of climbing all the way in simply set down upon the side of it. It was a short ride and Kate had deposited her friend on the walk way were she could head into her room. Setting up and rubbing her eyes for a moment, Kate looked towards the door that Amy had left open. “ Well you sure make a good alarm clock.”

A response didn’t come for a while later, when Amy came back into view. Shaking her hands dry, “ Well I had to use the lady’s room and I couldn’t think of a way to get down without putting my life at risk.” “ Uh hu.” Was Kate only response as she stretched, then rolled over on her stomach. “ Well once you are ready how about we go and get something to eat, then go and find something to do.” “ I have an idea if you don’t mind me suggesting one, we spent all that time on the beach yesterday but didn’t do any swimming. So I was hoping we could go for a dip in the ocean.” “ Alright that sounds like fun, I will have to pick some things up though before hand.”

Amy came out brushing her hair so she wouldn’t feel like she needed to yell. “ What is that?” “ Oh just a raft and a few other things that I like to take with me when I go swimming with a normal sized person. You know how to serf?” “ Nope never tried to learn.” “ Well then we will just have to fix that, it is kind of nice learning with me since I can make waves on demand and you don’t have to worry about getting a face full of sand. Amy nodded as she walked back into the room to put the brush away. “ Okay that sounds like it could be interesting, though I hope to do some pure swimming as well. Just what do they serve to eat around here?” “ Plenty well plenty for you, my diet is a bit more limited. Once you are ready we can just head down to the mess hall and grab something to eat.”