Female Muscle in Cartoons


Gawd it was aweful. First let me tell you what I did like. The art style is nice, and of course the big blonde looks awesome. If I could make Paladins as an anime the studio is one I might look at.
What didn't I like? This was made on the cheap. There is a lot of camera swinging to I guess give it that hand held look and to keep the animation to a minimum but it gets really annoying. The thing that really turns me off is it's rape hentai and aside from the 6 minutes with the muscle gal the rest of the video is nothing but rape "fantasy" and you have no idea how much I do not get off on that. Disgusting. The sooner I can chop this down the better. Almost feel like I have to disinfect my hard drive.

Right.  Won't be watching that one, then.  Thanks for the heads up, Masschine.  I'm with you- rape is definitely not my "thing."