Favorite Parts — Loss of Control


And do you find the endings in the Brandi series depressing or enjoyable? Of course Mark never gets what he wants, but he always comes back and tries again in the next story. And Brandi certainly is never unhappy … in the end. Her power just keeps growing in each installment. (although I don’t know how I’ll make her any more powerful than she is now)

With the exception of the Jilly Milly series, I have read your file at Diana The Valkyrie, and the Mark and Brandi stories were hilarious! They are like the Mr. Bill cartoons of the FMG world.

I also like your Popeye fanfics. That truculent old sailor was creepy.

Brandi nears omnipotence at the end of the fourth story and making her more powerful would indeed be a challenge, but wouldn’t it be hilarious if Mark ended up becoming physically and inextricably grafted to Brandi’s butt? Oh the mental images I entertain! 🙂

After reading your stories, I thought the summary given by the site operator was somewhat misleading. The erupting musculature of the females is only secondary.