Ch 2 end


Jack felt a bit of pain as Kate gave him a slight slap on the head not enough to really hurt but he knew she didn’t like the comment. He grinned realizing that he had just spoken without thinking and got a image of a bald Kate. He didn’t find it too unpleasant but he preferred her with her hair and was grateful her body was taking this rout instead of the simpler one for once. “ Yeah I guess that wouldn’t be too attractive hmm who knows maybe your body is instinctively keeping its sex appeal.”

“ Hmm you really think that is the reason? That my body is naturally following the concept of sex appeal and altering some features.” Jack looked over his shoulder at Kate turning his chair around completely.

“ Sure may be.” Jack was interrupted as Kate suddenly moved forward pressing her c-cup chest into his face. Her breast where firm but still quite pleasant to the touch a fact that Jack had confirmed several times when she happened to hug him but had yet got to confirm with his hands.

“ Then do you think these might get better?” Kate giggled as she noticed the look on Jack’s face who actually had to push her back a bit so he could talk. Kate let Jack’s hands push her back as she felt them pressing on her arms.

“ I am not so sure about that one after all your body is looking out for its own survival to and I am not sure if you would be as effective of a fighter with a pair of DD’s out in front.” Kate sighed and proceeded to press her hands up under her own breast making them seem some what bigger. Sighing as Kate she felt herself up a bit she did this mostly for Jack’s enjoyed as his face remained very close to her chest.

“ Ah poo all well I guess you can have it all.” Jack smiled when he was suddenly lifted from his chair and into Kate’s arms.

“ Well now Cuddly I think it is time for you to get back to bed. I didn’t mean to wake you up after all and I don’t want you feeling drained later on today.” Jack grinned as Kate proceeded to carry him upstairs and back into his room. Flipping off the lights as she went he didn’t expected what happened next as Kate laid down in the bed and simply placed his body on top of her own. Her arms wrapping around him he looked at her for a moment knowing that she wouldn’t be tired for quite some time. Kate grinned at Jack and rubbed the side of her cheek against the top of his head as she held him.

“ You fall asleep quicker when I am with you.” Jack grinned realizing it was the truth as he already felt himself relaxing in Kate’s arms. It was funny but as she held him he felt so relaxed that mingled with the fact that it was still night time helped to push him towards the land of nod. Considering the situation it wasn’t overly surprising though as he noted how safe he felt with Kate around. He didn’t like to think of himself as the type to hide behind another but still Kate’s warmth and the thought that she would protect him where both very relaxing. A short while later Jack’s breathing slowed and his body became more relaxed as he drifted off to sleep. Kate grinned and looked over towards his clock reaching out she set the alarm to go off two hours later. Even if she had woken him up she could let him sleep in to late and get his sleeping habits messed up.

Kate easily lifted Jack’s sleeping form from the bed and placed him back in it. It was easy to move him without waking him thanks to her strength he simply felt so light. Slipping out of the room Kate sighed and ran her fingers through her hair. “ Well I guess it beats having you torn out the first time I get into a major fight.”

Slipping out of Jack’s room and back to her own Kate proceeded to rummage through the drawers. A few moments later she located the outfits that Jack had bought earlier. Pulling out the gear that was originally meant for motorcycle racing. Looking it over for a moment she recalled why she had started using it recently. The tough material was better able to handle the little nicks she took while running around while her softer outfits could simply get shredded by the branches. Removing her t-shirt she proceeded to slip herself into the outfit as she checked out the window to make sure that it was still dark out. She had been going for her runs before sun rise to help avoid prying eyes. Her sleeping habits having changed so much over the past weeks that she could easily run for a hour and still make it back two hours before Jack would be getting up.

Thanks to today she wouldn’t be making it back quite that soon but there would still be time for a jog. Taking the time to zip herself up in the outfit Kate proceeded into the living room and slipped on a pair of solid black running shoes. She felt a need to have a word with Jack about style and to point out she preferred white over black. It was partly her fault though as she resolved Jack didn’t know what she would like and was probably going by functionality at the time. Stepping outside Kate filled her lunges with the clean mountain air and wondered how it would feel once she got back to the city. A grin formed on her face as she wondered if her body had strengthened itself enough that she wouldn’t notice. She was sure Jack would notice though as he seemed to have adapted to the mountain air.

Taking a few moments to stretch Kate finally took off in a jog the sound of her feet striking against the ground and kicking up some dirt quite audible. Kate easily reached her jogging speed of 120mph while she could reach 160mph she had found that she could only hold such speeds for a limit amount of time thus 120 was preferred for a good work out. As Kate sprinted down the hill side she couldn’t help but find it amusing how easily her eyes followed her own actions as she considered how fast she was moving. She saw things more quickly and yet she could make them out as clearly as ever as her legs quickly ate up the ground. This had actually made Jack nervous when she mentioned it to him before though it was a necessary out come if she wanted to use her speed. It meant that her brain was being altered as well though to better process the information.

Kate had worried about this herself for a while but had to resolve there was little she could do about it. Her thinking process had remained the same at least as far as she could tell. As Kate made it back onto the back roads a grin formed on her face as she enjoyed her greater speed. It was enough so that she didn’t have to worry about someone coming up from behind her though leaving her only concern what was going on in front of her. She did occasionally come upon someone who was out in front of her but they where easy enough to avoid. If she couldn’t find a way around them she would always just turn around and go back the other way. The times that someone was behind and in front of her she could simply jump back into the woods and consider along those paths.

As she moved along she found her mind returning to the thoughts of her hair and what other changes her body might be going through. Jack had mentioned that her body might be holding onto its sex appeal. A part of her hoped it had reached that point of realization however as she moved along she began to worry about the idea of her body thinking on its own. Then again Jack did mention that her cells ceased to function and change once removed from her she only wished she knew if that was because it was removed from the rest of its kind or if it lost the link with her brain her mind.

The sound of some tires screeching against the pavement took Kate’s mind from these thoughts as she looked ahead of herself. At first she thought she had accidently run upon a driver and scared them but as she looked ahead she knew that wasn’t the case. A older model ford was up ahead swerving dangerously from lain to lain. As Kate got a little closer she could make out the back of the drivers and passengers head. The two passengers seeming to be young teenagers and going by the way they were driving she resolved they where either drunk, getting there or driving like idiots intentionally. None of which where okay as far as Kate was concerned at first she considered pulling them over but quickly recalled she wasn’t a copy anymore. As she considered her options a grin began to form on her face as she quickly hopped into the trees and began to pass the vehicle.

A few moments later she jumped down from the woods and came to a dead stop. Taking a moment to brace herself so she simply wouldn’t be knocked away she listened for the vehicle. As the truck came around the corner Kate moved her legs a bit to get a firmer grip on the ground. Kate having chosen a curve that would offer a good blind spot she had chosen the spot correctly as the drivers noticed her to late to do anything about it. Their reaction time having been dulled and the simple fact that it was a blind spot as well as Kate intentionally putting herself in the way. The vehicle slammed into Kate her feet digging into the ground as while the impact didn’t hurt her she still only weighed 180lbs. Kate felt her shoes being ground into the pavement as she was pushed back a bit though it still ended in the vehicle being stopped rather quickly. She felt the metal fold around her body after ripping through her clothing as her feet finally left the ground.

Kate felt strangely odd as she was sent through the air having lost her footing for just a moment. Her 180lbs pounds slammed into a tree though the motion didn’t hurt in the least. As she came to a stop she slowly stood up and lightly dusted herself off before checking out the vehicle. The damage was significant but she didn’t think she had totaled the vehicle thanks to its sturdy build. This actually disappointed her a bit but she didn’t feel like using her actual hands to damage the vehicle. At the moment she had been hit she had been a pedestrian after all giving her the right of way. A grin formed on her lips as she made her way over to the vehicle and saw the pair moving inside. Looking in the floor poor she was quite sure they where both fairly sauced. Kate snorted in contempt having spent a good deal of time as a cop drunk driving is one thing she couldn’t approve of at all.

“ Oh the insurance is going to love you to I bet that is if you have it.” The two men looked over at the woman who was now standing beside the vehicle. The two of them seeming to be in a daze thanks to the impact and alcohol going through their system. Kate reached through the open window and shut off the engine for them. Looking at them the passenger had a nice bump on his head but Kate doubted the damage was permanent. Though she was unsure if she really cared after all they had hit her. This instantly got a giggle from Kate as she looked around and resolved that she needed to move the vehicle out of the road.

Taking hold of the vehicle Kate lifted it from the ground and proceeded to move over towards the road side. Setting the vehicle down and tossing the keys in the back seat she figured they could find them when they where sober enough to look strait. Deciding not to stay around to long Kate took back off towards the house figuring this was one of those things she wasn’t going to mention to Jack. As Kate ran along she resolved she would have to find a better way to brace herself for impacts in the future though. As while that had been fun she hadn’t managed to remain as steel as she had wanted to. As Kate made it home she wondered what they two men would end up telling their insurance. She imagined if they where smart they would simply say they had hit a deer or some other animal.

She wasn’t really sure if they would even recall what they had hit though considering they state they had been in even before they had impacted with her. Kate quickly trotted back inside a wide grin upon her lips as she made her way to her room. Looking in the mirror she took note of the damage the crash had done to her clothing as well as her shoes. As she removed her shoes she resolved they where still in good shape and could be used for a while longer. Her jogging out fit on the other hand was a completely wreck as she removed it. Tossing the clothing in the trash she was glad she had more then one outfit as she wouldn’t need to mention it to anyone for quite some time. Even if someone did notice though she imagined she could simply explain that she had slipped while jogging along the highway.

Slipping into some normal clothing she found herself debating on a return trip to the city. It had been nearly a year since she had left and she had went from athletic human to super human in that time. Also she found herself feeling a stronger and stronger desire to put her powers to use especially as they grew. The fact of what she had done only a few minutes ago was proof enough of that. The impulse to demonstrate her abilities where getting stronger and she was having trouble keeping them in the confines of the house. Flexing her arm a sigh came from her as she stood up and began to make her way towards the basement. The new equipment having arrived earlier she felt a need to burn off some energy. As Kate made her way down stairs she looked at the machinery and felt a surge or pride as she flexed a arm. “ Lord girl you are becoming a power addict.” Came from Kate’s own lips as she realized how much she enjoyed flaunting her power.

She felt a little gilt as she realized that her decision to have the truck slam into her wasn’t purely moral but it was also a heavy dose of ego and her desire to flaunt her own abilities. Thoughts of what she might start doing as she grew more powerful both excited her and made her shudder a bit. She didn’t like the idea of being owned by the power after all. Closing her eyes Kate made a resolution to herself. “ Twelve more weeks one year of development that is all.” Kate then proceeded to type a few numbers into a keypad on the new barbell. At least that is what Kate considered it though it was really a hydraulic press. Setting the machine to exert 5 tons of pressure she made herself comfortable as she pressed up on the bar. The computer registering the act instantly began to apply the pressure. Kate slowly lowered the bar and then easily pushed it back up. Looking at the computer screen for a moment she moved the bar into a secure position before adding another 2/5th’s of a ton to the total weight.

End Ch 2.