Corrupting or…?


Well, AlexG, that is certainly a fair question. I am sincerely flattered that you took the time to ask me. 🙂

Hey, that’s what the forum’s all about – or at least this portion of it . . . 😉

(Besides, you’re a nick-famous individual – all right, I’m laying it on a bit thick, but its good to hear it, isn’t it?)

The answer may be as simple as the fact that I am not truly a member of the FMG or GTS genre in the eyes of many. As you know, some see the genre as a club from which those that are not true believers should be shunned or criticized or expelled.

I’ve actually been "scolded" many times over the years for not being true to either genre. As a point of information, I’ve also been criticized by many in the BE community because I tend to lose interest there too if breast size becomes ridiculously large.

Why you heretic . . . how dare you not enjoy Uber-boobs that require a wheelbarrow for support . . . 😉

I sort of figured it was something like that – reminds me of the ultra-extreme femuscle art. i.e. such as at Diana’s. Personally, I vastly prefer a muscular archetype built-up on the lines of the She-Hulk or Thundra (be it Titaness or Giantess in scale) – which probably comes out of my real-world interest in female bodybuilding and fitness. BTW – I’ve been just as accused in the past (in a good-natured way) of going for a more realistically plausible physique over that of an unbelievably-fantastically huge in character – i.e. dang, she’s so wide and top-heavy that if she bends over her wasp-waist will snap in two.

An example with which you are familiar — I enjoy but I tend to keep a low profile there.

As do I – although, I prefer to involve myself with those topics that are (or can be) construed as areas of Amazonian interest when they come up – or as a pun-ful personage with a well-needed dose of humor to lighten-up the situation. Besides, given that the majority over there – or at least it seems that way on the public face of it – aren’t interested, I do my best to proselytize the concept to those who might be unexposed unbelievers, all in the hopes that their interest might be peaked. A sort of – you know, I never gave it any thought, having never been exposed to the concept, but I can see why some of those muscle gals are so attractive to a certain segment of the population.

Or as Tre Scott has said in the past, (paraphrasing) there are far more interested in them then most might think, but they’ll never say so in public – but in private they will. They’re just afraid of being laughed at by their friends.

I’ve stopped posting art and stories there because I was criticized a bit too harshly too many times. I’ll never understand people who go out of their way to criticize the creators of things that are essentially "free".

Same here – although, I don’t think I’ve ever been criticized, (if you don’t count that duel I had with Devoe a few years back) usually ignored without feedback commentary. The amount of free time/effort/labor of love I might put into a collage (or a She-Hulk montage) is better off being poured into a story, which is primarily why I’ve stopped posting any materials over there.

A well written story, with decent character development can hold my attention almost regardless of the relative sizes and strengths and other characteristics of the characters.

I’ve always felt that it’s the story itself, with a thoughtful plot line and related character development that can hold your interest is the primary course – while the TF segment (and intercourse scene – if one is used) should be treated as the dessert portion of a well rounded out story. Otherwise, its just like cotton candy – looks great, tastes fine, but in the end it leaves you left unfulfilled – emotionally, as much as intellectually.

The exception is graphic violence. This is where most authors immediately lose my interest. However, I do not intend to sound critical. A lack of interest for something on my part is not meant to be criticism: to each his own. I do not wish to be injured or killed. I do not want to see others injured or killed. I do not want to read about others being injured or killed. I do not want to see or read about senseless destruction. My experience with the GTS and FMG genres is that most stories and pictures that feature women over 20-feet-or-so tall or women who are able to toss a car, invariably cause mayhem, injury, and death: accidentally or purposefully. In the hands of many authors, those characters are usually simply too big or too strong to interact with others without causing problems. And, IMHO, if they are not interacting with others, then there is really no story anyway. I suppose you could say that it is at that point that I would consider a given author’s character to be "ridiculously large or powerful".

Descriptive violence to a point with a strong moral clarity of defining good vs evil, selflessness vs selfishness – as within a superheroic / heroine motif is fine by me. Again, I understand where you’re coming from and no disagreement from me about it – we’re very much on the same side of the street about that aspect of a story line. The type of senseless carnage without any sense of right and wrong – wallowing in it out of a base nature of self-indulgent powerlust never has had any attraction for me.

Some might say that Mega growth would qualtify as the inability to interact with those of normal stature. Usually when I’ve used that concept in the past, it’s set within certain contexts and constraints – usually of a supernatural manner – i.e. Gods and Goddesses.

Having said all of that, I do hasten to mention that I appreciate many of your works!

Such blazon adoration will get you – anywhere . . . thank you, very much. 🙂

“I like a good story well told. That is the reason I am sometimes forced to tell them myself.”
~ Mark Twain / Samuel Clemens (1907)