Kate going super Ch 1.


“ Well I will have to show myself to the world eventually but don’t worry the showing off I do even then will be in hopes you will see it.” Kate started to give Jack a kiss but changing her mind her tongue flicked out and licked his cheek lightly. Jack couldn’t keep the blush from forming on his face or conceal his erection. Leaning back Kate lightly rocked Jack as she told him of what she had done while out running and how the boys had reacted.


Jack looked on eagerly it had been 7 weeks since Kate had truly started showing off for him and what he was seeing now he imagined to be one of the best shows of all. Kate walked around the barbell packing a two hundred pound weight in each arm she slid it on going back over to the stack of weights she retrieved two more two hundred pound weights and slipped them onto the side one more trip and she retrieved a one hundred and a fifty pound slipping it on now one side of the barbell was loaded. That made for 1,050lbs on just one side of the barbell Jack took a moment to whisper a silent thanks that they had reinforced the bar when Nathan was there. The show didn’t end there though as Kate followed the same act easily carrying the weights over and slipping them onto the right side of the barbell before locking them in place.

“ One second.” Kate looked up at Jack as she began to lay down under the bar. Jack standing up proceeded over to the wall and grasped a rather heavy chain. Willing it over to Kate’s work out area he hooked the pulley up just in case Kate needed someone to spot her. A giggle came from Kate as she considered the fact that with the level of strength her body had reached Jack now needed a mechanical aid if he was going to have any chance of spotting her. “ Alright you are ready to go now.”

Jack watched with anticipation as he watched Kate press up on the 2,220 lbs that now rested above her. The barbell slowly coming off its supports as she put on a show for Jack then slowly lowered to her chest. A moment later the bar rose into the air as Kate did her first rep Jack began to count as the bar was lowered again and once again lifted. A pop tit appeared in Jack’s trousers almost the instant he saw Kate first lift the bar though her arms were showing signs of strain it was still far more then what a normal human could hope to achieve and what made it more delightful for him was the fact that it was Kate his friend for quite a few years and the woman he was now in a relation ship with.

Kate could more feel Jack’s admiring gaze upon her then she could see it as she focused on lifting the weight. It seemed to push her even harder to get the most of her work out as she could and to show off for the man she was growing more affectionate towards with each passing day. “ Kate may I feel of your arms?” Jack voice cut into Kate’s thoughts though she maintained her bench press.

“ Sure just don’t get caught between anything and avoid the barbell.” Jack nodded and made his way over to Kate taking a spot behind her he reached forward and began to run his fingers over her now pumped arms. Feeling of the now blood engorged muscles Kate’s skin was normally soft and quite pleasant to the touch now with her muscles completely pumped there was nothing soft about it as her arms felt like granite his fingers were not able to make a single indent in them. Between her own drive and Jack’s admiration Kate managed to push herself further then what she would have expected as her improved stamina allowed her to bench press the bar for a total of 5 sets each one consisting of 12 reps. Once it was over all Jack could look on with amazement as he watched Kate set up and flex both of her arms.

Grinning from ear to ear Kate didn’t say a word as she walked on over a group of shorter bars and picked one up. Kate having surpassed what normal dumb-bells could offer her Jack had actually made some modifications in the last few weeks. Taking a few bars and cutting them in two to get the appropriate side the bars allowed Kate to chose how much weight she lifted except for the 30lbs the war weighed itself. Picking up another bar Kate returned to the bench press and slipped off the weight locks followed by two of the two hundred pound weights and slipped them on either side of one of the bars following suit with the same one. Then as slowly as she had dumb the bench press Kate lifted the dumb-bells in her hands and began to curl them.

The fact that Kate was now curling over 2 times his weight in each of her arms was not lost on Jack though he found his thoughts constantly returning to the bench press. Kate’s exercise routine followed this pattern the whole time keeping Jack’s eyes locked on her as he considered how far she had come since they had went on this little vacation. Kate had always been a rather strong lady but since they had begun she had gone from a strong lady, too as strong as the strongest human to now super human levels with no sign of slowing down. It made Jack wonder if Kate truly had any limits to what her strength could achieve. Standing up after making use of the pulley system to do a sort of lat pull down Kate turned in Jack’s direction. Seeing the look of admiration that had been on his face the whole time she didn’t giggle instead she found herself blushing.

“ Thanks for the audience I think I am going to go get cleaned up now though I am all sweaty.” Kate proceeded to rap her arms underneath her chest and push up on her breast making her bust seem some what larger. Her sweat soaked exercise clothes hugging her form quite tightly showing off the curse of her body very well.

“ Mind if I join you.”

“ Tut tut not yet mister you need to do your exercises now anyway.” Jack sighed and grinned he didn’t think she would say yes and she was right. Jack had quit working out at the same time Kate did as he truly enjoyed watching her as each day she seemed to go some what further then the previous. Taking a moment before he began his own exercise Jack walked over to the computer screen and brought up a file on Kate’s bench press limit for over the past 26 weeks starting with her initial bench press of 180lbs the list read: 200lbs, 215lbs, 240lbs, 260lbs, 290lbs, 320lbs, 350lbs, 385lbs, 425lbs. Jack stopped there choosing not to read any further he had memorized the numbers long ago after all it was just fun to see them on the screen once in a while.

Making his way over to the barbell he was glad Kate had been nice enough to remove some of the weights for her curl bar though there was still far more weight then Jack could lift on the bar. Stripping it down Jack actually didn’t put any additional weight on the 120 pound choosing to do more reps instead of lift more weight. He had taken Kate up on her offer of a few weeks past and decided to only work on keeping his body toned and building up stamina. Bulking up really wasn’t something he desired to do especially to the point of Kate’s father. A slight chuckle came from Jack as he imagined what Nathan must look walking around a laboratory. Jack couldn’t help but wonder if Nathan had once been a lanky fellow considering how tall he was and if Kate’s mother had gotten Nathan to start working out much the same way as Kate had started himself.

As Kate made her way into the bathroom she stripped away her clothing taking a moment to look at herself in the mirror she grinned as she flexed her muscles. She couldn’t place it but she had been looking differently then what she had before her skin seemed to have a healthier glow to it and small skin blemishes seemed to be fading away from her. Of course she figured her skin should have a healthier look to it considering the alterations her body was going through. Still as much as she liked the view of her muscles fully pumped she didn’t care for being covered in sweat. Climbing into the shower and adjusting the temperature Kate soon found herself having a problem. Having always been a fan of taking rather hot showers she couldn’t get the temperature to the point she liked it any more it seemed.

She hadn’t mentioned it to Jack as she had been able to get the water to the temperature she liked simply by turning down the amount of cold water. Now as she stood in the shower she found herself rolling down the amount of gold water until she found the nob wasn’t suppose to twist anymore and still with nothing but hot the water didn’t seem quite as warm as she would have liked. This would have normally lead her to think the hot water heater was turned off but as she looked towards the rapidly fogging up bathroom mirrors she knew this wasn’t the case. Kate didn’t need Jack to tell her what was going on her body was getting stronger and toughening up which meant it was taking more then usual to hurt her and while her bath water had never really be painful just warm her body couldn’t since it.

An odd notion came to Kate as she quickly turned the hot water off and then proceeded to turn the cold water up to full blast. Kate braced herself for the feeling of the cold water running down her entire body and thus was surprised by the feeling of the water as it hit her skin. It only took a moment for the warm water in the pipes to be washed away and nothing but the ice cold water to hit her skin. Kate being a true hater of cold showers had prepared herself for a unpleasant sting but what she got as the water ran over her form was water that was only slightly displeasing to her. Nothing but pure cold water would have original sent Kate scrambling out of the shower, covering herself with towel and standing over the air vents in order to get warm as quickly as possible.

Turning the cold water of Kate once again set the hot to full blast as she continued her shower. Jack would want to know about this she realized but she figured it could wait after all even if such information would be desirable she doubted it had any immediate applications as far as she knew Jack might already have been expecting the change. A bit of a grin formed on Kate’s face as she wondered how much of the hot water she had been using lately and if Jack had simply been being nice and not asking her about it or if his studying her cells had already hinted at such changes going on inside her body.

Kate finished her shower some time earlier then what she usually did thanks in large part her not being able to get the water to the point she wanted thus not allowing her to enjoy it like she wanted to. Drying herself off Kate’s thoughts turned to getting a better not water heater one that would allow her to get the water to a temperature that she could enjoy. She would need to talk this over with Jack of course as she imagined he would want to know of such plans so that he didn’t accidently turn himself into a stew just by taking a bath and not knowing how hot the water was going to be.

Drying off proved easier than normal as Kate stepped out of her bathroom and into the master bedroom the over heated water seemed to steam off her more then roll. Drying off Kate slipped into a pair of baggy shorts and a tank-top before heading into the living room. Setting down she changed the tv to the news deciding to claim it before Jack could finish with his exercise. Jack could hear the tv as he made his way up the stairs some 20 minutes having breathing rather heavily and eager to get into the shower himself as he made his way into the living room though he noticed Kate seemed caught up in something. “ What so interesting pretty lady?” Jack made his way over to the couch leaning over it so that he could see the television.

Kate held up a hand to silence him meaning that she wanted to watch what was on the news. Jack found out a moment later as they news report began talking about a bear attack Jack figuring that is what interested Kate simply shrugged it off. Bear attacks did happen occasionally after all he didn’t see what had Kate so interested at least until it mentioned the location. As Jack realized what was going on with Kate he moved to the other side of the couch and noticed the look of worry in her face. “ Come on Kate it couldn’t have been the same bear as you slapped silly at the lake.” Kate’s eyes showed concern as well as a good deal of anger though Jack didn’t feel the anger was focused at him.

“ How do we know that? That bear was willing to attack people it could have gotten a hold of someone else I I should have deal with it right there and then.” As Kate stood up Jack didn’t know what to do exactly as she began to head towards the door. Stepping in front of her he knew he couldn’t physically stop her but he needed to make sure of just what she was planning.

“ Kate just what are you doing, your not thinking of going out to find it are you.” Hearing the concern in Jack’s voice Kate placed one hand under each of his arms before easily lifting him from the ground. Walking back over to the couch she set him down so that he was facing the tv.

“ Jack just watch and see who got attacked. I am going to go and see if I can find it I know the odds aren’t exactly the best in the world but they are already searching for it. In fact I want you to give me a call and report anything you here.” Jack was a bit surprised as Kate handed him a wireless phone and then tucked her cell phone into her back pocket.

“ Kate it is dangerous someone might see you.”

“ Beats that animal getting a hold of another little kid don’t worry Jack I was able to run it off before I think I can deal with it now.” No more argument came from Jack as he watched Kate slip on her shoes he knew there wasn’t going to be any talking her out of this. The shoes Kate slipped on were of course her new running shoes so it was obvious she planned on moving fast while on the search. Jack comforted himself by considering how powerful Kate had proven herself to be only a short while ago and the fact that more then likely she would find her prey. There was a lot of mountain to search and he doubted Kate could simply attack every brown bear she happened upon hoping that it was the correct animal.

As Kate stepped outside she stretched her legs a bit before going into a lightly jog her speed having improved over the last few weeks she now found herself able to hold fifty miles per hour without much effort in truth it felt like a jog to her now. Jack sighed as he could actually hear when Kate first pushed off the ground and took off looking at the news feed he wondered what Kate was thinking. As things went along Jack realized just what was going on as it explained how the child had managed to survive the attack. It was bow season and a hunter had heard the child’s scream. He hadn’t managed to kill the bear but he did send several arrows into the animal. As the hunter showed his bow and the type of arrows he had used Jack knew exactly how Kate planned on finding the animal just find the bear that happens to be walking around with three arrows lodged into it.

As Kate ran her legs easily ate up the terrain her morning runs haven’t sent her through the forest every morning moving deeper and deeper she had developed all the skill balancing she needed to move easily through the wooded area. The only problem she found herself having was the fact that she didn’t really know where she was suppose to be going only to head towards the area of the attack. She would have to be careful to avoid the people that were already coaming the woods a bunch of locals now armed with high powered rifles could be some what dangerous after all. The greatest problem for Kate wasn’t the risk of being seen or locating the creature it was the since of responsibility that she now felt herself having to deal with.

The thought that it was the same bear that she had Jack had encountered while out swimming just wouldn’t leave her mind. Why she didn’t kill the animal when she had the chance? The question kept haunting her as she ran along it was true that she wasn’t as powerful then as she currently found herself and the fight would have been significantly more dangerous for her and Jack should the bear had gotten the advantage of her. At the time she had been happy to just drive it off and not think about it anymore. She couldn’t use this to justify not killing the bear to herself though as she still felt she would have won the fight and then she wouldn’t have to think about if it was the same animal or not. Without this knowledge though and not being able to justify letting the animal go in her own eyes the only thing Kate could resolve is that if the child died she was at least in part responsible and she needed to help make sure it didn’t hurt anyone else.

A flash of anger ran through Kate though it wasn’t solely placed on the bear but also on herself. That was the anger Jack had seen in Kate’s eyes before she had left anger with herself for not thinking of what could happen and taking steps to prevent it. These thoughts continued to torment Kate until she heard the sound of foot steps. Slowing her pace down Kate turned in the direction of the noise able to see a few men walking around with their rifles Kate quickly realized she was near the search party as the men slowed down Kate wondered what they were doing and then she nearly hit herself. Realizing that as one of the men checked the area that he was currently searching for any sign of were the bear might have went it had been wounded several times after all so it was bleeding.

Kate could kick herself for having ran off without thinking had she brought some form of firearm she could at least ask them for some directions now if she came up and asked what they had found they would probably ask her where her weapon was. Looking at them for a moment they didn’t notice her as of yet focusing on the task at hand plus Kate still stood a good deal off her senses having become heightened to keep up her speed allowed her to keep her distance. As the men took a moment to converse Kate listened in they at first talked about the child before switching back to the hunt. Kate quickly took off the moment they finished talking and gave her a better idea of just what direction the animal might have went in.

As Kate moved about she was able to make up for her lack of skill with simple speed as she out distanced the police officers and volunteers who were now searching the woods. By occasionally ducking back in towards the main search area Kate quickly found that she could check if she needed to move further out or not. Of course with all this moving back and forth people did see her a few of them even shouted warnings to her about a dangerous animal roaming the area. She was sure she left a few of them quite stunned when she took off without bothering to say a word to them. As Kate widened her search faster then the hunters there was the thought that she could leave it up to them to find the animal but then Kate wouldn’t know if it was the same one she had driven off earlier.

Jack set at home watching the hours tick away as he looked at the tv they were covering the hunt for the bear in a little side window now. It had been a few hours since Kate had went off to join the search and he hadn’t heard a thing from her. Even though he knew she was already fairly powerful he found that he couldn’t stop worry about her safety and if she would be coming back or not. Standing up Jack finally made his way into the bathroom and began to shower realizing that setting around and staring at the tv the entire time wouldn’t be helpful for anyone. Jack missed the part where they spoke of some of the people seeing a woman running around in the woods a good thing as it at least saved Kate from a lecture about being careful.

Finishing with a quick shower Jack dressed comfortably figuring that he wouldn’t be going to bed for a while. Instead he went on into the kitchen and began to make a rather large cup of coffee as well as to cook dinner for two. Kate hadn’t eaten since her work out at least to Jack’s knowledge and he imagined all the running around and physical exercise would make her hungry and if it didn’t then he could just write it off as comfort food. As night grew closer Kate could tell that some of the people were leaving to try again later it didn’t surprise her she had no idea of just how far she was out. As Kate moved through the woods though a glimpse of something metallic caught her eyes in the last flickering of the sun light. Looking in the direction she walked towards the slight glint and saw what she had been looking for.

The arrows being rather costly and new had managed to actually shine some. The bear that had them imbedded into itself turned its head to look in Kate’s direction. As Kate looked back at it she imagined it was the same bear as at the lake but she could be sure. It was clear the animal was going to attack her though it had just been injured after losing a meal. “ Are you the same one?” The animal let out a roar as Kate spoke and charged her instead of striking the animal though Kate found herself side stepping it and avoiding the attack. Still trying to see if it was the same bear or not she just couldn’t tell. Kate couldn’t help but feel some hurt as she realized she would never be sure if it was the same animal or not if she could have prevented the child from being attacked.

At least she wouldn’t have to think about that with this bear though as it came at her again. As a arm that could lift 430lbs of force struck out with inhuman speed her fist connected with the bears head. A moment later Kate found herself covered in red from the impact her fist having shattered the animal’s skull. Kate was took back by this as she had expected herself to be hitting harder then before but not enough to kill the animal in one punch. Her thoughts didn’t stay on this for long though as she looked at the animal which was now missing a head. She had hoped that she would feel better if she found the animal and dealt with it herself. All she could do now is wonder if it was the correct animal or not. A part of her truly desired to think that it wasn’t the same animal as before and that she couldn’t have prevented the child being attacked.

The feeling of guild she found within herself wouldn’t simply let her go with this as she looked at her now blood stained hand she wondered if the blood of a child was on it as well. Taking a moment to console herself she couldn’t help out with the past but at least she could resolve that she wouldn’t let such a thing get away from her again. She would at least have time to think about it on her way home as she looked around and realized she had no idea where she was at the moment. Having focused so much on the search for the animal she hadn’t been paying attention to how close she was to any main roads. This got a shrug from her as she took off on the direction she at least thought she had came even if she was lost after all she would just need to find a road and then she could find her way back home.

Jack set looking at the clock as three in the morning rolled around he heard the front door opening. Looking towards it a rather emotionally drained Kate stepped in the door and look at him. At first moving to give her a hug Kate stopped him. “ I need to wash my hands.” Jack looking down at her right hand most of the blood had been taken off by the wind but Kate still felt a need to clean it. Heading on into the bathroom Jack could tell she was feeling responsible for something more then killing an animal. Having spent so much time with Kate he had a good idea of just what that was though.

“ I went ahead and prepared dinner though I think by now it is more like breakfast why don’t you finish washing up and join me?”

“ Sure be out in a second.” Kate came out of the bathroom a few moments later and joined Jack at the table. Looking at the stake and other dishes Jack had prepared Kate guessed he had spent most of the time she was gone cooking.

“ You know Kate that bear and the one you fought at the lake probably were totally different animals. I mean they are plenty of bears in these woods.”

“ Not plenty that attack people.” Jack swallowed as his attempt to console Kate didn’t work in the least. It was true though that the odds of two bears being to the point that they would attack humans and living in the same area were low he didn’t really know what to say.

“ Besides I hope it was the same animal to be honest I know that means I am at least partly responsible for that child being attacked. Still it also means that there isn’t another one still roaming around looking for easy prey.” Jack nodded his head in agreement though he didn’t like Kate taking any of the responsibility on herself. Had she continued fighting the animal at the lake it could have ended up in her getting killed considering the difference in her abilities at that point and what she currently found them at. This wouldn’t help Kate’s feelings of guilt though and he knew it as he ate though he resolved he wouldn’t tell Kate about what had happened at mid night. The child had died in the hospital despite the medics best efforts to save the kids life. He would have to be careful to beat Kate to the tv for the next few days but in her depressed state he doubted that would be too much trouble.

The run back had been good for Kate as it had allowed her to burn off some energy. It had taken her roughly a hour to find a road she had managed to get herself quite lost after all but her speed had made up for that. She had managed to get all the tears out of her system and now all she felt was emotionally drained. Jack seemed to notice this as he didn’t make any attempt at conversation or to ask her about what had happened. He simply assumed that she had done what she had set out to do. The fact that Kate was tired was apparent though as Jack was actually able to finish his meal before her but instead if simply leaving he stayed and chose to watch her. Kate didn’t speed up or slow down as she ate but continued at a nice pace until her plate was clean of everything.

As Kate put her fork down Jack took there plates and put them in the dish washer then returning for Kate he placed his arms around her from behind. Kate’s hand came up to rest on his while he partly pulled her from her seat her body seeming to follow him mechanically. Getting Kate to set down on a couch he removed her shoes for her before taking a spot next to her then leaning back. Jack pulled Kate down upon him as he did this he couldn’t help but be grateful that Kate’s body weight hadn’t increased along with her strength or he imagined he would be finding it rather had to breath at the moment. It was a odd change of position as for the past several weeks he had been used to resting on top of Kate now he felt her 180lbs resting on top of him and he was once again grateful for the exercise routine.

Kate’s body was heavy but it was warm and felt nice and as Jack let her rest on him he couldn’t help but smell the sent of her hair. It was a pleasant moment which caused him to struggle to keep his mind off sexual matters Kate was in need of comfort for the moment and he didn’t want his lust to ruin that. Running his hands along Kate’s hair her chest settled down upon Jack’s chest as her hands took hold of him. All the coffee Jack has consumed before Kate’s arrival paid off as he managed to keep awake longer then Kate. Feeling her drift off to sleep he thought to get up so that he could give her a real pillow when he found himself having a problem. With Kate’s 180lbs on top of him and her arms now wrapped around him he found there was no way to get up without taking her off the couch.

“ Alright lovely lady if that is what you want I will be your Cuddly.” Jack had started to use teddy bear but feeling it didn’t fit the moment he had went with Kate’s nick name for him. Kate’s body having sensed him trying to leave she had instinctively tightened her grip so that Jack couldn’t simply slip away from her. As Jack could not leave and he found the position comfortable though restricting he nodded off shortly after Kate did.

Kate’s eyes drifted open as she felt the sun light streaming in through the windows. Looking around for a moment it was one of the few times as of late that she had not been up before sunrise. As she looked around she felt better then she had the previous day having had the time to recoup the rest had helped a lot as well. Now looking down at Jack she smiled and debated on waking him up. Placing her lips against his she gave him a light kiss instead and stood up. Her first notion was to go for a jog but she quickly decided against that realizing that people would still be hunting for the bear. She wondered how they would react if they found it considering that they would find it with its head smashed in.

As Kate made her way into the kitchen she took her time washing her hands. Thinking on the previous night she couldn’t help but feel at the very least she had learned a lesson about dealing with dangerous creatures. She was no longer in the emotionally dead state she didn’t seem to feel any of the anger or sadness she had earlier on either only a form of resignation that the event had changed her. Turning off the sink and laying out a few pots and pans Kate giggled as she opened the dish washer and realized Jack hadn’t turned it on the previous night. The volume of pots and pans that felled it made Kate wonder if Jack had actually tried for more dishes then he had served. Checking in the refrigerator Kate was quite sure of this the meal had been a rather nice one after all and she doubted Jack had any real experience cooking such things.

Putting on a rather large pot of oatmeal Kate didn’t feel so much like eating meat as she desired something sweat. Emptying out the coffee pot Kate also put on a fresh bit of coffee figuring Jack would need some help waking up considering that they had both been up rather late in the morning. Kate’s body simply allowed her to wake up more quickly then Jack as it took her less time to recover her energy despite the amount she had expended running around the previous day.

Jack awoke roughly 25 minutes after Kate though it wasn’t because of the food cooking or the sun. Rather it was thank to the multiple cups of coffee he had consumed while waiting for Kate and the lack of any bathroom brakes. This didn’t surprise Kate as she had just emptied the pot and seen how little was in it. Jack didn’t have time to notice the food as he woke up and was instantly glad to find Kate had woken up before him thus her weight was no longer settled on top of him. He could hear Kate’s giggle as he jetted off towards the rest room and she heard the door slam shut. Jack didn’t mind being laughed at by Kate especially when he considered how drained she had seem the previous night he was glad to see that she was at least feeling better. He couldn’t be sure if she was just covering up her emotions or not but at least she seemed to be doing better. “ Don’t forget to wash your hands.” Jack grinned as he turned on the sink hearing Kate’s voice calling out to him.

Kate was smiling when Jack came out of the bathroom as he came out he took a moment to look at her to try and see if she was hiding something. It was a fairly useless attempt as one that had spent a good deal of his time in labs looking through a lense or a computer screen Jack was not the best at reading people so he did the next best thing. “ So are you feeling better you looked pretty tired last night?”

“ I am feeling better still a little sad about what happened but well it is already done. I guess the only thing I can do now is learn from the experience and hope it never happens again.”

Jack nodded in agreement as he wondered just what Kate had learned. The only thing he could come up for the moment was make sure you kill a dangerous animal when you have the chance not the most environmentally sound way of thinking but Jack wasn’t environmentalist. As he made his way over to Kate he could smell three things total cooking oatmeal, chocolate and biscuits. Walking around behind her he looked into the two pots Kate had set out seeing a plentiful amount of each.

“ Indulging our sweet tooth today?” Kate gave a some what guilty smile as it really was more then she normally prepared really as she looked at the oatmeal she wondered if she would be able to finish it all.

“ I can indulge my sweet tooth once in a while.” Jack nodded his head in agreement as he went ahead and set out two plates as well as two classes. Feeling his with some orange juice he took a seat at the table and began to work on the glass as he considered what would be the best thing to talk about. He didn’t want to risk talking about the previous day the less Kate thought about the bear attack the better as far as he was concerned.

“ Your braking a lot of limits recently to bad you can’t compete in professional sports anymore.”

“ Oh and just who says I can’t?” Jack looked up from his glass starting to reply he considered the question. It was true Kate was no longer human but he didn’t know of any laws that dis allowed her to compete in sports. It wouldn’t be fair that was true enough as he doubted there was any other super beings wondering around the pro athlete circuit.

“ I guess no one.” Kate grinned as she lifted the pot from the burner and began to empty a rather large amount of oatmeal into Jack and her plate followed by the chocolate. Jack rose to retrieve his plate but stopped in his tracks as he watched what happened next. Kate opening the oven checked the biscuits as she reached up for a mitten she stopped herself recalling the time in the shower. She simply reached in with her exposed hand and took the hot tray pulling it out she could feel the temperature change as her fingers touched the pan but it wasn’t enough to hurt her as she drew it out. Jack just looked on as he figured Kate had the oven for around 400 degrees fahrenheit. Seeing the look of shock on Jack’s face Kate grinning recalling her promise to show off around him as much as she could. Instead of using a fork to remove the biscuits she instead proceeded to simply lift them from the pan with her fingers placing several on each plate. She then proceeded to hold her hand up showing Jack that she had not been burned in the least.

Walking over to Kate Jack looked closely at her hand then placing his hand on the back of hers moved it to his cheek. The hand was warmed by the pan but it wasn’t a unpleasant amount of heat seeming that her hand resisted heating up rather well. That didn’t surprise him though considering how heat resistant it had just proven itself to be. Kate then proceeded to lightly run her hand along Jack’s cheek before picking up the plates and setting down at the table. Jack in his some what shocked state followed shortly behind her and took his spot opposite of her as usual. “ Now since when have you been able to do that?”

“ I would say for a little while now I figured I could do it after a shower though. I actually turned it to pure hot water and it didn’t burn at all it felt nice but not hot like I wanted it.” Jack gave Kate the look of a man that had been taking cold showers for the last week and not being sure why. He had figured it was Kate but decided not to bring it up to her now that he knew she was using pure hot water he resolved he would have to bath at least a hour after Kate in order to give the heater time to feel up again. Kate giggled lightly at the look on Jack’s face and began to tear her biscuits in two covering them in a heavy layer of oatmeal and chocolate. Jack followed suit though he ate more slowly then ate as the food was still hot. Even without realizing it Kate was actually putting on a show for Jack as he had to take his time to cool every little bite while she could just put a solid spoon fool in her mouth and have no reaction at all.

“ No way I am going to keep up with you now.” Kate grinned as she noticed Jack having to take time cooling his food before he could eat it. It was actually some what amusing in her opinion as she found her body’s alterations coming in more and more handy. The thought of just how tough her skin had toughened up made her wonder if she had been shot the previous day would have it been fatal. Thinking back to the weapons she saw the men packing she resolved that if it hadn’t been fatal it would have done some serious damage to her still she could wonder about a small hand gun at least. The thought that she could test the theory and see if she could indeed withstand such a shot did cross Kate’s mind however she quickly pushed it away. That wasn’t exactly something you tested on a whim though she would have to bring up some safer test to Jack later.

“ I can’t finish this.” Kate looked over towards Jack seeing that he had eaten roughly 1/3 of his food while she was nearly finished with hers. Looking at the amount she had given him and herself she had given him and herself a good deal more then normal. It was odd though as she considered that she and Jack had been sharing meals for a few months and thus he had adapted to eating the portions she normally fixed herself. As she considered the amount of oatmeal though she was surprised to find that she wasn’t feeling rather over stuffed herself.

“ Strange I don’t feel over stuffed I don’t feel hungry but I don’t feel bloated either. Want me to finish that for you?” Jack only nodded as he noticed a more curious tone to Kate’s voice as she took the plate and began to work on finishing her own and then his. Up until now Kate had been doing just fine only eating her normal amounts of food thus Jack hadn’t stopped to consider that her stomach had altered itself. With all the changes going on inside her body he supposed her stomach might have adapted so that it could handle more just in case. Then again there was the matter of her increased strength and the fact that it seemed to radiate through out her entire being. Considering the fact that Kate could bench press slightly over a ton Jack wondered how much pressure her jaws now exerted as she ate.

“ Kate I am going to go order some more testing supplies while you finish eating.” Kate only nodded having just taken a mouth full of chocolate and biscuits. She watched for a moment as Jack headed down the stairs before focusing back on her food. Jack made his way to the computer screen bringing it up he began to search through various items wondering if he could find something to test just how much force Kate was now exerting when she bit down it was a some what silly in his mind but he found himself curious. There was also the matter of her teeth of course as he wondered if her bones were strengthening with her body. The thought of what could happen if her bones failed to adapt with her muscles was one that he didn’t like at all. He felt that most likely they where but still wanted to conduct a test.


Kate sighed as she felt the alcohol soaked cotton swab against her skin 32 weeks into getting her power and she still wasn’t use to this. Jack had been taking small mounts of Kate’s blood roughly weekly in order to try and keep up with the changes going on inside her body. This was one of the few things Kate found tiring as she grew weary of the little needle prick she felt almost on a weekly bases. Had it been a daily she might have been able to adapt to it she imagined but she didn’t want to give Jack any ideas she wasn’t donating blood after all. Jack opened the drawer to one of the desk looking at the various medical equipment he prepared the needle and container.

Looking at Kate he could tell she didn’t like this but it was a necessary part of the research. Placing his fingers on her arm he began to try to locate the vein at first this had been difficult and actually been partly luck thanks to his lack of experience working with such things. Having had so many test tries with Kate though he was actually getting fairly good at locating her veins. Locating his query Jack removed the cap from the needle and placed it against Kate’s arm. A moment later he bore down harder then what one would for a normal person thanks to Kate’s skins strengthening he had found himself having to push down harder and harder in order to get through her skin. As he pushed down though he found today he was having to use more force then even he liked and Kate’s skin proved unyielding to the needle.

Kate wondered what was taking so long and if Jack was just picking on her knowing how much she detested getting her blood taken so often. “ Hmm it seems your skin doesn’t want a needle going through it no more then the rest of you does.” Kate grinned at Jack’s comment though she didn’t look towards the needle finding the site of it going into her skin some what sickening. Kate could handle seeing the blood of others but she still had trouble seeing her own blood going out of her veins. A moment later she heard a slight clink and a slight gasp from Jack. Looking down she noticed the needle though now it was in two having broken against her skin.

“ Oh cool did it brake against my skin?” Jack picked up the needle looking at it for a moment he had expected Kate’s skin would resist but he didn’t expect to start braking needles so soon.