Favorite Parts — Loss of Control


Yes, I’ve done that a few times. The Lilly Lane story ended like that, and so did The Good Witch. And the "Oh No!" stories all had the main character losing their chance for strength and power to an undeserving woman. But that was the point of those stories.

For the record – loved them all.

Contrary to some feedback from readers, I didn’t think the ending in my Jilly Milly story was a negative.

I agree with you, but I can see why some people would think that it didn’t have a happy ending. I think it’s hard for people to imagine Superman – easily the most beloved hero ever written – being harmed or "punished" in any way. Heck, they brought him back to life for that very reason!

I can assure you that no real persons have ever been harmed in my stories.

Not true. I can’t go into details but… Oh nevermind. 😉

And do you find the endings in the Brandi series depressing or enjoyable?

Why do they have to be mutually exclusive? Yes, I found them depressing – BUT I also found them enjoyable.

It will be a sad day when you hang up the keyboard… [shudder]