Dragonball: Absurd Crossing


Sorry for the long wait, my Id wouldn’t allow me to post it until I was truly satisfied. Which it still isn’t, but that’ll be our secret. It may be an even longer while before the next chapter after this one as I need to think my next moves through, so to speak. Enjoy!

Dragonball: Absurd Crossing

Chapter 6: Three Months and Counting, Training Continues.

Pearly black rock mountain ranges. Whiffs and misses. Parries, chops, blocks and thunderclaps.

"You’re leaving your right unguarded! Is this the ‘perfect defense’ I showed you?!"

Blink in, blink out.

Flicker. Streaks of color dancing in violent symphony.


"Not good enough! Faster!!"

Chichi ground her bottom lip as she chased after the short blue man, who was giving her the bi-daily ass-whuppin’, easily bobbing in and out of range of the determined woman. It was day 94 in her training with the Northern ‘Lord of Worlds’ in the art of KaioKen. He was particularly impressed with how quickly she grasped the concept of the Fist of Worlds Attack.

‘Either she very disciplined, or she has a very HIGH opinion of herself,’ he’d thought to himself when she achieved the first level. Living with her over the past few months, he had a hunch it was probably both. Of course, his repeated hammering of the high mindstate needed to initiate the powerful art probably had some kind of hand in it.

About afew days after the first month, when he thought she was ready, he’d began the true KaioKen training. She’d grown quite abit overtime, and MUCH stronger, swiftly dwarfing the gains she’d made under her own personal training. She was probably one of the ‘biggest’ women he’d ever seen in the past…err, century or ten, that did not fall into the ‘fat’ category. Not by a long shot.

The pudgy short blue man bounced, bounded and raced up the tall mountainside like a superball with Chichi hot on his heels, attacking him at every chance, every angle, every opportunity. She was wearing another training outfit King Kai made for her; a variation of a chinese garb she wore long ago, tracing back to what she wore the first time she entered the Tenkaichi Budokai. It was with a frog button jacket a pair of matching baggy loose silk pants, a sash tied around her waist. There were some obvious differences, particularly in the colors and the sleeves; her original outfit in that tourney had none, but these were relatively baggy, even on her swollen arms. The outfit was topped off with the Kai’s own personal symbol branded on her back and over the left breast, and a pair of traditional fighting boots.

She was sweating, red in the face, and covered here and there with bruises as she zipped up the mountain after her opponent/master, clashing fist to fist, knee to knee on random intervals.

Portions of the mountain reverberated at every missed blow, as Chichi’s foot or fist would either smash uselessly into a guarding limb of her teacher, or become momentarily lodged into the solid rock. Through the vigorous and rigorous training, North Kai she had grown magnificently strong. ‘Magnificently strong’ however, was obviously a synonym for ‘God’s Punching Bag’ in this case.

King Kai yawned mockingly, having not even broken a sweat yet in comparison to his perspiring student. Reaching the peak of the mountain, the Northen Kai began to run down the otherside backwards, facing his female student as the top half of the mountain cracked apart from the stress of numerous forceful hits, and chased after them in the form of a gigantic ice and stone avalanche. At the point when the avalanche finally made it to the bottom of the mountain, teacher and pupil were already thousands of yards away, the battleground instantly transforming from land to water as Chichi clashed with the Kai over the nearby lake.

As the ravenhaired student lunged at King Kai, the short blue man watched closely as she whipped her foot out in a sharp spin kick. Waiting until her foot was 2 inches from slamming his face, he chose that exact moment to break left in an abrupt 90-degree turn. Her attack flew right through a mere image of him and sent her offbalance in surprise, sprawling across the waters like skipping stone. The Kai of the North watched as she banged headfirst into a large tree on land, hard enough for it snap in two and fall atop of her. The blue man scratched the back of his head, a wide chuckling grin on his face as he hovered over the waters, his legs blurring idly back and forth beneath him as they absently created a ‘hover’ effect to keep him aloft.

Chichi rightened herself and pushed the downed tree away, spitting out chunks of bark and gobs of mud, when the blue martial arts god suddenly appeared before her. He held up a finger;


A second finger,


Then a final third finger,


Chichi blinked in confusion, staring at the fingers…

"Two things you couldn’t beat, and one you most certainly couldn’t kill with THAT level of skill." Chichi’s eyes blinked repeatedly as she slowly registered what the short man had just said.


Nearby trees that weren’t leveled by the female projectile earlier, were blown out of their roots completely as the two streaks exploded back onto the waters. The fire had been lit like he desired, but now the surprised Kai was struggling not to get burned by it as a tornado of fisticuffs and knife-edge strikes came barreling his way. She came very close to breaking his defense many times, but he quickly regained his defensive balance, gradually dodging around her fearsome punches and kicks once more with returning ease.

Unfortunately, he never saw that tiny stone peeking out just above the surface of the water, but his foot did not miss it as it sent him into a fit of stumbles to regain his balance and rhythm over the water. He managed to do so, but only a scant moment before a loud ‘KiYa!’, and a booted foot came crashing into his cheek. Like a bullet he shot across the rest of the lake before slamming through a horde of trees. When Chichi finally caught up to him, she found him lying on the ground, clutching his cheek in pain.

"Oh, shoot! Umm, I mean, R U alright, King Kai?!" Chichi asked worriedly as she rushed over to check him… but like nothing had happened, the short blue man popped back up smiling.

"Of course; that was nothing for a guy like me!"

"Oh, good! …Umm….are you sure…?"

"Yes! Yes shi yam mo–"

"Err… King Kai, I think your cheek is beginning to swell–"

"Ishmavifurbaly!" The Kai ranted back, spitting everywhere. Chichi wasn’t sure what he said that time… possibly something about standing vigilant, or counting hotdogs. Knowing him, it could be either or both.

<<…Okay Okay,>> the Kai mumbled telepathically, <<Maybe you got me alittle on that attack. Umm… try some solo training for now, eh? It’s almost lunchtime afterall, so I’ll go grab some grub!>>

"Oh, alright then," She agreed, staring at the large swollen bump like a grapefruit on his big left cheek before she regained enough sense to give him a curt bow before he winked out of existence. Her looks of worry soon turned a sense of joy…

"I managed to hit him this time! And good!" She exclaimed with a cocky smile as she smacked her palm with her fist.

"I’m really pepped up now; this would be a good time to try to improve the KaioKen."

Immediately she headed back to the mountains.


Back in Heaven at the Cloud 9 Hotel…

King Kai grumbled to himself as he rubbed his aching cheek, Bubbles having finished placing a big first-aid bandage over the large bump.

"H’ ‘kil ish ‘komin ‘long nicey!"

(Her skill is coming along nicely!)

"An ner streenth ‘as gown bi leepsss an’ bownds! Jussas ske-deulled."

(And her strength has grown by leaps and bounds! Just as scheduled.}

"M-magen how stron’ she cud’ve benif she’d chrained mor in’ner pass liftym…"

(Imagine how strong she could’ve been if she’d trained more during her past lifetime…)

He blinked and looked down.

"Hay luhk Mubbles! Sub-Ti-dules!"

(Hey look Bubbles! Subtitles!)

It was true though, her learning of the Shin KaioKen was coming along as fast as he could ever hope, especially for a human being. But of course part of that was thanks to his revised "super training". He surmised from the previous blow she’d given him, that she could naturally be as strong now as Gokou near the end of his training. Her progress was coming just as he projected.

"Stilkneedsta wer kon ‘er Spee-doh, antha tempur."

(Still needs to work on her speed though, and that temper.)

He mentally checked in on her position, and spotted the transformation of the red aura beginning to form around her…

"Krap! Cheez gowin fora tripul alred-D?!"

(Crap! She’s going for a triple already?!)

But his concentration was broken, as he soon sensed an even more… ‘important’ power, right behind him…


The short Kai leapt 100 feet into the air in shock. Problem was, the ceiling of his hotel room was only 15 feet.


About 7 Minutes Previously…

A red blaring gleam of light shined on the side of the mountain, wind gusting across the dull landscape, emanating from a single point, a single burning red fire, a single person. Chichi’s entire torso was now filled out with a sudden layer new muscle, pushing out her swelled breasts further, heaving into the fabric at each of her breaths. She raised her arms, looking at the tight outlining of her large biceps. The hair that had grown over the months was ruffling in the wind just above her now broadened back.

She didn’t need to see her legs; she could feel her once loose, silken pants fitting tightly around her swelled thighs. Sliding into an offensive stance, she threw a cluster of testing punches. The stone wall twenty yards away cracked and sheared from the distant ‘impactless’ blows.

It felt much easier every time she practiced the ‘Fist of Worlds’. The KaioKen was basically a technique that amplified the user’s chi energy. The drawback however was that energy is thus contained inside the body, filling it with power but taxing the endurance. The amount of power in the KaioKen depends solely on how much the body can contain, and therefore, how strong the body is. Atleast that’s she understood it.

Currently she was up to level 2 in the KaioKen, a feeling coursing through her like burning furnace of raw power as she performed a kata of movements. She jumped about, twisting through the air as she leapt and bounded about for a couple of extra moments, stopping after she’d finished her warm-up and loosened her pumped muscles.

"Alright, I think I’ve gotten the hang of two… I’m going for three!" She said as she began to steel herself to push toward the next level. The raging red hued aura flared brighter as she announced her ascension;

"3-Times, KaioKen!!"

Once again, her own pure power grew within her body, making her muscles tighten, then bulge and swell to new heights across her body. Her biceps and triceps stretched her sleeves to the limit before they pushed beyond it. With a sudden burst of fabric, both of her biceps were now exposed to light, near as large as footballs with a look harder than stone, a crease running through the top creating two halves. A vein pumped wildly atop each of them.

She grit her teeth as both thighs pulsed larger into her pants legs to the point where the once loose fitting pants now looked almost as if they were painted on. Another thunderous throb rushed through her body, and a pair of tears exploded open right at the front of her quads, revealing a pair of pillar-like thighs. Her calves were not far behind as more fabric shrieked in pain as they split abrasively, widening the neck of her boots.

She could feel her pectorals expanding and inflating out by 3 full inches, her breasts swelling further than that. The upper portion of her outfit was stretched and strained until it could also take no more. Fighting to get a grip on the mixed feeling of straining pain and intoxicating power through her body, Chichi arched her back intensely. A sudden blaze of power rumbled the landscape while the now firm and large, and getting larger, trembling cantaloupes atop her chest exploded almost completely through the supposedly tough fabric, sending buttons scattering to be flash fried in her aura, and annihilating the bra she wore beneath. Thick strips of clothing now hung draped over her shoulders and torso like a shredded haltertop, hanging down just far enough to cover up the thickened teats cresting the large, power-swollen mounds and completely exposing a bubbling brickwall of abs. The nipples throbbed achingly, almost so bad it hurt, but she’d become used to that feeling during her mastery of the first couple of levels of KaioKen.


Used to, but not completely in control of just yet. It was an unavoidable side effect to the fact that her own strength was cramming itself into every place it could manage. She looked at herself in a mixed awe of the new physique she sported. Every level brought her to a new height of power, which grew her physique to greater proportions.

She looked around self-consciously, mentally berating her mentor about the ‘flimsy clothing’. The spandex outfit he’d made previously seemed to be a lot better in material than most of the other clothing he made lately, although the clothing she had on now was much more appealing in design and still remarkably durable. She remembered however, that this planet was supposed to be uninhabited, and began to calm down as she gradually realized that the only person who could see her now was off tending to a bruise.

She stood there completely still, her fists clenched tightly and her body trembling to contain the increased power, waves of red energy ragingly emanating from her newly grown, vastly muscular but exotically feminine body, shearing and cracking the stone and rocks below her boots. Strenuously, she forced herself to limber up her newly pumped sinews out.

"Come on now… one, step… two, step… three step…."

Her initially stiff aerobic exercise gradually and grudgingly became looser, faster and swifter as she continued, but consequently caused larger tears and rips in her outfit as her augmented muscles bulged and rippled. Soon a once stagnant and stationary red light was whizzing and zipping about the air like a single streak as Chichi continued her practices.


Back at the Hotel…

King Kai stared at the floor, a concealed sigh of relief on his face.

‘Well, she didn’t blow up like I was fearing…’ but he was not sure yet if this was a sign of his new KaioKen art working, of if it was due to her own strength… it would take some focused looking into, that he could not afford right now.

"There was no reason to overreact like that. That’s embarrassing for a person of your status," The old short man said, as he talked to King Kai while holding up a pair of fingers in an odd formation. Within moments, the North Kai felt the bump on his cheek shrink, but the pain worsened rapidly up till just the moment before it disappeared completely.

‘Ohh, right, the ‘Backtrack’ technique,’ The North Kai thought idly. The sound of hammering could meanwhile be heard above their heads as the workers of the hotel commenced to fixing the numerous floors the pudgy man flew through.

The short old man’s height put him about an entire head taller than himself, his skin instead a dull purplish complexion. What stood out the most however was the traditional garbs and sash he wore that signified him as one of the highest ranking gods of the universe… even if he wasn’t that powerful.

Rou Kaioshin.

King Kai chuckled uneasily and wiped the sweat from his brow.

"Well, I-it’s nice to meet you t-today, Mr–"

"Yeayeayea," The eldest God piped in as he began searching the room. "So, where’s the cutie??"

"…Cutie? hey, wait-a–!"

"Rumor is that you’ve got a new student, North Kai," The old supreme god said as he casually searched the room, checking under the bed, the dresser, inside the closet and under King Kai himself during his search for ‘the cutie’.

"A FEMALE student! ‘Say she’s really cute and very buff. But most importantly, she’s STACKED! So where is she huh?" He asked with a gleam in his eye and lecherous grin. North Kai’s face went from blue to beet red in embarrassment.

"I normally don’t prefer muscular women, but if she’s got the tits to match, or MORE–"

"YOU OLD PERVERT! SHE’S OUT TRAINING! And for a ‘Supreme Lord’, have some dignity! She’s married!" Rou Kaioshin took a moment to try to see the little point he was trying to make.

"Married eh? Who’s the lucky man?"

"Son Gokou to be exa–"


It was over 10 years later, but the old coot of a god had not forgotten the deal he made with that Super Saiyan. He never even got to touch the breasts of that cute "mature" woman he told him about, in exchange for his permission of use of the Namekian dragonballs. Something about that woman being the wife of his other angry shorter Super Saiyan friend, Vegeta. Quite frankly it wasn’t a risk he wanted to take anyway if it met getting cremated by that short psycho.

Still, it wasn’t fair; although there was alot of luscious nudie centerfold shoots and adult hentai manga to peek in on with his ‘Godly Eyes’, a promise is still a promise! Well now, he had a chance or true payment!

"So where is she??" He asked again, making squeezing motions with his bared hands. "That boy owes me payment in the form of two juicy KNOCKERS!



She could feel it; the powerful KaioKen level taxing her endurance just like each level before it, but she refused to let go. Infact, she pushed herself harder. Breaking in each greater level was always hard, and usually takes weeks at a time, which is considered a miracle for gifted students. Though, as she got used to this fighting art and became stronger, it became gradually and increasingly easier to maintain with each new level.

Standing at the top of the half-rubbled mountain she is currently using for a training area, she moved gently, slowly, as if moving through water, her hands pushing through thick waves as she followed through one of the katas she’d learned from the turtle hermit, Master Roshi. She found that it took some of the strain out of breaking in new levels.

Her energy flowed, enhanced by the rippling red aura flaring around her body like a controlled wind. Her massive muscles gradually became less tense, the vicious thunder of the blood through her veins calming to a gentle coo. The quaking river that was her own chi relaxed, and came under control. And with this done, she could begin the training session that King Kai had her practicing.

The clouds parted as the atmosphere turned dark, highlighted in a deep enveloping blue hue as Chichi flowed through another set of motions, ending with a firm stomp, her arms and legs spread out as if she were keeping two walls from coming together. She screamed, and in response her chi blared out.


Engulfing, and then blasting from her body, a massive ball of chi exploded from her massive body screaming up into the sky like a rising star. It disappeared through the clouds, arcing into a night-like atmosphere that could only be seen by going high enough during the daytime. And then it was silent.

Chichi waited, her muscular red-hued physique tense, but ready. Expecting.

The ground and heavens shook with unhindered ferocity as over the horizon, a blaring blue light returned, roaring over the hills and swallowing up anything vulnerable in it’s wake with the forceful vacuum created from it’s raw power and speed.

She grits her teeth, forcing herself not to move, but to meet it head on. Still, it felt oddly like trying not to move while using all your strength to punch yourself in the face.

Her biceps bulged audibly, a volleyball chest pushing out in full tension as she drew her hands out infront to stop the behemoth she’d created.

The comparison of a runaway train came to mind moments before the massive 60 foot large ball of energy collided with her outstretched hands.

Boy, was she off.

She pressed her leading foot forward as her boots dug trenches into the shivering rock, vibrating from the mere presence of concentrated energy, the split of her pants over her treetrunk massive thighs opening wider still as the quads quaked with defiance.

After 40 grueling yards, she finally stopped the enormous energy ball, which was continuing to attempt to move her, blazing forward like the fire from the tail of a jet engine, Chichi buried mid-thigh into the rubble.

The ravenhaired woman took a deep breath, swelling her pectorals and breasts out even further as her chi amassed itself within her body, cobbled abs coming into stark relief as strips of her outfit flapped in a raging wind, exposing her immense, mighty torso completely. With a great heave, she pushed back. One foot lead before the other. The ground rumbled, as if the giant energy ball had a consciousness of it’s own, that decided it did not like the opposition. One foot followed the other, faster and faster, until she was in a running sprint. She let her arms contract, and then she heaved with greater authority than the first.

The mammoth, pulsing ball of deadly, raw lifeforce went screaming over the horizon with the effect and roar of a rocket to where it’d came. Chichi exhaled a deep sigh in relief of a job well done, and then slumped forward exhaustedly, a twitch developing in her left eye.

"…And, Gokou can lob stuff like THIS around?" She shook her head…

"No, he’s going to be doing a whole lot more…"

She looked down hard at her hands, clenching into fists, watching as the forearm bubbled up with an awaiting might.

Her resolve hardened as her respect grew for her family and friends, and the danger they put themselves through in those life-or-death struggles to defend the Earth. It’s one thing to watch from the sidelines, but another thing entirely to experience and understand what they were truthfully dealing with, not that she feared those haughty villains in any manner… for none of them, power and death did not equal fear. And now, she had just a drop, just a taste of that strength used to protect others and push their limits with.

A new burst of determination forced her to once again stand straight. Like she’d learned and practiced a number of times before, Chichi made a set of strange motions with her fingers.

Something happened. The musclebound female set herself into position once more as a streak of light barreled back toward her, the ball of chi now twice the size and twice the speed of before. The cliffsides collapsed from the ensuing collision as Chichi wrestled with her own creation once again.




"Yes I am."


"If she was a guy, certainly no. But she’s not, so… yes."


"Yes I am."





The Northern God fumed in frustration.

"Old man, you are NOT.

"Going to ask my greatest student’s WIFE.

"For a ‘PUFFPUFF’!" He yelled, making the hands motion for the most sacred of techniques among the perverted old fogies. He definitely did not want to jeopardize her canceling his training sessions with him because of this old leech.

"Oh, so you want to keep her all for yourself, eh?" The old god poked him with his elbow. The North Kai blinked…


"Then what’s your problem?" The purple, wrinkle-skinned god said as he walked over to the room’s bed and plopped down upon it. "If your not going to go bring her back for me, then I will simply wait until you DO go to get her, and follow you when you do!"

King Kai sighed. He knew that the moment he used his instant movement to reach Chichi, the old man would follow him. Immediately he began working on a desperate plan to get past the old leech…


"81… 82…… 83…."

From a far distance, the top forth of a mountain twitched up and downward in a gentle rhythm. From between those halves, a blaring red energy could be seen emanating from between the halves at the center-most point.

Sandwiched inbetween those halves was the blackhaired woman, standing upside-down on her hands as she used her legs to continuously press immense weight up and down. It was also a practice in balance and control as much as it was an exercise in strength.

Despite the should-be difficulty of such an exercise, Chichi’s mind was elsewhere as she watched her arms ripple and tighten on every upward press, her muscles having a glowing shine to them comparable to polished steel. Although the third level of the ‘Fist of Worlds’ should have maximized their size, she watched as they seemed to… threaten to grow larger still, the vein atop the biceps large as a pencil and throbbing anxiously.

She wasn’t sure if she liked that. She didn’t even want to think about, or see how huge her legs must look at this point. The constant shredding sounds gave her more than enough of a clue.

As her body continued on autopilot, there was conflict of interest going on in her head. The subject was about how this special godly martial art was turning her into a brickhouse of brickhouses.

‘I’ve grown so much so fast, it caught me offguard,’ she thought to herself.

‘But I’ve never felt better in my life!’ she thought back.

‘I’m bigger than a bodybuilder,’

‘It’s the only way if I’m going to fight Gokou. If I have to get even bigger to do that, then I will!’

‘Why should he even notice you, when he has much better, GREATER challenges to look forward to?’

‘He’d better notice me!’

‘But will he like what he notices?’

That thought made Chichi pause in the extension of her press. Chichi would place money that Son Gokou was the easiest man to understand in the entire world. If there was anyone who could match his simplicity, in the entire universe, it was probably a very short list. Except in one very particular area; that of male/female attractions. To put it as simple as the man in question; he was probably also the only man in the world that ‘sex’ came a distant second in their line of thought. A second that had a gap before it so wide that it could fit all of Satan City inside of and still have space to spare.

Sometimes it didn’t even seem like he cared about that, at all. Oh, but he did, in his own way, because he cared about her. Time together taught them many things, and what his desires or influences were. He did like the way she looked, from her slender, toned legs to her petite but pleasant bosom she was proud of having.

But that was the old her.

‘…Would he like this ‘new me’…?"

Chichi’s arms quivered, grabbing her attention. Her strength was waning, the weight of the mountain increasing rapidly as her aura dimmed and faded, her muscles receding back to their ‘normal’ size. Panic set in a thick coat. The fatigue of her exercises along with her KaioKen-drained endurance hit her like a numb brick as her legs buckled.


The mountain thundered, shaking the land for miles around as top met bottom in a powerful earthquake. Chichi stared at the entire thing upside-down, from far away in the middle of the sky.

"And now we learn what spotters are for," a voice quipped above her, a hand wrapped around her leg while the other was held over his eyes, blocking out the sun to see in the distance, eventhough he was wearing sunglasses in the first place.

"And in more ways than one. Slow down! If you continue to rush into the KaioKen levels like that, you’re going to wind up popping yourself like a zit! Or, if you’re ‘lucky’, only cause internal damage."

"King Kai, you saved me!" Chichi chirped graciously, thankful to have been saved from what would’ve been her rocky tomb. Then she remembered that her top was ripped open and her breasts were completely exposed to him if he ever–

"My, my… those peaks…"

Looked down. Although her arms (let alone entire body) felt like lead a moment ago, Chichi found the strength to quickly hold up the ripped tatters of her outfit over her bust.

"How about alittle dignity here?!"

"How they have dignity?"


In a simple gesture, King Kai tossed her up afew feet; Chichi found herself face-to-upside-down face with the martial arts god as he balanced her on his finger.

"What in the world has got you so worked–!" The Kai paused as he looked up, at the exposed ‘mountains’ Chichi was hiding.


He stared for acouple of moments…

"Agh! You tore up ANOTHER outfit?? I put a lot of effort into that one’s design!"

"You just noticed NOW?"

"I wasn’t paying full attention! So sue me!"

"Then what were you staring at?"

"Am I speaking english?! I told you twice now!" Spinning her around like a basketball on his fingertip, he held her so she could see what he was actually looking at, which was the mountain that Chichi had nearly been crushed between. The icecaps at the tops of surrounding mountains were avalanching down from the earthquake.

"…Oh. Hey wait, how do you not notice the woman you just saved is practically naked??"

The expression on the Kai’s face was as if someone had just punched his brain, a big drop of sweat running down the side of his face as he remembered just what his urgent return was about.

"…Sometimestherearedistractionsbiggerthanapairofmountainscanprovide," the northern god spat out hastily. Chichi blinked.

"That one WAS a joke on my–!!" Chichi raved, but was cut-off as they winked out of existence.


Meanwhile back at the Cloud 9 Hotel…

"How dare he do this to me!" Rou Kaioshin grumbled as he ate the special of the today; ‘Lobster Parfait’, sitting on the bed in King Kai’s bedroom. He didn’t need to pay for it, it on the North Kai’s tab, and was a part (a very small part) of the distraction used so he could sneak out under his nose.

"That lower god… *munch* *swallow* Disgracing me…Like that! Well, I’ll find him if I have to search all the cosmos!!"

"Your desert is here," the maid said as she opened the door and entered.

A beautiful maid.

A beautiful maid with a VERY generous rack, long shimmering red hair, a tight waist, and to be blunt, ‘a butt that won’t quit’. The same maid his eyes had been busy ogling when the North Kai made his clean getaway.

Rou Kaioshin was drooling at the mouth as the woman entered with a tray of delicious deserts, though that was far from the focus of his lecherous stares.

"Now I really AM in heaven," He said aloud as she rolled the tray over to him, unknowingly giving a deep display of grade-A cleavage from the way she bent over to lift up the silver container on one of the dishes.

"But I will find you North Kai! MARK MY WORDS!!" He then coughed and cleared his throat…

"Now ahh, excuse me miss… I seem to have dropped my hat, could you pick it up for me?"

"Oh, sure… umm, I don’t see a hat on the floor?"

"…But I see something MUCH better."