Ch 2


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Jack looked around at the vast sea of trees that now surrounded him. The two of them having arrived at Kate’s grandparents home Jack couldn’t argue with her that it was a good spot for her to test her abilities and he to do his research. Climbing out of the vehicle he also new why Kate had chosen to get a humvee instead of a car as the mountain path leading up to the house was quite rocky. “ My grand parents didn’t really care for being a large group of people and sought to get away. So during their finale years they actually moved way out here and had this home built so they could be alone with one another.” Jack nodded as he heard Kate’s explanation.

Following Kate up to the main door he watched her fumble with some keys for a moment before opening it up and stepping on inside. Turning around rather quickly Kate proceeded to punch a code into a panel to turn off the security system. “ Come on I will show you around.” Taking Jack by the hand Kate began to drag him through each room of the rather large house. As he looked around he was quick to notice that the furniture though nice all had a woodsy feel to them right down to the hard wood flooring.

“ It is nice Kate but what about a work area and a gym?” Kate grinned as she began to walk faster until she came to the door leading down to the basement. Guiding Jack down the steps then flipping on the lights Jack grinned as he got the answer to his question. The basement having a assortment of work out stations though none of the machines were really modern as they belonged to Kate’s grandfather who didn’t see much of a reason to use them in his older years. There was also a good deal of extra room including a rather nice desk.

“ My grandfather loved to tinker with things so I figured this would make a great work area for you. Still now that we are here just how are we going to go about doing this?”

“ Well we don’t quite know what is causing the changes to happen right now or exactly how they are going to go. So about the best thing we can do is stick to a normal routine I will probably take a bit of blood from you about once or twice every week and we can just watch how your body changes.”

“ Well then I guess we had best get situated for a stay.” Once again Jack followed Kate though this time up the stairs as they headed out. Unpacking the items they had brought with them from the vehicle they mostly consisted of Jack’s equipment and clothing.

“ We will head into town later on today and get some supplies.” Nodding in agreement Jack proceeded to help Kate unload the vehicle the two of them each choosing a room and then settling in.

Jack sighed as he looked up at the night sky it had been two weeks since they moved into Kate’s grandparents house and he had found nothing any were near concrete though a few of his theories were getting more concrete at least. Each time he checked Kate’s cellular structure he had found that they had altered themselves a little bit more this of course was effecting Kate’s body as a whole as he noticed Kate’s muscle tissue had began to alter itself some what as well as the tissue in her joints. He couldn’t help but theorize this was to allow for her strength to increase while maintaining her agility and speed or perhaps to enhance that as well.

This really wasn’t the problem though the problem was would these changes start altering her appearance and even more important her way of thinking. Unable to sleep with these thoughts going through his head Jack set up in bed and began to make his way down stairs. As he did so he was actually surprised as he heard the tv on wondering a bit further he found out what was going on when he saw Kate laid out on one of the couches in a solid white t-shirt. Taking in the site for a moment Kate’s athletic form stretched out over the couch the shirt felling to cover her panties entirely while her hair feel over her shoulders he found his eyes wouldn’t move away from her lovely form.

Kate hearing Jack behind her slowly turned her head in his direction seeing him standing at the top of the steps. “ Hey there what are you doing up at this hour?” Kate grinned as she looked up at Jack taking note of how the last six weeks of exercise since he had come to live with her back in her apartment had paid off. His belly had visibly decreased a fact that she could tell from how much further his shirts went down and that he had trouble keeping some of his shorts up. His arms didn’t really have anything along the lines of biceps just yet but when Kate felt them there wasn’t nearly as much flab to grab. Over all she was quite pleased with the way things were going and finding herself increasingly attracted to him not just because the physical changes but also because they were growing closer as friends nearing the next step.

Grinning as Kate noticed Jack’s eyes were focusing more on her crotch area more she shifted her legs a bit to give him a better view of her rear. “ Well then why don’t you come down here and join me?” Jack only nodded as he walked down the steps. Kate reaching out picked up the remote and flicked off the tv before turning to face Jack more completely the room growing darker as the television was shut off.

“ Hey I bet I know the reason you couldn’t get to sleep.” Jack gave Kate a odd look as he watched Kate move her legs making room for him on the couch. As he took his seat he was surprised when Kate set up and took hold of his shirt collar. A moment later her lips pressed against his while she pulled him against her body. At first Jack was actually a little to surprised to respond as Kate’s lips engulfed his own but only for a moment as he found himself returning the kiss. After a few moments Kate finally let Jack up for rear chuckling a bit as he took in a rather deep breath of air a rather large grin on his face. “ This is the night we usually spend cuddling and I let you feel of these babies.”

Kate then proceeded to flex her right arm while guiding Jack’s hand to her biceps with her free hand. He grinned as he began to message the muscle comparing the odd contrast with Kate’s soft skim with the solid muscle he felt under it. The over all firmness and power he felt her arm was truly an exciting experience a fact that didn’t go unnoticed by Kate. As Kate pulled Jack down upon herself he noticed a marked difference from how he had been laying with her before. Instead of laying on his back he now found himself facing Kate a wide grin on her face.

Once again Kissing Jack Kate felt his hand’s beginning to explore her body starting with her upper arms. Feeling her smooth skin as the powerful muscles underneath Jack’s hands slowly made it down to Kate’s hands her fingers interlocking with his. Kate’s hands then proceeded to guide Jacks down to her abs moving his fingers alone them. Jack was impressed as he felt each of Kate’s abs muscles individually while he continued to kiss her. Working his hands up her stomach he started to grasp her breast when he felt her hand take hold of his. Looking up for a moment he noticed Kate waving her finger in a scolding manner while a grin was on her face.

Jack grinned as he realized what was going on. Kate was allowing him to explore more of her body but she wasn’t ready to let him explore everything just yet. This became even more evident as his hand started to brush the inside of her thighs only to have his hand removed by hers. Not wanting to push his luck Jack soon learned the areas of Kate’s body that he was now permitted to touch and explore. Her arms, and outer legs having been the start now Kate permitted him to explore her stomach area and most importantly for the moment her lips. As he felt Kate’s soft lips engulf his own several times.

Jack soon found that these restrictions Kate applied to herself except she also got to explore his chest. Her fingers moving about feeling his weaker muscles Kate seemed to be testing him much as he had been testing her muscle tone only a few moments ago. A amusing thought came to Jack as he wondered if perhaps one of the reasons Kate put him through such exercise routines is because she wanted him to have enough stamina to satisfy her or perhaps to be strong enough to make sure she didn’t brake him in half. It was a rather amusing though as he considered the fact that with her strength increasing the way it was that might actually be a possibility.

These thoughts were sent rushing out of Jack’s head as he suddenly felt Kate’s tongue press against his cheek and she gave him a lick. “ So does that mean I have climbed a bit further on the ladder?” Kate chuckled as she nodded her head and the two continued their general fondling of one another. This was as far as many men had ever made it with Kate as far as getting her into bed as unlike Jack several of them had insisted on going were they weren’t welcome and kept trying to explore the restricted regions of Kate’s body unable to handle her teasing. It had even ended badly for the males in a few cases as in order to make them stop Kate had finally resulted to delivering a solid punch strait to their jaw at times knocking out a few teeth.

Needless to say this was often the end of their relationship as a few of the males had actually thought they were in control only to learn that despite their greater bulk Kate could deliver a very mean blow if she felt the need to. Jack on the other hand did as she wanted him to and only explored the area that he was welcome to. A moment later it was Kate’s turn to be startled as Jack set up then gave her arm a slight pull. Kate allowing him to pull her arm strait he bent down and proceeded to place a kiss on every major part of her arm actually saving her biceps for last. He then followed the same action with her left arm showing his admiration for not only her beauty but her strength as well. This finally concluded with Jack laying a kiss on each one of her abs only holding off when he got to her legs unsure if Kate would mind.

Finally Kate pulled Jack back into her arms and that is where they remained for the rest of the night the two of them falling asleep in each others grasp.

The sun light shining down on her the fresh air feeling her lunges and the sounds of the woods. Kate truly enjoyed her new surroundings as she jogged along the mountain path it was one of the few exercises that she didn’t require Jack to do. There wasn’t any logical reason for him not to join her but Kate had simply learned that Jack truly preferred the comforts of indoors to the out doors. This wasn’t the same story for Kate who had enjoyed her visits with her grandparents partly because it meant she would get to explore the woods surrounding their home. Now there fourth week of being there Kate had started jogging the path the first week they had arrived so that by now she was starting to get a real feel or it and feel more confident going a bit deeper.

Kate’s strength and stamina improved every day she also found that she could run further then she could before though she wasn’t sure how much further. Since Kate didn’t keep track of how long she had ran and thanks to the lack of land marks to judge distance against Kate simply would jog until she felt she had went far enough and then turn around. Lately it had been at a river figuring that it was at least two miles from the old house she would turn herself around there so that she had jogged at least four miles by the time she got back home.

Kate’s eyebrows perked up a bit as she neared the house though and saw Jack standing in the window holding a watching in hand. Wondering just what he was doing as she began to slow her pace she didn’t get to ask Jack what he was doing as he beat her to the punch upon stepping outside. “ Hey Kate I was wondering have you just been calling your jogs short recently or are you going to the same spot?” Giving Jack a some what strange look as she made it to the porch she couldn’t help but wonder why he would ask such a question.

“ The same spot why is something up.” Turning his head back to his watch Jack gave a slight nod. Walking around him and taking a look at the watch Kate blinked as she looked at the number.

“ Ten minutes ah crap I haven’t been running far at all.” A snort came from Kate as she at least thought she had a good fell for distance. Jack on the other hand was developing a different theory.

“ Kate you said you have been running to the spot each time but did you know you are making it back here faster and faster each time.” Kate gave Jack a rather strange look before giving her leg muscles a few good pats. It did figure that without her body losing ability that her increased strength would allow her to make better time. As she thought of this though she couldn’t help but wonder.

“ Just how fast am I running.” Jack gave a slight shrug.

“ I can’t say but we could go down to the basement and try to check it out.” Nodding her head Kate fell into a trot as she walked behind Jack actually even more delighted. It wasn’t really surprising to either one of them considering all the other changes that Kate’s body where going through. She was now benching 380lbs and could curl 75 lbs in one arm details that rung very true every time Kate would deliver a blow to the punching back down stairs. Listening to it Jack was amazed with how much force Kate’s punches were beginning to impact it with. Having thought she packed a powerful punch previously he imagined he would be missing more then a few teeth if Kate were to hit him now.

Kate didn’t have to be asked to hop onto the treadmill but rather was on it before Jack could even ask her. Grinning for a moment she hadn’t used the machine since the first week they had arrived and now wondered if it would be able to give her a decent work out. It was true that the machine couldn’t get up enough speed to force her into a full run but she would at least see. Kate didn’t bother with any of the lower settings still feel alright from her little jog rather she simply turned the machine to its max and feel into a run. Jack took a seat near by and simply watched as Kate’s legs worked occasionally checking the clock to see how much time had went by 33 minutes later he looked at Kate who still looked fine. “ Anything?”

“ It feels like a brisk walk but not quite a jog.” Kate couldn’t help but grin as she couldn’t help but enjoy the changes that her body was going through. The feeling of her physical abilities increasing every day was simply wonderful and each week she seemed to brake another goal that she would have previously thought simply out of her league.

“ Well then I guess I will be putting a speed detector on order.” Making his way over to his computer back brought up doing a quick searching for speed detector he began to order one when he felt Kate’s hand set down upon his own. Moving the mouse along with Jack’s hand Kate clicked a significantly more expensive machine but more effective and proceeded to click the order button. Starting to protest Kate just covered his mouth as she typed in her own account name and password and placed the device on order after changing the delivery address so that she could pick it up at the post office.

“ Well we don’t know how much my speed is going to increase as well so we might as well be ready.”

“ Rich girl.” Having been called this several times by Jack now Kate was use to it thus he no longer got smacked. Also with her behavior and were they currently were Kate was finding it rather hard to deny that her family was a bit better off then she would normally say.

“ I swear Kate I am beginning to wonder just why your family couldn’t have just got you the needed surgery.” Kate rapped her arms around Jack and gave him a slight kiss on the cheek.

“ Because that would have required money like Luther’s or Wayne’s which is still far outside our buying range.” Jack nodded his understanding as he leaned back and returned Kate’s kiss.

Jack gave Kate a knowing look as a realization hit him. “ You set your order for free shipping when you could have easily gotten next day delivery. Young lady are you trying to develop your powers more before it arrives so you can show off?” Kate only chuckled as that was exactly what she was planning on doing. Jack didn’t blame her really there wasn’t anything that they could do about her current situation except try to figure out if the alterations would start becoming more obvious physically. So far Kate had kept her human appearance which was a good sine but the truth was they had no way as of yet of knowing how it would go when it began to push into the more powerful range.

Jack had noticed a pattern forming though as far as her cells went but it was far to soon for him to make any good guesses and he didn’t want to tell Kate about them until he knew for sure. So far he had noted Kate’s cells had reworked themselves to be more energy efficient and to make better use of that energy. This was affecting her entire muscle structure but nothing to drastic just yet. It was however enough that he imagined it could affect her outward appearance if they cells were altering themselves in that path. This as far as Jack was concerned was a good sign though as it seemed her body was at least trying to maintain a human appearance.

As Kate straitened up a odd thought came to her mind. While Jack was focused on the computer she slowly bent down and placed her hands under his chair. Getting a good strip on the sturdy frame with a slight groan of effort she lifted the 190lbs of Jack and the 50lbs of sturdy chair clean off the ground and held them. Jack gave out a startled cry and quickly took hold of his seats not knowing what was going on until he looked back and noticed Kate. “ Kate your lifting me and the chair!” Came Jack’s surprised voice as Kate just grinned and then proceeded to put a little more effort into her lift managing to get the chair a little higher with a slight huff though she had to settle the chair back down to a easier to support level.

“ Blast I can’t get you over my head while you are in the seat.” Jack gave Kate a visibly annoyed look as he didn’t particularly like the idea of her trying to hold him above her head and then dropping him. The wall wouldn’t kill him or anything but he was still sure it would hurt. Upon noticing the look on Jack’s face Kate actually blushed a little bit as she realized that she had just said too much. Jack sighed as Kate settled him and the chair down but gave a start when he felt her hands quickly go under him and lift him entirely from the seat this time holding him above her head Kate laughing lightly at his reaction.

Walking around the room for a few moments Kate finally deposited Jack on the bench press seat. “ Now since I am already warmed up from my job how about we do some exercising. You have made quite a lot of progress you know who knows perhaps before to long you will be as strong as I use to be.” Jack gave Kate a bit of a offended grin but it was quickly replaced as he lightly laughed. Feeling some what brave since Kate was teasing him so much Jack’s hand shot out and gave Kate’s rear a few quick strikes. Kate at first looking startled for a moment Jack actually got worried that she would retaliate however it become apparent that wasn’t going to happen as he noticed that the bright red forming on Kate’s face wasn’t from anger.

Instead he noticed a soft smile form on Kate’s lips while a light blush lit up her entire face and Jack could hardly keep himself from drooling. As the sweet expression on Kate’s face combined with the power and sensuality of her body Jack felt his drive to improve his body to prove to this divine creature that he was willing to improve himself for her sakes and to make himself more attractive to her shot up three fold. Leaning forward Kate gave Jack’s cheek a lick before she turned and begin to walk towards the leg curl swaying her hips lightly as she walked Jack looked at the barbell. Standing up he removed the weights Kate had been using earlier and replaced them with some lighter ones though for some reason he found himself adding twenty pounds extra then he had been for the past few weeks suddenly feeling that he was ready to move on.


The sound of the alarm going off got Jack’s attention almost right away as he set up in bed he could hear the door swing open followed by the beeps of someone entering the code. Rushing to see what was going on he wasn’t surprised to find that Kate had already made it down stairs but to his surprise instead of seeing someone laid out he saw Kate with her arms rapped around a mountain in a business suit. Taking a moment Jack finally realized that who ever Kate was hugging must be someone she knows. “ Daddy what brings you here.” Jack was actually surprised when he heard Kate say this and realized that this mountain of man also happened to be her father.

At first Kate’s father just hugged his little girl before he took a moment to look around. “ And this is your friend?” Kate took a moment to pull away from her dad and look up at Jack who was standing at the top of the stairs.

“ Yup hey Jack come on down and meet my dad.” Walking down the stairs Jack was surprised when he found his hand ceased by Kate’s father and given a good hand shake. “ Jack this is my father Nathan and dad this is Jack he has been helping with my medical issue.”

“ Well then I am glad to see you have been helping to take care of my little girl. Sweety I am sorry it took me so long to come and visit you but I have been busy.” Kate nodding understandingly however her smile went away when she noticed her fathers mood seem to change.

“ Honey I would like to say I came up here just to check on you out of pure concern but that isn’t completely the truth. I was wondering just what was wrong with you and from what I can tell I don’t see anything. Now Kate you know I would have given you the money you needed for a vacation even a long one if you had just asked you don’t nee to l..” Kate’s hand covered up her fathers mouth before he could finish the sentence.

“ Sorry Daddy but I thought you were about to say that I fibbed about having a medical condition. What did you think I was just up here raping Jack all the time?”

“ I wish.”

Jack suddenly got a rather sharp look from Kate’s father as well as one from Kate though in Kate’s case it was something of a laughing glare. “ Well honey you haven’t been ordering any medical supplies at least not to my knowledge so could you perhaps show me what is wrong with you and how this fellow is helping.” A grin formed on Kate’s lips as she gave Jack a knowing look realizing what was about to happen Jack had to suppress a chuckle. It had been 12 weeks now since Kate had started developing her abilities without her parents noticing he imagined her dad was in for quite a treat.

“ Dad I said a medical condition not a problem. I know how about you come down to the basement and I will show you.” Nathan gave a slight start as his daughter gave him a tug on the arm and began to pull through the hall then down the basements steps. Nathan knew that his little girl was strong but he was still surprised by her strength as he could have swore she wasn’t that strong the last time they had seen her. As he looked around for a moment he noticed the addition of Jack’s computer equipment as well as the fact that the weights had clearly been used.

Jack followed close behind and stood just a few feet away from Nathan upon Kate releasing his hand. Kate then proceeding over to the bench press grinned as she removed the bolt and slipped of the weights Jack had been using the last time he was on the machine. Then walking over to the wall she picked up a 100lb weight in each hand then proceeded over to the bar and slipped them on. At first Nathan was a bit surprised wondering if his little girl was really going to bench 280 as he new the bar alone weighed 80lb plus the two 100s. What Kate next surprised him as Kate picked up two more 100lb weights and slipped them onto the bar. “ Now honey don’t hurt yourself.”

Kate didn’t say anything as that brought the bar up to 480lbs returning to the weights for one more set of weights though this time it was two 40lb bringing the total weight to 560 pounds she put the bolt back into place. “ Alright dad I want you to try and lift this bar to make sure they are no tricks involved go ahead.” Looking at his little girl Nathan just shrugged and made his way over to the bench press. Laying down and placing his hands under the bar he pressed up on it letting out a loud grunt as he put a good deal of effort into it. A moment later he let out a sigh and let his arms fall to his sides before setting up.

“ Yup they are real though honey I don’t think you…” Kate more or less shoved her father off the seat once again surprising him.

“ Now daddy let me assure you that what you are about to see is all me.” Nathan started to move towards his daughter as she laid down under the bar not sure what she was about to do. Then without to much effort Kate lifted the bar from its stand slowly lowered it to her chest and then lifted it up. Nathan’s jaw nearly hit the ground as he saw his little girl do this. Had it been possible his eyes would have grown wider as he watched his little girl do this not once but for 3 sets each consist of twelve reps. Having no intention of stopping there Kate proceeded over to the weights and taking 100 pound in each arm began to alternately curl them one after the other. Kate then proceeded to put herself through an entire exercise routine one that by the time it was over almost left her dad in shock.

Walking over to her dad Kate winked at the grinning Jack who was glad to see that Nathan appreciated what had been going on. “ Well Daddy I suppose you would like a explanation.”

“ That would be nice of you.” Jack slowly nodded his head at his daughters’ question. Grinning Kate then proceeded to pick her 300lbs father up with both arms and carrying him up stairs a snickering Jack following close behind as he wondered how long it would take Nathan to return to his normal self.

Kate couldn’t help but laugh as she set her father down upon the sofa and then took a seat opposite to him. Jack setting a little ways away from Kate wondered if he should say anything to explain the situation. “ Alright first would you mind telling me how this happened I mean has he got some new exercise drug or something?” Nathan asked indicating Jack who could only grin as he wished it was that simple.

“ Well it isn’t that simple so I think I will start from the beginning. As you recall 3 months ago you and just about everyone else thought I was a goner as did I. I was laying there ready to die and then Jack came in one day and told me that he had a drug that might save my life but altering my still healthy cells though he also warned me that it might kill me. Naturally seeing no other option I took the drug.”

“ And that is when you signed yourself out?”

“ A few days later I signed myself out actually but I was still weak so I had Jack here come and take care of me. Then a short while later we found out that the drug was affecting me in ways that hadn’t been expected. So we came out here to test and just what would happen but.. We are still not sure just how it will affect me in the long run as my body is still changing.”

“ So you two come up here to test and see just how things were going and I assume to develop your abilities a little bit?” Kate nodded as she smiled a bit sheepishly a smile that didn’t go unnoticed by Nathan.

“ Ah and from that grin I take it my little girl likes her new strength.” Kate only nodded which got a chuckle from Nathan who finally seemed to be his old self. “ You two don’t know how long this is going to last or how strong Kate is going to get do you.” Jack and Kate both shook their heads and were surprised when Nathan let out a long sigh.

“ You young people these days never seeming to think things through. Kate you know if you want to continue increasing your strength you are going to have to make some changes.” Kate blinked wondering what was going on as she noticed her father pull out a cell phone and dial a number. Jack and Kate listened in as he placed a rather odd order consisting of some metal strips and various reinforcing materials before hanging up.

“ Umm daddy what was all that for?”

“ Well sweety you have one of the most unique situations I have ever heard of so of course I am going to help out but really how long do you think that equipment down there is going to last you? Those bars weren’t meant to take that much weight as is so I just put in a order for some reinforcing materials. You any good with a welding torch?” Jack gave a slight start as Nathan indicated him.