Eve, Guardian Of The Earth



The depth you went into for a near-future cold war gives me the shivers. The plausible ramping up of paranoia and accordingly armaments makes the fantastic elements of your story more believeable.

That and I can’t wait to see Eve take on whatever bizarre war machines the squabbling superpowers have developed short of nukes. Had the image of Eve taking on some sort of bipedal Metal Gear-esque tank along with satellite controlled drones.

Felt sorry for the poor bastards that signed on with her. Though it would be fitting if it was their ‘sacrifice’ that was the actual fuel for Eve’s transformation.

Here’s hoping she gets into a drag out brawl with a certian monster riding Babylonian woman of loose means. Fertile Crescent indeed!

Thank you for sharing and I hope to see more of your stuff if you’re willing to post it. 8)