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“ Oh yeah go cheap on me get a tiny one just like what you short people read.” Kate stuck her massive tongue out at Amy who responded like wise. The thought was rather amusing to either of them though as they took the time to consider the amount of paper that would have to go into suck a task as well as the odds of it actually being able to hold together. Kate was sure that paper wouldn’t really be up to the challenge of holding itself together in such a situation.

Amy as before had plenty left over after eating her fill witch Kate finished off easy enough. Returning to Kate’s room Amy set on Kate’s massive thigh as she searched through the computer trying to find a game they both enjoyed. The two of them finally settled on a game of monopoly since there wasn’t any real way for them to cheat by seeing what the other had. Amy did prove to have a edge over Kate when it came to the game though since Kate had little experience with taking risk with money. She had only played such games in all truth since her needs were all provided for. Amy quickly picked up on this as she found Kate really had trouble with her spending habits. She didn’t bother saying anything though as Kate still seemed to enjoy herself even though she ended up losing out more quickly then most people would have.

Amy found that Kate did have a strong point when it came to bored games though upon the next one. The two having decided to play a game of chess Amy found herself actually beaten in three moves Kate having managed to set her up for a quick defeat had a rather large grin upon her face. “ Well I may not know money but I know war games.” “ I think we should stick with games that I can beat you at.” Amy found herself rolling over as Kate lightly blew on her Amy just chuckled as she set back up. “ So what is next?” “ How about a game of life then bed?” Nodding in agreement the finale game would be mostly left up to chance and some planning.

Amy ended up coming out ahead much to Kate’s dismay she had almost given in to the desire to suggest another game. Truth be told the massive girl wasn’t the best loser in the world she just held her comments in. She kept herself from challenging Amy to another game though as she deposited her friend on the walk way. The two said good night as Kate found her pillow laying her head on it for a second as she looked up towards the roof. Kate didn’t go to sleep as quickly as Amy did this night as she took the time to recall past visitations. Everyone reacted when shock the first time they ever saw Kate they would later settle down and seem to accept what was going on around them. Kate knew this wasn’t the truth as she looked towards the walk way and Amy door’s.

It took a little while for truly shocking events to completely sink in is what Kate had learned while dealing with regular people so she knew that before long Amy would react to everything that she had seen and done. What was worse is that Kate had a very sick feeling in her stomach that it wouldn’t be a calm reaction and that it would be coming up very soon. Really Kate had been expecting it on the second day the fact that it hadn’t happened yet actually worried her. She hoped that after getting to know Amy that the girl wouldn’t react too poorly or perhaps wouldn’t react at all when everything sank in. There had been a few cases that the person couldn’t actually be brought back after they had went into their fit. They had to be sedated more then once to get them to calm down and after examination it had been decided that it would be safest if they were just allowed to forget everything.

Kate didn’t want this to happen to Amy especially after talking to her for so long. Melvin entered Kate’s room before Amy had awoke the next morning. Having been the one to ride with her on her journey to the installation they felt he would be the best choice to talk to Amy if what they were predicting did happen. Kate looked up from her relaxed position and let out a sigh as she noticed the shots inside of his pocket. She figured he had the usual three injections two to calm someone down if need be and another to simply put them to sleep if that didn’t work. “ Think she is going to act up today?” Melvin gave a slight nod as he stopped near the door and leaned over looking towards Kate’s face. “ I think it will be today if it is going to happen. She had went longer then most people though this actually has me worried. She might have already accepted what she is seeing isn’t fake and was able to handle it or it might be a very delayed reaction.”

The sound of foot steps ended the conversation as a half asleep Amy walked out of her room and got a good look at Kate. Kate didn’t say anything as she noticed Amy’s face lock up and her breathing rate increase. She knew that everything was sinking in that the full wait of her situation and fully sunk in and now Amy was just trying to cope. Amy for her part was fighting off waves of dizziness as she fully comprehended that she was looking at someone that by her original ideas of reality shouldn’t be able to even exist. Someone who was powerful enough to be considered a weapon worth keeping despite the huge cost of meeting all her needs. In the presence of such a person it was all she could do to remember that Kate was also a human and her friend.

Amy felt something wrap around her back as her knees went weak. Melvin having moved next to her now supported her. A look of shock in his eyes as he had actually expected her to pass out or to scream and run. Her hands instinctively gripped his jacket as if for comfort though she couldn’t help but wonder why he had such a large grin on his face. “ Come on lets get you some water.” Pulling Amy back into her room he stopped to mouth “amazing” to Kate before he vanished through the door with Amy. Amy set on her bed while Melvin got her a glass of water her hands shaking as she fought back her fear. “ You are doing very well you know most people don’t react nearly as well as you are.” Came from Melvin as he handed her glass having only filled it half way considering the amount her hands were shaking.

Amy could only sip as she struggled with her own instincts. “ I guess you are wondering why you are so frightened. This is actually often a problem when a new person first meets Kate and spends any amount of time with her. The brain seems to go into a state of shock and doesn’t fully comprehend what is going on. Only when everything has had time to settle does the person begin to react. To be honest though this normally requires sedation so I am very impressed that you haven’t ran off screaming.” Melvin gave her a friendly smile now as Amy sipped her water. Setting the glass down before it was finished she struggled to stand on wobbly legs as she walked towards the door and back into the main area with Kate.

Kate was surprised to see Amy come back on the walk way so soon, she was even more shocked when the girl seemed to single that she wanted picked up. Lifting Amy into the air and setting her within her open palm Amy took the time to feel of Kate’s fingers making sure that what she was seeing was real. “ Sorry about this it is all just a bit much to accept I guess.” Kate was so in shock by her friend that she didn’t notice Melvin slip out heading towards Sheila’s office. He needed to feel out a report on Amy giving his full support for making her a regular visitor.

Kate for her part only grinned as Amy seemed intent on exploring her hand to its fullest. Amy for her part was trying to take in every detail of this massive girl that now held her within one hand. Wanting to make sure what she was seeing was real for the last time. She didn’t want to have to fight of another wave of fear and when she left she didn’t want to worry about thinking it was such a very strange dream. Kate laid her arm down as Amy began to drift from her hand onto her wrest and make her way up her arm. Being careful not to move Kate kept an eye on Amy she had seen behavior like this before a sort of amazed curiosity that compelled someone to explore. Amy finally caught hold of what she was doing when she reached Amy’s face “ Oh do you mind if I look around? I guess I really should have asked before.” Kate grinned and shook her head “ Yeah but that is fine this time go ahead and look around there is a lot of me to get use to.”

Amy finally ended up setting on the ankle of Kate’s crossed leg just looking around. She had managed to get use to her situation to some extent and most of her fear and shock had faded. She had finally relaxed enough to start a true conversation with Kate once again. “ I guess that this is what they were talking about on the trip over hear.” “ Yup most people react a lot more strongly then you some even have to be restrained and sedated in order to get them to be reasonable again.” Laying down on the massive surface Amy closed her eyes “ Well it is a bit much to take in you know. Though I thought I had adapted when I first got hear.” Amy was shaken a bit as Kate let out a slight laugh “Very few people simply adapt when they first see me”.

During the conversation Kate had to be careful to keep Amy below her breast since the attention her body has received did cause it to react. Kate had encountered this problem before when someone she liked ended up wondering around her body. She liked the attention especially since it was rare she got such up close attention. The soldiers did admire her from afar and at times up close of course but that wasn’t the same. They tended to look upon the situation as seeing a picture or a movie as she had realized from their conversations. She would hear them mention has attractive she was and if she was only normal sized. It was the last part that ruined things for her as she was quite sure that was never going to happen. So she couldn’t help but react when ever her body was admired for what it was.

Amy ended up spending the day on Kate just talking and relaxing in general. Sheila even had their meals brought to them as the girls got to know each other better. Their conversations having previously been mostly based on doing things. Now they took the time to just enjoy each others company Amy actually falling asleep on Kate’s massive stomach. Jason was careful not to take the girls from their sleep as he made his way into the room. Choosing not to stay on the walk way above Kate but rather walk on ground level. He liked to see the fruits of his and the other scientist work up close. It had been around eight hours since the girls fell asleep having figured they would wake up any time soon he made his way within thirty yards of Kate and decided that would be close enough.

As he set there, he couldn’t help but admire Kate in her relaxed state. Clearly defined muscles went throughout her body though none of them could be considered bulky and even though he couldn’t see them from his position he knew her abs were clearly visible. He often thought she would be a sprinter or model had she been normal sized. Swimmer had once appeared in that list but when he considered her bust line he had to wonder if that would effect her ability to compete in the sport. He stood up to move a few more steps back as Amy began to stir which in turn brought Kate out of her half sleep state and more into reality. Kate’s giggling a few moments later actually served to confused Jason making him wonder what was so funny.

Amy for her part could feel something very warm and soft all around her. Having not opened her eyes she moved her hands along it she knew Kate’s skin felt soft however it didn’t feel this soft she noticed and she was completely surrounded so it couldn’t be her hands. Thinking were she might be and not wanting to confirm it Amy tried to pull herself from the flesh prison that now encased her. Finding that despite the skin’s texture it had a very good hold on her. Amy’s eyes opened up finding herself to be just were she feared. Kate couldn’t help but chuckle as Amy hands moved over the tiniest fraction of her breast flesh. This had happened before when someone slept on Kate she would end up cuddling them while she was wresting and her cleavage was the spot that they ended up wresting at most often.

Amy looked some what amused as she turned to Kate though she was blushing a bright red. Kate having been through the experience before was able to keep herself from doing the same at least this time. “ Alright you get me out of here.” Jason could hear what Amy was saying though he couldn’t guess just what was going on when Kate inserted her hands between her breast her under stood in a moment his eyes opening wide he truly wished that he had used the walk way now. As walls of Kate’s breast released her Amy crawled out to stand on Kate’s collar bone. The sound of someone clearing their throat got the girls attention Kate turned her said to see Jason while Amy made her way Kate’s shoulder to see who as there.

“ Good morning ladies.” Both females turned a bright red now as Jason had a rather knowing smile on his face. “ Morning Jason, Amy I would like to you to meet one of my fathers. Jason here is one of the quacks that help create the treatment that was used to give me this body.” “ Well going to pick me up?” Came from the scientist as he nodded his head slowly Kate took him between her fingers and placed him in her open palm a few seconds later. “ So what brings you here.” “ Sheila needed me to tell you that you needed to stay inside today.” A annoyed look appeared on Amy’s face as she had actually been wanting to return to the breech. “ Just why do we need to stay inside?”

“ Because you my dear have seen enough military secrets for your life time.” Amy looked shocked for a moment before responding “ What do you mean enough I have only seen one.” Jason held up to fingers a second later “ You have seen two one being Kate and the other being this installation itself. Now we are going to be testing a third and a fourth throughout the day and you don’t need to know about anything else.” Amy was shocked when she found herself arguing with someone whose rank she truly didn’t know she figured it had something to do with Kate. Having come to except her fully at least or she hoped she had and still being friends with her. Considering what she was on the massive girls shoulder at the time it seemed to boost her confidence. “ Oh come on two more won’t hurt a thing I won’t tell anyone.” Jason grinned “ Oh I know you won’t tell anyone especially about these two since your not going to see them.”

Amy let out a huff as the scientist turned to leave Kate not bothering to suppress her giggles at Amy’s attempt to annoy Jason. “ He is really good at telling people no so don’t feel bad if you weren’t able to change his mind. Besides if you wanted to see anything else you would have to talk to Sheila.” Amy walked back to Kate’s just above Kate’s throat and set down. “ So just what are they testing out there?” Kate gave Amy a scolding look for a moment “ You shouldn’t be so nosey you know I hope I don’t have to restrain you little girl so that you don’t try to sneak out.” “ Oh alright I won’t ask any more questions or try to sneak out.” Kate grinned “ That is good. Most likely they are working on one of the test jets or some new artillery, and yes that is all I am going to tell you.”

Kate took Amy between her fingers a moment later setting the girl down Kate set up. Looking around the room for a few moments she let out a long sigh. “ So what do you want to do today shorty? Kate gave Amy a surprised look at the shorty comment “ Well someone sure has gotten over their fear of giantess I didn’t expect you to feel that liberated.” Amy grinned “ Just having some fun with you Kate besides that was for the little girl comment. I am older then you after all you just happen to be taller.” Kate stretched a bit much to Amy’s surprise her hands were not able to reach the selling of the structure so long as she remained seated. “ Age doesn’t make any difference you are still little especially compared to me.”

“ Well I could put you threw an exercise routine.” The moment Amy heard these words she shuddered her body was actually still sore from the previous days activities. Hanging around with a Titaness was requiring more stamina then she thought it would. “ No thank you between the swimming hang gliding and bungee jumping I am plenty sore. “ Oh surely you are not still sore.” Amy stuck her tongue out at Kate “ I sure am considering that I didn’t really get to recover from the swimming yesterday.” “ You little things have no stamina.” Amy began to wonder around as the two conversed trying to think of something to do when Kate’s fingers took hold of her. “ It helps me to be doing something while I am thinking.”

Amy wondered what Kate had in mind as she leaned back holding Amy over her face she released her a second later. Amy didn’t bother to scream as she fell towards Kate’s mouth she had an idea what was coming. Kate excelled quickly the rush of air halting Amy’s fall and lifting her back up into the air. As Kate did this a few times Amy noticed that she was always being held about level with the walk way as this seemed to be the level that Kate could maintain the longest. Recalling were she had seen this before “ HEY You are using me for a breathing exercise.” Amy found herself in Kate’s hand a moment later as the girl broke out into a fit of giggles.

“ You are just figuring that out? Oh if you had been paying attention the bungee jumping yesterday is actually meant to help me learn to control my movements even if I have to make them very rapidly.” Amy gave Kate an odd look “ So is everything you do with normal people some form of exercise?” “ To be honest with you yeah most everything that I do with normal people is a exercise. Even the sand castle building is something that was taught partly to help me control myself and partly to help me learn how structures work. I don’t think it would be a good idea to try anything that I have done with you if I didn’t have prior experience. Especially since it would only require one little slip up.”

Amy just nodded she had figured Kate had prior experience with such things considering how good she was at them. It actually made Amy happy knowing this as Kate continued her breathing exercise. Even though it meant she was being used in the place of some peace of equipment it also meant that Kate cared for her enough not to try anything that she hadn’t done before. “ So ever lost anyone while doing this.” Amy turned white when Kate moved a finger beside her head she wasn’t sure if it meant she had lost one person or she wanted Amy to wait a minute. As Kate worried about this she found herself getting closer to Kate’s mouths as the rush of air became less focused. Kate having slowly parted her lips a bit more now allowed Amy to see down into the void of her throat.

Amy had watched Kate eat and had imagined how many people the girl could fit into her mouth now drifting so close to her lips her entire body tightened up. As the air suddenly stopped Amy couldn’t suppress a scream as she fell towards Kate’s partially parted lips. Hitting the soft texture of Kate’s lips a moment later as the girl snapped her mouth shut Amy could feel her heart trying to escape from her chest. Two fingers picked her up a moment later “ Just one person they accidently got me to giggling a bit too hard. I ended up inhaling a bit to sharply and well.” Amy who was already a pale white from the experience only looked at Kate a bit shocked for a few moments before she was being bounced around by Kate’s laughter.

“ I am kidding no I haven’t ever lost anyone while doing breathing exercises or anything else for that matter. They have been close calls of course and times that I have felt very lucky that I didn’t end up killing anyone. With over a thousand hours with each exercise though before I was allowed to work with a real person I was plenty ready when I got to play with people. Amy let out a sigh as the color began to return to her skin though she couldn’t shake the image of herself falling towards Kate’s partly opened lips. Even without her mouth open all the way Amy knew she would have simply vanished within that void. So it was odd when she found that she enjoyed it when Kate began to hold her in the air with her breath once again. Looking towards her mouth the lips were to close together to really see into it but the slight bit of fear seemed to make the ride more enjoyable much the same as the worry of a roller coaster tearing up makes the ride slightly more enjoyable.

The game actually continued until the main door opening got both girls attention. Amy couldn’t help but chuckle at what she saw a few seconds later. Several vehicles driving in with what Amy figured to be Kate’s food. As they parked Kate would simply lift what ever they had been carrying from the vehicle and they would leave. All except one which a soldier had gotten out and walked over to Kate and Amy. Kate having set Amy on the ground when their breakfast began to arrive. Once again Amy found herself being over fed this time she noticed a very large grin on the soldiers face. Turning to Kate “ Do they do this intentionally.” Kate took a few moments to answer as she finished chewing her food before answering. “ Do what intentionally?” “ Give me a small pile of food that I couldn’t eat in three days.” “ Naa you just need to learn to eat like one of them that is about how much they eat regularly.”

“ That is a lie and you know it.” Kate couldn’t help but grin “ Alright, Yeah they give you that much intentionally the habit developed a while back when it came to feeding me. It was decided that since I get so much food they wouldn’t want the guest to feel neglected so they just piled it on.” Amy took another look at her plate and knew right away their motives weren’t to make people feel welcome more like to give them a hard time. Letting out a sigh she took the plate and found a spot next to Kate’s massive thigh. Amy managed to avoid over stuffing herself and once again Kate finished off her food simply by turning the plate upside down while holding it over her mouth. Something that Amy wasn’t sure she would ever adapt to as she took time to consider just how small it seemed in comparison to the massive girl.

Placing the containers that had held their meal against the wall “ We will just have to wait until they come to pick up our dishes.” “ Think they are still testing.” Kate gave a nod “ They will be testing all day most likely believe it or not.” Amy fell back closing her eyes she was surprised when she felt the now familiar pressure of Kate’s fingers as she was picked up. “ Got something else to do?” “ Nope just wanted to hold you.” Amy just grinned as closed her eyes once again she could hear and feel Kate moving as she relaxed. Kate leaning back against the wall held Amy slightly against her chest as she relaxed herself. A odd feeling running threw both of the girls. Both of them had felt it before though Kate was far more familiar with it then Amy was. Holding Amy in her hand in such a manner seemed to awaken some of Kate’s more motherly instincts as she lightly petted the small girl. Amy for her part felt relaxed and safe much the way an infant does while its mother holds and protects it.

Kate had experienced the feelings before and had learned the most likely reason for them. Amy for her part had a pretty good guess why she felt so relaxed but didn’t bother to question it. Her stomach full and in such a state it was only a few moments before Amy had drifted off to sleep. Kate continued to pet Amy as she held her regretting that Amy’s time visiting would soon be coming to a close. Amy would soon have to return to the normal world and get back to her classes something that Kate didn’t like in the least. The sound of foot steps got Kate’s attention she had been so consumed in the moment that she hadn’t noticed the door open. Seeing Sheila on the walk way. “ Hi Granny.” Sheila couldn’t help but chuckle at the site as she learned against the railing.

“ Hi Katey I just figured I would stop by and see how you two are doing.” “ Just fine I am glad Amy didn’t require sedation yesterday that is for sure.” Sheila nodded “ It was a shock to all of us the way she handled everything. Most people require being sedated at least once just to be a little coherent.” Sheila peaked around at Amy for a second noticing how comfortable the girl seemed to be “ Well I will have some men come in and get your dishes once she wakes up.” Kate gave a slight nod as she watched Sheila leave. Even though they weren’t biologically related the woman had became a mother figure to her over the years. Quite a bit stricture then most peoples mothers thanks to her military training and the situation the two found themselves in but no less loving.

Kate had fallen into a relaxed state when she found Amy stirring once again the girls hand reaching out and pressing against Kate’s massive breast caused the girl to bite her lip a bit. Thanks to her enhanced senses Kate was able to feel the slight pressure even through the thick fabric of her clothing. Moving Amy away from her chest “ So have a nice nap.” Looking around for a second Amy realized just were she was and couldn’t help but blush. “ Sure did.” A short while later a group of vehicles once again arrived, Kate helped them to load the dishes back onto the vehicles the two finding themselves alone once again only a few minutes later. While Amy thought it was only good timing it actually made Kate regret the fact that they were being watched in some way almost all the time.

It would probably be a while she figured before she would truly aloud to be alone with Amy. She had grown use to such situations but that didn’t mean she enjoyed them. Amy was actually a bit disappointed when Kate set her down a few moments later she knew why though when Kate adjusted herself so that she could lay on her stomach. “ Hey Amy what do you think of the_weasle.” It took Amy a few moments to recall just who Kate was referring to “ I think he is alright to talk to even if he is a bit strange.” “ Oh but he all act pretty strange when we are online you included.” Amy nodded her head for a few moments. “ Yeah especially you I always wondered why kind of up bringing would have brought about someone with your mentality.”

Kate gave Amy a some what annoyed look causing the girl to chuckle but take a few steps back. “ Just kidding.” “ I can’t help it if normal things don’t concern me. I mean why the heck should I worry about how dark it is it isn’t like I could fit in a alley way in the first place and even if their was one big enough I doubt I would have to worry about muggers or anything else for that matter except for the poor bum I might accidently step on.” Walking around Kate Amy made her way over to the girls foot leaning against it for a few moments and placing her hand over her head. She stepped away taking a moment to judge just how much bigger Kate’s food was then her entire body. “ Or car or truck.” This got a laugh from Kate as Amy listed a few things that she could easily picture Kate’s food covering completely.

Kate was a bit surprised when she felt Amy’s hands get a grip on her foot. Looking back she watched as the girl struggled to climb a foot many times her size. Kate for her part held as still as she could as she couldn’t help but grin at the smaller creature. Amy finally managed to make her way onto Amy’s leg. Taking in a deep breath of air she began to walk up the back side of Kate’s leg looking down over the side from time to time. Climbing up on Kate’s skirt she walked across Kate’s back to finally set down on the massive girls shoulder. “ You know it would be bad if you were scared of heights.” Kate blushed a deep red a few seconds later “ I am.” Amy didn’t respond for a few moments as she wondered just what Kate meant by the words I am. It hit her a few seconds later “ How the heck can you be scared of heights shouldn’t you be afraid to even look down in that case?”

Kate slowly moved her finger over the floor as she tried to explain. “ Well I am not afraid of my own height it feels as normal to me as yours feels to you. I found out a while back while I was smaller and easier to get around though that I don’t like heights once bit. Lucky for there are very few things around that make me feel as if I am high up.” Amy gave a slight nod as she couldn’t help but laugh at the situation. A woman several hundred feet tall was scared of heights. “ You are an odd one Kate that is all I can say.” “ Well take a few moments to consider it really. How often do I feel as if I am high up? Not very often which means that I have very few instances that I can adapt to being in high places.”

“ That is true.” “ I mean everything must seem high up to you little shrimps.” “ Hey we are not little thank you very much. You are just so damn big.” Kate giggled causing her shoulders to shake and Amy to tumble off. The girl regretting having not taken hold of any of Kate’s hair. A scream came from her lips until she found herself upon a warm set surface laying in darkness. Setting their for a few seconds she had been falling towards the solid ground only a few moments ago to suddenly find herself laying on something that was relatively soft but soaking wet was quite a shock. Kate having sensed Amy falling the second the motion had began had react quickly. Her arms had been encumbered by her position so she had done the next best thing. She had simply taken in a sharp gust of air and sucked Kate into her mouth. The girl was close enough and it was the best method she knew to brake her fall. She could now feel the tiny girl moving about within her mouth probably trying to figure out just were she was.

Grinning Kate didn’t take Amy out of her mouth right away as she felt the little girls hand press against her guns and teeth. No doubt trying to figure out just were she was, Kate gave her tongue a slight flick upon Amy standing up sending the girl landing on her back. Amy for her part was trying to remain calm as she tried to figure out just were she was. The fact that she could stand up didn’t help matter as what ever she was standing on seemed intent on keeping her laying down. It was with this in mind that she began to follow the roll of solid objects until she figured out where she was. How smooth the surface was, the hot humid air, the living mass beneath her feet and the order that the stones fell in. She didn’t require any help at this point realizing that she was within Kate’s mouth. Her first instinct to scream she kept suppressed as she took in a few breaths.

A second thought came to her mind as she noticed that despite having eaten there wasn’t anything left within Kate’s mouth. That didn’t surprise her too much considering how powerful the such must be when Kate swallows. This thought was enough to get a slight yelp out of her. “ Alright Kate let me out.” Kate grinned as she heard her friends words not wanting to comply just yet though she began to roll tiny Amy about within her mouth. Amy who was already soak wouldn’t have minded the situation so much if she wasn’t having to fight back the fear of being swallowed the entire time. She was quite aware that it wouldn’t require much effort upon Kate’s part to simply swallow and that would be the end of her. Amy chose to trust her friend though as she suppressed her gut instincts and actually began to enjoy being toyed with. She would need to get cleaned up after words that was for sure but it wasn’t like she could force Kate to do anything.

Kate sensing that Amy had relaxed a bit took the time to play with the girl some. Grinning as she rolled her about like a peace of candy. Finally she opened her mouth and extracted Amy from it. Chuckling at her soaked friend who by now was a mess. “ You need to get cleaned up.” Kate placed Amy upon the walk way in front of her room. “ Thanks for the cat bath.” Kate chuckled for a second “ And for saving my life.” “ No problem besides you taste good maybe I should have just taken of your close and sucked on you a little longer.” Amy rolled her eyes as she walked into the room and headed towards the bath room wanting to get cleaned off before Kate’s saliva began to dry on her.

Kate just grinned as her friend vanished within the room, removing her hands from under her body and folding them under her chin. She hoped that the testing would be done by the next day being stuck in her room didn’t exactly suit her. She liked to get some exercise in during the day thinking about this for a second she slowly rolled over onto her stomach. Amy could hear Kate shifting outside as she washed herself off and put on a fresh pair of close. Figuring that she wouldn’t be going outside she settled on a lose pair of shorts and a over sized t-shirt before walking out to see what her friend was up to. The site of Kate’s massive body raising and falling actually surprised her as she walked to the edge of the walk way to find Kate doing some push ups. “ Wow I didn’t expect you ever exercised.” Kate gave Amy a side ways glance for a second “ And just what do you call all that running around that I did while you were hang gliding.” Blinking her eyes for a second Amy had been so caught up in what her own body was being put through she didn’t really notice how active Kate was.

Kate had been moving around most of the time she had been there doing one thing or the other. Really Amy was only sore thanks to the swimming lessons. Kate stopped her exercise for a moment as she watched Amy climb up on the railing before jumping on her back. Feeling Amy land and roll for a second Kate waited for the girl to get settled. Feeling Amy’s movement as she climbed up her tube top. “ Yeah I guess you do keep yourself busy but look at the way you eat.” “ Oh shush proportionally I eat far less then you or anyone else, and just what do you think you are doing back there anyway.” “ Helping you exercise of course silly, it helps to have a little extra weight. Now back to work.” Kate felt a few small taps which she figured to be Amy’s foot considering how the girl was setting. “ I should make you work out with me shorty.”

Amy just grinned as she enjoyed the ride laying on Kate’s back she was actually surprised for how long the massive girl was able to go before settling herself down. “ Done already?” A rush of air hit Amy had Kate been able to face her completely it would have knocked her over. “ You are asking to be put through an exercise routine of your own back there.” Kate’s fingers plucked Amy from her back a moment later. As Kate move onto her back and placed Amy on her ankle. “ Now make sure you get a good hold.” Amy didn’t bother asking what Kate was planning as she got the best grip she could. A few moments of nothing happening and hearing a sound behind her and she turned to look what was going on. “ This is going to work I am liable to send you air born if that is the best you can do.”

Amy felt a little strange as a second later she found herself tied to Kate’s ankle by a massive band of cloth. Kate blushed for a second “ That was my security blanket when I was 6.” All Amy could do is look in awe as she marveled at how much Kate had grown. The blanket was massive of course but it wasn’t anything compared to Kate’s current size. Amy found the reason for the cloth a short while later as Kate began to do leg lifts. Though the movement was slow for Kate it was a different story for Amy thanks to the size difference. “ You are a amusement park all to yourself aren’t you?” Kate just grinned her response as she went threw the wrest of her exercise routines so long as they didn’t require standing up. Finally stopping Amy noticed a playful glint in Kate’s eyes as she looked at her. Picking up her friend Amy seemed a bit uneasy as she noticed Kate’s fingers folding around her.

“ Alright little miss lazy but your turn.” Amy would have protested but she found her self needing all her breath as she pushed up on Kate’s finger. Using her legs much like people would in a leg press she knew Kate was the one really moving her finger but it seemed that the amount of force it took to move it remained constant. Kate just grinned as she put her friend threw a full body work out using her fingers as the wait. Finally stopping at the inclined bench press figuring that Amy had enough of a work out. “ Now don’t you feel good.” Amy just took in a few deep breaths of air everything she had tried to talk or complain Kate would increase the pressure which would require her to focus on what she was doing again. Waving her finger at Kate “ I hope you have to swim the Atlantic.” This got a giggle from the massive girl as she considered the breath. “ I probably could.” Shaking her hand Amy pulled down her t-shirt the fabric having been soaked with her sweat to the point that it looked like she had been in a wet t-shirt contest.“

Slowly setting up and rubbing her sore arms “ I need a drink of water.” Kate placed Amy on the walk way once again before her room. “ I doubt you really had time to explore your accommodations check out the dresser on the far right of the room it is actually a fridge.” Amy nodded only to return a few moments later with some bottled water. “ Kind of fancy for a military installation isn’t it?” Kate having laid back down looked up at her friend as she stood on the walk way. “ Just trying to make you feel at home.” Amy nodded as she returned to her room for another bottle of water having drained in the first one in a few short moments. “ Home gym nothing I figure if someone had you as a personal trainer they would be in shape in no time.” Kate grinned for a second “ Well of course after all if I was someone’s personal trainer they wouldn’t have a choice in the matter.”

“ No kidding?” Amy grinned as she rubbed her sore arms. Kate for her part only chuckled having pretty much forced Amy threw every exercise that she could think of. Kate retrieved Amy from the walk way a few moments later. Amy simply relaxed as she found herself laid on Kate’s stomach with Kate’s massive hand wresting over her only a few moments later. Though she was surprised when she finished her bottle of water and Kate’s hand retrieved it a few seconds later. Amy didn’t see Kate throw the bottle away as the two simply laid there Kate let her eyes drift shut. She seemed too since the moment that Amy went to sleep having spent a good deal of her energy exercising and not having anything else to do for the time being the girl simply let herself nod off. Kate allowed herself to fall into a relaxed state even though it wasn’t nearly the time she was use to wresting she figured it was the same for Amy though.

Amy found herself awake a few hours later Kate’s massive hand still wresting on her. Not thinking quite clearly she was shocked when she pushed up on one of Kate’s massive fingers and the entire hand lifted. Setting up for a second she looked to the side of Kate’s breast seeing a grinning Kate looking back at her. “ Good morning.” Amy was about to answer when a loud explosion got both the girls attention. “ Holy crap what was that?” Kate sighed for a second before answering “ Probably a new explosive.” “ You don’t sound too happy about that something wrong?” Kate gave a slight pout to her lips before answering “ It means that we can’t outside again today.” Amy looked at Kate for a moment she had been sore the previous day but now her entire body ached. “ Umm Kate I think that is a good thing as far as I am concerned it kind of hurts to move thanks to that work out you put me through.”

“Ahh well then you just relax right were you are.” Amy grinned as Kate’s hand rolled her onto her back feeling one of Kate’s fingers press lightly into her back she was surprised that Kate was actually capable of giving a message though not in the normal since. Rather Kate used a very small portion of her finger to apply pressure over a small portion of Amy’s body. The most surprising thing for Amy being the fact that she found herself having to fight sleep once again as Kate helped her to relax. “ So what are we going to do today?” Amy looked up not expecting Kate to ask her such a question after all it was Kate’s home and she knew the rules better then her. “ Umm I guess watch tv.” Kate nodded as she pulled her keyboard to her and began to type in a few keys. Bringing up her movie collection Amy as the two scanned the movies a thought ran threw Amy’s head as they saw the horror movies.

“Hey Kate you ever have nightmares over any of the villains?” Kate burst out into a torrent of laughter a few moments later. “ Amy I haven’t been scared of anything since I hit 150 feet tall. I mean lets take Jason for instance assuming that such a creature came to exist all I would have to do is step on him, flick him, crush him with my pinky or if I felt like it see how he fairs in a lake of stomach acid though I don’t much care for the last option be kind of gross. Giant bugs don’t worry me either since even the biggest monster bug would be nothing but a smear on the bottom of my shoe.” Amy grinned as she patted Kate’s stomach a few times. “ Well yeah I guess you don’t have too many things to worry about other then Alf.” Taking a moment to recall the character Kate gave Amy a jokingly strict look for a second. “ Oh so I am a cat now?”

“ Well you did give me a cat bath.” A bit of a huff came from Kate she hadn’t expected her little joke to back fire her on such a way. “ Who’s the good kiddy hmm who’s the good kiddy.” Hit the massive girls ears as she felt Amy’s hands rubbing her stomach. Kate started to retaliate before just letting out a huff. “ Meow.” Being the only word that came from her lips as Amy was struck down with a case of the giggles herself. “ Alright since you don’t get scared and I need someone to hold me while watching horror movies how about we watch a couple?” “ Which ones?” “ Jason goes to hell, jeapers creepers and It.” As the movie began to play Kate placed her hand next to Amy who in turn took hold of one of Kate’s fingers as best she could.

Breakfast was the only interruption in the girls viewing during the first three movies however before they could watch the second the sound of the main door opening got their attention. A man clearly in his eighties proceeded into the room a few moments later. Walking slowly as he knew he wouldn’t have to walk far. “ Uncle.” Rang from Kate’s mouth as she scooped up the elderly man only a few moments later. “ What brings you to visit us.” The gray haired old man gave a slight grin. “ Good day ladies well I heard that you were having a video day and I thought I would join you.” Amy wondered why Kate had picked her up until she noticed a hand extended to her obviously expecting a hand shake. Taking hold of Michel’s hand she wondered why Kate had called him uncle.

“ Please to meet you young lady please call me Michel.” “ Alright sir I guess from Kate’s response you know her quite well.” “ Oh yes very well I knew little Kate from the very start, heck I recall the day that she was brought here as a baby. One of the tiniest scrawniest thing I ever saw. Well we took care of the tiny too bad she is still scrawny.” A rush of air hit both Amy and Michel as Kate snorted. Amy only grinned as despite the old man’s statement Kate had a huge grin across her face it was obvious that the old fellow has a key member in her surrogate family. “ Well I am pleased to meet you so you got anything you want to watch?” “ Oh no no you two go ahead and pick I just came here to relax and see what you are watching now been a while since I went to the movies.”

Amy found herself sharing Kate’s stomach with Michel a few moments later though they were still very far apart thanks to the shier amount of space. As they browsed threw the movies Kate noticed that the doors hadn’t been shut back she found out why shortly after when a few trucks headed in. Loaded down with various fruit items Kate rolled her eyes as she looked towards the old fellow who despite his age had kept all his teeth thus was giving her a rather toothy grin. “ Here is are snacks Amy.” Amy looked some what shocked when Kate handed her and Michel a massive plate of fruit while she simply began to eat from the containers.

“ You people eat too many sweets as is today you should learn to quit tampering with nature.” “ Oh and just what do you and your scientist buddies do all day?” Came from Amy as she bit into an apple a smile upon her face. A loud sigh came from Kate as if Amy had made a very big mistake. What followed suit was a rather lengthy explanation from Michel on how he and his other scientist didn’t tamper with nature but rather improved it. The points were very easily debatable of course which is why Amy figured it was so lengthy. There was no way she was going to ask any other questions and risk that he had an equally lengthy answer to them. Rather she simply nodded her head and gave Kate the occasional glance. Kate for her part had a wide grin on her face as Amy learned a very valuable lesson about questioning one who has accumulated eight years of knowledge.

Amy and Kate were finally able to enjoy their movies after Amy had learned her lesson about asking questions. Amy for her part was surprised on how quiet Michel became while watching tv it was clear that over the years he had learned patience and when to keep quiet. One thing that Amy did notice was the look upon both Kate and Michel’s face. She had seen similar looks when Kate was with Sheila and had began to get a clearer and better idea on just how Kate was controlled. Not only were these her creatures who provided for her but they were also her family. The pessimist inside of Amy couldn’t help but see this as the worse kind of manipulation if they didn’t truly care for her. This was a quiet voice though having seen how Sheila and now Michel react with Kate she had very little doubt that it was actual carrying and not just manipulation.

Michel for his part found himself quite relaxed. Even though Kate wasn’t his biological grandchild he still felt the same way about her that he did his natural grandchildren. Really he probably felt more concern with Kate thanks to the larger amount of time he had spent with the young girl and his knowledge of her purpose. He worried about Kate despite all her size and strength and especially feared the day when she would be used as a weapon. How the world would react to her and how she would react to the world. Looking over at Amy he could tell she didn’t fully trust any of them write now that was a good thing though. He didn’t want Kate having a bunch of overly trusting friends.

The only one out of the three that seemed completely content of course was Kate herself. She always enjoyed company and the more of it the better as far as she was concerned. She only wished that she could get the other scientist, Sheila and the wrest of her friends to join her. Still thanks to the rarity of such situations she was quite content with a friend and the man she considered her uncle to keep her company.

As the third movie ran through Michel had finally had enough as he went to set up. Kate feelings the motion didn’t give the old man time to struggle to his feat. Lifting him from his setting position Michel grinned as Kate placed him upon the ground. “ Going back to work?” “ Yeah that is enough tv for me got to get some more research done.” Kate gave a slight nod as Michel left turning her attention back to Amy Kate couldn’t help but chuckle as she noticed what had happened. Having been laying down for so long and on a full stomach Amy had dosed off some time during the movies. Watching Michel leave Kate wondered if he was actually fighting sleep himself.

Amy gave a slight grumble as Kate began nudging her with her pinky. Amy upon opening her eyes seemed to look at Kate for longer then normal as it took her a moment to fully awaken. Slowly looking around the plain of Kate’s stomach Amy stretched as she set up. “ So were did the old man go?” “ Back to work I guess he decided to take a extended brake.” “ They can get away with that.” “ Michel can and a few others but like you said he is old in his eighties actually so he gets some extra consideration well that and he is the civilian head of research.” Nodding her head Amy proceeded to set up her body having gone some what stiff after laying around for such a long time.

Kate watched Amy walk around upon her stomach for a little bit as the girl tried to get her muscles to relax. She couldn’t help but laugh however when Amy started doing jumping jacks not so much that the motion was amusing but were she chose to do it was. This ended in Amy lousing her balance and landing on her rump. Amy found herself being treated some what like Michel as Kate didn’t wait for her to stand up again. Rather Kate’s fingers lifted her from the fabric of Kate’s tube top and simple placed her upon the walk way. “ Nothing else planned for today?” As the words left Amy’s lips she noticed Kate pointing towards the computer screen. The time being twelve oclock Amy let out a slight huff. “ Oh just didn’t want me to sleeping on you?”

“Na That I don’t mind but you need to get cleaned up as do I.” Amy looked on for a moment as Kate began to open the doors to let herself out. “ Hey I thought we weren’t allowed to go out.” Kate gave a grin as she looked back towards her friend “ You are not I am.” Amy sighed and rolled her eyes as she walked into her room and began to diss robe not really finding it surprising that Kate was permitted to wonder around even during testing. The installation was pretty much Kate’s home after all and Kate was a military secret herself so it probably didn’t matter if she wondered around.

Kate didn’t worry about all the testing going on around her as most everyone that was involved where a little busy to look at her and she couldn’t really request privacy at the time. Still it did make her request that the only place she could shower wasn’t out in the open. Being around seven hundred feet tall and still growing limited what could be done for her of course. While a structure could have been built to house her more comfortable the simple truth was she was still increasing in size and no one really knew how much she was going to grow. This of course meant building anything for her could be a waste of time since she might out grow it thus making the expense a rather extreme waste as most things tailored made to Kate really couldn’t be used by anyone else.

Kate let out a sigh as she moved back into her little shelter dressing herself and laying down. She looked towards Amy’s room regretting that the next day she would have to spend herself off. She was glad to have company for even a week though and it would probably get tiring to have them around all the time. Still as she knew that it could well be a few months before someone else came to visit her she found herself trying to think of what they should do on the finale day. Recalling that Amy had enjoyed wondering around the sand castle she resolved that is what they would look into tomorrow before letting herself relax.

As complete awareness came to Kate the next mourning she looked towards the computer screen. Finding it to be a few hours before Amy woke up the giantess grinned as she slipped on her bikini and made her way out of her room towards the beach. Setting down in front of the unfinished sand castle she began to work on it once again. Figuring she would check up on her friend in a little while she wanted to at least have a few things ready for when Amy woke up. Amy for her part was true to her nature when she woke up at well past nine. Looking around the room for a little while the girl brushed her teeth before heading out of her room. Looking towards the large opening where Kate normally set she was surprised to find that the young giantess was no were to be seen.

She had just began to head back to her room when she heard the massive door opening and Kate peaking back in. “ Hey Amy why don’t you get a swim suit on.” Amy only nodded as he could tell that Kate had already been on the beech making her wonder just how long the girl had been up. Getting dressed and running outside Amy found herself standing next to Kate’s food for the first time that the girl was standing up. No longer being held or having Kate set down Amy had been amazed by how big Kate was but the moment seemed to bring everything into perspective as she once again found herself looking at Kate in a state of awe. Watching as Kate’s massive leg moved well above her and backwards. Amy realized that Kate had stood to close to the building and probably couldn’t see her thanks to the two large obstructions upon her chest.

Stepping back and extending her hand Kate grinned at the shocked look upon her friends face. This was another reason that they normally had people meet Kate while she was setting down and they were on a walk way helped to keep them from realizing just how big she was. Though standing next to her foot tended to have the exact opposite effect as it often made people think she was much larger when she really was. Amy enjoyed the ride as they headed towards the beech neither of them wanting to talk about the fact that this would be Amy’s last day of visiting for a little while. Amy for her part was a little scared at the idea of leaving she had been chosen since she was favorable towards the government of course but still she had a bit of concern. The idea of just vanishing didn’t seem appealing to her at all as she considered all the possible scenarios. These were soon pushed from her mind however as she found herself exploring Kate’s handiwork.

The main structure of the castle was largely finished and a tower had even been added to it. Looking around Amy began to feel rather short as the castle seemed to be made for people that feel into the eight to nine foot range which she was no were even near. Amy did recall however that Kate wanted someone to serve as a guide for her work and now she knew why. Looking out one of the windows she watched as Kate compressed the sand to what she considered to be stone.

This alone would have been impressive enough in her opinion but the fact that Kate could then mode it into a castle was quite shocking. Kate noticing that her friend was watching her gave a rather large grin. “ I figure that since we are not in the middle ages anymore I am safe from any sword packing lunatic.” Amy gave a slight laugh “ Does that make me the princess?” Kate stopped her working as she seemed to think about this before answering her friend “ More like the accomplice after all how often is the princess friends with the giantess?” “Oh so I am the bate for the night now?” “Yup that is a good way of summing it up.” Amy grinned as she considered the concept and once again began to head through the tower. Thinking as she reached the top of the spire she yelled out to Kate. “ Well you know if I am an accomplice this place could use a dungeon.”

Amy found herself wondering through Kate’s completed work a few hours later. Looking around the castle she was amazed by her knew friends dexterity and control over her strength. Finally stepping out onto a balcony she noticed a wide grins on Kate’s face as if she was waiting for something. “ Very nice Kate I bet their were plenty of builders that would have loved to have you around.” “ Glad to see you like it.” Kate picked up Amy only a few moments later looking down at her work the sound of a horn honking got the two’s attention as they looked back to see Sheila setting in a jeep. “ Alright girl everything is packed up time for us to send Amy home.” Kate’s smile faded a bit but only a bit as she sighed. She didn’t say anything to Amy though as she carried the girl towards the landing pad. Amy for her part felt a bit down until her thoughts turned to her stuff. “ Wait we need to go back to my room and pick up my things.” “ Don’t worry they already got your stuff and the landing pad most likely.”

Amy didn’t complain just nodded her head as she imagined her stuff had already been searched the first day she was here. Sheila for her part remained in her jeep until Kate had stepped over it while this might have seemed dangerous in truth it was the best method to keep Kate from stepping on something provided she cared for you. Amy found her items already packed and waiting for her which got a grin from her. “ You that eager to get rid of me?” “Well you know the saying fish and company stink in three days and you have been here for seven.” Amy gave Kate a stern look before both girls laughed. Kate placed Amy on the ground near the helicopter that would take her back to the main land. Absently Kate tried to make a note of various details of the helicopter. She wanted to look up its exact type when she got home and find out just how great its range was.

It was well after take off when Amy was handed a slip of paper. As Amy looked at the check she was at first surprised to have been given it though. Holding up to the soldier “ No thanks.”. She noticed a smile on the man’s face before he took her hand and pushed the money paper back towards her. “ It is nice to hear that but don’t worry about it. You will be getting another invite before to long and if you ever want to speed it up just let Kate know.” Amy nodded as she considered the fact that she still had her friend online. Looking at the check she grinned even though it was for staying with a friend it was nice to get more then two weeks pay just for having fun.