If you had the power …


Sadly Marknew I’ve realized your stories to be both great FMG fiction AND the sort of warnings one takes away from reading good science fiction. 8)

So sadly nope on that front. The power shift while erotic in print would pretty much invalidate my nessicity in the real life relationship. Aside from well ya know… 😈

However if I was a fictional person I’d sure as hell JUMP at the opportunity. Of course I’d have to pick wrong somehow and end up being humiliated and marginalized but hey, I’d be only a character in someones story so no tears shed there 😉

Thinking on this seriously though. I’d have to tell that person first and if they did get me admitted to a mental institution THEN I’d zap em just to see them break me out of there. Then again I’ve watched Terminator 2 more than is recomended. 🙁