Funny thing…


Is this something similar to what appears to have happened to Wreck’s message board?

The NeverEverSanity WebWorm Generation 13 (or something?) seems to have done something evil to it.

Anyone know anything about this at all?

Well, if it’s a worm then it’s similar to what I’ve been cautious about. What BB is he running? Sometimes one coder will take an existing worm, trojan script or virus and then simply alter it a bit, change the name and set it loose again.

The way these things work is that they cross-script themselves onto the server, and then they use the server to do web searches for other servers running the same application suite that the worm used to get onto the first one. In my case it’s phpBB v2. The phpBB people put out a fix in August or so, and then another in October and another a few weeks ago. The first fix was sufficient, really, but they’ve made the code pretty much airtight since then.