Female Muscle in Cartoons


after two monthes i return with a little gift 😀
i finally found it ::)

From the 80's cartoon "Kidd Video". Glitter is a little fairy that gains superstrength every time she sneezes.
Here a little compilation from the episodes i found on the net:
– Glitter explains her power and lift an huge aircraft
– Glitter lift a boy on a scooter
– Glitter super punching a giant ghost-animated-armour
– Glitter save the day using…a skyscraper!



PS: i suggest you to see on dailymotion, so you're able to see it in the original size: it's smaller, but at least is not pixelate nor blur  :-

WOW.  I remember that show!  But somehow I'd completely forgotten about the fairy-girl until seeing these.  I remember that the good guys were a band and the bad guys were…um, evil music-stealing dudes who lived in a giant flying jukebox (I think)?  They showed a music video or played a popular song every episode…it was like MTV for kids like me who didn't actually have MTV.  With all the music-trademark-rights-infringement-etc. I wonder if any other clips will ever materialize, or if they'll all get taken down/banned.

At any rate, great find!  ;D