Confrontations, First Four Chapters


Despite the possiblity of my subsequent mob immolation I suggest she doesn’t get more muscular. 😳

At least immediately… 😯

It would be nice for her to enjoy her new altered body for a while. Also the odd Politically Correctional world of 2108 is compelling as well.

You do realize it’s set today? There are smokeasies in Manhattan currently – at least several in Chinatown. The one in the story is based on one I’ve visited – and since they’re unlicensed bars (and thus can’t or won’t call the cops) all sorts of nasty shit goes on.

I might actually make her less muscular for a bit – for instance, what if she decides she doesn’t like being so muscular, and sees a woman with a slender figure she covets? Well, Hazel would get smaller and the other woman…