Ch 2 continued


“ Fine then country girl are we about to the lake now?” Kate chuckled and gave Jack a slight nod. The sound of the river flowing got Jack’s attention a while later as the neared the river Jack found himself looking around at the unspoiled scenery deciding it was nice but not enough to get him out in such a place if Kate hadn’t taken him. He was quite sure of that as a slight growl was heard coming off to the side of them. Kate hearing the sound as well had the ultimate oh shit look upon her face as she turned her head and found were she had set the cooler not only was the cooler though now torn open but a brown bear was rummaging through the contents.

“ Kate I think we should leave.” Jack clutched more tightly to Kate as he looked at the animal though he realized Kate had improved a great deal over the past few weeks he didn’t think she was ready for such a opponent. Kate was apt to agree however as she looked at the animal and the bear looked at her she found herself unable to simply run. Having grown more and more confident over her physical abilities over the past 4 and a half months Kate didn’t feel the same desire to run that she imagined she would rather she felt a strong desire to test herself and show off.

Jack thus gave Kate a look of concern as she lowered him to the ground and pushed him behind her. “ Don’t worry Jack I will take care of this I think this animal needs to learn to fear humans.” Jack couldn’t help but feel nervous as he looked at the smile on Kate’s face and watched her tighten up her fist. The bear for its part had been sniffing the air all the while looking at the two of them. Having recently been relocated from the town a few miles away the bear had no fear of humans thanks to its numerous trips into the town thus to it Jack and Kate seemed to be perfect food items. Moving away from the cooler the creature let out a growl while Kate stood her ground Jack for his part not knowing what to do stood a few yard behind this woman unsure if he should run or what.

The bear upon seeing Kate had no intentions of running from it looked at her for a moment before simply choosing to charge it was hungry and felt she would be easy prey. Kate felt a bit of fear but held it as the creature ran towards her she wasn’t going to run now. As it did this Kate couldn’t help but feel the creature was moving more slowly then what it should her reflexes having speed up to allow her to use her increased speed now everything about her seemed to be moving faster. The bear drawing near felt Kate’s fist slam firmly into the side of its head Kate having locked her hands together in order to get as much power into the impact as she possibly could the power and speed coupled together causing the 730lbs animal to actually lift slightly to the ground as the impact sent it rolling on its side.

Jack couldn’t believe what he had just seen while Kate couldn’t believe what she had just done. She had just sent a brown bear down to its side true her arms were not stinging from the force of the impact her punch having not only sent the bear to the ground but also required her to hit it hard enough to redirect the bears momentum. Kate quickly turn her attention back in the bears direction as she noticed the animal recovering from her punch shaking its head as if trying to shake away the pain it was feeling. Kate quickly renewed her combative stance as she waited to see what the big animal was going to do. The bear for its part had to do a double take of the situation as it realized what had just happened having had its first assumption that Kate would be easy prey shattered by the first blow the animal followed its instincts.

Jack jaw nearly hit the ground as he watched the bear take one more look at Kate before roaring and taking off in a dead run though this time it was in the opposite direction. The large animals steps were unsteady though as it ran still being rather dizzy from Kate’s double fisted impact. Jack’s gaze turned to Kate who was still looking at her hands as she realized what had just happened she slowly turned her attention towards Jack a huge grin upon her face. “ Well our food got ruined but we can still have some fun swimming now I don’t think he will be coming back.”

Jack didn’t really know what to say having just seen Kate send a bear running with one good solid punch. Realizing Jack was a bit stunned Kate was a bit surprised at herself as she walked over to him. Having Jack lift his arms above his head Kate proceeded to remove his shirt for him then lift him off the ground. While holding Jack in the air Kate then removed his shoes as well as his stocks before walking over to the water. Giving Jack a light toss he was soon taken out of his shock state as he hit the water and came up sputtering. Looking at Kate for a moment he realized what had happened and couldn’t help but grin. Kate only giggled at Jack’s response then proceeded to lift her arms above her head stopping herself she lowered them back down and took hold of the very base of her t-shirt.

Jack watched as Kate slowly began to tear her t-shirt in two slowly revealing her abs she took a moment for Jack to take in the site before she ripped the fabric further. As Jack watched more of Kate’s body being exposed he couldn’t help but notice how perfectly formed her abs seemed to be though his attention was taken away from this wonder rather quickly as Kate tore her shirt just to the point that the under side of her breast could be seen Unsure if Kate was wearing a bra or not Jack was a bit disappointed though not overly so as he found Kate was wearing a string bikini finally removing her shirt Kate then began the same process with her shorts.

The t-shirt had been a nice touch but the tougher material of the shorts was absolutely wonderful to watch as Kate tore it away revealing the bikini bottom underneath she turned her back to Jack allowing him to get a good view of her rear. As Jack looked at Kate’s rear he noted that it was one tail that he truly wanted to kiss. Jack had gotten to give Kate a slight slap on the rear before but other then that he hadn’t really gotten to explore that part of her body. After what he had seen with the bear though he was quite sure until Kate gave the go ahead for him to further explore her body then he should just wait and bide his time. Now unclothed Kate made her way into the water walking out to were Jack was she wrapped her arms around him and pulled him against her chest.

Kate’s lips pressed firmly to Jacks and he felt himself go weak in her arms. The fact that she had just managed to drive off a bear with her own hands, the little strip tease she had just put on, the feeling of her powerful arms around him and the kiss was nearly to much for him. Kate grinned at this as she felt of Jack’s body herself noting the greater muscle tone he had come along quite well in the past few months. His abs had actually became some what defined though not to the same point Kate’s were even before her body began to go under go its changes had she needed to define him she felt light muscular or compact would do for now.. “ You have improved a lot since you moved in with me now aren’t you glad I made you start working out.” Jack took a moment to register what Kate had just said a smile of pride appeared on his face as she praised him.

“ Not as much as you thought.” Kate giggled and pressed her lips to Jack’s once again.

“ True but I did have some help in getting these.” As Kate said she stepped away from Jack and proceeded to flex her arms her biceps standing out. Grinning Jack stepped forward and proceeded to flex his arm noting the size difference between his and Kate’s muscles.

“ Dang I guess it is like a hill trying to compare itself to a mountain.”

“ I wouldn’t say it is quite that bad besides you don’t really need to bulk up after all you have me now.” Relaxing his arms Jack took hold of Kate’s still flexed right arm and began to feel the muscle.

“ Oh does that mean I can go back to being a couch potato?”

“ Nope but instead of going for increased weight you can just start doing more sets how about that. After all eventually you are going to have to start concerning yourself more with stamina then strength.” Jack couldn’t help but grin at what Kate’s words implied. Wrapping his arms around her Jack took the lead this time as he kissed Kate. It was a odd position for Jack as he was used to having Kate’s arms around him not the other way around as he let up from the kiss he noticed a slight blush on Kate’s face. Leaning forward a revelation came to Jack as he held Kate in his arms for all her increasing might Kate still was a woman and enjoy having the arms of another around her.

Jack for his part didn’t know exactly what to make of the situation except that it seemed to be Kate’s way of letting him know she trusted him as at the moment he felt in control of the situation despite the fact that had Kate wanted she could easily removed his arms. “Swimming is suppose to be good exercise to you know.” A grunt of effort came from Jack as he reached down and quickly lifted Kate 180lbs from the water delighted that for her increasing strength she still seemed to way the sway. A bit of a shocked yelp came from Kate as Jack quickly released her allowing her to fall into the water. As he did this though Kate’s hand shock up and took hold of his shoulder bringing him down with her.

A moment later a giggling Kate came up from the water holding Jack in her hands. As Jack looked up into Kate’s face, he noticed that the blush hadn’t quite left her cheeks the mixture of power, beauty and femininity almost over whelming him right there. Kate lifted Jack up slightly pressing her lips to his cheek while he hands began to once again explore her arms and abs while she held him. Kate didn’t bother putting Jack down as they explored one another Jack still restricting to the known welcome zones so to speak. He found the situation to actually be more thrilling then when on the couch though as now he wasn’t simply laying on Kate but was actually being supported by her arms and the fact that they showed no strain at all was perhaps the most impressive fact of all.


“ Now Jack I thought we talked about this the last time I was there. I expected you to plan out everything and make sure my little girl had what she needed.” Jack set quietly on the phone as Nathan continued his quiet yet effective reprimand of Jack’s most recent failure. Jack would have liked to argue that Kate had her powers for 19 weeks now and he hadn’t messed up on anything but really that would have been a lie. The exercise equipment would have worn out long ago if Nathan hadn’t insisted they make the modifications to it and the programs he had Jack sent had proven invaluable. “ All well enough about the past lets see what we can do about this problem.”

“ Sir would you mind letting me take care of this I realize it was my failure to anticipate this need but I think I know a solution. If you will give me a while longer I will send off a order for what Kate needs.”

“ Alright then but keep in mind you are living with a very strong young lady who probably won’t be to happy if she has to wait much longer. Who knows she might decide to speed you up with a spanking.” Nathan gave a slight laugh which both relaxed and worried Jack as he wondered if in Kate’s playful manner she might very well carry through with such a action. He was sure Kate wouldn’t seriously injure him of course but as he recalled from the bear Kate did have something of a mean streak in her even if it wasn’t seen very often.

“ What you really think she would do that?” A click came over the line as Nathan hung up without giving Jack his answer. Grinning Jack turned his attention back towards the computer screen and began working on the design once again. The material would have to be tougher then the standard in order to with stand the extreme heat and force of impacts that it would be under. It was fortunate that weight wasn’t a major issue in this as Jack imagined they could way several pounds by now and Kate really wouldn’t be complaining to much. Still since they were wearing out so quickly Kate would have other things that would soon need to be replaced.

Kate sighed as she ran along her feet rapidly impacting the ground as she continued her morning jog. The fact that it was her feet hitting the ground and not her shoes was exactly the problem and the recent over site of Jack’s. The speed at which Kate had began to run and the force of each step she took while running had eaten away her original jogging shoes and she now found herself running bare foot across everything. It didn’t hurt her of course as her skin had strengthened along with the rest of her but it she really hated the feeling of dirt and leaves against her exposed feet.

That was actually why she currently found herself zipping along one of the back roads that few traveled. Grass growing up between the pavement and in some areas the pavement had disintegrated so that only a massive pot whole marked the spot showed just how long it had been since the state had given the road any attention. As Kate enjoyed the peace the sound of a motor running got her attention as she round a corner she could see them two four-wheelers out in front of her. A curious looked appeared on Kate’s face as she wondered if she had been gaining on them this entire time or if they had just pulled out from the woods. As she drew closer to was glad the drivers were to busy to look back as both of them had to be careful thanks to the speeds they were traveling at on the curvy old road. Kate knew she shouldn’t do it but as she looked at the two vehicles she didn’t seem able to help herself.

Michel grumbled a bit as Howard still held the lead on him the jerk had got lucky when Michel had ran into a pot hole and got slowed down other wise he would still have the lead. The two of them speeding along at far faster speeds then what was safe had been racing for some time now not considering what might happen if a car happened to be on the old road. “ Hey there don’t you know you are not suppose to have these things on the road?” A voice got Michel’s attention as he looked over his shoulder to see where it had came from he was surprised when he found a woman had pulled up next to him.

Kate looked down checking just how fast Michel was going at the moment she noted it was a bit over 40 miles per hour. A grin broke out on her face as she realized she must be holding a even higher speed at the moment. Michel for his part started to respond when he noticed something the woman who had just pulled up next to him and was now about to pass him wasn’t riding anything but rather she was running. “ Holy shit.” Escaped his lips as he suddenly jerked away not stopping to think where he was or how fast he was going.

Kate catching site of this quickly reached out taking hold of the handle bar and turning them back in a more strait forward direction she steered Michel away from the bluff he would have sent himself over. Reaching over with her other hand Kate felt like she was helping a little child steers its’ bike as she forced Michel’s finger away from the accelerator allowing the atv to come to a slow stop. “ Now young man not only was that reckless driving but you should know that these things aren’t allowed on the road even if it is a back road.” Michel could only nod his head as he looked up at this amazing female wondering just where she had come from. He didn’t recognize her from any of the justice league people they showed on the television and he didn’t think she was a villain of some sorts. He wondered if she was one of the masked heroin’s he didn’t think so as he couldn’t think of any of them that had Kate’s powerful build.

“ Well then you need to get off.” Kate realizing the fellow was lost in his own little world grinning as she reached down and took hold of the handle bars and got a good grip just under the seat. Lifting the four-wheeler off the road the weight was a bit more then she expected but she was able to handle it as she carried it over to the road side and set it down. Michel found himself once again amazed as he hadn’t expected someone with such super human abilities to come out of no where. Howard realizing that he had lost his friend had turned around a short while ago and came back what he had seen upon his return had been quite shocking to him. A loan female lifting his friend and his four-wheeler from the road then carrying it over to the road side and setting him down.

“ Oh you came back for your friend well then I can give you the same lecture.” Howard was a bit shocked when Kate addressed him and even more shocked when she rapidly accelerated over to him and then proceeded to do the same thing she had done with Michel. Lifting the four-wheeler from the road she carried it a even further distance placing him besides Michel. “ Now I am going to assume that you boys didn’t know that these vehicles aren’t suppose to be on the road. I am not going to do anything this time but if I catch you again you might be walking home.” Neither Howard or Michel said a thing as Kate continued with her lecture for some time before speeding off. They didn’t really know what to say after Kate’s display of strength though they would later be less impressed when they had realized there had been some effort in her face still it wasn’t every day they got to meet such a powerful or attractive young woman.

Kate couldn’t help but grin as she ran along having given the two boys quite a shocking experience she knew she was suppose to be laying low at the current time but she couldn’t help herself. Figuring she would head home a bit early even though she had fun she had made the mistake of slowing down which left her with a strong desire to head on back and simply rest. Though she would have to get Jack to see just how fast she could run later on she felt excited even though she wasn’t exactly the fastest thing on two feet the fact that she could keep up and pass some motorized vehicle was truly quite a thrill for her.

Jack set at the computer screen the tattered remains of Kate’s original jogging shoes setting beside him. Having forgotten he didn’t know Kate’s shoe size he was glad he had been able to find them as he put in the order. Hearing the familiar beep of the alarm followed by the sound of the security code being put in Jack quickly grabbed the remains of Kate’s shoes and quickly put them back in the trash not being entirely sure if Kate would want him knowing just how big her feet was it was odd in his mind but he knew of some women who could be picky about such things. Looking back to the computer screen he considered getting back to work but brushed it off and went on upstairs were he found Kate drying her feet off having washed the dirt from them before she came inside.

“ Hey Jack how goes the shoe hunt? I am really getting tired of having to hose my feet down every time I get back.”

“ Pretty good I think I have something that will hold up for a little while though it might be kind of heavy I think those leg muscles of yours can take it. I also went ahead and ordered some close meant for motorcycle raising.” Kate looked up at Jack for a moment a questioning look in her eyes.

“ Motorcycle raising think I am going to get to running fast enough to burn off a normal set of clothing?” The material for such outfits Kate knew was meant to endure a rider falling off his bike so that he wouldn’t end up being skinned alive as he went across the ground.

“ It may very well happen to be honest with you well it is getting harder to tell just how powerful you are going to get. The only thing I can say for sure about your cells is that every since the third month they have been looking less and less like a humans things are starting to appear that I really don’t know what they do.” Dropping the towel Kate walked over to Jack and placed her hand just under his rear. Lifting him into the air she held him well above her head a smile on her face.

“ Well at least from experience I can say they are advantageous.” Jack nodded his head in agreement as Kate easily held him a lot while just two weeks ago her arm had showed some strain while supporting him it had strengthened since then and thus showed none. “ Well now that I have finished my jog and since you are up here it must mean you are done with your work now lets go eat something to cool down.” Jack wasn’t exactly hot but he didn’t argue as Kate carried him into the kitchen and opened the fridge. Bending down she allowed Jack to retrieve a rather large container of ice cream before shutting the door.

Closing the refrigerator door Kate grabbed two spoons before packing Jack into the living room and setting down. Jack found himself setting in Kate’s lap having at first expected to be set down next to Kate he didn’t exactly mind where he was though so he didn’t complain.

Jack ate more slowly then Kate who seemed to be mostly focusing on the foot as they relaxed with one another. It wasn’t overly surprising though considering how much energy she had just expended. Jack quit eating the moment the thought came to him as he considered just how much energy Kate’s body would be requiring at the current times to keep up with the rate of change it was going through and how much energy she put out now. Dwelling on this for a moment a few other questions came to mind but he didn’t exactly know how to ask them at least not all of them. Opting to go with the more socially acceptable questions and leave the others for a later date.

“ Kate have you been eating more recently then usual?” Kate looked at Jack and took a few moments to finish swallowing the mouth full of ice cream.

“ No more then what I usually do when I put myself through a intensive work out cession. Why do you ask it isn’t like I am getting pudgy?”

“ It isn’t that but I was just thinking with all the changes your body has been going through you should be eating a good deal more then you use to. I think I have a idea to just what a few of those additions to your cells do. I imagine they increase the efficiency of your digestive system.” Kate only nodded as she began to think of what was happening on her insides right now it was up to Jack to keep up with her internal alterations she just focused on the external it was less stressful as far as she was concerned.

“ Think if I ate more my body would make more use of the material and get me stronger even faster?” Jack looked at Kate the look in her eyes telling him that she was hopeful that would be the case.

“ I don’t think so to be honest I have been monitoring your rate of progress and as far as I can tell your body as set its own pace and I am not sure if you can do anything to change it.” A humph came from Kate telling him that she didn’t like this opinion. “ But if you want to stuff yourself you are welcome to try after all with the way your body is working now even if you did put on some weight I imagine you could drop it even more quickly then you put it on.” Jack got a strange look on his face as he felt Kate’s hand take hold of his spoon and remove it from his hand.

“ Well then in that case I guess I shall start by being the one to finish this off since you seem done.” Jack blinked for a moment before grinning at Kate. Getting up for a moment Kate started to reach up to stop Jack not wanting him to leave her just yet when she noticed him set back down on the couch. A moment later he leaned back and let his head rest on her legs.

“ Alright then but that doesn’t mean I am just going to get back to work I happen to like it here.” Jack’s grin grew a bit as Kate giggled and he watched her breast bounce pleasantly he was grateful that with all the changes going on inside Kate’s body they still seemed normal enough.

“ Oh drat I almost forgot. Jack I want you to measure just how fast I can run now we haven’t done that in a while and I am wondering how quickly I can get moving.” A sigh came from Jack having just made the claim that he wasn’t going to be leaving it looked like his claim had came out false. Kate grinned as she saw the look on Jack’s face at having to remove his head from her shapely legs. Standing up Jack made his way out of the living room and back down to the basement to retrieve the speed detector a few moments later he once again joined Kate up stairs expecting to see her still eating but much to his surprised he noticed the ice cream container in the trash.

“ I can eat rather quickly if I want to.” Jack looked at Kate not sure if it was her speed that allowed her to finish it of or if there simply hadn’t been much of the ice cream left. Following Kate outside Jack took up a position on the porch while he watched Kate trot out into the yard. Taking a moment to brace herself Kate took of in a sprint the force with which her leg pushed into the ground digging her toes rather deeply as she took off. Jack could hear the ground get thrown back a bit a moment later Kate zipped by having went from a standing position to 50.5 miles per hour in less then two seconds. The sound of grinding got Jack’s attention as Kate brought herself to a dead stop her legs tearing up the grass as she did so.

“ I swear if this was my lawn I would be very irritated with some young person running around it at 50mph and coming to a dead stop leaving a huge tear in my lawn.” Kate couldn’t help but grin in part thanks to what she had just done and in part thanks to the speed she was able to reach.

“ Heck yeah before long I will be able to go on the interstate.” Jack rolled his eyes but he couldn’t help but laugh at the thought as he considered the current speed limit of 70mph. The thought that before long Kate would probably be able to run along the interstate and at least go the speed limit was actually arousing a fact that didn’t go unnoticed by Kate. This wasn’t exactly a one way street though as Kate found herself getting more and more turned on by what her body allowed her to do.

“ Well when that time comes just be sure you don’t get any speeding tickets. Now how about we get your pretty legs washed off so that I can go back to using them as a pillow.” Kate grinned and nodded her head as she walked over to the porch. Jack taking hold of the water hose began to wash her off having to fight the impulse to raise it and make it into a wet t-shirt contest. Kate actually found herself having trouble walking back inside as she felt the urge to simply run around at top speed for a while and show off even more. When Jack’s arm rested on her shoulders a moment later though and guided her inside she felt this desire fading as she lightly leaned against him.

The feeling that he was supporting Kate only lasted a moment as Jack felt her arm come under him and once again lift him from the ground. Kate having been doing this frequently since she had gained the strength to lift him with one arm. Jack actually found the fact that Kate seemed to enjoy packing him around amusing still there was a desire to retort. “ You know I can walk you don’t have to pack me every where I go when you are around.”

“ Ah but I like to and besides your so light and cuddly. Hey I think that is what I am going to start calling you from now on. You’re my Cuddly.” Jack blinked not exactly sure that he liked the nick name Kate had just chosen for him. Any thoughts of arguing over it left his mind though as Kate switched his carrying position to a cradle hold and held him against her chest. “ You don’t mind that do you Cuddly?” Jack could only grin at Kate’s teasing.

“ Na it is fine but I reserve the write to give you a nick name when ever I can think of one.”

“ Alright that sounds fare.” Jack opened the door for Kate as she stepped side ways and moved inside. Returning to the couch Kate cradled Jack for a moment more before placing him down so that his head was once again resting on her legs. Turning his head towards Kate’s stomach Jack lifted her t-shirt and took a moment to look at her well defined abs. Leaning forward he once again placed a single kiss on each one of her ab muscles.

“ You really like these muscles of mine don’t you?” Jack slowly nodded his head rather then answer giving him a excuse to rub his cheek against Kate’s leg. “ I am pretty proud of them myself it was a real pain finding a exercise routine that let me build my strength and agility. I didn’t want to bulk up like my father did but I wanted to be stronger then my mother.” Kate flexed a arm admiring the biceps. “ I can’t say that my present strength is the result of pure hard work anymore but at least I can say my body’s build is all my doing. Jack am I a hypocrite?”

The question caught Jack off guard as he relaxed against Kate’s thigh looking up at her now instead of her stomach. “ Now just what would make you a hypocrite?”

“ It is the way I have been treating my powers recently. I never mentioned this but I use to be jealous of those super hero’s still am a little I guess but I think I am catching up. They were so strong and some of them never seemed to have to work for it I mean I never heard of super man lifting weights. I on the other hand use to work out regularly trying to maintain a good balance of speed and power but knew I would never reach that point.”

“ How does that make you a hypocrite?” Kate’s finger came to rest on Jack’s lip silencing him.

“ Hush I am getting to that point. I would get angry at them when I saw them at fund raisers or just public appearances showing off their powers. I would say to myself, blasted show offs what did they do to deserve that power. If I had that kind of abilities I could deal with crime just as well or better and not have to flaunt it and yet here I am flaunting it around you every chance I get and really dying to show off on a grander scale. The very behavior that made me so jealous and resent them I am now not only doing it but I am turning out to be even more of a show off.” Jack thought about this for a moment wonder the best way to respond to Kate’s current dilemma finally a way to answer her came to his mind.

“ Kate is it wrong to show off a gift that someone gave you for Christmas. I mean people show off rings and necklaces from friends all the time.”

“ Yeah but how does that apply to me?”

“ You seem to have forgotten that I gave you the drug originally and even though I didn’t expect it to have quite these results it was still a gift from me to you. A gift to my closest friend in the world.” Kate smiled warmly as Jack shifted and put his arms around her while pressing his head against her stomach. “ It wasn’t exactly an accident that gave you your abilities but a actual conscious effort on my part to save your life.” Jack felt his arms removed from Kate as she lifted him in her arms up to a level were she could give him a kiss. Planting a kiss on each of Jack’s cheeks then his lips.

“ But what about earning my power?”

“ You where nice enough and willing to take the risk and besides you don’t always earn a gift. Any way since it is a gift that I gave you I feel you have every right to use it and insist that you do especially to show off for me.” Kate couldn’t help but find this amusing as she adjusted Jack a bit so that she could run her fingers against his cheek.

“ Are you sure you won’t get jealous to?” Jack only shook his head know as he smiled up at this amazing creature. Of course the thought that he could try the serum on himself had occurred to him however unlike Kate he wasn’t in a life and death situation and wasn’t sure if it would work so it wasn’t hard to chose not to try. “ Well then I will try to show off for you at every chance I get.” Turning his head Jack gave Kate a kiss on the fingers as her hand continued to brush against his cheek. It was odd as he relaxed in her arms but despite her increase in strength her touch seemed to have the same pressure as it had before. It was a good thing as far as Jack was concerned as he wondered how much it would hurt if everyone of Kate’s actions carried the same proportional force as she had before her strength began to develop.

“ Still if you like seeing me show off you should have seen these two boys…woops.” Jack couldn’t help but give Kate a scolding look while she realized she had just let what she had done slip in her enjoyment of the moment. “ Oh don’t worry it was only two boys I doubt that is enough to get any real attention. I mean I doubt the even know who I am.” Jack considered scolding Kate for a moment but then just shook his head he doubted that they really had anything to worry about though he wondered what she had done.

“ Oh so you are showing off for other men now?” Kate got a odd look on her face followed by a quite amused one.