Ch 2 continued


“ Yeah hmm I guess we need to try another needle.” Jack once again turned from Kate who puffed out her cheeks in objection to his comment though she didn’t say anything. Retrieving another needle Jack placed the device against Kate’s skin looking up he waited for her to turn her head away.

“ Go ahead I want to see if it brakes again.” Jack grinned he wondered that himself or if he had just gotten a some what weak needle. It would have been a mistake after all for him to assume that the needles couldn’t get through Kate’s skin just because one had failed. As he pressed the second needle into Kate’s skin he didn’t hold back as much this time the needle braking far earlier then the first. Sighing for a moment Jack would try three more needles before he finally felt satisfied with the results. Kate for her part seemed perk up even more with the braking of each needle.

“ We are going to have to get some better needles if I am going to keep checking your blood.”

“ Think you can find some that are strong enough?” Jack only nodded his head as he turned to the computer screen and put in a order from medical supplies. The rate at which Jack put the order in actually surprised Kate until she looked over Jack’s shoulder and saw just what type of needles he was ordering. The moment he pushed the order button Jack could almost feel Kate’s shock as she saw what he had just ordered.

“ You just ordered needles normally used for tranquilizing animals from my fathers company.”

“ I looked into it earlier to be honest I just didn’t think we would be needing them so soon at least I thought it would take a few more weeks before your skin would start putting up enough resistance to brake a needle.”

Kate let out a long sigh as she considered arguing with Jack but gave in. They did need to continue testing her blood still she wished he hadn’t ordered rhino needles as well. All she could do was hope they were for later usage. “ All well I guess it was coming anyway actually I have been meaning to ask you. Do you think we could conduct some test to see about how strong my skin actually is I want to find out if I could take a bullet or not.” It was Jack’s turn to be surprised as Kate made her request. His first thought was no however he pushed this away as he realized Kate probably didn’t want him to actually shoot her with a gun but rather they could make use of various tools to find out her skin’s strength.

“ I guess some general pressure test are in order but what do you have in mind.”

“ Well how about we start with something light such as maybe putting my hand in the clamp and then we will see if you can actually hurt me.” Jack nodded realizing they would once again be making use of some of the old tools he followed Kate over to the work bench. Kate walking over to the clamp gave the nod a good spin opening the clamp. She slipped her hand into the device before tightening it just a bit. She had no intention of tightening it herself as she was quite sure that would hurt a great deal. Despite her increased strength she didn’t feel quite ready to compare her skin to the three inches of steel that would soon be bearing down upon it.

“ Let me know if it starts hurting you.”

“ Oh don’t worry about that. That is why I am having you turn the handle I doubt you can even hurt me with me just leaving my hand here.” Kate’s words came out in a rather teasing tone that spoke of her confidence in her abilities. Jack for his part didn’t mind being teased such ways at all as he began to turn the handle. Kate felt the clamp come down upon her hand as the pressure began to increase though she noticed a rather strange event. Through out the entire process she could feel the pressure increasing however it never seemed to hurt her. Jack for his part started only using one hand to turn the crank however as it began to tighten he found himself using both constantly looking over to see how Kate was doing. He was some what surprised to find her gaze locked on the device and not focusing on him at all.

Feeling rather sure that he wasn’t hurting her he now began to his back into it as he did this though he found it wouldn’t go any further. Thinking for a moment he repositioned himself so that he could lean into the crank and slowly put not only his muscle into the task but also his weight. Pressing as hard as he could he watched as Kate moved her fingers that remained outside of the clamp seeming to be in no pain at all. “ Let me try.” Kate was surprised by how things were going upon looking up she was even more shocked to find Jack was putting all his effort into just trying to hurt her in the least and yet she didn’t seem to feel it. Taking hold of the crank in her own hand she began to turn the will. A moment later the metal began to scream lightly as over 760lbs of force was exerted on the crank and the metal began to give.

A huge grin had formed not only on Kate’s face but Jack’s as well as he watched the machine give away. Thinking for moment he wasn’t really sure if he should be surprised or not as Kate had recently reached the point that she could bench press nearly two tons. He imagined the force that must being applied by the weight on the single area of her hands while holding up the massive load. “ I think we are going to have to come up with a more effective way of testing me.” Jack could only nod in agreement with their current equipment he doubted they would be able to get a accurate reading of just how much Kate could endure before she was actually injured.

“ Think we could try a knife?” The thought just rolled out as Jack considered how the needle had broken against Kate’s skin. The way Kate’s head snapped in his direction though told him right away that wasn’t going to happen.

“ You clearly haven’t worked with knifes very long or weapons in general. It would be more likely that you would injure me with a knife then if you just used a small caliber hand gun to shoot me. I think we should start with something more basic and work our way up since seeing how much raw pressure I can withstand isn’t going to work how about we start with something more basic.” Kate proceeded to roll up her shirt exposing her ab muscles to Jack. “ Hit me as hard as you can.

“ Kate you just left your hand in a vice and them applied enough pressure to tear sed vice up I think I would be more likely to hurt my hand then you should I punch you.”

“ True but this will give you a feel for how aggressive you can be with me. Come on just give me a good solid punch.” Looking at Kate for a moment Jack doubted it would do any good as he looked at her tightly packed ab muscles still he pulled back his fist and laid into her as hard as he could manage at the moment. Kate gave Jack a rather amused look upon his fist hitting her. “ Come on Jack you know you can’t hurt me so don’t hold back.” Jack couldn’t help but give Kate a strange look feeling that he had put all he could into the punch.

“ Come on Jack your not being aggressive at all tell you what just keep hitting my stomach and I will let you know when I think you are ready.” Kate just smiled at Jack who let out a long sigh as he began to hit her in the stomach though thanks to his lack of experience with such things a few of the punches impacted other areas Kate didn’t say anything. It wasn’t like he was hurting her and besides she needed to get him to be more aggressive while testing her. After all she wanted to find out what she could take and that wouldn’t happen if he was scared to hit her as hard as he could. Jack for his part just couldn’t shake the feeling that he shouldn’t be doing this. Even though the logical side of his mind knew that his punches couldn’t hurt Kate he still felt like a complete ass since he was still hitting a female. Even with Kate’s urging for him to be more aggressive couldn’t get him to put more effort into it and only by repeated striking her did he find his body relaxing and the punches coming harder.

Kate sighed feeling as if a declawed kitten was walking across her stomach it was kind of nice as Kate considered Jack was completely helpless compared to her. It made her want to reach up and cuddle him but she restrained herself. It was true even if she got Jack to be aggressive as possible with her he wouldn’t be able to hurt her she still needed to try. Kate’s thoughts turned to other things as she thought of the best way to test herself. At the current moment each one of her arms could lift 760lbs taking a moment to consider how much speed she could get into a single punch Kate began to get an idea of just what her body could with stand assuming she could treat it as if she was a boxer. A moment later Kate looked up as she felt Jack quit hitting her stomach looking at him she realized she had lost track of time. Jack’s hand where by now a bright red having finally gotten over his lack of aggression he had a look of admiration on his face though it was tempered by the fact that his knuckles were truly hurting him now. “ May I go ice these down now miss?”

“ Oops sorry about that my thoughts trailed off I guess your little taps relaxed me.” Kate grinned as she let her shirt down and then took Jack by the rest doubting he would like his hand being grabbed. Leading him upstairs Kate set out a bowl of ice water and allowed Jack to sink his hands into it. “ I didn’t mean for you to hurt yourself but I guess you got over your lack of aggression.” Jack nodded at first he had been subconsciously restraining himself while hitting her but as he had landed more blows and been encouraged by Kate even the subconscious part of his mind quit worrying about hurting her thus he was able to put his full strength into it. The problem was that even though Kate’s skin was soft and pleasant to the touch her muscles underneath were by no means pleasant to hit. To make things worse the harder he hit them the stronger they seemed to become until he felt like he was hitting a peace of plate armor wrapped in thin layer of silk.

Kate stepped behind Jack and began to lightly rub his shoulders as she considered just what the next test should be. They hadn’t gaged the speed of her punches however they had tested to see how fast she could run thus Kate knew she could run at 95mph. Taking this into account Kate made a slight guess at just how fast her fist moved while punching and then factored in the fact that she could deliver 760lbs of force just by pushing on something with her hand. The thought that she might be able to compare her punches to being hit by a street bike going at full speed or perhaps a small car where pushed away as she recalled another important detail. Her fist didn’t cover nearly the same area as these vehicles which meant the force of her punches would be significantly more concentrated and powerful in that smaller area.

“ Jack I think we might just need to shoot me with a small hand gun and then move up from there to see what I can with stand.” The worried look Jack gave Kate got a large grin from her as it showed right away he wasn’t keen on the idea.

“ Can’t we just step things up slowly? I mean there isn’t a point in taking any unneeded chances and besides what makes you so sure that you could take a bullet.”

“ OH let me see I killed a rather large dangerous animal in one punch. Each one of my arms can deliver 760lbs of pressure in a area as compact as my fist and that is if I am just pushing against something. If you consider how fast I can deliver a punch it gets to be significantly more. Now assuming that I can take a few punches that are within the same power range of my own I think I could take a few bullets.”

“ Braggart, Still I think we should stick to stepping things up slowly I mean I would hate to have to explain to your dad how you got a bullet wound.”

“ Alright we can just keep to stepping things up slowly before we moved into the real stuff. I am going to go see if I can find something to do as a baseball bat.” The fact that Kate seemed to have just announced she was going to allow herself to be hit with a baseball bat was both a very exciting and strange thing for Jack as he watched her bounce off happily. He was beginning to get a better and better idea of just how much Kate was enjoying being super human. Also she was doing as he had requested earlier and showing off as often as she possible could though in a method he wasn’t sure he approved off. Kate was rummaging through the house trying to find a item that would be suitable for the up coming task. She had already stopped down in the basement and found a crow bar but she doubted Jack would want to start with it.

Jack pulled his no longer throbbing knuckles from the water as he watched Kate return noting a crowbar, the handle of a pick axe and he wondered where she had found that hammer. “ So are you ready to get back to testing?”

“ I think you are more wanting to show off then really be tested but yeah I am ready.” Getting up and following after Kate he couldn’t help but worry about the sledgehammer until he took a moment to consider what Kate had told him. Just pushing on something she could generate 760lbs of force with one hand now he knew good and well that the hammer didn’t weigh nearly that much. There was also the amount of speed that she could get into a single blow considering things Jack’s concern slowly began to turn to excitement as he realized that even with these tools it wasn’t likely that he would be able to cause Kate the least bit of pain. It was odd but he always imagined being around such a person would make him nervous. Instead he found himself only more excited as he began to really comprehend just how far Kate had come since they began testing and how far she could possibly go.

Kate took a moment to retrieve a rather large towel as well as a pillow before leading Jack outside. Placing the items down she then proceeded to lay out the towel and pillow before handing Jack the pick axe handle. “ This will have to do as a bat and remember be aggressive.” Nodding his head Jack took hold of the handle reading himself he knew this wasn’t the most scientific means of testing a theory but it was one of the more interesting ways of doing it. A moment later Kate felt a slight impact in her stomach though no where near hurting her. This was followed suit by several rapid impacts each one some what harder then the other. As she stood there Kate mused off how light the impacts seemed to be. “ Hit me in the face.” The impacts stopped coming the moment these words left Kate’s mouth.

“ Are you sure.” Jack was cut off as he felt Kate’s hand get a grip on his own looking at her hand then the wide grin on Kate’s face Jack knew it wasn’t going to hurt her. Drawing back and swinging as hard as he could the sound of the bat impacting Kate’s face was audible and the pain was quite shocking. As Jack felt the handle strike Kate’s face the fact that it didn’t move in the least meant at least some of the force when back into his hands. The pain he felt shoot through them almost made him drop the handle as in his state he had forgotten that one little detail of what happens when you hit something and it doesn’t budge. Kate for her part hadn’t felt any pain though as she looked at Jack she did feel a little bit of guilt. “ Um Kate do you think we could stop for a while before I accidently get injured.”

“ Oh could you just do one more thing you don’t know how neat this is to have someone able to hit me with everything they have and it not even hurt. Hear just lets do one more thing and then we can move on to the other stuff.” Jack sighed wondering what it was he got his answer quickly though as Kate handed him the hammer and proceeded lay down on the blanket and pillow. Placing her hands behind her head she smiled up at Jack. “ Start with my stomach and then try the rest of my body.” Jack looked at the hammer then at Kate recalling what he had figured up before he still wasn’t sure if he wanted to do this. So far he could say Kate’s muscles where as hard as stone just what stone he wasn’t sure though.

Still from the look on Kate’s face he figured that she would at least want to continue until something stung a bit. Lifting the hammer slightly he finally proceeded to give her a light tap on her stomach. Kate only grinned there was no rush of air or any sign that she was even tensing up her muscles to brace for the impact she remained completely relaxed. Putting a little more force into the swing Jack once again struck her in the abs and once again there was no sign of damage. Slowly Jack began to increase the force and the frequency of the impacts though he couldn’t get full force into it thanks to the fact that his fingers were hurting him it wasn’t unbearable though he just planned on icing them down for the next hour or so. Kate’s laughter finally caused Jack to stop as he looked down at the giggling amazon. Kate could help herself the situation seemed so ridiculous here she was laying down actually having the man she was coming to care for beating her with a hammer.

The most amusing part for her though was the fact that it had absolutely no effect upon her. Impacts that would normally be braking bones and destroying her completely had absolutely no effect on her just 32 weeks after her body had began its alteration. “ Well I think we can officially say now that I am super human.” Jack could only grinned as he set the hammer down and rested on the handle.

“ I would have to agree with you there so is it alright if this human goes and soaks his sore hands for a while.” Kate nodded happily though she didn’t get up quite yet rather she continued to chuckle and even gave her own stomach a few good pats. Jack could only grin at Kate’s child like behavior though he imagined that since this was really the first time just how powerful she was getting was sinking in she had a reason to be excited. Kate set up a moment later starting to follow Jack inside her attention was drawn to the crow bar that they had never had a chance to use. Picking up the peace of metal Kate looked at it for only a second before she began to twist the metal bar in her hands. The metal’s sturdy build held up for just a moment before it began to give in to Kate’s strength.

Walking back towards the house Kate only had to focus moderately on the bar as she took a moment to open the door. Jack having already made his way inside and returned to the bowl of ice water was surprised when he heard the sound of metal bending though he didn’t realize that was what it was until he looked up at Kate. Jack knew he should be surprised but he couldn’t help himself as he watched Kate twist and bend the bar as he watched her he realized that she was going for a specific shape. Kate focused intently on her task not because the effort but because she wanted to do something more complex then the pretzel stereotype and was actually trying to bind the bar into the shape of an over sized paper clip. Jack was distracted from his sore hands as he watched Kate work the bar.

Kate couldn’t help herself as she found herself having to fight the desire to really test her strength and see what all she could brake. This practice however was akin to vandalizing so she forced herself to refrain from the desire choosing instead to simply focus on tormenting the peace of metal that she held in her hands. After all this wasn’t exactly her home but still belonged to her parents and Kate wasn’t about to allow herself to become a destructive person just because she was getting a little taste of power. After all if she felt the urge to just brake things now she could hardly imagine how strong it would become once she began to come into real power. The thought took her back a bit at one time in her life she would have given up a great deal for the power she held right now. Now that she had it though she was already craving more and to make things even more exciting she was quite sure that she would be getting more as her body continued to change.

As Kate mused on this she let the bar slip from her hands deciding that she would play with it later on. Looking over at Jack she made her way over to him noticing that his breathing was already excited from the display he had just seen. She bent down placing her hand under his chin she moved his head slightly to face her and then pressed her lips firmly against his. Kate had to fight the desire to simply take Jack into her arms and carry him away to her bed room. She wasn’t ready for that yet though so she kept control of herself at least partly. Jack did find Kate’s tongue wasted no time snaking its way into his mouth to wrestle with his. Much as with the rest of her body Jack found that Kate’s tongue easily over powered his own. This only serving to make him more excited he nearly passed out the moment Kate let up partly thanks to the lack of air but mostly thanks to pure excitement.

“ I am going to get a few firearms.” Jack didn’t say anything right away as it took him a moment to get out of his stunned state he was however able to catch Kate before she left for the master bedroom.

“ What firearms I haven’t seen a gun in this house since we arrived?”

“ That is because your not suppose to silly guns are one of the main things people want to steel and besides can’t risk a kid finding them.” Kate continued to speak by raising her voice so that Jack could hear her as she went into the bedroom she played around with one of the dressers for a moment until she heard a click. “ Besides one of the reasons for this place was for hunting. My grandfather enjoyed deer season especially.” This was made evident by the supply of shotguns and rifles Kate soon found herself looking at as she put in the safe’s combination. Checking the ammo drawers Kate sighed realizing it hadn’t been restocked since her grand parents’s deaths.

Kate was able to find a decent amount of handguns as well as she laid out a .22 caliber a .38 caliber and a .45 caliber. Digging around for a few moments Kate was able to find the ammo for each weapon and took her time loading them. Figuring Jack would want to soak his hands for a while longer she headed back into the dining area now packing the hand guns. Laying them out in front of Jack she grin as she noticed the nervous look on his face. “ We are going to start with the 22 and see if that is able to hurt me then if that doesn’t bother me we will move up to the 38 and finally the 45. Depending on how I do with the 45 I might bring out a few hunting rifles and see what effect it has on me.”

“ Well give me a few more moments but I warn you if you want me to aim for a precise spot I am not a very good aim. Well actually I pretty much have zero experience at handling a firearm.” Kate seemed to think on this she had been planning on having Jack aim for her shoulder before trying to a area with more important organs now it didn’t seem like she was going to be able to do that. A aim device would have been handy at the moment but she knew her grandfather never stored any of those away. Shrugging her shoulders it wasn’t like she was overly concerned she doubted the weapon could deal a lethal hit to her. Really her only concern at the moment was one of them might be able to damage her which at most would require a try to the hospital.

“ Don’t worry about it I think I can take it.” Jack sighed and nodded his head at least he wouldn’t be hurting his hands this time around. Though he imagined what the consequences would be if he had to tell Nathan. “ Oh I put your daughter in the hospital by shooting her.” Not exactly what he would want to tell someone that could beat the day lights out of him. It was better then letting Kate do it herself though as he imagined she would try it on her own even if that meant shooting herself nearly point blank. Kate for her part was playing around with the 45 rolling the gun around on the table she had a very excited look on her face as she imagined what it would mean if it couldn’t even harm her. The most powerful handgun out of the three it was pretty much the worst firearm she would have to worry about while on patrol at least as far as hand guns went.

Jack on the other hand was quite nervous as he looked at the weapons now set out before him. At least Kate hadn’t asked him to shoot her with a rifle that was a good thing it still made him nervous though. The fact that he was about to shoot the woman that he was coming to love more and more with a handgun wasn’t comforting at all. Even considering what he had done to her earlier he had been able to start out with light taps at least with these though it wouldn’t be no starting out easy and building up. What made him even more reluctant is the thought of what it would mean if one of the weapons killed her. Kate was getting more powerful every day so that if he could just convince her to wait for a while longer it would be safer. He doubted that would work though as he watched Kate play with the various handguns though her attention was mostly on the 45.

Kate didn’t say anything as Jack let his hands soak for longer then the planned time only when the ice was but a few small parts floating around did she stand up. “ Come on now enough stalling time to get to testing.” Kate picked up the 22 pocketing it she carried the 38 and 45 in her hands. Jack sighed and followed after her shutting the front door behind him. Placing the 38 and 45 on a lawn chair Kate retrieved the 22 from her pocket and handed it to Jack. Then trotting out into the yard Kate chose a spot away from the front porch which she imagined would be about the same range as she was likely to find herself in the city.

“ Alright time to get testing.” Kate folded her arms behind her head adopting a very relaxed pose she didn’t bother to remove her clothes thinking it would be more fun to see the bullet whole in them once it was over. Jack took in a deep breath of air as he tried to steady the firearm taking aim at Kate he aimed for her right shoulder even without Kate asking him he wanted to go for a spot without any vital organs in it. The only problem he found himself having was his lack of skill he worried that the shot might end up hitting her in the head. As Kate mouthed the word shoot though he finally pulled the trigger. As Kate stood there a odd thing happened the bullet coming out of the gun seemed to be moving slower then normal in fact much slower then normal considering that she could actually see it.

Kate’s eye site and reaction time having improved to allow her to handle running at her top speed of 95mph allowed her to actually notice the bullet leaving the gun and coming towards her. It was true that it was still coming at her faster then one of her own punches but the extra distance gave her time to react as she realized the bullet was going to miss her. The sound of a rush of air and a impact was the first thing that hit Jack’s ear as he looked at Kate he noticed that her right hand had come out from behind her head and seemed to have caught something in mid air. Now Kate was in shock as she realized what she had just done looking at her hand she slowly began to open her palm finding it hard to believe what she had just did despite everything that had happened. There resting in her hand was the now miss shaped projectile. Slowly a grin spread over her face that threatened to split it in two as she looked at Jack.

“ Your aim is off and you need to work on your pitch it was a little to slow.” Jack was shocked not only had Kate just with stood the bullet but she had actually caught it when she realized that it was going to miss her entirely. “ Well Jack a test must be conducted more then once to make sure it is accurate what say you unload that clip into me though this time try to aim better.” Kate’s finale words were said in a joking tone but Jack still took things slowly.

Kate could hardly define how she felt as Jack began to fire of the shots in a more rapid succession this time no longer aim high most the shots hit her in the stomach and chest area. As they did this Kate was truly thrilled by the lack of pain she felt despite the weapons fire. Instead she would feel a slight thud on her skin and then a moment later the bullet would roll down the inside of her clothing most of the bullets energy being used up as it impacted her skin. At last there was the audible click of the hand gun announcing that all the ammunition had been used up. Looking at her right hand again she still held the bullet she had caught slowly she let it slide from her hand to join the others on the ground.

“ I think if I was a criminal I would be quite concerned right now.” Kate only grinned as she watched Jack head over to the other weapons and retrieve the 38 after setting the 22 down. Walking back over to Kate he took a moment to steady his hand despite his lack of knowledge he was fairly certain this one would offer more of a kick then the 22 had. Kate considered tensing up her muscles but chose to remain in a relaxed stance. While it wasn’t a good idea to laugh at any gun some are more lethal then others and Kate knew there was a rather big gap between a 22 and a 38. Finally squeezing off a shot the sound and recoil of the gun was indeed worse then the 22 which for a moment made him wonder if it had been a good idea.

Kate reached down towards her abs having felt the bullet impact with her skin she had felt it more then the 22. A moment later she pulled the now disfigured bullet from between her waste band the bullet having slid down the inside of her shirt. Jack let out a long sigh expecting to see that the bullet had managed to get through Kate’s skin. Kate pulled up her shirt taking a moment to let Jack see her abs she places her finger where the bullet had hit. No bruise no red spot the only way Jack would have even known where it hit had Kate not pointed would be if he had examined the whole it made in her shirt. Feeling sure that Kate was safe from the weapons fire Jack pulled off the shots more slowly this time aiming mostly for her mid section. Kate only continued to grin as she felt a few of the shots hit her breast as well as her stomach. Looking towards the porch she eyed the 45 a feeling of excitement rushed through her.

At last Jack expended the last of the rounds in the 38 and retrieved the 45. Kate steadied herself now quite confident she could handle the small arms fire. Taking aim Jack was some what more relaxed with this gun then the others after all Kate had done so well with the other ones. A moment later he squeezed the trigger one of the guns seven rounds slamming into Kate. “ Ouch.” Jack looked up having not expected Kate to say that he noticed as she took a moment to dig around in her shirt. A moment later she pulled out the bullet however as she moved her shirt around a bit Jack noticed that there was a slight indent in the skin. As Kate looked at Jack for a moment. “ That about felt like a bee sting.” Kate’s grin was supremely confident as she rubbed the area the bullet had hit her.

“ Do you want me to go ahead and unload or is that enough?” Jack unsure if Kate wanted to go on now was some what disappointed at having found a handgun that could indeed hurt Kate however little. He was glad they had started with the handguns though instead of jumping strait to the rifles as he thought Kate had wanted to other wise she might have actually sustained a injury though from what he had just seen he wasn’t sure how serious of one.

“ I want to go on it didn’t hurt that bad and to be honest I am sort of getting a kick out of this.” Jack grinned as Kate stated te plainly obvious taking his time he was careful to keep the weapon hitting the strong parts of her body this time around. Each time the bullet would strike her Kate would feel a slight sting of pain then it would fade away. She didn’t really have to worry about a single 45 she decided but she would have to concern herself with a barrage of weapons fire or something more powerful at least she had to worry about them for now. The thought that next week she would be a decent amount more powerful then she was at the moment and the next week even more powerful was almost intoxicating by itself.

The fact that as her body changed and got stronger the rate at which she gained strength also increased was truly a wonderful thought and at that moment she found herself wishing that it would never stop. Jack finally squeeze off the last of the bullets though he was surprised when Kate stood there a moment longer as if in thought finally she smiled at Jack. “ Thanks for this gift Jack I must say it is assuredly the fifth best gift I have ever received.” Jack blinked for a moment as he considered what Kate had said just what made her call it the fifth best gift.

“ Thank but what are the other four?” Kate grinned as she began to walk towards Jack she spoke slowly.

“ The first would be my live which actually you did help to restore to me. The second gift would be my father the third my mother though I can’t say in which order I would list them.” Kate stood next to Jack and placed her lips against his cheek giving him a kiss. “ And the fourth is that I have such a wonderful friend who I home to get to know better and better as we spend time with each other.” Jack couldn’t help but smile as Kate removed the 45 from his hand then retrieved the other guns. “ I am going to go put these in the wall safe.” Jack only nodded as he watched Kate head inside waiting a moment he went in himself. Instead of following Kate though he went to the couch and took his usual spot. Kate’s statement had really helped to assure Jack that he was getting closer to her and in some ways petted his ego.

As he considered the testing that they had just went through though he mused over the needles that he had ordered. He was grateful he had ordered some of the stronger ones as from what he had just seen he doubted anything weaker would be able to get through Kate’s skin. He hadn’t been thinking of it while doing the testing but if Kate had indeed made it into the range of rifles in particularly the more powerful rifles he doubted he would be able to find a needle that would brake her skin. Closing his eyes he resolved he would need to write a report and send it to Nathan to see if he could get some speciality made needles just for Kate. It was a kind of amusing thought as he considered the fact that he would probably need to put. “ Can go through two inches of steel.” As a requirement but with the way Kate’s strength was increasing he felt it would be needed eventually.

Kate didn’t come out just after putting the guns away rather she stopped to look at herself in the mirror. Looking at the bullet wounds in her clothing she counted 26 in total the two smaller guns having 10 rounds appease while the 45 had 7. There where only twenty six thanks to the one that Kate had caught in her hand. Removing the shirt she places a finger over each of the spots where a bullet from the 45 had hit. There was a slight red mark but they were all quickly fading and she doubted they would be there in 5 minutes. Still quite pleased with herself Kate proceeded to neatly fold the now bullet riddled shirt figuring she would show it off later on or maybe even frame it as one of the mile stones in her strength development. Slipping into a intact t-shirt she checked herself in the mirror one more time before heading back into the living room.

As Kate walked up behind Jack a broad smile appeared on her face as she noticed he seemed lost in thought. At first planning to simply join in him in setting down Kate recalled her promise to show off for him as often as she could. So instead she simply snuck up behind him and bent down taking hold of one of the chairs main supports she lifted the entire sofa with Jack as well easily supporting the weight with a single arm. Jack didn’t cry out this time as he was getting use to Kate suddenly lifting him from the ground. Peeking over the side of the couch he looked down at the amazon who was grinning up at him. “ So cuddly what do you think of today’s test?” Jack grinned as he reached down in a attempt to pat Kate on the head finding his arm couldn’t reach her he contented himself by patting her hand.

“ Well we didn’t really get much work done today but until I get some new needles that can get through that skin of yours it is going to take a while. I must admit though I am really impressed you have most assuredly broken the mark between a human and super human.” Kate continued to grin but let out a some what lamentable sigh.

“ Yeah but I haven’t made it into the range I really want to be. I mean I am not complaining hehe well I guess I am but I am not in the power range where I feel I could really call myself super powered.” Jack rolled his eyes not exactly feeling sympathy for Kate as far as he was concerned she was well within the super powered range if not a match for some of the big names like Super man or Wonder woman she was still a power house in his eyes and she was getting stronger. “ Oh lord I think I have come to consider my current strength range normal. My lord I am currently more powerful then I would have ever imagined I would be and now here I am complaining that it isn’t enough.”

“ Yup you are a greedy little thing that is for sure you power hungry animal you. Then again that is something that people have sot out almost since humans existed I imagine and you are getting your power through a peaceful means.” Kate smiled and slowly lowered the couch to the ground climbing over the back of it she lightly pounced on Jack making sure to catch most the weight with her legs so she didn’t actually nock the wind out of him.

“ You know Cuddly I have been thinking have you been working on that serum for yourself recently. I mean you where able to get it to work for me and I bet you have gotten some new information from the effect it had on me.” Jack smiled then shook his head in the negative.

“ To dangerous as far as I am concerned and to be honest with you I think it would be best if you never mentioned it to anyone. Really we need to get around to telling your parents that the next time you see them.” A questioning look appeared on Kate’s face she knew the drug was dangerous but she didn’t see any harm in Jack researching it further.

“ Why don’t you want to continue research though after all it seems like it isn’t going to have any negative side effects on me it has been a few months now after all.” Jack nodded in agreement though he still worried it might take a direction Kate wouldn’t like still so far the changes had been purely advantages without any visible side effects Jack just had to keep in mind that every cell in Kate’s body had been altered so that while she looked human on the outside her internal workings where probably not that of a humans anymore.

“ I just don’t think it would be save to have a treatment that could potentially give someone super powers. As I am sure despite the danger enough people would try it and I am not sure if all of them would have the best intent in mind. I mean to be honest considering how effective it has been I am glad we never finished it at work. As I wonder just who would be getting the treatment.” Jack didn’t bother mentioning to Kate that he didn’t really trust himself with such knowledge either as he tried to imagine what effects of slowly gaining more and more strength would have on him. The thought that Kate could be corrupted by her power hardly ever crossed his mind though having decided to put his trust in her to remain the same person she was no matter how much power she gained. It wouldn’t do him any good to worry after all he didn’t have it in him to try to kill Kate and if she did become corrupted it would probably be to late for that anyway.

“ Well alright then if you think it is that dangerous.” Kate slipped one of her arms under Jack and easily lifted him from the couch. Positioning herself that he was above her she set him down on top of her so that they were facing once again. Smiling she pulled his face down to hers and once again began kissing him. Jack leaned into the kiss their hands beginning to explore each others bodies having gotten use to the limitations Kate put on their exploration of one another.


Kate snapped in head in the direction of the barbell as the scream of bending metal got her attention. Looking at the weight set she realized what was going on to late as the supports gave way and the barbell now stacked with well over two tons of metal came slamming into the bench. The bench didn’t hold up for a moment thanks to the momentum the weight had gained in the wall and was nearly snapped in two. Walking over to it the look on Kate’s face said it all as she wore the ultimate well fuck look. Bending down she flicked the metal for a moment it had been bending a bit recently but she hadn’t expected it to just give way like that. It made her glad Jack wasn’t in the house to here what had happened as he had taken one of the humvee into town in order to pick up some supplies.