ch 1 continued


“ Well hello there.” Kate grinned as she looked towards Jack having spent the day eating and resting she wished for a moment that the trays had been removed before he came by. These thoughts left her mind though as the sent of the steak Jack had brought with him hit her nose.

“ Hmm is that for me?” Jack blinked as he wondered just how recently Kate had finished of the four trays he now found himself looking at and now she wanted more. Still he did tell her to eat so instead of saying anything he simply walked over to her bed pulled up the little table and began to lay her food out for her. Kate just grinned and watched as Jack placed her food out before her and even took the time to cut up her stake into little pieces she could do it herself by now but she didn’t mind letting him pamper her. Finishing this off Jack moved away and laid his own food out and the two begin to eat their meals Jack occasionally looking over his shoulder to check and see if Kate was doing alright.

“ So has your family come to see you.” Kate only shook her head as she currently had a mouth full of stake. They had been in earlier but not since Jack had started coming after all they all had a life and work to be done. This made Jack some what glad that he hadn’t gotten a job yet as it would allow him to visit Kate frequently and observe to see how she is doing.

“ They haven’t been around in about four days now but that is okay besides I am glad you didn’t have to sneak me that little nick earlier well with them in here. Jack do you think that I am going to live through this I mean I am feeling better the pain has gotten to be a lot less compared to what I was in actually I feel fine.” Jack fell into a thoughtful state as he considered how long it would take for the treatment to completely go throughout Kate’s system and deal away with every old cell within her body. The only reason she felt good right now was thanks to how bad she had been feeling earlier still he could at least make a guess.

“ Well you have made it further along then anyone else I will say that much so I think you are well within the safe zone now. As for how long it is going to take I would say in a week or two everything will have been completed though following the past behavior of the altered cells I saw during testing they are probably focusing on the cancerous cells at the moment trying to destroy them as quickly as possible and make use of the raw material to create more of themself.” As Jack said this a odd thought came to mind as he considered that all the people that the drug had been tested on had been healthy at the time while Kate had a good deal of her body is rather bad shape. This gave the now altered cells something to focus on other then simply replacing the healthy cells that hadn’t been altered. He couldn’t help but wonder if that wasn’t the reason the test had felled and why this one might succeed.

“ Well I am glad that it seems to be working… are you going to finish that?” Jack looked over noticing Kate had already finished off her entire steak dinner and was now eyeing what remained of his chicken dinner. Chuckling he simply removed her trey and placed what remained of his in front of her. Now feeling good enough to really eat Kate was not only making up for the last few days were she had hardly eaten a bite but also the demands of her now altered cells as they strove to make more of themselves.

As Kate ate Jack couldn’t help but laugh at how the hospital staff must be feeling at the current moment. A look of concern crossed his face though as he turns his attention back towards Kate. “ Kate I want you to refuse any more blood test.” Kate looked up for only a moment as she took time to consider why. She didn’t have to ask the reason as she remembered what had been done to her very well and only nodded her head. She didn’t like the idea of what might happen if the doctors were to take a blood sample from her and find a new strand of blood cells going through her entire system. As Kate finished up the chicken dinner she leaned back within her bed once again. As she did so she regretted her choice of actions as sleep once again over came her and by the time Jack looked over he noticed she had fallen fast asleep.

Grinning at this Jack walk over to her and gave her a slight kiss on the forehead. “ Sleep well pretty lady.” Throwing away the trays Jack made his way out of the room figuring that he would make visiting Kate a regular thing since her family hadn’t been by for a while besides once they started coming he imagined he would hardly ever get to see her at least until she got out of the hospital.

“ Unless you want taken to court you will get the fuck away from me.” The doctor blinked as he looked at Kate who had been rather close to death just a few days ago. Now the woman was not only showing signs of recovery but was showing an extremely quick temper which almost matched the fiery color of her hair. It had been three days since Jack had stopped by with the stake dinner and he had visited every day since then each time bringing Kate something to eat though the food had changed as Jack quit focusing so much on taste and went for what was the most nourishing for Kate. With each passing day Kate had felt better until the previous day she had removed the iv that provided her body with the pain killer no longer feeling she needed it.

“ Now miss we just want to get a little blood work done.”

“ I am warning you if you don’t back off right now you will be in court in fact I want to use the phone. I am feeling better now and I want to sign myself out.” The doctor couldn’t believe what he was hearing as Kate gave him a rather stern look he really couldn’t keep her though after all she was a groan adult and perfectly capable of signing herself out if she should desire to. So it was with a sigh that he did as Kate requested and handed the phone to her. Kate didn’t bother calling any of her family though all of them living rather far away instead Jack found his phone ringing waking him from his slumber.

“ Hey Jack would you mind coming and getting me from the hospital?” Kate’s voice came across the line quite clear and rather full of energy a bit of a surprise as he wondered if she had already recovered.

“ You already recovered or something?”

“ Or something I am still pretty weak to be honest but I am feeling better and these white coats keep trying to stab me.” Jack chuckled as he drug himself out of the bed and began to get dressed while holding the phone to his ear.

“ Sure thing still if you haven’t fully recovered yet I am going to have to insist you stay here for a while after all you are going to need someone to take care of you.”

“ Just how big is your apartment?” Jack as taken back by the question as he looked around the room. His apartment was a decent size but not huge despite his previous job Jack was a avid believer of a penny saved is a penny earned so he had chose a comfortable apartment but nothing to fancy and instead spent the time putting back his money and occasionally investing it still it was a nice enough apartment he still ended up being a bit shocked though when he told Kate the size.

“ What you have got to be kidding me I am not staying in that little apartment we are going to mine so you pack some of your stuff.” Jack didn’t have time to argue before Kate hung up on him not wanting to give him a chance to argue with her. Taken a moment to consider it Jack realized that he had never actually seen Kate’s apartment he had met Kate while she was attending college and had been in need of a tutor Jack had been so taken back by the stunning young lady that he had refused to allow her to pay him for the lessons he gave. They were all on campus though and when she did visit him even after college it was always at his apartment or meeting at one of the various restraints they frequented. They tended to speak online actually greeting each other about every morning.

Now as he prepared a few things he wondered just what he was going to see. Kate didn’t have to wait to long before Jack showed up at the hospital. Kate currently in a wheel chair did look a lot better but weak Jack imagining she looked about like she would if she had just went through surgery and was ready to come home. “ Well it is about time you got here slow poke.” Jack only grinned and moved to help Kate get out of the chair imagining he would lift her up then he remembered something about Kate. Kate was not a little woman at least by most peoples standards standing a total six foot tall and weighing in at 180lbs of very toned muscle. The cancer had taken a tole on her muscle mass but even then the computer nerd Jack doubted that he could actually pick her up.

Kate only laughed as she realized Jack’s dilemma and ended up having to help herself into the vehicle. “ So just were do you live?” A tapping on his seat belt buckle got Jack’s attention as he began to start the vehicle. Looking over he noticed Kate had buckled herself up already and expected him to do the same. Sighing he snapped the buckle into place as pulled out of the parking lot allowing Kate to give him directions.

Jack felt poor as he willed Kate into her apartment looking around at the large area he couldn’t help but think one thing. “ Alright young lady are you a crooked cop?” Kate burst out laughing the moment the words left Jack’s mouth as she had been wondering what he would accuse her of. In all truth she really couldn’t blame him she did have a rather pricy apartment that was for sure.

“ Of course not however my family is umm financially well off.” Jack grinned as he looked around resolving quite quickly there was no way she could afford such a nice rom without either doing something illegal on the side or as she had said having a financially well off family.

“ Oh and just how rich are you young lady, I imagine it was a real shock to your parents when you decided to become a cop.”