Ch 2 continued


This now left Kate with a problem though as she recalled that Jack had sent off for her custom made weight set several weeks ago. He had finished designing them earlier and ordered them from her father’s company but he hadn’t put it on a rush order as he felt the weights would last Kate a while longer. Now Kate found herself in quite the dilemma as she realized that even if Jack called today they would probably take a while longer to be ready. She could of course continue exercising through jogging and using the other free weights but in truth she rather enjoyed her bench press as a means of showing off and testing her strength. Looking around the basement she tried to locate something that could feel this roll however nothing came to mind. Looking at the barbell itself she contemplated simply using it bending down and taking hold of its center she decided that was a bad idea the moment she lifted it.

The metal screamed the moment Kate lifted it from the ground and began to bend in the center. Placing the barbell back down Kate let out a long sigh and once again began looking around. Walking up stairs she checked around the house for something however upon realizing that even her grandfather’s safes would not have enough weight to give her a good work out she let out a rejected sigh. Walking on outside she took a seat on the steps and began to look around the yard the thought that she could use a large rock suddenly hit her then passed the moment she spotted something else. Quickly dashing back inside Kate proceeded to locate a rather large towel though she went with a worn out one. Dashing back outside she proceeded over to the second humvee that her father had left upon his visit.

Throwing the towel out she managed to get it fairly well distributed underneath the hummer. Laying down Kate proceeded to sort of crawl underneath the vehicle a wide grin upon her face as she began to search for a area that she could place her hands. She was once again grateful Jack had went into town as she imagined how silly she would feel if this didn’t work out.

Jack felt odd driving back to the house it had been quite some time since he had driven anywhere having Kate drive most the time. What made things worse was the vehicle that he found himself driving at the moment the humvee being a far cry from his car. Still he just chose to take things slower then normal it meant a few speedy people had to drive around him but he didn’t mind. The fact that should they chose to hit him their vehicle would be the worse for it seemed to give him a slight confidence boost. As he pulled off on the side road that lead to Kate’s grandparents home he relaxed a bit. As he made his way over the rocky road it eventually gave way to the smoother surface letting him know that he was nearing the house what he was when he got there though made him stop the vehicle a good deal short of the porch.

The second humvee was slowly being lifted from the ground and then placed down. Kate having found a few areas strong enough for her to place her hands and not worry about damaging the vehicle was now putting herself through her sets. It was a amusing moment for her as she heard Jack pulling up but didn’t stop her exercise routine wondering if he was enjoying the show.

Jack found the scene so strange that he didn’t realize just what was going on until he noticed the edge of a towel sticking out from under the vehicle. Pulling the rest of the way up to the porch Jack hopped out and proceeded over to the humvee bending down he looked at Kate who was now grinning at him. “ Now just what do you think you are doing down there?”

“ Oh the barbell can’t hold enough weight for me anymore so I had to improvise. Hey Jack would you mind going on inside and calling my dad let him know that he needs to hurry up with those custom weights for me. I will help you carry in the groceries after that.” Jack could only nod as he straitened up and made his way back inside lightly shaking his head at the sight that he had just seen. At least he now knew that if he ever managed to get the vehicle stuck in a ditch so long as Kate was with him it wouldn’t be a problem getting out. Though he doubted even with his driving skills having down graded over the weeks of inactivity that he would mess up enough to get a humvee stuck.

Nathan was looking over the companies profits when the phone rang. Picking it up he knew who to expect since Jack and Kate was one of the few that had his personal number. “ Hi Nathan I was just calling to let you know that well I need to ask if you could speed up the production of Kate’s new gym equipment.” Nathan was caught a bit off guard considering that he had helped with the modifications to Kate’s equipment as one supremely confident in his work he hadn’t expected Kate to go through the equipment before the year was up.

“ Sure but could you tell me what happened I guess Kate is progressing faster then I thought.”

“ Progressing faster and faster it seems that as she gets stronger her rate of increase improves as well. She is sort of bench pressing that humvee you left us and to be honest I don’t think it will have enough weight to keep her happy next week.” Nathan blinked hearing that his little girl was currently bench pressing a fairly well armored military vehicle was a bit of a shock. He had left the project in Jack and Kate’s hands so he didn’t know just how strong she was becoming up until that point.

“ Well I think I can get the weight set ready and shipped to you by the end of the month but I doubt I can get it there any sooner. I guess until then you can just start putting stuff in the truck and seats unless. You haven’t already started loading the thing down yet have you?” Jack smiled hearing the curiosity in Nathan’s voice.

“ Naa she hasn’t gotten that far yet but I am sure we will be there by the next week.”

“ Okay then I am going to get on speeding things up here then. We are having to adjust some of your design specks.” Nathan’s last comment was spoken with humor but honesty as well as they had found some of the design plans Jack had sent in though sound had been lacking. It didn’t surprise him though as Jack had admitted before hand he had little experience with such mechanical designs. In truth Nathan felt that he should have had someone that built mining equipment designing the hydriodic gear that Kate would be requiring in order to keep up with her strength increase.

“ Alright then I will let Kate now.” Jack and Nathan said there good byes when Jack proceeded to look out the window and continue watching the humvee being lifted. The fact that it was Kate doing this and not a machine was the most impressive fact of all as he just shook his head. Walking on outside he looked under the vehicle waiting a moment he watched as the muscles in Kate’s arms swelled and then relaxed and she raised and lowered the vehicle. It wasn’t a complete bench press though thanks to the tires Kate couldn’t lower the vehicle entirely to her chest it was the best they could do for the moment though.

“ Alright young lady quit playing with your toy and come out here and help me carry in the groceries.” Kate grinned as she turned her head in Jack’s direction and set the vehicle down moving across the towel as she stood up she dusted herself off.

“ Well it isn’t as good of a work out as I am use to but I am sure it will do see.” Kate proceeded to flex her arm in front of Jack looking at the muscle for a moment Jack reached up and placed his hands on it. Squeezing her biceps Jack couldn’t help but grin it was true that Kate’s muscles hadn’t actually increased in size they had simply redesigned themselves to be even stronger then normal. Still the thought that he currently had his hands on a muscle that could lift a humvee and that it belonged to such a attractive woman was truly a wonderful thought to him.

Slipping her arm from Jack’s grip Kate proceeded over to the humvee opening up the trunk she let out a sigh. “ I wish I could get all these on a nice even platform then I could carry them all at once.” Jack grinned realizing that indeed the only thing that kept Kate from carrying everything in at once was that her arms didn’t have enough space. Jack stood back as he watched Kate load herself down with the heavier items until there was no more space on her arms. Following suit Jack was able to carry as many items though this was because none of them where nearly as heavy as the ones Kate carried in. Once inside Kate proceeded to place the groceries away while leaving Jack to carry everything else in.

“ I think your day was surprised when I told him his little girl was bench pressing a humvee. He didn’t say much but he sound shocked that was for sure.” Kate grinned as she recalled how she use to watch her father work out and would debate if she wanted to be that strong. She could have pushed herself to match her father in strength but she knew she would suffer in the agility department. Nathan was still a good deal taller then his girl despite her being six foot which meant he had more mass to spread out the muscle over. Kate had to stop developing her muscles size sooner then him and turn to simply toning them up other wise she would have began to suffer a decrease to her agility. The drug Jack had given her though had answered her all her problems as she was now able to increase her strength as much as she wanted it seems and not suffer any decrease to agility far from it actually as she found her muscles changing and adapting she found herself getting faster and faster.

Kate looked over at Jack who was busying himself putting away the lighter items. She recalled the conversation about her new abilities being a gift from him and him expecting her to use it. It was amusing to think that thanks to his gift her father max bench pressed seemed like nothing to her. She could easily bench press 500lbs she could even support that much weight easily with one arm by now. He had truly given her a wonderful gift though at first she had thought it came at great personal risk to her she realized it didn’t. She had been on her death bead until Jack had came along with the little drug and saved her during that time she had nothing to lose and so much to gain even more then she realized. The thought that the cancer had been a blessing in disguise got a giggle from her as she realized she would have never tried the drug or even had it mentioned to her if she hadn’t been dying.

Halting what she was doing Kate walked over to Jack and rapped her arms around him from behind looking at him with her emerald green eyes. “ You know I am glad things are working out so well after all if they didn’t I wouldn’t know what to do. If you had given me a costly ring for a gift I could have returned it to you if things hadn’t worked out. A necklace the same or anything of simple value I could have returned but what you gave me is worth too much more.”

Jack placed his hand on Kate’s. “ Even if things hadn’t worked out this well and if I could I still wouldn’t take back your strength seeing you enjoy it so much. After all a gift once given now belongs to the other.” Kate brought her lips closer to Jack’s ear having to stand on her toes a bit she brushed her soft lips against his outer ear.

“ Who said anything about the strength it is nice and all but you have given me something better.” Jack’s heart jumped a beat as he guessed at what that something was and was scared to ask just what it was. His curiosity was only made worse when Kate released him with no attempt to answer him. He had been living with Kate for a while now and was quite sure he was past the point where he would consider himself just a friend. He was after all allowed to explore some of her body and they did regularly sleep together though he hadn’t gotten nearly as far as having sex just yet. It was frustrating in a lot of ways but as he recalled what Nathan had told him about Kate he didn’t want to risk losing her. Jack bit his lip as he resolved that he at least needed to ask to find out just where he stood with his remarkable creature. After all Kate was growing more powerful every day and there was a fear that she would forget him because of his.

“ Kate I have been wanting to ask you something. Could you tell me just where me and you stand? I mean I have been living with you for a while now and I was wondering if I was more then a friend.” Kate grinned having expected Jack to ask such a question it actually impressed her that he had waited so many months before bringing the subject up.

“ We are more then friends Jack at least I consider you more then just a friend. I just think we need to live together for a decent while to make sure everything is going to work out before we go to far.” Jack gave a understanding nod.

“ Alright but haven’t we been together for a while now.” Kate felt Kate’s hand go under his chin and she gave him a slight kiss.

“ Yes we have but we have been living away from everyone with only each other to deal with and I haven’t been working. We need to get back to the city and back into the flow of things before we can really say we work well together.”

“ Yeah that makes since it is just that with you getting more powerful every day and as far as I am concerned more lovely I feel like I might lose you when they are other men to compete with.” Jack knew Kate felt grateful towards him for giving her the drug but he didn’t want that to be the reason she was staying with him.

“ Don’t worry Cuddly it isn’t like anyone is going to come and just sweep me off my feet and don’t worry if anything my increased strength just makes you seem more adorable to me.” A moment later Jack felt Kate’s hands take hold of his waste and lift him off the ground. “ After all I happen to like men that are weaker then me incase you have forgotten.” Kate smiled at Jack she understood that he wanted to move a bit further she wanted to as well but she felt a need to be patient and take her time with such things. It was a lesson her mother had spent several years drilling into her head especially the concept of when to share her body with another.

“ Alright this is one of those things that I am just going to have to be patient about. That shouldn’t be to hard since I spent a good deal of my life looking threw a lense. Ah crap I forgot to tell your parents that they need to come down here so we can have a conversation with them. I don’t think I want to mention the drug on the phone.” Kate grinned at Jack and ruffled his hair.

“ My father doesn’t have much of a social life as you might recall after all he didn’t visit me often even in the hospital. Besides neither of my parents are chatter boxes and I am sure they know when something needs to be kept quiet.” Jack considered Nathan’s line of business and nodded his head in agreement.

“ I suppose you are right. Well now since we got all the groceries taken in hope about we finish putting them up and do some testing.” Kate blinked and set Jack back down looking at the bags she guessed that the needles they had ordered had arrived and now that he had something that could get through her skin they where ready to begin. Kate having slept then on standard delivery it had taken them quite a while to arrive since they happened be quite a bit out of the ways. Jack grinned at the look on her face and began putting the groceries away. Kate let out a sigh and began helping him as she did this though she checked over her shoulder.

“ You know at the rate my strength is increasing one of these days you won’t be able to even prick me.”

“ I know and to be honest I can’t wait for the day I can see you with that much power.” Kate actually blushed as she recalled how much of a turn on her power was not only for herself but for Jack as well. It actually made her wonder just why Jack seemed to enjoy taking her blood once in a while. At first it had been a mechanical experience for him something that needed to be done but she had noticed a grin a few times. The realization that hit Kate a moment later made her grin and blush a bit as she recalled those times. Jack had been forced to put more effort into getting the needle through her skin then normal it wasn’t that he enjoyed pricking her it was the fact that he could tell how much more powerful she was getting. The desire to show off and flaunt her strength seemed to reassert itself as Kate thought of this.

“ Hey Jack just when is that other exercise equipment suppose to arrive and how much weight will it be able to produce?”

“ Your dad said it should be here by the end of this month but don’t worry he pointed out a pretty good way of adding more weight to your temporary exercise equipment. We can just start stacking the weights in the trunk of the humvee and maybe in the back seat if things get desperate enough.” Kate nodded in agreement it would be the simplest and probably the most effective idea after all.

“ Alright but how much weight are they suppose to be able to generate.” Jack seemed to think about this recalling the design specs.

“ Well the bench press should be able to generate around 25 tons of force at least with the dimensions I gave it. Your father mentioned that they were some design flaws though and he was going to have some things redone.” Kate grinned as Jack seemed worried that it wouldn’t be able put out the preplanned amount of pressure.

“ Oh well then I am going to expect it to be able to put out 35 tons at least considering my father. He isn’t one to allow things to be down graded after all and will probably try to fix what ever was wrong and exceed it.” Jack just nodded not knowing exactly what to say Nathan did seem like he knew what he was doing when it come to mechanics. With that out of the way Jack and Kate finished putting away the last of the items then Jack finally took hold of a rather sturdy looking package. Kate looked over his shoulder to see just what all was in there. The package was much to Kate’s surprise full of needles as she had expected it to come with a bit more equipment. As she looked at the rather sturdy and threatening looking needles considering they were going to get going into her. She noticed at the ends had been fitted so that they would work with the regular medical equipment Jack had down stairs.

“Well lets get to work after all we need to get as much information as we can before we lose the ability to brake your skin.” A long sigh came from Kate as she followed Jack down stairs it was true she enjoyed showing off for him but still getting pricked had gotten old and she had enjoyed the few weeks of not having to worry about a needle going into her. Jack made it down stairs a good deal before Kate did and was shocked to see the destroyed bench press letting out a low whistle he looked up at Kate who was slowly making her way down the steps.

“ Now just how am I suppose to stay fit.”

“ Oh I am sure we can fix it up I was just wanting to finish my work out earlier. We can do some repairs later on and maybe I can put these muscles of mine to some constructive use. That is provided you don’t take to much blood and leave me feeling light headed.”

“ Hm that is a risk I guess we are going to have to take I really want to see how your cells have come along since the last time I was able to check them. The last batch of cells I took from you died off about 3 weeks ago.” A curious looked appeared on Kate’s face.

“ You mean you have been keeping them alive?” Jack grinned finding a chance to brag about something.

“ Actually no I haven’t intentionally been keeping them alive longer then a few days but I have noticed that as your body strengthens the length of time your cells can survive once taken from you has began to increase. Without me trying to preserve then your cells can now last for several weeks at least they could four weeks ago. I bet they last even longer now who knows they might even last a month.”

“ I bet you can get some good data from that.”

“ Err well yeah but actually none of it is relevant to you after a week. You see Kate you are simply changing too quickly the best thing I can do is try to figure out patterns and see which way it is going to go. I haven’t had time to study any one sample and figure out exactly how it is working. I figure others can figure that later on by looking through my data.” Kate held her tongue as she considered commenting on how she hoped the data he recorded was better then the notes he used for his own purpose.

“ Alright now let me see your arm.” Kate sighed as she held out her arm and Jack began to feel along it. He didn’t bother placing any form of band on her arm to help get the veins to express themselves her muscles having grown to strong for most things to effect them. A moment later he dabbed a section of her arm with some alcohol before preparing the needle. “ You may want to look away if you don’t want to see your own blood.” Kate grinned and didn’t look away a part of her still hoping that the needle wouldn’t brake her skin. It had been four weeks since the little firing test and she couldn’t help but nope they needle wouldn’t make it through. A moment later she felt a sharp prick and turned her head away as the needle began to push its way into her body.

Jack found himself having to apply a decent amount of force to get the needle in and he wondered if he could compare it to getting through the hide of a rhino or if Kate’s skin was even stronger. As her skin resisted he doubted that he would ever get to use all the needles he had ordered as he felt certain Kate wouldn’t have to worry about them being able to make their way through her skin for long. It meant he would have to call Nathan later on as well and explain the need for some needles. He had told Nathan that he felt they would need some specially made one but he hadn’t made it an official order. As the blood began to flow into the vial he considered the odds of them being able to make a needle that could continue to make its way through Kate skin. Removing the vial once full he placed another on the needle and once again began to feel it.

“ I wonder where my skin would rank in strength wise do you think it is plate armor strength?” Jack looked up to find Kate’s head turn in a different direction it being quite clear that she didn’t want to see her own blood going out of her veins.

“ Actually I would say that your skin is a good deal stronger then simple plate armor at least what a night would have worn. Though I don’t think you should get in the way of a cross bow bolt at least not yet. I think maybe triple layer plate armor if it ever existed would be a good way to define the strength of your skin.” Kate grin rather pridefully though she eagerly wished for the day that they could say her skin was as strong as tank armor and then perhaps battle ship armor. The thought took Kate’s mind away from the needle that was currently inside her body at least until she felt it being removed from her. Kate visibly shivered as she felt the needle being taken from inside her body she didn’t like the feeling one bit.

Placing the vials away Jack quickly bandaged Kate’s arm before looking at her. A surprised look appeared on Kate’s face as she realized Jack wasn’t going jump right into his research as he normally did. “ Aren’t you going to get to studying?”

“ Yeah I suppose I should but you know when I think about it that blood there can survive for at least a week I know. So I guess I don’t have to jump right back into work if there is something you want to do.”

“ Oh no you don’t you took it from me so you are going to get to studying. Tell you what though while you do some research I am going to go start dinner.” Jack nodded in agreement as he picked up the vials and headed over to the microscope. Drawing out a few slides he began to set the equipment up while Kate headed on upstairs. Heading into the kitchen Kate began to look around for what she wanted to cook as well as to consider what needed to be done before the day was up. She would need to help Jack repair the weight set so that he could exercise as well that could be done after dinner though. Deciding that Jack would probably spend a while in the lab Kate considered making a roast for the two of them since it wouldn’t require much effort on her part and it would kill some time.

Looking through the refrigerator a few steaks caught her eye as she started to reach for them she shook her head. Something like that was to good to waste as she imagined how she could show off for Jack when it came time to cook them. Her body having strengthened a great deal she wondered if Jack would enjoy watching her grill a few steaks and not need anything to flip them other then her own hands. The fact that she could now handle flames that were at least suitable for cooking was a real kick for Kate though she didn’t feel she was ready to stick her hand into a welding torch.

Ruling out the stakes Kate proceeded to get out the roast and prepare the ingredients as she did this she found herself intentionally doing things that would have normally harmed her. Running the blade of the knife along her skin as she pilled a few potatoes not using oven mittens when she placed the roast in. It was getting to the point that Kate was having trouble helping herself recalling that not even a year ago she had to be so careful when doing so many things. Now if she accidently shot herself in the foot or grabbed a hot iron she didn’t have to worry about any consequences and with every day she grew stronger she knew she had fewer and fewer things to concern herself with.

The thought was almost a intoxicating one especially when Kate looked out the window at the two humvees in the yard. Recalling the last trip she made into town she grinned recalling how she had buckled up and had done for years especially after becoming a police officer. She didn’t have to worry about buckling up anymore though at least she thought she didn’t. Being able to run at over 100 miles per hour as well as the fact that her body had strengthened itself to take a even faster punch the thought that even if she got thrown out the wind shield she wouldn’t be harmed in the least was quite amusing. Considering this she resolved that she still needed to use a safety belt considering that she would be riding with Jack and she wanted to make sure he buckled up. Requiring him to where a safety belt while she didn’t hardly seemed fair to her.

Kate finished preparing her and Jack’s dinner well before he was out of the lab leaving her with the dilemma of what to do with her time. Taking a moment Kate checked herself and gave herself a slight slap on the forehead. She knew exactly what she needed to do as she removed her shirt and began to head towards her bathroom. Having just finished working out a short while ago in which one of her work outs actually required her to go outside she felt a need to get herself cleaned up. Tossing her shirt in the laundry basket Kate slipped out of the rest of her clothing. A long sigh came from her as she looked at the bathtub and lamented the fact that they had yet to set up a system that would allow her to take a truly hot bath.

Jack looked perplexed at the computer screen as he began to notice something on the screen. Up until that point Kate’s blood cells had kept mostly a human shape with the same make up as a humans except each individual component was more advanced. Now after a few weeks of not being able to check and see just how Kate’s cells were doing he found himself looking at a component that he couldn’t recognize. It reminded him of the nucleus in many ways except that it seemed to glow a slight blue making the entire cell seem to light up. Thinking for a moment she stood up and made his way over to the light switch. Turning off all the light in the basement area he thought Kate’s blood seemed to glow though he couldn’t be for sure. Turning the lights back on he took a moment to scribble down. “ Blood sample seems to be emitting some form of energy thanks to now structure forming in cells. Effect of this energy or the purpose of the structure is unknown.”

Other scientist would be able to see this of course as Jack had by now started recording his findings. Returning his attention back to the computer screen he began to zoom in on various parts of Kate’s cells realizing that he couldn’t focus all his intention on just one part no matter how strange it seemed. As Jack continued to watch what was going on he noticed that while most components seemed to behave normally at least compared to what their old functions where. The nucleus and mitochondria where not. Kate’s cells having developed a higher level of sophistication then what a normal humans had her nucleus seemed to have evolved in its ability to handle information. As Jack considered the fact that Kate’s cells seemed to be evolving and changing he felt quit dim for not realizing it earlier. It truly was changing to process and take in information in order to allow it to alter itself to survive.

The mitochondria for its part was now behaving more like its own organism though it seemed still a member of the community. It seemed to function more on its own as it moved about as if searching for something. Thinking for a moment Jack got a idea as he made his way over to the old storage area and took out the old blood cells of Kate. I twas true they had died a week ago but he still wanted to conduct the test. Taking out a needle he took a bit of the blood and then placed it with the now living and more evolved samples of Kate’s blood. The more advanced blood cells quickly ceased upon the now dead once and much to Jack’s surprise began to tear them apart. Each cell in the area now seemed capable of dealing with such a intruder and responded very quickly as they cannibalized their former.

It quickly became apparent why the cells had to be so actively mindful of changes. If they didn’t the now evolved cells would waste no time in cannibalizing them. Thinking for a moment Jack through away the needle and retrieved a clean one. Pricking himself on the finger he proceeded to introduce some of his own blood into Kate’s sample. The reaction was different then he expected as Kate’s cells seemed to examine his for a moment. He imagined they where to see if they where the same type of cells, the next generation of cells or an intruder. Jack grinned and shook his head as a moment later though he watched the sample of his blood he had introduced be consumed. The mitochondria seeming to be the main instigator of the cannibalization and destruction of interlopers.

Once again turning to some paper he wrote down a few more notes. “ Cells do not respond well to weaker cells or interlopers do not on any circumstance get Kate’s blood on you.”

The thought of how Kate’s cells had reacted to his own was a some what disturbing yet interesting one as he considered what might happen if it did get on him. At the time his cells had been the interloper as Kate’s had been in greater abundance but would that stop them if they simply got on him or would they tear him apart. Thinking for a moment Jack made his way up stairs, into Kate’s room and stood next to her bathroom doom.

“ Kate do you know of a place that I could go and get some animals blood?” Kate felt a little odd as she heard Jack’s question wondering just what he would want such a thing but deciding to answer.

“ Yeah just go into town and stop by the taxidermy people are always shooting something around here and they should have some fresh blood. Not like you would find out at butchers office but Cuddling. Just why do you want animals’ blood.”

“ I have a test I want to conduct and I will need a decent amount of blood and I don’t want to bleed myself as much as might be needed for a real test.”

“ Err alright well how about instead of taking of you give me a moment to finish my shower and then I will go with you.”

“ Sure thing.” Jack stepped away from the door and made his way into the living room. Setting down on the couch he considered just how much blood he wanted to use for this experiment he would probably want to start with just a dish and then move up to a larger amount. He shook his head feeling silly a moment later as he decided it would be a better idea just to use regular small amounts of animals blood and just introduce fewer and fewer of Kate’s cells into it in order to see how they did. A short while later Kate came out of her room wearing a rather large t-shirt and shorts her hair had been brushed but she hadn’t went through too much trouble of fixing it. A short while later the two of them found themselves in the taxidermy office Jack feeling some what silly at what he was about to request.

Kate looked around the officer checking out the various trophies that lined the walls if the owner and killed them himself or if he was showing off his work she wasn’t sure maybe even both. Kate had mixed feelings as she looked around the room and considered the trophies. On one had she respected the hunters right to hunt agreed that the animal population needed to be controlled and admired their willingness to stand the freezing cold conditions during deer season. On the other hand she wasn’t sure if she cared for the concept of having an animal mounted and hoped that the meat was cooked. She didn’t like to see things killed without a reason and the concept of killing something just to kill it seemed idiotic to her. As she did this something got her attention out of the corner of her eyes as she noticed two people where staring at her.

Turning her head to find the two boys that she had caught on the back road a few months earlier she grinned. They were lucky she hadn’t caught them now as she could really scare them thanks to her increased strength and speed. “ Well hello there boys you haven’t had your four-wheelers on any back roads recently have you?” Michel and Howard looked in disbelief as they debated on weather Kate was the person they had met on the road earlier. They hadn’t told anyone about what happened deciding that they most likely wouldn’t believe them and actually began to doubt if it had happened or not it was kind of hard to belief even for them.

Howard was the first one to find his voice as Kate approached them a friendly smile on her face. “ Nope we have been sticking to the back woods lately no running the back roads for us. I guess we should have asked this earlier but umm who are you?” Kate grinned and considered if answering their question was a good idea or not shrugging her shoulders she imagined it couldn’t do any harm to answer them.

“ My name is Kate and now may I know yours? I think I had to much fun picking up your toys and out running you last time that I forgot to ask your names.” The boys grinned as Kate openly admitted to teasing them despite everything they recalled happened she seemed friendly enough then they might have felt differently had they realized how much more capable she had become since that day.

“ Lock jaw over there is Michel and I am Howard pleased to meet you.” Howard started to ask Kate another question when Jack returned carrying a plastic bag.

“ Hey Cuddly got what we came here for?” Jack nodded noticing the two young men she was talking to but shrugged it off. It was Kate’s business who she decided to converse with though he did wonder what they had been talking about.

“ Sure did are you ready to get back.” Kate nodded as she walked over to Jack and took him by the arm.

“ Yup lets go.” Jack felt a little odd as he headed through the door and wondered just what was going on. Kate of course was intentionally drawing attention to Jack wanting to make the two boys wonder who he was now. Jack didn’t realize this but of course enjoyed the attention and wished he wasn’t carrying a container of deer blood at the moment. He had gotten lucky upon his arrival as someone had dropped off a deer only recently. The shop owner had thought him a little strange as he prepared the animal but didn’t have any reason to not give him the animal blood just meant there was less for him to dispose of. Jack had insisted on giving him a twenty for the animals blood as the whole experience left him feeling a little strange.

Michel having been quiet the whole time was the first one able to speak as he walked over to Howard. “ Think she is some kind of vampire?” Howard gave Michel the ultimate you are an idiot look at his friends response considering they had just watched Kate walk out in day light. Michel noticing this felt a need to defend himself. “ Well we did just see that guy walking out with a whole mess of who knows what kind of blood.”

“ Deer and that was an odd fellow.” Michel and Howard turn in the direction of the voice to find Howard’s father putting away a twenty dollar bill. The two boys didn’t waste any time in drilling the man for information. Howard coming to regret that his father had a mind your own business attitude as he proved to have little information other then Jack’s name and that he was not a hunter.


Kate sighed as she ly in bed her eyes slowly drifting open. Looking around the still dark room she grinned as she recalled a time when she would be looking at day light. Having went to bed at midnight Kate turned her head in the direction of her alarm clock to find that it was still 5 in the morning and yet she felt totally rested. Such things had been going on with her for a while now as she found her body becoming more capable she found her rate of recovery increasing as well. Now she only required 5 hours sleep instead of the 8 hours it at once required her to fully recover herself. Climbing out of bed she rubbed her hands across her eyes before she began to straiten out her covers another item that she no longer used. It now required so much heat or cold to effect her that she imagined she could safely sleep outside even during winter at least in the region she currently found herself in.

Stretching her muscles Kate ran her hand through her hair a surprised look appearing on her face. Holding her hand in front of her face even she could make it out her fingers where covered with strands of her own bright red hair. Kate’s mouth opened widely as she realized just how much hair had come off in her hand. Flipping on the lights she looked towards the bed and nearly feel over when she found the pillow blanketed by her hair strands. Picking up the strands of hair the amount that had came out over night truly shocked Kate her hair having seemed so much thicker over the last few weeks she didn’t see how she could suddenly be losing it.

Quickly dashing into the bathroom she flipped on a light and proceeded to check herself in the mirror. As she did this though she noted something odd despite the amount of hair she seemed to have lost. Her bright red main still seemed as thick and vibrant as ever. A relieved yet perplexed looked appeared on Kate’s face as she began to hold the strands together in order to gage just how much hair she had lost over night. The worry that she would find a huge bald spot on the back of her head gone Kate began to curiously run her fingers through her hair as she did this she began to notice a change in her hair. Some of her hair seemed thin compared to the others and this was the hair that came out in her hand just by brushing her fingers over it. The other hair strands seemed thicker and healthier then normal encouraging her to run her fingers along their length.

Kate found herself wondering if the changes to her hair was due to her body’s alterations. Deciding to conduct a test she removed a few of the thinner hair strands just by touching them and held them in her hands. Easily snapping them in two she was sure that at least the current strands hadn’t strengthened like the rest of her body but then again hair really wasn’t a muscle. Then taking a moment to feel of one of the new hair strands she noted it felt like her hair though a good deal silkier, softer and smoother. This got a grin from Kate as she wondered if her body was adapting so that she wouldn’t end up balled the first time something yanked her hair. Curiously she took hold of one of the hair strands and gave it a slight tug reading herself for the slight pinch she would feel. Finding out that the thicker strand didn’t want to come out in the least Kate chuckled and gave it another hardier tug. The moment the hair was removed Kate’s eyes nearly doubled in size as she felt a shard of pain shoot throughout her entire being.

Jack was normally a heavy sleeper requiring a fairly loud alarm to wake him from his slumber. That wouldn’t be a problem today though as his ears where pierced by one of Kate’s screams. Kate who normally had a fairly high pain tolerance hadn’t been prepared to feel like she had just torn of a layer of her skin. Catching herself a moment to late she took in a few sharp breaths while she tried to relax herself. The sound of Jack scrambling towards her room field the house as he burst into her room. “ Kate is something wrong?” He called out the moment he entered her bed room then ducked into the bathroom to see her standing there holding a single strand of hair in her hand. “ What happened Kate?”

“ I pulled one of my strands of hair out.” Kate said this in the most serious way she possibly could though the look Jack gave her was one of utter shock. The notion seemed to silly as compared to how loud she had been screaming only moments later. Slowly a grin broke on Jack’s face as he resolved that Kate must be playing a joke on him trying to see how fast he would rush to her aid. The fact that he had done so was actually amusing as he considered the difference in their abilities and what chance he would have against something that Kate was having trouble with. The thoughts seemed to ridiculous in his sleep deprived and adrenaline infused state that he found himself chuckling openly. Kate for her part was blushing a bright crimson as she felt extremely silly still it had hurt. “ I am serious Jack it really hurt.”

Jack continued to grin as he noted the strand that seemed to be the culprit. “ OH then I guess we need to punish it.” Jack removed the strand of hair from Kate’s hand still laughing lightly. Taking it between his hands he gave it a fair yank and nothing happened. The look on his face a moment later got a grin from Kate as he began to struggle with the strand of hair. A moment later he held it up to his eyes getting a closer look at it. He quickly noted that the strand of hair seemed thicker then what he had seen before though it still looked nice. Slowly running it through his fingers it didn’t take him long to take a guess at what was going on. Kate’s body had been strengthening itself after all he couldn’t help but assume that it had adapted itself so that her hair would be proportionally strong to the rest of her. “ I guess we need to take a look at this.”

“ Glad you believe me now.” Jack nodded in agreement thankful for the adrenalin that was currently running through his veins. It had done a good job of waking him up though he knew he would be feeling drained in three hours or so. Deciding not to waste time he headed out of the room and made his way towards the basement Kate following closely behind. Kate stopped and looked around at the basement now it had began to look less and less like a make shift lab area and more like a professional testing center. With the arrival of her new exercise equipment as well as the additional medical equipment Jack had requested. The extra medical equipment had started to help deal with her strengthening skin but it had expanded greatly when Jack had learned how dangerous even her blood could be.

He had later told her that he was worried it could act like a virus and pointed out the risk of such a action. Kate recalled how he had tested it with the animal blood and studied that one sample over the last 7 weeks as well as additional samples. He had learned several things about how Kate’s body worked. He had found that her cells could attack any interloper but they would not respond like a virus. That is if Kate’s cells where in the greatest number they destroyed and consumed any other organic material while if they where in the lesser they seemed to kill themselves. Further more even if they could survive outside her body they would not reproduce once removed from her. It helped to relax Kate a good deal as she had feared what would happen if her cells did form into a virus after Jack mentioned that day.

The final limitation her cells seemed to put on themselves once removed from her though was the fact that they ceased to evolve. Jack couldn’t help but resolve that this meant they required a stimulant to adapt and that most likely came from Kate’s brain and her desires. While Jack was quite sure Kate wouldn’t continue getting stronger by now if she quit exercising he wasn’t sure what would happen if she didn’t want the strength in the first place. That wasn’t a issue though as Kate had no intention of stopping her exercise routine as she truly wanted the increased strength. Really it had been good new in Kate’s opinion as Jack explained even if they could clone her with those cells it wouldn’t be as powerful as the original as whatever time Kate spent working out after the cells had been taken would give her a advantage.

Now it seemed that her body had thrown her another curve ball as she watched Jack set up the equipment and get the hair strand under a microscope. Jack felt a little odd as he began to test the hair strand though he was curious why it had hurt Kate so much when she had pulled it out. He figured it was because she hadn’t been ready for however much pain it has caused her thus she had reacted more strongly then what she would once she was prepared for it. Wondering back over to the computer screen he brought up the image of Kate’s hair on the screen and began to look it over. It didn’t take him long to figure out what had happened as he leaned back in his seat. “ Hey Kate have you ever torn off some living skin.”

“ Well yeah tends to happen when you are removing some dead skin from a bad sun burn and go a little to far.” Jack nodded as he pointed towards the screen. It was strange but despite the discovery Jack didn’t feel as shocked as he normally would have. Working with Kate for nearly a year now had taught him to expect strange alterations within her body. It was something that he was getting used to.

“ The reason it hurt you so much when you tore out your hair strand and the reason why I couldn’t brake it in two is because your hair is alive now.” Kate blinked and walked over to the screen looking to see what it was showing. The cellular structure of Kate’s hair wasn’t over complex but it was assuredly more then what a normal persons’ had. Jack decided to help illustrate this point by plucking one of his own hair strands and sliding it under the microscope with Kate’s then he began to move it back and forth. “ You see while my hair strand is dead thus it doesn’t hurt when I cut it yours is alive. I suppose this is your body’s way of strengthening it to make sure you don’t end up bald if you have to compete someone that is your equal and they swing you around by your hair. Still kind off odd you think your body would take the simpler way and just make you bald.”