ch 1 continued


Kate slipped on her bathing suit from the previous day while Amy changed a new one. While Kate had worn hers previously the washing it had received at the end of the day had washed any sand from it. That tended to be how most things were taken care of as far as Kate was concerned. You defiantly didn’t need to be gentle with her, it had been so long since something other then herself had been able to hurt her. As Amy came out she once again found Kate’s hand waiting for her. Upon climbing into it though she found herself lifted to Kate shoulder and dropped off. Grinning at her friend, Kate fulled a few strands of her hair over to her to hold on. “ Tired of carrying me?” “ Not really I just wanted to free up my hands and I was thinking you might be getting tired of me carrying you all the time. So I thought you might enjoy an chance to just ride on my shoulder.”

“ It is a long way down.” “ Oh don’t worry about that, just hold on to my hair and I will be careful to keep you from falling.” As Kate began to move Amy found her nerves on edge, holding onto Kate’s hair almost to the point that her knuckles began to turn white. It felt like a amusement park ride that everyone insisted was safe, but there just didn’t see to be enough things holding you in place. As if you could be thrown off at any moment, plus since was having to crawl she found herself bent at an angle, something she did not enjoy in the least. The thought that she would feel better once Kate stood was proven to be false as even though she no longer felt as if she was slipping the shier increase in height sent her mind screaming. Something about having to depend on her own strength and balance, while not having Kate’s hand safely around her unnerved her a great deal.

“ Kate…. would you umm.” Looking over at her shoulder, Amy didn’t have time to finish the sentence. Kate having had this experience before didn’t wait for her to task before wrapping her fingers around the tiny girl. Holding her now in the palm of her hand Amy seemed to relax quite a bit. Kate chose not to mention anything as they made their way over to the mess hall, which was currently filled with soldiers forcing down their breakfast. “ Hey Kate, I was wondering. Should the mess hall be part of the main structure?” “ Well it was but it was moved once the projects got into biological agents and other things, to provide some more safety. Also there is me to take into account, it was decided a while back that it would just be easier to keep food preparation all in the same area instead of having to set up a special area for me.” Amy nodded as they found the same spot as before.

Amy was surprised when she found a plate placed before her without even asking, Kate’s food came out rather quickly as well. “ Now Kate your eggs are going to be some what cold since you didn’t wake up on schedule.” Came from the cook, “ That is fine, make them salty?” “ As always.” Came from the pudgy fellow as he made his way back into the mess hall. While Kate enjoyed a large helping of eggs and quite a few watermelons that she ate like some would have eaten berries. Amy found herself looking at a large plate of pan cakes, eggs, and bacon. “ Hey Kate who is the joker that made this, it is bigger then me.” Kate let out a giggle, “ The head cook’s name is Greg and I think he just gave you a big pile of the left overs since we did arrive late.” Amy let out a sigh as she began to eat the mill deciding this time that she was not going to eat herself sick.

“ Now Amy next time I carry you, you are going to have to ride on my shoulder since I am going to need my hands free.” Amy’s chewing slowed down as these words hit her, having already eaten a decent amount of her food. She slowly pushed the plate away, “ Well alright I will try to hold it in, but just in case I react more strongly than I would like I think I should quit eating now.” Kate just grinned, as she had already finished off her food. Taking Amy back into her hand and depositing the girl upon her shoulder, she felt Amy’s hand wrap around a strand of her hair. “ Just relax Amy, I won’t let you fall.” These words didn’t help Amy very much as Kate stopped off and picked up a serf bored as well as a raft, it didn’t take her long to realize either that only one of Kate’s hands was more then enough to hold these items.

It was tempting for her to ask to be picked up again, but she had to wonder just why Kate would want her to remain upon her shoulder. It seemed to be a trust exercise, after Kate had taken some time to think of it. Doing what she could to toughen up and keep herself from asking to be picked up again. It helped her quite a bit once she heard the rushing of water and the clear sound of massive objects hitting it. She assumed those were Kate’s feet as she looked out over the ocean. The realization of how far they must be moving out though once she noticed the water riding up above Kate’s chest hit home. As the finally made it out to a level where the young Titaness felt content she slowly lowered Amy into the water. Amy for her part took a moment to look up at Kate, who was placing a few items into the water.

Finding herself looking up at Kate, she noticed that water came up to Kate’s chest, considering how tall the girl was Amy didn’t much care for the fact that the water had to be a couple hundred feet deep. Looking back towards the shore, the water she found herself swimming in was actually calm thanks to the depth of it. “ So you are going to take care of the waves right?” Kate grinned giving a nod she tapped the serf bored under the water a few times, as Amy swam over to it. She moved just over the area that it vanished and wait for Kate to let go. The bored came up under the girl, guided by Kate’s hand though all the way up until the last few inches. Taking a few steps back, Amy was surprised that she could still easily since the presence of Kate’s massive foot falls even under so much water.

“ Read?” Was the only thing she heard as Kate didn’t wait for a answer before lifting her hands from the water, locking them together and driving them into the sea. The resulting impact created a rather large wave, defiantly not of tsunami levels but more then enough to lift Amy and bored from the water. Amy felt the water rushing up on her as she looked towards her back, the wave lifting her up and carrying her towards shore, the ride went on longer then normal as it had much longer to travel. This giving Amy courage to try and stand up on the bored, had she not done this she might have rode the way until its energy died out. As she tried to stand though she found herself losing her balance and taking a heard first plunge into the water.

Amy didn’t have time to swim for the surface though as she felt something warm and soft come up from under her. It was only a second later that she was above the water, wresting in Kate’s hand the serf bored in the other. “ So ready to try again?” Hit Amy’s ears as she looked herself over, Kate had snatched her up out of the water even before she could get choked. “ Sure thing, think you can always snatch me up that quick?” “ For now while I am only making little waves, I think we should start on your balance first though.” Amy gave a nod as she was placed on the bored this time, laying down she felt Kate’s pinky nudge her side a few times. Upon Amy setting up Kate took her between her fingers. Holding the girl upright on the bored so that only the slightest amount of weight wrested upon her legs.

As Kate released her Amy took hold of Kate’s massive pinky finger. Using this to keep herself steady as she struggled to stay upright on the bored. Kate seeing that Amy seemed to be doing alright after a few minutes decided to remove her finger and see if Amy can stand on her own. She was surprised when she didn’t feel the tiny hands on her finger let go but rather found Amy still holding on. “ Just what do you think you are doing? You put me back there and keep your hand right next to me.” This got a laugh from Kate as she struggled to keep her hand steady as she settled Amy back down. “ You know maybe we should just try setting first.” Giving a nod Amy set down upon the bored, a leg over each side to help her stay on it.

Kate began to move around the bored, every so often using her hands to create a small wave as Amy did her best to remain on it. Each time Kate moved the bored she would adjust her position just a little bit in order to insure that Amy remained in water that was deep enough, while not getting taken further out to sea. The water kept in a range that never went to bar below Kate’s bust line or too far below. This game continued for nearly two hours as Kate constantly adjusted her position the girls continued talking through out the lesson went quicker then most, as Amy wasn’t required to return to her own bored or wait for waves. Kate just continued to generate them by lightly hitting the water with enough force to shatter several feet of concrete.

The rate of the lesson though and the constant waves sapped all of Amy energy before too long. As she found herself getting tired she leans on the bored, “ Hey Kate could we take a brake?” Noticing her friend seemed to be out of breath, and her legs were turning red from the exercise. It seemed they would have to continue this some other time, “ Sure thing.” Amy was a bit shocked when Kate picked her up once again, she had been expected to be allowed to lay upon the bored. As she laid in Kate’s hand though she felt herself being moved from side to side as Kate was looking for something. “ Oh crap that is what I get for not paying attention. I had brought that raft for you to relax in but I think I washed it out to sea.” Sighing for a moment, Amy felt an odd motion as she noticed Kate slowly leaning back.

As Kate settled herself back into the water, she had to be move more slowly then normal. The water could support her but she had to be even more careful then a normal person as she finally found herself settled down. Her free hand picking up the serf bored and placing it upon her stomach as well as Amy. Looking around for a moment, “ Well I guess this is one solution.” “ Yup gets me off my feet, and you can relax for a while as well. After this you should be able to just swim around some like you wanted to.” Nodding her head Amy looked around for a second. She didn’t want to dry off as she hated the residue salt water left behind if you allowed it to evaporate off your skin. Looking around for a second Kate felt Amy’s tiny foot falls as the girl made her way down her stomach.

Peeking around her breast to see what was going on, she watched as Amy made her way down to her belly button and slipped right in. Chuckling at the site, of the girl be able to set in her belly button it was true that Amy’s movements were restricted by the water was defiantly kept warm by Kate’s body heat and Amy figured that it would take longer for all of it to evaporate from Kate then it would her own skin. The girls talked for a while until each in her own time fell into a half sleep state. Amy just looking around and wondering how they managed to keep this place clean with all the testing that went on around it. Kate just enjoying someone else’s company and moving her hands threw the water.

Kate could feel some ocean life moving about her, a few of the fish even nipping at her skin though moving on when they found they couldn’t get it to give. Most large predators kept away from the area seeming to have responded by the sounds that her foot falls had generated in the water. While they were loud on the land, with the noise being able to move even more quickly and sharply in the water it wasn’t surprising that anything with a since of hearing avoided the area as she moved about. With the noise having died down some see life returned to the area, though she figured they would quickly leave once she began to move about the area once again.

In this situation both girls seem to doze off as they just spent their time relaxing. Amy actually having to fight off sleep from time to time as she found herself enjoying her position. The only thing that managed to ster her from her restful state was when the water went down too far below her shoulders and she began too since the salt on her skin. Climbing out of Kate’s belly button and walking to her side. There was no way that she would have tried jumping from Kate’s side if they were on land. As things were now though Kate’s body had sunk a decent depth into the water in order to permit her to float. Gaging the height as not much worse then some of the high dives of the swimming pools she went to. Kate’s eyes flared wide open the moment she felt Amy leave her body and dive into the water.

Her first noting was to turn to her side and snatch the girl up, but as this would force Amy under her body that was completely out of the question. Before she could decide on an action though Amy surfaced near by, causing Kate to let out a sigh of relief an action that Amy noticed. “ Something wrong?” Amy was actually surprised when Kate’s hand came up under her and lifted her out of the water. “ Amy please don’t do that again, what if I had been floating even lightly in the direction you were or you had come up in the wrong direction. It might not seem like it but it is quite dangerous to get stuck under me. If I don’t move just right the shift in my weight can be like a ship sinking and actually drag you under the water. So I couldn’t just move quickly if you got trapped under me.”

A some what sick look appeared on Amy’s face, “ I guess I let it slip my mind, it isn’t every day you are around someone as big as you.” “ I know but please before you do something like that again tell me, so I can advise against it.” Amy just grinned, “ Maybe.” Kate just rolled her eyes at this reaction, extending her arm out she turned her hand slightly and dumped Amy back into the water, this time a good deal away from her body. “ You just like to be difficult.”

Amy broke the water a little while after Kate had finished speaking. Spitting out some sea water and making a revolted face do to the taste. After recovering she began to swim around a bit as she moved about Kate was careful to keep a close eye on her though she seemed to be half asleep. Amy had chosen to try and make a lap around Kate though she remembered not to get to close to her, as she did note that even though it was very slowly Kate was indeed being moved very slowly by the various currents that pulled on her massive form. As she swam around the thought that had Kate been normal sized she would have splashed her made a grin as she considered how ineffective that would be and the consequences if Kate decided to retaliate.

As Amy swam about she took note of how Kate looked in the vast ocean normally Kate looked simply huge even in pictures. However, in the water with nothing to compare her against she simply appeared to be another female. It made Amy wonder if anyone had seen a picture of Kate in a state such as she was currently in only to encounter her in person later on. “Hey Kate I was just thinking I get why you can’t put a picture of yourself in your profiles, but don’t you think you could put one of yourself swimming? I mean it isn’t like anyone could tell just how big you are if you did that besides even if you put a picture of yourself where they could it isn’t like anyone would believe it. They would just think that someone had done a really good job of editing it.

“I haven’t really thought of it all that much Sheila just said that I probably shouldn’t put a picture of myself in it. I wonder if Sheila knows about the gts communities online maybe I should show her some.” Amy looked perplexed for a second as it took her a moment to realize that Kate was referring to web sites that dealt with the subject of giantess. Though she hadn’t looked into it herself she got the idea pretty quickly that Kate had. She didn’t really find it surprising that Kate would look into such things. “ Know of a few good web sites.” “ Yup I know of a few and now that I am thinking on it I actually be Sheila does. I know they browse the web sites I like to visit every once in a while. I guess they just didn’t feel comfortable talking to me about it.” This got a chuckle from Kate though Amy looked more annoyed then anything else.

“ Don’t you get tired of them invading your privacy?” A swell of water lifted Amy up a second later, as Kate began to raise up letting herself sink a bit before righting herself and standing up. The action served to push Amy away and ruin her chances of finishing her swim around Kate. Though in truth she probably wouldn’t have made it when Kate chose to stand up Amy was only about mid thigh length down and was showing sines of tiring out already. She would have had to finish another side and the last bit of Kate’s leg if she was going to finish. “ Amy I am over 600 feet tall I have very little of anything that is considered privacy. Even now when I am controlling my voice I know everyone back on the island can hear me at least almost everyone.”

Amy let out a sigh she didn’t see how that explained then looking into what she did on the internet but she doubted Kate would listen to it. These were effectively the people that had raised her and conditioned her over the years it isn’t like she is going to suddenly turn against them considering how good a job they did. Plus even though they keep taps on her Amy had already realized that they are very careful to keep from doing it in the open. They probably watch her through cameras and her computer was the only conclusion Amy could reach. Amy was taking out of her revelry as she noticed that only Kate’s head remained above the water. “ Did we float out to a deeper area or something.

“Nope not as deep I am sitting down.” Amy just shook her head before a massive gust of wind hit her. Quickly realizing that it was Kate’s breath she held her hands up while using her legs to swim. “ Quit quit quit it.” Looking at Kate for a second who was grinning quite widely Amy finally gave in. Swimming over to her Kate continued to smile Amy waited until she was only a foot away pulled back her arm and splashed Kate for all she was worth. Kate seemed to go into a state of shock at Amy’s action. “ See how you like it.” Hit Kate’s ears as Amy giggled slightly Kate finally snapping out of her state of shock burst into a fit of giggles at the thought. Amy felt something grasp her leg a second later expect Kate to pull her under the water. Instead she found herself lifted upside down into the air letting out a rather indignant cry.

“You tall people always taking advantage of your height.” “ Oh shush you seemed to enjoy using me for a couch earlier on.” “ At your size more like a boast.” Kate moved Amy above her head holding the smaller girl above her mouth just as these words were spoken. The fingers that held Amy released dropping her towards Kate’s mouth which quickly formed into a pucker. A scream came from Amy until a jet of air hit her lifting her up into the air. As Kate used her breath to keep Amy in flight. The scream of fear turned into one of enjoyment as she began to scream for Kate to send her higher. Kate for her part was careful to keep Amy only about thirty feet above her face. Not wanting to risk blowing too hard and accidently sending her friend off in another direction.

Finally a hand came up and snatched Amy from the air while she was at the top height. As Amy found herself engulfed in darkness she just laid there. Trying to finish a swim around Kate and the surfing lessons had tired her out quite a bit. Wondering just how late it was she enjoyed the feeling of gravity on her body as Kate stood up to her massive height. Opening her hand to look down at the little girl that wrested within it “ So what you want to do now.” “ How about take a nap I am exhausted.” Nodding her head Kate wasn’t the least bit tired but she figured Amy would be. Walking back towards shore she figured she would drop Amy off in her room and while Amy washed herself she would go get herself hosed down as well. Really though she didn’t want to go with the same type of wash as yesterday.

She would much rather have a bath grinning at this thought she would have to stop off and talk to Sheila so she could get some privacy. She knew she couldn’t ever get complete privacy after all there was the fire crew and no matter what some people would sneak a peak. There was also the fact that at over seven hundred feet tall she was pretty hard to miss. “ Just how is this place heated?” Hit Kate’s ears a few minutes later as she crawled into the area that served as her room, “ Body heat mostly I generate an awful lot also it is well insulated. A few other things that keep it warm as well of course.” Nodding as she was set down Amy walked rather stiffly into her room. The water having had a good deal of help dry while Kate was keeping her air born.

“ I might be a while I am going to get cleaned up.” Turning around Amy noticed Kate heading towards the exit waving to her she made her way into her room. Figuring that she could take this time to try and get herself a little more organized and see just what they had put in her room. She had noticed a tv and other things as well as some cd’s but she wasn’t sure what was on them. There was also the hope that there would be a computer she would have to be careful about what she said though. Since she was sure that her conversations and post would be being monitored the entire time. The first thing she decided to do though was to get herself cleaned up, as she started to strip of her bathing suit she began to wonder if she could get her close cleaned up. She would just have to ask Kate about it later on dropping her top and bottom. The thought that she was being watched now hit her. Turning bright red she hoped they would at least give her privacy during these times she would just have to ask about that one later on.

Sheila could tell Kate was heading her way before the girl even got close. Noticing that she no longer had Amy with her and knowing full well that they had been swimming it didn’t take much to realize what she was going to ask for. Coming up to the roof before Kate even got there, “ I take it you are going to want to get yourself washed of?” “ Yup think you could get me some privacy.” Sheila just grinned, “ Be out in thirty minutes it is going to take that long to get everyone in their stations. Nodding her head Kate began the trip back to her room she figured that it would take a little while to get everything prepared. Of course everyone couldn’t be brought in at least not entirely. There always had been a few people keeping watch just incase something went wrong with the security systems.

Dusting herself off a bit before she crawled back into her room she didn’t show it as much as Amy did but Kate didn’t exactly like having salt water drying on herself either. Laying down in her room she gave a slightly shake. Looking towards the projection that served as her computer’s screen she noted the time. Opening up a few files she began to browse threw various images that she had collected over the years. A good deal of them being of locations that she would like to visit while some were artistic renderings of various people in characters and people as giantess. The good majority of the pictures she collected show casing some of the things she would like to do. Grinning at the thought of going to places like the grand canyon. She knew one day she would get to travel at least after all nothing can last for ever and she had no doubt the secret of her existence would eventually be released.

“ Alright little lady everyone is cleared out.” Came from behind Kate as she looked over her shoulder. Noticing a soldier standing at the entrance Kate gave a smile. “ Alright I will be out in a second.” Nodding as he left she heard a vehicle start up and head off figuring that he was heading towards his assigned position as well or a good peeping spot. Kate digs out a pair of panties, bra, tube top and a skirt. As Kate headed out to take her shower Amy was spending her time enjoying a nice long bath. Figuring that it would take them a while to get everything ready she had been lessening to the sounds of Kate moving about as she relaxed. Figuring that the second time was for her to actually get rinsed off. Amy looked at her hands noticing the water had caused the skin to begin to wrinkle she had been soaking for such a long time.

Climbing out of the tub she went to go get dressed figuring she could see what was on the tv they had put in the room. Kate scanned the area as she walked towards the tower once again. Stripping off her massive top as she walked she had to stop and carefully remove her bottom though as she couldn’t risk being forced to hop down that she was on the actual base and not just the beach. The entire area had been made to resist bomber attacks and even a nuclear blast so long as it didn’t hit directly. This allowed for Kate to walk around and even run however jumping on one leg was still very much out of the question. As the solders that manned the hoses on the station looked on they kept their whistles to themselves.

Having to bath out in the open was one of the things that Kate still felt self conscious about. Even though she was use to showing off her body this was still an extreme and Sheila nor the scientist wanted anyone making Kate nervous about getting washed off. It was for this reason that anyone that got to bath her had to keep their comments to themselves or risk a reprimand and being sent to work in a less favorable location at least. As Kate walked over a few of the soldiers were rather tempted to make a statement about her breast. Even without any support they didn’t sag a trait that no was sure if it was from the drug or if she was just naturally a really fit young lady. “ Alright I hope the water is warm this time.” Got a laugh as they had learned long ago that in Kate’s case it really didn’t matter. They hadn’t really found an extreme of heat or cold that appeared in nature that would bother the massive girl.

Each man turned on the water at their station as they began to give Kate her rinse. The play from the previous day when she was clothed though was gone. As this time she was getting a true bath and they were under strict orders to keep things professional. Washing Kate’s entire body always took a long time especially when one was doing a thorough jog as was being done right now. Each person had a certain area of skin to cover, of course the crotch and breast regions were still the most highly prized area. The crotch for this job was the most prized though as the person doing the washing was afforded more privacy from Kate’s eyes then the one that worked on her breast.

Each jet of water was moved slowly over Kate’s form careful to cover every area of her massive body. Kate for her part enjoyed the experience as she slowly turned so that the wrest of her body could be washed off. She was always in the greatest hurry though when she had her back to the tower though. It was true that when she faced the structure everyone working on it could see her. The fact that she had something in front of her helped while as she turned her back she there was nothing to cover her up with except her hands and open air. The water was turned up a good deal more for these washes as there was no worry of them damaging Kate clothing.

As Kate stood there a thought came to her mind as she realized that she had forgotten to tell Amy just how long her showers normally take. Letting out a sigh it isn’t like she was going to request for someone to go tell her and give them an excuse to take a peak at her. She figured that Amy could wait about an hour after all as she slowly turned her massive form to the side. Each time they finished a different side of her body she would get a thumbs up from the one that was in charge of washing her face. Always turning slowly to help them insure their work. Amy for her part had managed to find some decent tv shows and wondered if they were the ones that were normally shown to Kate.

The channels ranged quite a bit more then she had expected they would though as she recalled Kate did spend most of her time on the beach. So it wasn’t very likely that they had to worry about her TV viewing too much more like only monitor the shows when she is watching them. Sighing and settling for a comedy she wasn’t really able to get into the show though as she found herself dosing off the fatigue from her lessons earlier in the day and just swimming in general catching up with her. Kate for her part had finished up her bath and was dropping off her clothing. Leaving the bathing suit within a rather large building to get it washed off. She would just pick it up later on though she new they would put it mostly through the same treatment she got. Except they would take the time to inspect the material and see how much wear and tear had occurred.

Slipping on her clothing Kate felt quite relaxed as she wondered back to the structure that served as her home. Crawling back in she was surprised at what she heard the sounds of someone sleeping. Looking towards the door to Amy’s room Kate placed her finger against it. Pushing it open the machinery having been set up to actually give way when enough force was applied simply slid open to let her pink inside. What she found was Amy lightly napping on a chair. Letting the door slide back shut “ Well she didn’t even stay up long enough to eat dinner.” Thinking on this for a second Kate simply let out a side as she laid down on her back. Scooting her way further into the structure this time she took out the massive bag that served as her pillow.

Kate was ready to do something long before Amy was even awake the next morning. A the giantess had gotten out of her bed before six and began to plan out the days activities. The first thing she wanted to do was some bungee jumping followed by some hang glide. At least her version of them since nothing like that could really support Kate. That was only two activities though so she now found herself trying to think of something else they could do. This was proving to be a challenge though as she considered the options. She doubted Amy would want to play tag and one untrained person really wouldn’t be that much of a challenge in the first place.

Kate did spend some time trying to think of a game that they could compete in but she drew a blank in that area. The games that she played were anyone competed where pretty much all her being the predator and she didn’t want to compete at something that would be too easy to win. It had also been a very long time since Kate had played anything in which she was the hunted. This wasn’t thanks to Kate’s size or anything rather it was due to the fact that it was simply far too easy to catch her. She was simply too big of a target for anyone to miss. Kate was finally forced to settle on the fact that the final games would have to be some bored games on her computer. These of course she would just leave up to Amy to pick from after all she was planning on taking her hang gliding and bungee jumping already.

A few soldiers had gathered outside even though most of them were awake about the same time Kate was they currently had task to perform. The few that didn’t have anything to do had simply been setting around relaxing and watching Kate pace around. Many of them still found it amazing to see someone the size of a mountain moving so quickly. It also gave them a appreciation for the strength of the reinforced concrete that had been put in to protect the structure from bombs. Heading over towards the mess hall early Kate bent down as Greg came out “ Hey Kate were is your friend.” “ Still sleeping I just figured that I could order early.” “ About when will you be down?” “ I would say in about an hour.” Greg gave a nod not bothering to ask Kate any more questions after all it was a limited list of things she could eat as it did take a while for them to make them. Plus he had been working with Kate for so long that he knew what it meant when she asked for such things.

Kate tended to mean that she want a sample of a lot of things like eating and who ever was eating with her would get a big meal. This did take a while to prepare though and was more costly then her normal breakfest but she didn’t ask for it often so it never was much of a problem. Kate still heard a collective grone from the men who had mess hall duty for the day. She heard orders being barked the moment Greg reentered the kitchen area. Grinning Kate left the cooks to their job as she headed back towards her room to see if Amy had awoken up yet. It would a pretty good while before the food was read so Amy would probably be able to finish sleeping at least. The level of sound that Kate made while slipping back into her room was quite amazing not do to the volume but the lack of it.

Kate had learned a while back how to be relatively quiet though it was especially relative. It was pretty much impossible for her to walk, crawl or in general move without making a good deal of sound. For her size though she was extremely quiet as she slipped back into her room. Looking into Amy’s room for a second a concern came to mind as she began to think of what she had planned for the day. Amy had her body pretty much maxed out the previous day so she might not have a desire to do anything that involves moving around a great deal. The bungee jumping wouldn’t be much of an issue was far as that goes as she could just let her body relax especially the way she did it with Kate.

It was the hang gliding she was worried about until she resolved that all Amy would really have to do is relax in the harness. Kate planned on doing the wrest of the work after all doing things the normal way wasn’t Kate’s style and more often then not completely impossible for her. A annoying beeping took Kate away from her current train of thought as her first reaction was to check on Amy when she didn’t appear in the door way right away Kate actually began to reach for her planning on braking the wall down in order to get her. She stopped herself though when she noticed the beeping wasn’t the base’s alarm as the sound was slightly different and the emergency lights had yet to come on.

Looking in through the door way instead of tearing it down she watched as Amy fumbled for her alarm clock. Shutting the alarm off Amy proved to be anything but a morning person as Kate looked on. The girls first reaction being to pull the covers over her head and remain under them until the air began to become uncomfortable at which time she pulled off the covers. Kate couldn’t help but giggle as she noticed Amy’s eyes remained shut as if she was doing everything possible to keep asleep. The last time that Amy had woke up she had to deal with Kate’s body heat warming her up now with just the covers she was pretty to try to hold on to sleep for as long as she could. That was her thoughts at least until a gust of wind hit her bringing with it a massive gust of warm air into the room.

A the air warmed her she could feel her sleep slipping away from her until her eyes slowly drifted open. The light chuckles coming from outside the room were very plain since despite the tone being light Kate’s laughter was always easy to hear. Grumbling to herself and climbing out of bed Amy proceeded in the wrest room to get washed off leaving Kate to laugh it off. The giant girl was quite amused with herself and at her friends reaction “ You know you wouldn’t be able to sleep in so late if you worked here.” Yelling to make sure Kate could hear her while she climbed into the shower “ Oh and just what where you doing”. This only got a grin from Kate “ Unlike you I am actually always aware the best I can do is enter a half sleep state so when ever someone calls for me I am always ready in a few moments.”

Thinking about this for a second “ Hey wait a minute you mean that you were awake when I was trying to get down last night.” “ Yep though I will say I think you are the only one that used that method to get down.” Amy just grinned quite pleased with herself while she washed herself off the next time Kate pretended to be asleep now she knew all she had to do is yell at her especially if what she said was true and the giant girl never truly slept. “ Hey does that mean you don’t dream?” Thinking on how to answer that “ Well my brain wave activity does change while I am in a wrest state and my entire body does slow down that is true. It isn’t nearly as complete as what you humans go through. As for dreaming the activity that normally goes on during rem sleep does go on in me as well it is just that I am aware of what is going on around me in the real world as well. It is pretty odd but I can’t say how different it is from dreaming since well I can’t remember when I use to dream.”

The fact that Kate use to dream at all once again made Amy curious about her past but she chose not to ask any questions on that subject. She didn’t want to pressure her and she figured that Kate would tell her when she wanted to. Climbing out of the shower the realization that she had left her close in the other room only came when she stated to dry herself off. “ Alright now you get your head away from the door.” Came to Kate’s ears shrugging she turned her back to the door “ You are lucky you get privacy while you bath. Sheila and the others do the best they can for me but my privacy is limited.”

“ Hehe well it is only fair you tall people should have a few draw backs in your life.” The gust of wind that hit Amy a second later nearly knocked her over and sent chills up and down her entire body.” Kate having now waited for the air to warm while inside her mouth and blowing it out at such a extreme rate as well as Amy being soaked meant that air was more then a little cold to her as she found herself left shivering. “ Hey now that was uncalled for warm it back up in here.” Amy was surprised when Kate’s response came a few seconds later another massive gust of air entered into the room this time quite warm and pleasant. Enough so that Amy didn’t mind simply letting her towel drop away as she got dressed.

“ Hey Kate I was wondering yesterday while I showered do they spy on guest?” Kate grinned, wondering if she should give Amy a hard time “ Not to my knowledge at least as far as the shower goes and while you get dressed you get some privacy that doesn’t stop them from using infrared and lessening in on you though. Pretty much while you are here you won’t ever be completely alone.” Amy didn’t care for this detail after all she had been invited still she was on a military installation hanging around with a military secret so she figured they would be a little cautious. “ I don’t take it they would let me take some pictures.” “ Oh sure you can take as many as you want there is just no way you are going to get out of here with the film. You would have to wait for return trips in order to look at them.”

Amy came out a second later dressed and carrying a camera “ Well at least I will be able to look at them when I get back.” Offering her hand to Amy who had already removed her shoes Kate just shook her head as the girl climbed into her hand. She knew they wouldn’t let Amy off the island that might be of any use to a conspiracy nut or news hound but she wondered if she could take Sheila into letting her leave with something. Crawling back out “ Kate watched as Amy stretched clearly trying to get her muscles to relax. “ I went ahead and ordered some breakfast I hope you don’t mind.”

“ naa but I was wondering what you had in mind for today.” “ I was hoping you would let me use you as a yo-yo some more then as a kite.” A chuckle came from Amy as she looked up towards Kate “ So hang gliding and bungee jumping? I am going to assume that is what you mean and it sounds like fun. After this though can we do something that is a little slower pace.” “ Sure thing how about after you get your air time we play some bored games. I would offer something else but there isn’t to many things that I can do normally.” Amy gave a nod as she wondered what game she had the best chance of beating Kate at. Even though she was enjoying herself she did want to try something that she would feel a little bit more in control. This thought made her wonder just how guys handled hanging around with Kate. “ I bet you have trouble with some men don’t you?”

“ It depends really normally when they are brought in they are selected carefully enough that they won’t take issue with the fact that well. Physically they are absolutely insignificant compared to me. That can be extremely limited as far as the macho guys goes. After all guys that are use to being able to hold the girl soon learn that doesn’t work with me.” Amy figured this would be the case after all for someone to try to impress Kate with physical strength must be a laughable site. “ Besides most guys who think they are tough really should take a look at some of the soldiers that man this place. I admit they probably can’t bench press as much but as far as combat skills go they are something else.” “ Sound like you enjoy watching them.” “ Watching them nothing I like to practice with them, were do you think this came from.”

Kate proceeded to give her abs a few sharp smacks while Amy got a shocked look on her face. “ Just how do you practice with regular people.” “ Oh well I don’t spar with them or anything there is no way for that I would end up crushing them. I do practice the moves though and exercise routines even though this is mainly a research area they can’t be allowed let their skills or body’s degrade so drills are still a very regular thing. Also they had to be in shape if they are going to compete with me in any games at all.” Amy didn’t bother asking about the games she had a few ideas of her own to what they might be.

The sent of eggs and bacon hit Amy’s nose as she felt herself being lowered. Having been held to high before Amy moved to the edge of Kate’s hand and slipped on her shoes before looking to see what had been made. What she found setting before her was not one but three trays of food as well as one massive serving that she was figured for Kate. Greg for his part was standing in the door way looking quite pleased with his handy work. It was days like these that he really got to test his motivational skills as well as his cooking skills. The men that had been forced to prepare the bulk of the meal of course were resolving that they would never get put on mess hall duty again.

Kate actually began to openly laugh when Greg in his infinite cruelty returned to the kitchen and announced “ Now don’t any of you leave after the ladies are done you are going to need to clean the plates off.” Amy just looked scared as she looked as the massive piles of meat, fruits and waffles that she found setting in front of her. “ Do they really expect me to eat this.” “ Naa that is just a bit of what they prepared for me when I get company they normally just take a bit of my food off and serve it to them. After all it is all cooked in the same over sized pots and friars in the first place.” As Kate began to eat Amy just begin to nibble at her food stopping only to say. “ Well next time you order for me how about keeping it down to 1/10th my body wait.” “ Oh and you expect me to eat it all.” Rolling her eyes Amy just began to pick at her food while Kate’s was quickly vanishing.

Amy had managed to eat her feel by the time Kate had finished though there still was a rather large pile of food left. Pushing it aside Amy just waved her hands “ That is it I am done, now I am going to need some time to let my stomach settle.” Looking at her friend and seeing what was left “You know you shouldn’t be so wasteful.” “ I can’t eat this much I would pop.” “ Well then I guess you wouldn’t mind if I ate it.” “ Nope go right ahead.” Amy leaned back a bit as Kate’s massive hand reaches down using her fingernail she lifted the trays one at a time from the table. Holding them above her head she opened her mouth and simply tipped them over spilling the entire contents into the void.

Amy looked on some what in shock as she had expected Kate to at least swallow. Instead she simply ended up poring the entire contents down her throat without having to chew or so much as swallow. Chuckling at Amy’s shocked look Kate lowered her hand next to her. “ Well ready to go?” Amy simply climbed into Kate’s hand thinking about it for a second she then proceeded to walk out onto Kate’s index finger and set down at the tip of it looking out over the edge. She immediately regretted that she did though as a rush of fear went through out her body. “ You know if you want to look out like that.” Amy didn’t have time to scoot back before Kate’s free hand picked her up and began to adjust her possession.

Amy now found her lower body wrapped within Amy’s fist at least in a sense. It was actually only one of Kate’s fingers that covered her lower body while Kate had been careful to leave her arms free. The fact that there was something wrapped around her now took away a great deal of the fear as she began to look around. Debating on what they could do for a little while Kate made her way over to barracks a group of soldiers having gathered outside had engaged in a basketball game when the girls arrived. Setting down Amy couldn’t tell what was going on until she was placed upon Kate’s massive knee. Looking to wear Kate was facing the soldiers didn’t seem to pay Kate too much mind other then a friendly wave. After spending so much time on the island the had all got some what use to seeing Kate and now regarded her as a very large friend.

There was of course benefits of having Kate watch the game one of them being the soldiers played even harder. This was thanks to the idea that there was now an attractive female watching the show and in their current case two attractive females since Amy was there. The second reason though was all Kate as her massive form helped to block the sun and keep things some what cooler. The draw back came later on though after Kate had chosen which team she was going to support. As the ball was shot it seemed that it was sunk until a massive gust of air slammed into it. Sending it well away from the goal everyone on the team that had just lost their goal slowly turned to see a whistling Kate. Grinning like a jackal Kate chose to play innocent “ Oops sorry I forgot.” Amy just grinned as nothing was said further one couldn’t exactly fowl the other side for giantess intervention.

At least until it happened a few more times by which time Amy was chuckling at her friends antics. While the frustration of the player who now were well within the red was clear on their faces. Seeing that her joke was finally at its end Kate grinned “ Okay I quit honest but can you really blame me for helping the under dogs.” A collective grumble came from the court as well as a bit of laughter. “ Yeah I suppose a handicap won’t hurt us considering who we are playing.” Came from the court this immediately got both annoyed and agreeing responses from the opposing teams.

Kate and Amy remained spectators for the wrest of the game. Which thanks to Kate’s intervention had turned into more of a back yard game following the rule that is there wasn’t blood it wasn’t a fowl. It made things interesting though the girls quit watching the score while they waited for the their stomach to settle. The game was still raging when the girls finally left. “ You know people would hate you at a professional game.” “ Now just why is that.” “ You whistle too much.” Kate just grinned as Amy debated on if they could really fault a fan for whistling or blowing on the ball in general. It would probably be a situation they hadn’t dealt with before so she couldn’t decide for sure though she knew the fans of what ever team Kate was against wouldn’t like it one bit.

The game had given Amy’s stomach time to settle though thanks to this the two ended up making a detour to the wrest room before finally making it to the storage building. The bungee cord was already laying out when they got there the soldiers who kept track of its supplies having over heard their conversation and simply laid it out. Amy didn’t wait for Kate to fasten the rope around her leg this time rather she simply did it herself while Kate tied it around her finger. Amy was about to jump from the side of Kate’s hand when a massive flesh wall got in her way. Kate having blocked her with her free hand “ Wait a second.” Moving her index finger back Kate picked Amy up and placed the smaller girl upon her nail.

Amy quickly realized what Kate had in mind and began protesting right away as she walked towards the edge of the finger “ Oh no you don’t”. Was Amy’s response as she began to climb down the side of Kate finger “ Spoiled sport.” Sticking her tongue out at Kate before jumping off the finger under her own power. Amy was getting over her fear of heights thanks to Kate but there was still no way she was going to let herself be flicked into the air like that. Kate for her part and honored her friends wishes even though she didn’t think of it as a big deal. She had learned that every person saw things differently though and that Amy probably saw things quite differently then she did.

Kate let Amy bounce a few times before finally starting in on the game herself. While she couldn’t perform tricks such as walk the dog considering the fact that Amy wouldn’t spin like a yo-yo, didn’t have the same build as one and they were using a bungee cord not a rope she had developed a few tricks that she could do though. Amy for her part found her perspective of height being played with the entire time as Kate constantly moved her hand or would give the string a slight jerk so that she would go higher then normal. Her falls didn’t ever seem to be a strait drop either as she seemed to constantly be moving at an angle though she wasn’t sure if it was as extreme of one as it appeared to be. Kate constantly adjusting her hand to set her up for another motion made it rather hard to judge.

The girls continued this game until Amy began to suffer from motion sickness. Kate for her part could do it for some time much the same way as some people could play with a yo-yo for hours on end. She knew to stop though when she heard a slight groan from Amy and the girl began to look more then a little sick. Adjusting the finale decent so that Amy actually went above her hand Kate move her hand under the girl the moment she had reached the peak of her climb. Causing her to land safely within Kate’s palm. Realizing were she was Amy had a grin on her face though she had been screaming a decent amount of the time. Trying to stand up her legs gave out from under her causing her to fall flat on her tail. “ Yeah you are going to be dizzy for a bit.” Grinning and laying in Kate’s hand like a drunk Amy lifted the leg that had the rope tied to it towards Kate giving it a slight shake.

Kate was careful to remove the rope recalling when she didn’t have to worry about crushing peoples legs simply by flinching. Her face turned sad for a second when she stopped to consider that a time would come that she wouldn’t be able to do such things at her current growth rate. Sighing and setting the rope upon the ground they had spent a decent amount of time bungee jumping but she figured they could wait a while longer before they went to eat. “ You know Kate I think by the time I leave this place I am going to be sick of bungee jumping.” “ Wouldn’t surprise me that is one thing I hate about having such a limited amount of things to do.” Nodding her head Amy rolled onto her stomach and proceeded to push herself up with her arms.

“ Well we could always play some bored games.” “ Yup but not right now we have some other things to do.” Amy laid back and closed her eyes as Kate began to walk again not wanting to risk being made any sicker. Amy’s eyes were still closed when Kate picked up the hang glider not noticing as Kate didn’t really stop. There was no way she was going to do what she planned on while within the confines of the main structural area of the installation. She needed to get away from the base itself so that she would have some room to roam. After a while Amy picked up on the fact that they had been walking for some time considering how big Kate was opening her eyes and peaking up at her friend. “ Just where we are going?” “ Oh I can’t take you hang glide around here I would end up destroying a few buildings and that wouldn’t go over well at all.”

Nodding her head Amy just relaxed in Kate’s palm once again. Lessening carefully she could make out the difference in Kate’s foot falls as they moved from hitting the reinforced concrete to the grass and sand at the exterior of the main compound and finally she began to move into the brush and other vegetation. “ Hey Kate I was wondering are they any animals around her.” “ Small ones like birds mostly but that is since they can fly back to land.” Kate stopped a second later looking back over her shoulder towards the base they were pretty far away still she worried. “ And you can just forget that I told you that last part.” Amy opened her eyes to see that Kate had a look that was both concerned and some what strict realizing that Kate had just given away some information that she shouldn’t have Amy simply nodded her head.

It wasn’t that Amy was frightened by Kate during that moment though there was a good deal of fear in her when she first noticed Kate’s look. She had come to trust her though over such a short time plus the fact that she had known her for years online. The reason that she was mostly concerned though was that Kate had been. “ So did they all get cleared off?” Returning to the subject at hand Kate returned to normal only a moment later. “ Naa this place isn’t exactly hospitable in the first place that is one reason that the base was built here. You didn’t notice it since you went out so far with me but before I came along most the beach was lined with rock that still applies for the vast majority of the island. It made it hard for boats to land safely and very unpleasant to swim in. “ What happened to the rocks.” Amy heard a massive shock wave as Kate stomped the ground a second later. “ Crushed to powder.”

The walk took longer then what Amy expected but at last Kate stopped well away from any buildings. This was actually kind of unnerving for the girl as she realized that it was time for her lessons to start. Looking at the hang glider for a second “ Now you have done this before right?”. “ Yup now come on get in.” Amy let out a rather long sigh as she walked over to the glider and got herself strapped in. “ Okay ready.” Hit Kate’s ears who then proceeded to lift the glider up. Looking at Amy for a second who seemed more then a little nervous Kate gave the glider a good toss sending it and her friend air born. Amy held back a scream realizing that she was gliding and not falling like before however she had never done such a activity before and thus this didn’t hold true for very long.

Feeling herself take a dip she began to struggle until a gust of wind came up giving her a lift and sending her back into the air. Looking down she realized that she was actually above Kate now though not by much and that the gust of wind had been Kate blowing on the glider to make sure she didn’t crash. This followed suit several times as each time Amy found herself falling Kate would simply blow on the glider and send her back into the air. Recalling what Kate had said about being a kite Amy realized how true this was even though there wasn’t a string attached to her. She might have actually felt safer if there had been one to make sure she didn’t get blown away.

Kate for her part was content with the little game. It tended to give her the same feeling that she imagined others had while simply flying a kite. Unlike them though Kate didn’t have to worry about hers getting stuck in a tree. A good deal of trees were still hit by Kate during this time though as the reason for moving so far away became clear. Kate would have to move quite quickly in order to insure that her friend didn’t fall to far which meant she wasn’t paying too much attention to the surrounding area. Anything that happened to be in the path of her massive foot falls was simply crushed. As Amy spent more time in the air though she found herself getting the hang of gliding. There was no desire in her to do such a activity alone still but at least it gave Kate more time to get a good breath.

Finally able to look down at her massive friend Amy could help herself. “ So you look down at people like this all the time.” Seeing a grin on Kate’s face a rather large gust of air lifted Amy even higher a moment later. “Nope I don’t feel like I am a little bird while I am looking down.” Amy couldn’t really argue with that since even though she was no above Kate it was quite clear how massive the girl was. Thinking about this it made her wonder just how many places one could have Kate stand so that her size wouldn’t be so obvious. They were a few places of course most of witch wouldn’t allow someone to judge her scale against anything.

Amy began to glide lower now about eye level with Kate who now only gave her enough of a boost to lift her above her head every so often. As the too continued a conversation Amy was in a pretty relaxed mood having someone there to help you incase you fell plus being so close to Kate she figured that even if she fell Kate could catch her. The two didn’t expect that nature would decide to play a game of its own as a gust of wind slammed into Amy when she was close to Kate. Kate’s hands had been wresting at her side at the moment considering how long it took one to fall from the height of her head to the ground she had never had a problem with this before. Today would be different though as the moment that Amy was hit put her right above Kate’s cleavage.

Letting out a shock gasped Kate’s hand did move under Amy but they couldn’t reach above her breast as the girl began to fall. A moment later Amy found herself laying on a soft warm surface. Looking around for a few moments as the light came in it didn’t take her long at all to realize that the massive wall of blue white in front of her was Kate’s tube top and that the warm surface she now found herself laying on was Kate’s breast. Both girls turned a bright read considering the others situation. “ A little help here.” Was the only words spoken as Kate extracted Amy from between her breast the girl seeming to be more then a little embarrassed at were she had just found herself. Taking out the hang glider with her other hand Amy had slipped from the harness upon being hit the gust. She had actually bumped into Kate’s nose which had helped in the process a great deal.

“ Well that was interesting what say we head back and get some lunches?” Amy nodded as Kate simply began to walk back to the base in time both girls were chuckling about the event. Thinking for a second Kate grinned “ So Amy what did they feel like.” Kate and Amy both blushed as these words were spoken but continued the conversation “ Oh they felt like large firm breast same as anyone else’s with your figure.” Kate let out a slight chuckle “ Well I am glad that you think so it had actually worried me when I stop to hope that one day I might get to start dating. I mean how could I hope to attract a guy with these monsters if they didn’t at least feel nice.” Amy turned away from Kate who had lightly pressed up on one of her breast. Both girls where blushing a deep red thanks to their conversation.

Upon their return they actually found their meal had already been laid out for them. Kate ended up eating a few sides of beef with a good deal of vegetable mixed together while Amy ended up eating a salad and a steak. Even though nothing was said the fact that there had been food already waiting for them upon the return let the girls knew that their conversation had been over heard. A few of the soldiers had even gone off in the direction to watch the girls playing though they knew to stay well away from Kate when she wasn’t paying attention to wear she was stepping. They all knew that Kate did have greatly increased senses for her size but they also knew that she could indeed slip up having seen events of this happening before. It was simply too much of a risk to get to close to her while she was playing around and not aware of your presence.

“ So you said you had some bored games in mind.” Kate gave a nod as she sipped on some water trying to eat slowly so that Amy would have time to eat her fill. “ Yup they are on my computer of course after all it wouldn’t work out very well if they had to have a bored made for me.” Grinning for a second “ I bet it would be easy to get you one of those miniature bibles.”