Corrupting or…?


Well, AlexG, that is certainly a fair question. I am sincerely flattered that you took the time to ask me. 🙂

The answer may be as simple as the fact that I am not truly a member of the FMG or GTS genre in the eyes of many.

As you know, some see the genre as a club from which those that are not true believers should be shunned or criticized or expelled.

I’ve actually been "scolded" many times over the years for not being true to either genre. As a point of information, I’ve also been criticized by many in the BE community because I tend to lose interest there too if breast size becomes ridiculously large. An example with which you are familiar — I enjoy but I tend to keep a low profile there. I’ve stopped posting art and stories there because I was criticized a bit too harshly too many times. I’ll never understand people who go out of their way to criticize the creators of things that are essentially "free".

The less simple answer to your question is that — it depends. I do not have a predetermined, quanitative, cut-off in mind when I look at a picture or read a story. It depends on what the artist or writer does or doesn’t do with the characters that primarily determines if and where the point is at which I lose interest.

I’m sure that you have read a story, for example, where the plot is barely an aside to graphic descriptions of sex or stomping or swallowing or pummeling. That is fine if that is your primary interest, but it is not mine. A well written story, with decent character development can hold my attention almost regardless of the relative sizes and strengths and other characteristics of the characters.

as AlexG puts it, you ar my type of heretic.

grow them, whatever it is girls, boobs, biceps… but you’ll loose me as a reader when they(girls, boobs, biceps…) can’t fit into a house that’s ok with me if a 60 pages story ends at the 8th page.