Female Muscle in Cartoons


Would I ! Just think the A@#$H*) oponent I had to wrestled saw me expand with Bulgeing Muscles!! ;DThey would thought twice about wispering  in the my ear (I'M GOING MAKE YOU SUCK MY C*^$*), or rub there Jock up agianst Me. ::) It was bad enough they use My hair Bun as a Handle to pull My head back when the ref was not looking. >:(
But your right I too bought the Video, it was dispointing, Muscle growth in the being and a little at the end.
Lets have the Girls get muscley and enjoy there power!But Like Project A-KO we get Manly Fems agent D, I would Love B-Ko henchgirl Be cute and concentrate and expand into a cute Muscle woman. Instead we get "fist of the northstar" in drag! :'(