I Was an Atomic Mutant!


You can download a 60 minute full game preview at that link.

I’ve played the Giant female mutant.

You can pick up just about anything but buildings. I pick up people and walk around with them screaming. If you stomp the one in your hand is crushed as she makes a fist. You can also step on running people.

There is also a direction arrow that appears when you pick something up. It show where the object will land…….like cars or tanks on building. I try to throw people at big building but haven’t gotten very good at that yet.

It’s a little shabby on graphics but fun.

You have atomic screams, eye blasts, stomp, and punch.

I reset the direction controls to the arrow keys. Then I set the quick attack…the "Q" key to throw.

I tried the black and white mode but it seems a little harder to play.

There is also a link on the page that says you can buy the game for $9.98 US.