How would I have handled it?

Mark Newman

I have to think a bit about it, because I didn’t write a sequel and you are doing it. So, none of this should be taken as criticism or as implying that I’m not fully enjoying your version.

I probably would have more scenes showing the women outmuscling the guys, flaunting their strength and taunting the men for their loss of muscle.

Probably at least one scene taking place at the time of the beam up/beam down, so the transfer would be evident, and the mocking "ha-ha!" from the ladies.

There would have to be a conspiracy (doomed to fail of course and probably with unanticipated consequences that make it even worse for the guys) to try to kill the strength transfer machine.

I’d probably zoom in on some ongoing m/f relationships that pre-date the strength transfer, so one could see how the changes affected some people, destroying some, pleasing others and frightening a few more.

I really like your location of the story in Oz, so you can bring in the Euro uberbabes as well as the Ozzie Amazons. I’d probably include a few scenes in the depopulated and weakened America.

But those are just some random thoughts. Keep up with your version. I can’t wait to see where it goes. And feel free to use any or none of the above ideas.