Ch 2 continued


“ Nope sorry just electronics and genetics.”

“ Well get ready to learn since you are going to be helping me modify that stuff down their once my order arrives. Oh I had better call Marry and get her up here.” Jack looked to Kate with a questioning look in his eyes.

“ Oh don’t worry my dad is pretty good with the torch from his younger days.”

“ Okay but who is Marry?”

“ Marry is my mother of course silly I guess she will want to know about this as well.” Jack nodded then heard Nathan finish up the phone call. Looking towards the two of them for a moment Nathan clapped his hands together.

“ Alright here is what I am going to do I am going to help modify that work out equipment you have down stairs to last you a while longer but you know even that isn’t going to last forever. I called your mother up here so that you could tell her and show her yourself because quite frankly I think if I told her without proof what was going on I would lose control of my company and be in a nice white room for a while. Now you said that you weren’t all that handy with a welder but can you design things young man?” Jack only nodded his head as he felt a bit of resentment at the statement especially considering his habit of calling Kate young having a elder now kind of annoyed him as he liked being the oldest.

“ Alright then I am going to put you in charge of this little project and trust you to order and maybe design the equipment Kate is going to need. If you don’t know much about hydraulics though I recommend you start learning.” Kate couldn’t help but give her father a strange look as he referred too it as a project something that didn’t go unnoticed by Kate.

“ Oops sorry sweety I didn’t mean to sound like that but I am going to devote some of the companies funds to you and this gentlemen here. I think it would be better then having you always go through outside sources for what you need. So I expect the machine parts to be ordered from the company.” A wide grin formed on Kate’s face as she realized what her dad was doing and Nathan soon found himself swept off the ground as his girl gave him a hug.

“ Thanks daddy and I am glad we have your packing in this.” Nathan didn’t know what to do is his daughter held him in the air except to lightly pat her head and chuckle some at how excitable she could be.

“ You are welcome sweet heart but umm could you put me down I have a few more things I need to take care of.” Kate noticing what she was doing giggled a bit before settling Nathan back down and returning to her seat. “ I figure I will stay about a week and get everything set up then I am going to have to head off. Your mother should be here tomorrow and well Kate would you mind not showing her what you can do all at once? You nearly gave me a heart attack by doing all that at once maybe you can build up to it?” Kate gave a wide grin at her fathers request as she touched the side of her cheek as if thinking.

“ We will see daddy but you know I really like what this body of mine can do.” With that Kate proceeded to flex her biceps showing off a bit for her father and Jack.

“ I am sure you do sweety we just need to make sure that you remain you.” Kate gave a nod in agreement with her father who was by now looking around the house and checking in various rooms. “ Which rooms are you two using I came up here figuring I would stick around about three days before heading back to work. That way I can make sure you two are going to be alright.” As Jack watched Kate take her father by the arm and lead him towards one of the room that they weren’t using he could see why Kate exercised so often. Since some behavioral patterns are learned from the parent. Still considering what Kate’s father had been like and Kate herself Jack found himself more then a little curious about what Kate’s mother would be like.


Jack looked around for a moment as he and Nathan worked in the basement taking note of some of the exercise equipment. Nathan was making a rather detail lists of ideas as well as some equipment that he didn’t think his little girl would be able to use for very long. Kate for her part was upstairs making dinner finally give Jack the chance to ask something he had been dying to know. “ I was wondering could you possibly tell me what you do for a living?” Nathan looked up from his note pad and gave Jack the ultimate you don’t know look.

“ You mean Kate hasn’t told you yet?” Jack could only shake his head no it was rather embarrassing to know so little about Kate’s family and yet to be living with her.

“ My little girl she is an odd one that is for sure. Well I am the owner and president of InCon Ltd.” Jack seemed to think about the name for a moment as he could swear he had heard it before but it didn’t stick out right away. “ I wouldn’t exactly be surprised if you didn’t know much about us we are not that big after all and competing with those high tech monsters is getting harder and harder.”

“ Hey I recall now you produce military equipment as well as some hunting gear right?” Nathan nodded before returning to his notes leaving Jack to think about this for a moment. He knew InCon Ltd was one of the few companies that were still managing to hold onto any part of the market with the larger companies pushing their way in. Largely thanks to the fact that they supplied hunting equipment on the side.

“ That is why I couldn’t come to see my little girl as often as I would like to even when she is in the hospital. Especially right now since we are working on getting a government contract that would really help us.”

“ What would that be?”

“ Design a new style of military boot that would last longer and be more comfortable for the soldiers.” Jack didn’t know what to say to this having worked for Lex Corp over the last few years such a simple item almost seemed laughable. Still considering the number of boots it would take he didn’t image it would be a rather big deal for such a company. “ Now wipe that grin off your face while Kate was showing me around she mentioned you once worked for Lex Corp so I imagine from that and the look on your face it seems silly but it isn’t like we can compete with them on the more glamorous things like tanks.”

Jack who didn’t realize that he had been given Nathan any type of look actually feeling a little embarrassed. It wasn’t like he was a higher up in Lex Corp at anyone time after all and he imagined that even though Nathan only owned a minor company he still had more success in his life time then Jack had. Also from Nathan’s demeanor and the way he behaved towards work Jack doubted Nathan had inherited the company actually judging from his behavior it seemed more likely that he had built it from the ground up himself Jack didn’t get to ask that question as a voice reached down to them. “ Alright you two come on upstairs dinner is ready.”

Jack didn’t a chance to ask Nate any more questions as Kate insisted on helping them for the rest of the night. Nathan and Jack actually wondering if she was actually doing it to show off more then help as she seemed to delight in picking up objects for them that they would have normally placed on their side thanks to the weight. As Brian lay in bed that night a funny notion came to his mind as he took a moment to set his alarm clock for before Kate would go off on her morning run. So far Nathan had seen how much strength his little girl had put on Jack now planned on show him how much faster she could move.

The alarm clock managed to get Brian out of bed early the next morning though it took him a moment to think of just why he had set it. As soon as he did though he found himself quickly getting out of bed and heading down stairs to fetch the radar gun as he did this he noticed something strange. Sniffing the air he made his way into the kitchen were he saw a very tired looking Nathan and a rather large amount of food set up. Looking up at Jack for a moment Nathan gave him a strange look as he noticed the radar gun but dismissed it he had a more important question. “ Does my daughter always get up this early and for that matter why did she wake me up her aging father before you I wonder.”

“ I guess she is just use to me sleeping in late and eating cold eggs but I didn’t know she was getting up this early. Blast it I was hoping I would get to show you something else that we have noticed but it seems you might have found something out before me. I wonder how the changes in her are affecting her sleeping habits.”

“ All well what ever you wanted me to see I am sure you can show me later for now why don’t you go ahead and eat what Kate mate for you before it gets cold.” Jack nodded and took up his plate setting down opposite of Nathan.

“ Kate likes her secrets don’t she I mean she wouldn’t even tell me what you did for a living. Heck I didn’t even know she could just come here to vacation when ever she wanted to until well she brought me out here.” Nathan grinned as he finished chewing a bit of eggs.

“ My little girl likes her privacy also she quit telling people about her parents when she felt they were after her for her money. Of course they were still those that got after her because her body but it at least decreased the number of people whose teeth she had to nock out. So tell me just how far have you gotten with my little girl is she letting you sleep in bed with her yet?” Jack gave Nathan a odd look as he considered what he had just been asked. Nathan seem relaxed by he still worried just what would happen if he proved to be more protective then Jack gave him credit for.

“ No she hasn’t let me get that far yet.”

“ Still restricting you to cuddling on the couch them I suppose?” Jack couldn’t help but look surprised at Nathan’s response. “ I know my little girl pretty well and don’t feel bad to my knowledge no one has made it into the bed with her. Everyone so far has proven a little to grabby I use to worry about my little girl and her flirting but well she has proven she can handle herself. You only started exercising recently haven’t you?”

“ Yeah it was Kate’s idea she really didn’t give me much of a choice in the matter at first.”

“ Well then I will say you are one lucky young man as that mean Kate really likes you. Of course it is only fair that if she keeps herself fit then you do the same wouldn’t you say?” Jack nodded in agreement it was a perfectly reasonable thing to do. The two of them continued their conversation for some time until the sound of a vehicle arriving got their attention. Heading to the front door Jack recalled Kate’s mother would be arriving. What stepped out of the vehicle was a older woman looking to be about the same age as Nathan. Her green eyes still shown with life though as Jack looked over her body he noted she was smaller then Kate over all being shorter and her muscles being less expressed though they clearly shown themself.

“ Alright now where is my little girl?” Jack couldn’t help but grin as the smartly dressed woman approached.

“ Out for a run I am afraid but why don’t you step in.” Jack quickly perked up as he recalled what he had wanted to show Nathan earlier even though he couldn’t guarantee he could show them now not knowing how fast Kate would be running when she got home he couldn’t help but feel this was his chance.

“ Actually would you two mind waiting out here I am sure Kate will be back soon and I wanted to show you something.” Jack quickly dashed inside while Nathan gave his wife a bit of a odd look and shrug before setting down. Marry was about to just go on inside anyway but when her husband set down she decided to follow suit. A moment later Jack stepped outside holding the radar gun and took a spot were they could both seem the numbers. “ Now just wait for Kate to get back I am sure this will surprise you.” Marry blinked a moment before deciding to speak up having been brought out here after being told it was important.

“ Now see here I hope this isn’t some practical joke.” Nathan put his arm around his wife to get her attention.

“ Trust me dear this isn’t a joke though I am not sure what Jack here wants to show us. Oh and Jack this is my wife Marry.” Marry nodded as she settled back and decided to play around for a while. She didn’t have to wait for long as Kate having left a hour ago was actually finishing her job having found out she couldn’t depend on land marks anymore she no longer watched out for them but rather went for a since of feeling. Marry and Nathan gave a slight start as they saw Kate zip by the numbers on the radar gun reading 36 miles per hour. Nathan having seen Kate’s show of strength the previous day wasn’t overly shocked Marry on the other hand responded the only way she could.

“ What the devil.” Quickly turning around the woman took a moment to see what had just done that and was surprised to find her daughter standing there. Kate hearing her mother’s voice turned around and gave a bit of a sheepish grin having not meant to make such a entrance but not expecting everyone to be outside waiting on her. When she saw the radar gun in Jack’s hand she knew whose fault it was but she didn’t mind.

“ Hi Mom glad to see you made it.” Marry’s first reaction was to ask them how they had just pulled off that trick. When she shook her head Marry being quite confident had a great deal of trust in her own eye site thus didn’t need to ask Kate to run by again to make sure she had seen just shoot by instead she turned to her husband.

“ Explain now.” Nathan grinned while Jack had no wonder at were Kate’s authoritative side came from though he could hardly blame the woman. Helping Marry up from the seat Nathan proceeded to lead her into the house.

“ I am going to take Marry down into the basement and let her look over the equipment after which Kate I want you to come down there and show her what you showed me. Oh and Jack after that I am going to have to talk to you about the concept of easing someone into a new situation after all what happened to the plan to slowly show Marry what Kate could do so she wouldn’t go into shock.”

“ I am hardly that fragile and now get to talking.” Marry shut the door as she gave her husband a stern look that quickly dissolved into a grin. She didn’t know exactly what they were going to show her as her husband took her down to the basement then instructed her to look everything over to make sure there were no tricks involved. As she did this Nathan began to tell her what Jack and Kate had told him as well as what he had seen the previous day. Having seen Kate run by only a few moments ago Marry was still having a bit of trouble believing what she was hearing until she heard some heavy foot steps on the stairs. A moment later Kate strolled easily down the steps carrying Jack above her head the whole time. Only setting him down once she got to the bottom of the steps she looked towards her mom.

“ Well ready for me to show you some real lifting.” Marry nodded as she watched her daughter take her spot at the barbell and once again as she had done for her father the previous day lifted it from its resting position and proceeded to bench the bar for 3 sets of 12 reps before finally settling it down. Marry couldn’t help but be amazed as she followed her daughter through the steps each time Kate would finish a exercise she would feel the weight herself test for wires and try to figure out what was going on. Slowly she found herself believing her husband more and more and coming to understand why he had felt the need to bring her up there. Had he simply told her this over the phone and expected her to believe it she might have required him to go to see a doctor once he got home as well as given him a drug test.

Finally Marry stood up and walked over to her daughter wrapping her arms around her in the hug the woman smiled at her little girl. “ Now honey didn’t I always tell you drugs would lead to trouble?” Kate couldn’t help but laugh at her mother as she hugged her in return grinning as she lifted her mother from the ground and then set her back down.

“ Well your father filled me in on most the details but now how about you tell me about this young man?” Jack started to follow Marry and Kate up the stairs when he felt Nathan’s hand rest on his shoulder stopping him from going up the steps.

“ We have some work to do down here still and besides I am sure Marry wants to talk to her little girl in private.” Jack could only grin as he wanted to hear what Kate had to say about him but he really couldn’t argue. Looking towards the exercise equipment he wondered what Jack had in mind until he saw him head over to his computer. “ Do this machine of yours have any programs for designers?”

“ Nope can’t say that it does.” Nathan nodded as he brought up his company web site and put in an order for a few programs. Jack didn’t know what to do though when he also printed out a few papers that as far as Jack could tell where a contract.

“ Alright now as the head of project little lady I am going to need you to sign these papers inside of them you will find your budget as well as your own salary.” Jack couldn’t help but give Nathan an odd look as his actions surprised him. “ Now don’t look surprised I said I was going to make this an official project and who else better to make the head of it.”

“ Thanks but I don’t really need a salary I mean I would help Kate even if I wasn’t paid.”

“ Oh yes you do need a salary I get that you care for my little girl especially from what I hear you knew her for a while before this. Blast I wish she would tell me more about herself once in a while but anyway. Even if you do love her it often helps peoples work ethic if they know some money is in it for them as well and this way you won’t have to ask Kate when you need to order something. Now this budget is adjustable of course just give me a call and explain the problem if it isn’t enough. Now as this is a job though I expect you to insure my little girls needs are meat so I expect you to spend at least a few hours a day either doing research or working up some things to help her.”

Jack nodded finally taking the papers from Nathan. Looking through them and recalling what Nathan had mentioned about hydraulics earlier Jack began to get a idea of just what he was going to have to do. It was actually surprising how quickly Nathan had drawn up the contract though he imagined it was because he was use to working on the go. At last signing them he handed the sheets of paper back to Nathan who let out a bit of a sigh. “ The reinforcing material I ordered should be arriving tomorrow so we can get to work then. I figure we can rig up these old things to last her for a few more months if we are lucky but I am not sure. It will be up to you to make sure she has what she needs after that.”

“ Alright now to wait for those women to get done…hey.” Jack gave Nathan a odd look as the man went into Jack’s files and quickly located a few of the computer games he had on including a few of the oldies like donkey kong.

“ Oh those two are going to be at for a few hours trust me we are going to have to stay down here for a while.” Jack just grinned as he considered what he should do before heading over to the weights. Removing what Kate had used earlier to impress both her mother and father Jack began putting himself through his exercise routine figuring Nathan had claimed the computer for now. Jack would regret his choice as the next day arrived and he found himself helping Nathan to adjust Kate’s exercise equipment with the material he had ordered. He never got to spend much time with Marry though he did at least get a feel for her personality especially when she began helping with the adjustments. By the time they were done Jack was glad he had already developed some more muscle tone as the bench press bar alone now weighed 130lbs more then he could have lifted at least before Kate started making him work out.

Nathan only remained the three days that it took to adjust the equipment so that it would last Kate longer. Marry leaving with her husband Jack was a bit surprised when they left a spare vehicle behind saying that they might need it.


Jack set at his computer screen typing away at the program Nathan had left with him. It had been five weeks since their visit and Kate had come along quite nicely. The program that Nathan had delivered for Jack was proving more and more useful as he began to realize that Kate would indeed be moving beyond her current exercise equipment before to long. The sound of foot steps told him that Kate had made it back from her morning jog and was heading down the steps to talk with him. Kate’s jobs had by now become a regular event as the rate of her body’s recovery and also increased.

“ Hey Jack how those designs coming along?” Looking up from his work station Jack couldn’t help but be amazed as he watched Kate come down the steps. Looking her over he could swear that she was becoming more beautiful every day though he hadn’t mentioned it to her he was developing a theory that as her body grew healthier it was also removing blemishes.

“ They are coming along well enough the budget your dad set up was pretty darn generous after all and I can use it to get you some really nice equipment though it might take them a while to make everything. So far I got you a bench and leg press that I think should last you a while.” Kate nodded as she made her way over to Jack and leaned over the computer screen looking at the various lay outs on screen.

“ You know Jack when a woman takes the time to prepare a man breakfast she expects him to eat it.” Jack grinned a bit as he realized he had been working in the basement for so long that he had forgotten to eat the breakfast Kate had prepared for him.

“ Sorry I forgot tell you what I will head up right after I finish with this and eat it then is that alright?” Jack started to go back to typing assuming Kate would be okay with it.

“ Nope it isn’t you are going to come up stairs and eat your breakfast right now. After all it is harder to think when your stomach is empty.” Grinning like a jackal Jack decided to be stubborn as he scooted his desk further in and wrapped his legs around one of the metal bars.

“ Now Kate I really need to finish this we don’t know how long that exercise equipment is going to last you.” The grin Jack saw on Kate’s face told him he didn’t have a choice in the matter though.

“ Oh don’t worry about that Jack actually I have been thinking of that myself and I have found recently that there are a few substitutes should I need wait for your designs to arrive.” Jack was about to ask what when he felt Kate’s hand snake around to take hold of the front of his pants. A moment later he found out why as he felt himself being lifted from his seat. His first instinct was to try to keep hold with his legs but the desk was to heavy for him to lift with him and he didn’t want to risk his stuff falling off. So he didn’t fight to much as his legs were pulled away from the desk and he was slowly elevated above Kate’s head.

Kate couldn’t help but grin as she held Jack aloft with one arm the muscles in her right arm expressing themselves to great effect as she supported his weight above her head with just one hand. Jack felt more then a little strange as Kate lowered him a bit so that she was only looking up at him slightly though his feet couldn’t touch the ground. “ You are coming up stairs and eating your breakfast. Then you are going to take some time off and let me show off for you and talk to me some.” Jack could only nod as he had indeed been spending a good deal of his time working since Nathan had officially started giving him a pay check. He hated to admit it but Nathan had been right as good as a motivator as affection was adding money in really helped.

Turning around Kate proceeded up the steps the whole time holding Jack so that he was two foot above the ground and facing her the entire time. As she carried him Jack found himself reaching up and placing his hands on the arm that supported him so easily. Feeling of the muscles as best he could he hoped Kate would let him explore more of her body. The fact that he was getting a hard on suddenly occurred to him but he didn’t exactly know what to do about it. If he covered it up Kate would notice for sure considering the position she was holding him in. That is if she hadn’t noticed already. Jack finally resolved that Kate had noticed his hard on and simply wasn’t saying anything so he wouldn’t bother mentioning it either.

“ Here you go.” Kate proceeded to pick up a seat for Jack which she placed him in while still holding it aloft. As she did this though Jack noticed a visible amount of strain as she lowered him to the ground.

“ So I am not quite as light as you made me out to be am I super woman.”

Kate grinned and blew in Jack’s ear a bit. “ Now don’t you go calling me that I am Kate and that is what my name is going to stay as. But yeah I was testing myself earlier and found that I can support around 180lbs with just one arm. Pretty nice if I do say so myself but it means I can only pack you and maybe a little extra weight still..” Kate proceeded to flex her arm right near Jack’s head allowing him to watch the muscle swell. “ I am getting stronger every day before long you will feel as light as a feather to me.”

“ Now won’t that be fun. So since you are giving me a vacation today what do you want to do?”

“ Actually I was think we could go do some swimming. While I was out running I came upon this really nice lake that looked just perfect. Far enough out of the way that I doubt we will see anyone else I didn’t even see any four wheeler trails leading up to it.” Looking at Kate for a moment Jack was about to agree it would be a good idea until he stopped to consider that it had been while Kate was out for a jog.”

“ That sounds good and all but just how far did you run before you found it?” Jack began to dine on the oatmeal as he waited for Kate’s response.

“ Oh don’t you worry about that I am going to carry you though I best start getting some things together as I will need to drop a few things off before I come and get you.” Jack continued to eat as he watched Kate zip around the rooms preparing a rather large cooler. It was odd as he watched Kate move about and considered how fast she could move. He had imagined that as her over all speed increase the rate at which she did everyday actions would also increase. Really with her increasing strength it surprised Jack that he felt no extra pressure when she held him unless she wanted to put on extra pressure. It could be that she simply wasn’t strong enough yet after all she was strong but she wasn’t tossing around cars yet. Still he would have to watch out for shattered dishes he figured to see if Kate’s strength was getting to much for her to control.

“ Be back in a bit.” Kate gave Jack a kiss as she picked up the now full cooler of supplies and slipped out the front door. Watching her take off Jack looked towards a rather large clock hanging on the wall to check the time. Kate zipped along easily supporting the coolers weight though she wasn’t running at the same speed that she had went on her jog she was still making good time. The cooler didn’t seem to way anything at all and the only thing about it that really bothered Kate was the awkward shape of the cooler and size made it a bit hard to maneuver like she wanted to. She would have to be a little bit more careful when carrying Jack of course as he wouldn’t exactly make it easy to maneuver either. Arriving at the spot Kate took another glance around before setting down the cooler and dashing back towards the house.

Upon finishing off his breakfast Jack made a quick trip to the rest room and switched into some swimming trunks before taking his seat near the living room door and watching the clock. Roughly ten minutes after she left Kate came zipping back into the house. “ Ready to go.” Kate gave a slight start when she found Jack setting near the door.

“ Yes I am but you know I was timing you and I think I can walk the distance if don’t mind taking a while longer and helping me out. It should only take 30 minutes total.” Kate seemed to think about this for a little while it would be good exercise and let Jack see the woods better.

“ Sure thing but lets spray you down with some bug repellent.” Jack nodded as he watched Kate dash off to one of the rooms near the back of the house. Returning with a can of bug repellent she proceeded to spray Jack down.

“ Aren’t you going to use any you won’t be moving as fast after all?” Kate nodded and proceeded to spray herself down as well. Lately she hadn’t been using the spray as she had been moving quite a bit more quickly then the average human just trotting through the forest. Finishing up the two of them headed out the door a wide grin on her face as she wondered how Jack would feel about the forest.

Jack was fairly sure he hated walking through the forest as he was carried by Kate. Having went roughly a mile into the woods stumbling several times over tree roots and wet leaves Kate had taken to walking beside him where she had to constantly catch him as he stumbled. She didn’t mind doing this as she figured Jack would eventually get the hang of it but as someone use to spending their days indoors Jack had finally given out and asked Kate to carry him. Kate didn’t exactly mind this either as she really couldn’t blame Jack for not being use to the out doors. “ Sorry about this Kate I just don’t have any experience walking around in the woods.”

“ I’ll say you don’t but it isn’t a big deal I had planned on carrying you from the start after all. This place really isn’t the best walking area either as there are not any trails to follow.”

“ Actually that has me wondering just how much of this mountain does your family own anyway?”

“ All of it. That is why you don’t see any other houses built on it.” Jack blinked for a moment having expected to be told only a few acres considering that Kate freely talked as if there should be people wondering the area and leaving paths.

“ Then why would there to be trails here? After all I imagine you keep people away from your property.”

“ Well that is a easy question to answer we aren’t here often enough to really make a fuss and the area isn’t exactly fenced in. Besides even if it was people end up wondering around others property all the time especially during dear season.”

“ Bunch of hill billies.”

“ No not really the thing you have to worry about is the city boys that come down thinking they know how to hunt. That is when you start running into your problems and risk getting shot.” Jack grinned a bit as Kate clearly looked at him when she said the words city boys for a moment he wanted to retort but considering how Kate took to the woods he couldn’t help but imagine she was use to them.