Dragonball: Absurd Crossing


Thanks for the extremely nice words CP. ^_^ I hope the later chapters live up to the critism you’ve given here.

Unfortunately I’ve never planned a Chrono Trigger fanfic,

*stomps on brain before it can attempt to begin churning up yet ANOTHER daydream/idea that may never see the light of day under his ‘pen’*

AnywayI don’t think I could pull it off properly. Although the idea of a buffed Uber Ayla is interesting….


*stomps on brain harder.*

There we go. Anyway, I’m not sure how far the ‘innocent’ aspect will last, but I don’t think it’ll be any more ‘naughty’ than Dragonball could be at times. 😛 If I make it that far that is.

Well, next chapter coming up!