Favorite Parts – Embarrassment about new muscles


It can be a bit of a double edged sword. In an ideal situation the woman is embarrased by the attention, but either accedes reluctantly to a requested flex, or flexes privatedly to herself later. Otherwise you run the risk of prompting the fear that a lot of us have that our wives or girlfriends will go to the gym, get some muscle, but stop because they don’t like it.

This touches on something Linster said elsewhere about being reluctant to turn up to the company barbecue with an IFBB pro on his arm. Some of us would prefer that the woman had muscles but that they’re somehow just for us, and they only get shown off in private (probably in the bedroom).

We project ourselves into the stories that we read, looking for a world we’d like to live in (where muscle growth magic amulets are ten a penny), or situations we’d like to find ourselves in: the girl at the office has biceps and only we properly appreciate them.

I also feel this is why so much effort is put into the reveal (baggy sweats, business suits etc.) because we know that there’s scant little female muscle out there, and we like to think that there’s more out there, but it’s hidden away.

Perhaps we either want the world to change around us to make our (and I hate to use the word) fetish normal, or we want it to stay in private. I realise that we all have a slightly different outlook on these things, so I may be speaking only for myself.