Ch 2 continued


“ No thanks I am not hungry.” Jack only grinned at her for a moment.

“ Well if you are hungry or not you are going to eat this because that drug is going to work and you are going to need the raw materials inside you for your body to effect repairs.” Kate started to protest but got a mouth full of jellow before anything could make it past her lips. Having only eaten a little over the past few days she still didn’t feel hunger but from Jack’s demeanor she doubted he was going to let her speak again until she had finished her meal. Jack watched as Kate ate her food feeding her another spoonful every time she opened her mouth. He only hoped that the little show of confidence he had put on would help put Kate’s fears to rest and prove to be truthful.

Kate ate slowly her body weekend by the cancer that had ravaged it and all. Jack didn’t mind though as he watched her carefully to see signs that the vector virus was doing its job. Of course he knew Kate’s weekend immune system wouldn’t be able to put up much of a fight so he expected to see the earliest signs that the drug was working some what earlier then usual. As Kate finished her last few bites of food Jack set back in his seat and closed his hands together. He didn’t bother saying another word to Kate as the entire conversation had been draining on her and she really needed to rest more so then perhaps she realized as the drug began to take hold.

As Jack looked upon the twenty two year old Kate he couldn’t help but run his hand through her hair and imagine that it looked just a little bit better then what it had before. Looking down he noticed Kate’s hand reaching for his taking hold of it he moved his chair closer and let her rest while he feel into his science mode. Though he held her hand his gaze began to travel up and down her form looking for any changes at all. The most important thing he kept his eye out for those was anything that would indicate her cellar structure was deteriorating at which time he would know that things weren’t going the way that he had desired. Kate slept through the first hour and the second without any indication that something was going on. The third hour rolled around slowly however as various nurses peeked in now to see how they were doing.

Jack would always wave them off and none bothered to question as they looked at Kate. In truth they all expected her to die so if it made her happy to have him around they couldn’t think of any harm she was on her final days now. At least that is what they thought however as the third hour rolled around Jack was nearly crying not from sadness but from joy as he noted there seemed to be no adverse effects within Kate’s condition. All others had complained of their bodies feeling hot and pain beginning to build within certain key areas. This was the early warnings that the drug was going to fell horribly. The only dilemma had though was that unlike the others Kate was currently on some very powerful pain killers so he couldn’t be sure if it was because of the pain killers or if the drug was working that she wasn’t waking up.

Jack never made it to see what the fourth hour held though as he leaned back in his chair the lack of movement and the sleep depravation of the last few days began to catch up with him. His eyes slowly slid shut and he drew away from the world as he fell into a sleep his hand still refusing to release Kate’s though as they both rested. Had he managed to make it past this point he would have felt a slight increase of temperature throughout her entire body as the fifth hour rolled around. As was the two ended up resting together the hospital staff choosing not to bother them.

Jack felt numb as he opened his eyes and began to look around the room. At first he didn’t know what was going on until he felt the grip upon his hand and looked down to see Kate still resting peacefully her breath slow but steady. A wave of fear went through him as he turned to look at the clock hoping that several hours had passed as it would mean Kate would have made it longer then the others did. As his attention turned towards the clock he felt a wave of excitement run throughout his entire being as he noted it was now four hours past the five hour mark that he had set earlier his eyes quickly returned to Kate and then the clock this was done several times as he assured himself that it wasn’t only wishful thinking.

Finally sure of what he was seeing he began to rub Kate’s cheek. “ Well you have made it further then anyone else I don’t know if your out of danger yet though. I guess we can only hope for the best though.” Jack stood up still looking at Kate’s sleeping form he took a moment to search his pockets before pulling out a pad of paper and a pin. Jotting down a few things for Kate to read when she woke up he gently lifted her head and slipped the tiny slip of paper just under her neck not wanting anyone else to come in and read it while she was out. Jack didn’t want to leave Kate especially not knowing if she was going to be alright but now that he felt she was at least safe then he could stop in later on.

Kate woke up a good three hours later with her stomach aching as she felt how hungry she was. As she moved around she felt the edge of the slip of paper poking into the back of her head as reaching back and removing the paper she began to read it. “ Sorry Kate I had to take off I need to get cleaned up I can freaking smell myself I am surprised you didn’t mention it yesterday. Oh and be sure to eat especially if you feel hungry after all you are going to need nourishment in order to get better.” Kate didn’t need his encouragement to eat though reaching around she found the call button for the nurse and gave it a light press a few moments later a nurse coming in.

“ Pardon me but I am feeling really hungry could I get something to eat?” The nurse looked at Kate for only a moment before agreeing to go and get her something. Kate smiled and leaned back into her seat suddenly feeling rather weak. Fifteen minutes later the nurse came back in carrying a tray and set it down next to Kate who found herself devouring her food far more quickly then she expected to. The nurse actually finding herself a bit shocked to see a person who was slowly dying eating so ravenously.

“ Could I get another trey?” Kate looked up for just a second as she hadn’t noticed the nurse had left a slight huff came from her. Pressing on the call button again the nurse returned a bit more slowly as she looked in on Kate a sheepish smile appeared on Kate’s face.

“ May I have another?” The nurse blinked for a moment before giving a hardy laugh and picking up Kate’s trey.

“ Sure thing.” Kate was actually surprised at herself as she realized that just a few hours she hadn’t wanted to eat anything and now every cell in her body seemed to be screaming out for nourishment. The vector virus having done its job very well it had managed to already alter several healthy cells while a few of them had been wasted on a attempt to alter the cancerous cells these were beyond help even by the introduction of the new dna and thus the now altered healthy cells instinctively set about the task of destroying the least fit ones. Even this would not provide enough energy for cells to fully under go the alterations that the dna introduced to them was calling for.

As the second trey was brought in Kate ate it only with slightly less tenacity then the first one though unlike the first it left her feeling quite full. Leaning back into the bed shortly after finishing her meal her stomach now being full to the brim she couldn’t help but give into the wave of exhaustion that ran through out her entire being allowing her eyes to slowly drift shut once again.

While Kate had spent the day resting, Jack had made his way home and gotten cleaned up and now spent a few hours sending in job applications to various companies. While he doubted he would not be finding a job at a place like Lex. corp again and doubted Star labs would be hiring someone of his age range or limited experience. He had actually been fairly lucky to get higher at his previous job he still had a good deal of training as far as genetics and computer technology. Actually he had spent seven years total in college had he wanted to he could have spent a few more years and specialized a little more and been a doctor but he really didn’t seem himself as a people person plus he had always been a little to easily nauseated.

Still he felt confident that it wouldn’t take him very long to find another job though he doubted he would be able to get one that had as many perks as the previous. At the current time he couldn’t help but feel he would be happy even if he was simply stuck repairing computers after working with such a large corporation with so many shady dealings he couldn’t help but think it would be better working with a small group that you didn’t have to worry about them having something going on behind the scenes so while he did send in applications to a few large companies he also took the time to send them into a few small businesses as well.

As he was beginning to prepare his dinner though a thought came to mind. Digging his wallet and checking to see if he had the money to spare, he resolved that he would bring Kate something nice to eat instead of the hospital food besides he really needed to make sure she was eating. Stopping by a local stake house on his way to the hospital he went with one of the larger stakes wanting to get as much protein into Kate as he could while only getting himself a chicken dinner. Arriving at the hospital shortly after he approached the receptionist who looked up at him having only seen him the previous day. “ Glad to see you, will you be visiting your lady friend again.”

Jack nodded as she handed him a form and proceeded to feel it out. “ I hope it is alright but I brought her a little something.” The nurse looked over the counter taking note of the carry out bag and the trays of food within she only nodded as once again a nurse was called to escort Jack to Kate’s room. Everything seemed alright as the door was opened at least until he stepped into the room and noticed four trays stacked up were the previous day there had only been one and it hadn’t even been touched. Kate still looked rather sickly as far as Jack was concerned but she didn’t seem to be in as much pain as she had been before actually over all she looked far more alive then she had only a few hours ago.