Eve, Guardian of the Earth

M Lee

Eve, Guardian of the Earth

by Apollo

Following the third Middle East Conflict–by far the most bloody and life costly of all the overseas conflicts the U.S. was ever involved in–the United States took control of a majority share which was once known as the Middle East. After another uprising in the area, and the reckless use of weapons of mass destruction, many of the lands that we once knew so well were lost. Gone are the countries once known as Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, and Syria. Now, those lands have been amalgamated, to become the Middle West, a colony of the United States. Of course, this course of action was taken by the U.S. without the full support and confidence of the United Nations, which by that point had been nothing more than a puppet for anti-war lobbyists and pacifists. Many nations had become disenfranchised by the U.N.’s lack of a forceful nature or

stance, and left the U.N. to tend to their own vices. Lacking such a place to "give peace a chance", much of the world’s nations have grown distrustful of one another, particularly of the United States. Although making speech after speech, and promise after promise, the Cold War has started again, with new players entering the fray that originally was between the U.S. and Russia. North Korea has long been known as a nuclear-capable country, but now China, South Africa, and even Australia have taken up arms covertly in the fear of an attack. It seems like every member of every nation has a bomb shelter and enough rations to last the next ten years. And every nation has a frightened leader standing by, with a finger nervously on the button.

Evelyn Graves was a historian and archaeologist, who moved to the Middle West ten months ago to study the ancient architecture of the area. She spent years researching and studying all that the area had. It was long believed that the creation of man began in northern Africa. But she knew in her heart that a big part of the history of man began in was used to be Western Iraq, the location of the Garden of Eden. It was written that when Adam and Eve were cast out of the Garden, they were never allowed to return. What a better idea than to move the Garden out of North Africa, and into the Middle East? It all made sense to Evelyn, now she just had to prove that it was correct.

The first steps of her journey weren’t even her steps. Her research served her well. Many men had tried to find the Garden. But all had failed. Some died suffocating in sandstorms, some died of dehydration in the desert. Some just were never found. All that they left behind was their research, nothing else. By following the steps of the men that had came before her, she had a pretty good road map to get her started. Evelyn connected the dots, going from town to town, tracing the steps of the ones whom had come before her. Every town got smaller and smaller. And every horror story that was told to her and her native expeditionary crew got worse and worse, scaring off the more faint of heart in the her crew. Also, which wasn’t missed by Evelyn, the ridicule and sarcasm that she was met with, being a woman looking for the Garden. No other time had a woman tried this. And all that she spoke to told her that she’d share the fate of the men before her…dead, missing, probably both.

Then one day, the reaming seven members of the expedition started to run into "problems", just outside of Br’th-Al’im, the last known location of the explorer who’d gotten the furthest before Evelyn. All of the mens’ canteens were mysteriously filled with sand, instead of the water they’d put in there only hours earlier. Later on, two men were killed by stepping on live land mines–a left over from conflicts past. All of the "problems" seemed to steer clear of Evelyn though. She just pushed on, and on. Further everyday, further to her goal. She was always the first to wake up, and the last to lie down for bed. It seemed like the adversity only seemed to push her further. Three days away from Br’th-Al’im, as Evelyn slept a glowing cloud of energy came to her, waking her. Thinking it to be a dream, she sat up, unafraid of what was around her. "Do not fail, do not quit, the Earth needs you to find it.", the cloud spoke. Evelyn could do nothing but nod her head. As she mustered up the courage to speak, two of the members of her crew woke up as well. Before anything else could be said, the cloud lit up blinding all three of the on-lookers. Hours later, Evelyn was awakened frantically by one of the last members of her crew. Upon awakening, and gathering herself, she peered over to sleeping bags of the men who’d woken up in her dream. In their places, two pillars of salt stood, and nothing else. The remaining two members of her team packed their gear, with every notion to turn back. Evelyn undauntedly, resisted. Her dream…what was it all about? How could she keep going? Her team had been decimated. There was no one left. She begged and pleaded for the remaining members of her team not to abandon her. Finally, the pride and chivalry of the men presided, and they decided to continue on with her, on her seemingly foolish escapade. They figured that they’d just take her by force, while she slept, back to civilization. They had no idea how wrong they were.

Sixteen hours later, Evelyn’s team–or what was left of it–finally convinced Evelyn to slow down, and to rest. She seemed energized for some reason, more than usual. They stopped in a beautiful valley, surrounded on all sides by rock formations, with the moon shining on the three of them just right. The two men feigned sleep, and waited for their opportunity to grab Evelyn in her sleep. Finally Evelyn nodded off, and they started to make their move. But, almost as soon as Evelyn shut her eyes, they were slammed open by the screams of the two men. As they stepped towards her, they suddenly were yanked into the sand, as if it were quicksand. Only problem was, the sand was only pulling them under where they stood, nowhere else. As their last fingertips disappeared under the sand, a rumbling could be heard in the valley. Suddenly, Evelyn’s hands and knees felt wet. Evelyn looked down and saw the sand beneath her becoming saturated with water. Then, water began to rise out of the sand all around her. Evelyn stood up in fear, as she saw vegetation, plants, and trees growing all around her. She spun around, mesmerized by all the rapid plant growth she saw around her. The water stopped, just below hip level, and looked to be the purest water she’d ever seen in her life. A mist appeared above her head, drawing itself closer and closer to itself, until it formed that cloud that she’d seen the evening before. "Thank you for your diligence, and effort in finding the Garden of Eden. Yes, you’ve found it.", the cloud spoke. Evelyn couldn’t help but to get misty-eyed as the waded out of the pool, as she’d achieved her life-long ambition and dream. The cloud spoke again. "I have allowed you to come for one purpose, to heal my world, and stop those who would destroy it. Drink of this water, and become my guardian, a new and more powerful Eve that will bring my peace back into this world.". Evelyn filled her canteen with the water of the pool and drank deeply. It seemed to almost go down her throat without her swallowing. Evelyn felt a power surging through her, through her very essence, her very soul. That’s when she started to change. First, she noticed her hair began to grow, past her shoulders, and down the middle of her back. She felt a tightness in her muscles, as if every muscle in her body was flexing. Starting in her stomach, the sensation spread all over her body. She watched her feet expand, tearing through the toes of her boots, and ripping through the laces that the top. The tightness soon became too much for Eve to bear, as she dropped to her knees holding her stomach. The growth continued all over her body. Her eyes teared as her body was racked by the changes going on through her body. She pulled her hand away from her stomach just in time to see her watchband pop off, as her forearm grew to a size beyond a normal woman’s bicep. Veins exploded out of each of her forearms, and you could see the energy pulsing through her arm. The veins stretched up to her biceps, seeming to pump them up little by little. In no time, the short sleeves, now short-short sleeves of her shirt became increasingly inadequate. As her biceps continued to pump, tears began to form on the sleeves, and in no time they were shredded. The head of her biceps were the size of the heads of some people she knew. By this time, her height growth had also accelerated, as well as the growth of her lower body. Her denim slacks put up the best fight that they could, but they were no match for the will of the body they were keeping captive. The left pant leg was the first to fail, as her calf tore away at the outer stitching. The right soon followed, as the inner seam split while riding up her leg to accommodate for her increasing height. Her thighs fared no better as her quads came alive, bursting out all over her pants, veins raging out of control. Eve leaned forward, rolling her shoulders. You could hear the stretching of her skin and bone as the muscles in her back and her lats grew. A huge tear split the back of her shirt down the middle, as her muscle dense back resembled an armored shell on her back. Eve then arched her back, as she took deep, long breaths, taking in and now enjoying the pain of her transformation. As she took each breath, her chest acknowledged it, getting more muscular, and more expansive. Her 34B bra gave up the fight long ago, as cocoa brown nipples could be seen exerting their will underneath what was left of Eve’s shirt. As her cleavage grew past 38DD, the front of her shirt lifted from her body, revealing cobblestone abs deep enough to run mini rivers along the ridges. As she neared 40E, her buttons fought the good fight, but were no match for the will of Eve’s new body. One by one, they flew off into the desert night. Her rear end followed in suit, as her firm posterior made short work of what was left of her pants. Suddenly, as Eve’s change began to slow, the sand came alive and wrapped around Eve in a flurry. They fashioned a skintight tan jumpsuit for Eve. Dropping to her knees, Eve looked up to the cloud, full of grace and reverence. "Thank you", she said. "I will be your Guardian of the Earth", no one and nothing will stop me from doing your works."