Female Muscle in Cartoons

Anthony Durrant

I have just seen episode 20 of Ghost Sweeper Mikami.  This episode is about a female tennis player who is on a losing streak until she is possessed by an oni in the form of an Indian elephant that wraps its trunk around her.  When the Americans invaded Japan, they put a moratorium on tennis; later, after the girl is nearly beaten, because her ability has eroded, she calls upon her oni powers to defeat her opponent; she is undefeated, and the only way to dispel her is to beat her at tennis.  Mikami and her rival make an attempt to dispel the woman, who appears muscular only when we see her through Mikami's eyes, because Mikami apparently has the ability to see beyond a person's appearance to her true character.  Mikami and her rival succeed in beating the woman only when they team up and defeat her together; only then does the woman accept defeat and fade away into the spirit world.