Corrupting or…?

Hunter S Creek

An example of the facet of female growth that I enjoy best is the physical and sexual empowerment of a formerly nice but underappreciated, underdeveloped, short, scrawny, female. I am not into violence. I tend to lose interest in growth scenarios if the female becomes ridiculously large or powerful.

Having said that, I do expect some personality adjustment as a result of the female’s growth. I can recall several old classmates who responded to their development by gaining confidence. Some became quite a bit self-conscious at first, however.

How the female reacted seemed to be a function of what their personalities were like at the beginning, how their peers reacted, how guys reacted, how their families reacted, how quickly the changes ocurred, and the magnitude to which the changes ocurred. For a fictional character, I would imagine that the cause of the changes, whether or not she could control the situation, and the reason for the changes would be factors too.

It is not difficult to imagine that an angry female scientist who works hard to make herself grow over the course of just minutes would react much differently than a mousy bookworm who was accidentally exposed to something that makes her grow gradually over the course of weeks or months.

Just my 2 pfennigs worth 🙂