Ever since his sister came back from college…


"Damn sis you’re not wearing contacts anymore?"

"So tell me about this whole Gamma Rads for Grades thing."

"So that’s what happens when you Goth freaks get a little sunlight eh?"

"Hey isn’t that your old jock boyfriend’s shirt? WTF?!"

"Miskatonic U eh? Think they have a good sculpture program there? Hey did you dye your hair?"

"Melanie it’s great to have you back. For some reason I haven’t been rolled for my lunch money all week!"

"So Mel you going to brave the pit this time Ha that’ll be the day. Hey have you been doing Tae-Bo?"

"Yeah I got a refund on all those Guaranteed Growth powder shakes Mel spent it on these sweet all hemp shorts! Hey where the hell did the bellyring mom and dad buy you go? You’re still wearing it? Don’t lie to me sis I can’t see it for some reason.. though I don’t have the slightest idea why.."

"Well I’ve been trying to secretly take over the world.. Yeah Mel no lie. Except my damn secret weapon just keeps making this humming sound and shutting down. On an unrelated note I’d invest in some lead paint for your room."

Excellent pic Mighty L. great cloth deformation. 8)